Comment of the week

Published: July 13, 2010 at 11:04pm


Posted by Hypatia

Yes, Maltese politicians either think we live in cuckoo-land or they want us to believe that we do. I cannot think of any country in Europe or anywhere in the west where politicians possess such poor knowledge of their own society.

But imagine… if we had to enact a divorce law and the Pope had to come to visit again, how could we give him the impression that Malta will be for ever a paladin of Catholicism, a true and worthy child of our Father the Apostle Paul who even removed the venom from the Maltese viper to prevent us from ever being poisoned?

It’s a metaphor: the poison from overseas will not prevail against us. Uninterrupted Christianity since apostolic times. How could we convince the Pope that we are unlike all the rest of the rotten world that has forsaken its values? Some fanatics will tell you that, if you want divorce, just leave the country and settle elsewhere. This is the special preserve of Catholics only.

These little islets always speak in the superlative: we are the most hospitable, not just hospitable; we are the most Catholic, not just Catholic; we have the most beautiful country, we have the most interesting history, we have the best work force, we have the best values, we have the strongest families, we have the best festi, the loudest bangs with each village outdoing the next.

Yes, tezori. We have even invented words like “mill-iprem”, more than “prim” which already means “prime” (of the best quality) but the primest (like saying the firstest).

It is the psychology of Lilliput. Jonathan Swift would have written about Malta instead of Lilliput had he known of its existence. We are in the middle of the sea which is in the middle of the world. The cosmos is Maltacentric.

We are a hub of this and a hub of that. We have a vision 2015 too. What sort of vision is it? Would we still be without divorce in 2015 when we are destined to be a centre of excellence?

Maybe the absence of divorce is conceived as part of that excellence?

In a world where satellites and the internet have turned the planet into a global hamlet, we still think of ourselves as different from the rest. I only completed very short courses in psychology and cannot make a proper analysis. Perhaps someone else can.