dephne il wich's latest fan mail (u Mintoff ghandu l-bajd u wehel zobb imperjali LORD CARINGTON)

Published: September 21, 2010 at 9:33pm
'Joseph, we have a problem. Those private lessons at the Labour Party clubs just don't seem to be working.'

'Joseph, we have a problem. Those private lessons at the Labour Party clubs just don't seem to be working.'

Just in case you think I’m making them up, I’m uploading all the relevant details, including IP number.

Singed (dephne il wich)

paul borg
[email protected]
Submitted on 2010/09/21 at 9:41pm
perit alla mieghek minn ridek tmut ha imut qablek

paul borg
[email protected]
Submitted on 2010/09/21 at 9:49pm
ja bazza NGT naf izjied minnek b ingliz u jekk il lingwa tieghek hi ingliz tista tiktieb ish nifhmu u meta tikteb niftakar meta mintoff wehel zobb imperjali LORD CARINGTON u kif se wahluh lil Pn

[email protected]
Submitted on 2010/09/21 at 9:12pm
MIsshom jarrestawk u jsawtuk daphne kemm int mara kiesha !!! Ma tisthix.
Jew f dal pajjiz taghmel li trid ghax andek s sahha !!!

michael IL KING !!
[email protected]
Submitted on 2010/09/21 at 4:43pm
DCG u will burn in hell 4eva …end of story !!

[email protected]
Submitted on 2010/09/21 at 4:40pm
Daphne Daphne u talk too much !!!!! U qed tghamel hafna edewwa u iz zmien jasal al kulhadd!

Andre’ Camenzuli
[email protected]
Submitted on 2010/09/21 at 3:40pm
Mintoff ragel bil-bajd. Missek tisthi titkellem hekk ja Sahhara tal-Bidnija x’inti kerha ummi ma!!!

[email protected]
Submitted on 2010/09/21 at 4:55pm
Jien la jien laburist u lanqas nazzjonalist pero nixtieq indur fuq il-Maltin injoranti li haw f’dal-pajjizi tal-pupazzi u nistaqsijom…… lili kieku ma kienx ghal mintoff hafna mill-beneficji socjali li haw u li hafna nazzjonalisti jibenifikaw kieku lanqas nehduhom, veru li aw hafna nies battew tahtu u li vera li kien aw it-tahwid dak iz zmien pero lil eddie ma tistawx tpennguh bhal xi ARK ANGLU nizzel mis-sema biex jiddefendi lil Maltin!!!!!!!!! ax jekk mintof kien iffoti f wicc il-malti eddie fotta wara sorm il-malti. U jekk jogobkom dan huwa is-sens ta religjoni li ghadna fil-pajjiz??????? nixtieq inkun naf kemm min dawn li kitbu kontra mintoff u jixtiqulu id-deni marru quddiem il-papa din is-sena?????? Ara tejdux li intom nisrana. puuuu ghal wicckom dan huwa is-sens ta nisrani, miskom tisthu jekk il-bnidem ghamel hazin ekk intom tamlu l-istess bhalu…. ghalhekk qatt dan il-pajjiz ma jista jimxi il-quddiem, xi kultant nisthi nejd li jien malti meta nara dawn il-kummidji …..

[email protected]
Submitted on 2010/09/21 at 7:38pm
may you rot in hell daphne the witch

[email protected]
Submitted on 2010/09/21 at 8:40pm
tibzax dephne il wich,alla jdejh kbira u lum jew ghada jilhqek lilek.

Anton Baldacchino
[email protected]
Submitted on 2010/09/21 at 1:04pm
Kellek Bzonn f’hajtek ghamilt farka mil-gid li GHamel il-perit Mintoff. Int kull m’ghamilt dejjem parlajt fil-vojt u qatt ma swejt ghal xej hlief biex idahhak in nies bik biss..
Minn daqs tant nis int kellek tkun il persuna li tiprova tinsulta ragel li hadem ghal pajjizu? Persuna li dardret il kulhad anke partitarji nazzjonalisti, persuna li qatt ma swit ta karlin al pajjizna.
Jekk minalik li bdan l artiklu u ohrajn bhalu ed izid il fama tighek u taghmel publicita lilek inifsek vera sejra zball.
Qieghda igighel in-nies joboghduk.
Nisthi meta niftakar li int Maltija Mrs. Daphne, bnidma bla valuri u injoranta..

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  1. John says:

    A quick search on Facebook for a couple of them gave me a good laugh.

    PS: I sincerely hope Helen there isn’t that dim. Or maybe it’s her brother. Who knows. A lot tend to pop up on this website.

  2. Stefan Vella says:

    [email protected] seems to be one of the usual suspects. Started off his “contribution” with a less than credible disclaimer and continued by peppering a single paragraph block with chunks of superfluous punctuation.

    Which elf is s/he?

  3. E Farrugia says:

    One thing is certain, Mintoff never taught these people proper Maltese grammar and spelling.

  4. Custard Bustard says:

    Tghid zobb imperjali kif ikun? Bhal monument ta’ Mintoff?

  5. Chris Briffa says:

    When you write in a certain way you might as well expect such comments from people, no? I don’t normally follow this blog but someone told me to have a look, and I was a bit shocked with the comments written about Dom Mintoff on some of your blog posts. Love him or hate him he deserves more respect in my opinion. This is not a question of political opinions, but common decency.

    • Antoine Vella says:

      Chris Briffa, do you know what “love him or hate him” means or are you just spouting a cliche? If you admit that someone may hate him how can you tell them to also respect him ?

    • David Buttigieg says:

      Chris Briffa,

      Respect is earned not given.

      What has Mintoff ever done to earn our respect?

      I remember an old song …
      “Le le le il Duminku ma’ nrieduhx,
      Assassin, tal-Maltin”

    • Milone says:

      You say you were shocked by the blog posts but say nothing of your reaction to the violent, semi-literate comments. Inadvertently, perhaps, you have given a lot away – that you think that sort of violent aggression is to be expected from a certain sort of person who votes for the Labour Party.

      That is Mintoff’s legacy. Why, then, are you shocked when he’s criticised? You may as well condemn Simon Wiesenthal for having hunted down sick old men.

  6. Antoine Vella says:

    Joseph Muscat is succeeding in building a multiple personality party. On the one hand the pomposity of a Revisiting Labour History Conference and on the other we have jasper and michael IL KING (with two exclamation marks).

    • il-lejborist says:

      Mhux hekk. Because the nationalists are a concoction of lords, dukes and duchesses, right? I am already picturing them at the fosos, suavely nibbling at their pastizzi, sosicc rowls and bergers and clapping their hands to the fantastic music and elegantly applauding gonzi during his memorable speech.

      [Daphne – Apply logic, il-lejborist. Most people who can think clearly vote Nationalist. Most people who can’t think clearly vote Labour. Does it follow that all people who vote Nationalist can think clearly or that all people who vote Labour can’t? No. Again, I use myself and my family as an example. We had to choose a political party to vote for because we were neither Nationalists nor Labour. It was no contest. I can see things clearly not only because I have a clear mind, but also because I grew up in neither camp and so was able to observe both parties from the same standpoint. You haven’t been so fortunate, as you were raised in prejudice, but there you go.]

      • il-lejborist says:

        I truly trust you weren’t raised in prejudice and were raised instead to become the best clear-thinking mind in the world but it is apparent that you are either playing some sort of game or that you are clearly disregarding your teachers’ work as most of your articles, unless written by someone else, are anything but the result of a clear-thinking head.

        Instead of spouting hate as if there was no tomorrow, you should start to apply what your teachers have rightfully thought you and realise that the rubbish you accuse the PL about can also be found in the PN’s backyard.

        So be a good citizen, and write some dirty stories about the government too every once in a while. Writing about Joseph Muscat’s ugly goatee, his rural background, or his twins is just a cheap way to deviate the crowd’s attention from the ill doings of the government, which according to your clear thinking mind are inexistent. Why is the government really that unworthy of a typically witty column from Caruana Galizia, I might ask?

        [Daphne – The word is ‘nonexistent’. Cross inexistent off your Manglish lexicon because it is nonexistent in idiomatic English and betrays your up-and-coming-I-have-learned-English mittilkless reality. Pushy arriviste Mona Farrugia uses inexistent repeatedly, for instance, and has fed it to her followers. But enough of that. I do not spout hate. Hate is what you see coming across the class divide straight at me from under-class and working-class Labour supporters. They think their hatred is political but really, it’s not. It goes much deeper than that. Unfortunately, because you come from a different cultural background to mine, you can’t distinguish between hatred and mockery and nor can you pick up the inherent – but perhaps too subtle – humour in almost everything I write. Your didactic view of life also reveals your cultural/social background: I did not have teachers, but only people who led by example.

        You ask whether the government really is that unworthy of a typically witty column from ‘Caruana Galizia’ – my goodness, what a lot that way of speaking/writing reveals about you – and my answer is that it has nothing to do with ‘worthy or unworthy’ but ‘boring or not boring.’ I am not here to bore people or to teach them. I leave that to the columnists who nobody reads.]

      • il-lejborist says:

        please replace ‘taught’ with ‘thought’ in my earlier comment thanks.

      • Antoine Vella says:

        Il-lejborist, you join the crowd of Labour sympathisers who desperately want Daphne to criticise the PN for them.

        Malta has become a free country in the last couple of decades so you can set up your own blog and criticise the government to your heart’s content. Many other PL supporters have done it though, of course, they are not as widely followed as Daphne.

        Perhaps that is what annoys you.

    • H.P. Baxxter says:

      Lejborist is unwittingly showing us the root of all problems in this country. The Manichean good vs evil. The bipolar brain. Min mhux maghna kontra taghna.

      Jew kontra l-abort jew favur. Jekk idejquk il-murtali mela snob. If you can spell then you’re not working class. If you don’t queue up for social security benefits then you must be a millionaire.

      In this case, it’s: “If you will not vote Labour then you believe the Nationalists are perfect, and Gonzi is the saviour made flesh.”

      Allow me to give you a fresh perspective on things. I despise the sort of hamallagni institutionalised by the Kanzunetta Indipendenza freakshow and the Fiera tal-Hut and others. Gonzi’s apologetic tone and his lists of “Araw x’inhu jigri f’pajjizi ohra” pronounced in a whining tone set my teeth on edge.

      The instistence by Tonio Borg and others on citing the Church drives me up the wall. As does Gonzi’s ridiculous “jekk il-Bambin irid”. I think the PN is too far to the left on the economy, and too far to the right on social liberties. And I know for a fact that various incompetent airheads have been propelled to top positions on the strength of their connections.

      But come next election, I will still vote PN. You choose between the parties you have, not the parties you wish you had.

      All of the bad qualities of the Nationalist Party are also to be found in the Labour Party. However, the former has made known its general political strategy, which is more or less right, if a little optimistic, while the latter has not.

      • il-lejborist says:

        This good vs evil syndrome which you are rightfully mentioning is what Daphne and most of the bloggers in here do all the time. Clear thinking and being a Labourite are mutually exclusive according to Daphne so don’t point your virtual finger at me buddy.

        [Daphne – I can’t understand why you’re so damned chippy. Do you have to react so touchily? Baxxter’s comment was excellent. It sums up my view and that of thousands of others who, yes, think clearly rather than bringing their insecurities and chips and resentments to bear on their voting decisions. And no, I did NOT say that clear thinking and being a Labourite are mutually exclusive, but on the contrary, I said that they are not. And I never use the word Labourite, either. It doesn’t exist in English. What I said is this: that most people who think clearly vote PN and most people who do not think clearly vote Labour, but it does not follow (apply logic) that all people who vote PN think clearly or that all people who vote Labour do not. Why do you think the PN has most of the ABC1 vote while Labour has most of the DE vote? If you’re ABC1 you’re more likely to have good analytical skills, and if you’re DE the chances are that you do not.]

      • Albert says:

        Actually that is your right if you feel like voting PN next election,as i and many others will vote PL.It’s called democracy.What actually annoys me on this blog is the way articles are written,as if labour is a monster and PN god’s gift.

        Daphne’s articles are too one sided that sometimes i cannot stop the urge to laugh.Actually i visit every while to see who’s the next victim….Toni Abela,Wenzu Mintoff,Alfred Sant,Micallef Leyson,Joseph’s entire family???

        I used to laugh in the same manner when i used to read Lino Cassar’s pages on ‘it-torca’….but unfortunately he does’nt write anymore.

        [Daphne – Another one who expects me to criticise the Nationalist Party so that he doesn’t have to do it himself. Pro-Labour columnists too dull and boring for you, sir? Can’t say I blame you for not reading them. Too damned earnest: they come across as a convention of lesbian communists discussing animal rights.]

  7. Bob G says:

    The problem is that Joseph Muscat identifies with these people, so they grow stronger. Sad people. Labour needs cleaning up.

    • NGT says:

      Well, to be fair, PN has a quite a few supporters who’d give these pathetic retards a run for their money.

      • Hot Tongs says:

        Yes, but the main point is that they’re not the dominant factor and they’re not in the party hierarchy either.

  8. kev says:

    Veru tal-biki – and most of them should thank the PN for their education (not that the PL will straighten things up).

    This is the road to idiocracy and it’s been happening right across the West. Some call it the dumbing down of the West – but that’s tinfoil stuff for you.

  9. Houston we have a problem says:

    Hey Daphne,

    perhaps you should change the caption that reads : Mail ( will not be published ) to Mail (will be published if I don’t like your comment cos it insults me)


  10. red nose says:

    Muscat is after the votes of the followers of the “traitor” hence those visits to hospital. Reading the above extracts,I feel that in a way he will succeed considering such ignorance.

  11. il-lejborist says:

    Daphne, forgive my brokenrecordness but, frankly, I do not see much of a difference between your columns (the political ones, the general ones are great) and the messages you’re quoting above. Of course, your better use of grammar makes your columns a better read but that is as far as the enjoyment goes. You have all the rights in the world to hate Labour and to express said hatred in writing, but don’t assume that your work is so different from the comments you quoted. The bottom line is the same – hate, hate and more hate.

    [Daphne – You don’t see any difference, il-lejborist, because like them, you can’t think. I, on the other hand, can. And that’s the difference.]

    • il-lejborist says:

      Unfortunately I never got hold of the popular book, Aunty Daphne’s Guide to Cognitive Thinking, hence my total ignorance in the subject. Once we’re at it, it would be great if you could mail me an autographed copy instead. Thanks.

      [Daphne – It’s impossible to have any sort of discussion with people who’ve got so many chips and insecurities.]

    • Albert says:

      ha ha….’like them,like them’…as if we have the plague.Oh dear lord thanks for making me ‘one of them’.Xejn e.

    • Milone says:

      A riddle:

      If someone criticises a political party and its followers but is never in line to govern the country, is that a threat to democracy?

      Answers on a pinhead, please.

  12. J Abela says:

    I think you should start exploiting the title ‘Daphne the wich’ even more. Obviously they see you as a threat. No doubt about that.

    …And besides…what doesn’t beat you will only serve to make you stronger!

  13. Adrian says:

    Min jaf fejn kienu dawn il-Mintoffjani meta xi ħadd ta’ ġewwa għajru “traditur”, meta fil-verità kien qed jagħmel waħda mill-ftit affarijiet tajba li wettaq f’ħajtu.

  14. S, Caruana says:

    Mintoff hu missier Malta u li ma kienx ghalih int lanqas vot m’ghandek biex tkun tista tivvutalu lil dak il-partit li int tappoggja. Li kien ghal dan l-istess partit kieku dan hallik kanol bla krema u tajba biss ghal gol-kcina u ghal xejn izjed. Ara veru kif jghidu, taghmel il-gid u jistmahulek deni. Int qed taghmel kif ghamlu dawk li sallbu lil Kristu wara li tant ghamel gid.
    Grazzi Mintoff, dejjem obbligati lejk.

    • Adrian says:

      Mamma mia, x’injoranza!

      Il-vot lin-nisa sar fl-1947 meta Boffa kien imexxi l-partit. Grazzi Mintoff, dejjem obbligati lejk, għax ħlistna mill-gvern ta’ Alfred Sant u llum qegħdin fl-UE!

      • rm says:

        Ghalaq halqek adrian u taghmel pjacir lilek u lil ta’ madwarek ghax xorta f’ wiccek baqa ghax id- deni li xtaqtulu bhall donnu bzaqtu fis- sema u reggha gie lura f’ wiccek. Li kieku ma kienx mintoff inti qatt ma rajtu il- gvern tieghek jiggverna ” ikisser il- malta bhall m’ ghamiltu ” il- hasra li mieghek qed inbatu ahna uliedna hu ulied uliedna !!. Ghallhekk dan il- pajjiz qatt ma jimxi il- quddiem ghax hawn nies bhalek sur adrian. li ma kien ghall mintoff lanqas air malta m’ ghadna ghax intom qatt ma kellkom fiducja fil- malti ghaxl- ajruplani maltin kont issejhulom ghasafar ta’ comb. !! li ma kienx ghall- mintoff lanqas it- tfal handicapes ma kellom dinjita ghax kienu jahbuwom huwa harigom mill- mohba ghax taghhom l- allowances. Meta titkellem dwar mintoff inti trid tbaxxi rasek ghax dak mhux politikant maghruf m 4 maltin bhall- eddie tieghek jew maghruf ghall- xi 4 bombi li ghamel ma residenza ta’ nies biex ikun jista jiggverna !! meta mintoff tilef il- maggoranza u iggverna bis- siggijiet skont kif kienet tghid il- kostituzzjoni biddila kien ma rax l- interess tieghu li jibqa jiggverna min jaf intom x kontu taghmlu kieku ?? imsomma nafu bizejjed kemm tissiltu ghalih dak il- poter viva malta korrotta u viva adrian jaqbel u jzomm ma’ partit li gab lil MALTA KORROTTA

  15. il-lejborist says:

    Classist, narrow-minded comments aside (to which I happily point my middle finger at), the bottom line of your reply was that you find writing columns about the the government boring, correct?

    [Daphne – Do you really have such difficulty understanding simple sentences? No. I said my readers would find them boring, and they do. There are enough people whinging on about the government – most of them women, sad to say – in newspaper columns. Nobody needs another one. I’m there to do in print what thousands of others do in the privacy of their kitchens: laugh at Labour. When the prospect of a Labour government gets closer, criticism of Labour goes underground. What does this tell you?]

    There is no need to remind you that the nationalists have been collecting our taxes for twenty or so years. So I am sorry to hear that mismanagement of tax money, alleged or not, is too petty or boring a matter for the likes of you. Note however that this is not an accusation of any sort, I would not give two hoots either if I didn’t pay any taxes.

    [Daphne – Earnest people with ‘issues’ bore the pants off everyone else, lejborist. The sooner you work this out, the better.]

    • il-lejborist says:

      You are all heart Daph. So by not criticising the government you are kind of sparing us of utter boredom? Do we need to thank you for this? Well, thanks, but no thanks! I’d consider an article of yours about government incompetence as anything but boring, trust me. So bring it on.

      [Daphne – I don’t write for you, and I can’t understand why you are under the impression that I do. There are other people who write for you. Go ahead and read them.]

      • H.P. Baxxter says:

        Bingo! So MLP supporters, who have It-Torca, L-Orizzont, Kullhadd, Super One television, Super One radio and Maltastar at their disposal, have to turn to Daphne to read an article about government incompetence.

        And PN supporters, In-Nazzjon, Il-Mument and Maltarightnow notwithstanding, read Daphne’s blog for some proper criticism of Labour under Joseph Muscat.

        Goes to show the sorry state of the political party media. As for The Times, it has morphed into a cross between the Book of Mormon and the Brown Nose Academy.

  16. paul borg says:

    daphanie tiftakar meta waqaw il balavostri wehedhom haz zebbug

    • Il-Cop says:

      @ paul borg
      Jien niftakar Pawl ghax kont hemm. Qabel ma waqaw niftakar il-marmalja gejja tahthom meta qatt ma kellhom jaslu sa hemm. Niftakar ukoll il-‘carcade’ ta qabel u t-tkissir li halliet warajha. U niftakar ukoll lil dawk li suppost izommu l-ordni jikksru l-ordni huma minflok. Dawn ma hafna hnizrijiet ohra ma tiftakarhomx Pawl?

  17. paul borg says:

    mintoff mandux bzonn monument siehbi il monumenti li halla mintoff tmisu bidejk habib u monument li qed tirifieri alih izjied jixraq il partit tieghek ish il gvern tieghek amlu u twahlux ma sorm hadiiehor man ish jiehu alih

  18. paul borg says:

    traditur minn bieh il banek bi xejn

    [Daphne – Hu kriminal hu min hatafhom min sidhom: Mintoff.]

  19. Andre' Camenzuli says:

    Mela l-hdura u t-tghajjr kontra Mintoff permessi, u ahna li qbizna ghalih sibna l-IP address u dettalji taghna etc imperccin hawnhekk. U le!!
    Apparti li int is-sahhara tal-Bidnija, int dittatura faxxista wkoll!!
    Grazzi Hafna u VIVA MINTOFF!!

  20. paul borg says:

    minn jaf meta tmut is sahhara tal bidnija jamlulix funeral statli il maltin jaidu good ridens for bad rubbish

    • Antoine Vella says:

      I’m not sure you’ll understand this, Paul Borg, but it’s comments like yours and those of your friends that really have us ridens. (On the other hand, Mintoffjani claim to be conversant with Latin so you might know what I’m talking about after all).

  21. Maurinho says:

    Ma tridx wkoll il mobile number Ms Dwejjaq :)

    SIb xi haga interessanti u ghedha fijha ax

    depression ha taqbdek

    • Maurinho says:

      fik data protection gisem :))) tghid l email (will not be published) umbad taghmel uturn u xxandru haha

      MA TISTAX TAFDAK :)))) Ibqa sejjer hekk lol u anki
      l wirdien ikun mahbub aktar minnek lol.

  22. Andre' Camenzuli says:

    L-importanti li ma inqatatlekx ix-xewqa meta ha jmut Mintoff. Ghax salbierah kellek cans hahahaj

  23. Andre' Camenzuli says:

    Ha jsir survey mal-poplu malti ha naraw lil min ihobb l-iktar il-malti: jekk hux lis-Sahhara tal-Bidnija jew lil-Kbir Perit Duminku Mintoff. Diga naf min ha jirbah!!!
    Min jaf x’riha ta’ hruq ha jkun hemm il-Bidnija!!

    • Joseph Micallef says:

      Andre hi jekk “mal-poplu Malti” (u Malti mhux malti – jew tikteb il-kelma hekk ghax tahseb illi ahna makku) dak l-ezzercizju issejhulu C E N S I M E N T. Nispera ma kontx tahseb li dak kien xi isem ta’ persuna.

    • Milone says:

      It would take someone of your mentality to imagine that anyone of sound mind would want to compete with Mintoff in the popularity stakes. Who, pray tell, would wish to be admired by those who admire Mintoff?

  24. carlos says:

    Daphne, you are the last bulwark against the Labour onslaught. All others, including The Times, the Curia and even the Nationalist Party have thrown in the towel.

    That is why you are attracting so much fire.

    It is a pity that the Nationalist Party has not one person like you running its media.

  25. Adrian says:

    Qaluli biex nagħlaq ħalqi! Aħjar RM jitgħallem jew titgħallem tikteb bil-Malti qabel xejn. Jiena lil Mintoff tassew minn qalbi nirringrazzjah għax fi xjuħitu ra d-dawl u għaraf iwarrab lil Sant min-nofs u konsegwenza ta’ hekk gawdejna 3 leġiżlaturi oħra ta’ Gvern Nazzjonalista u dħul ta’ Malta fl-UE.

    • il-lejborist says:

      “gawdejna 3 leġiżlaturi oħra ta’ Gvern Nazzjonalista ”

      To be a proud PN voter is one thing but to speak of the past legislatures as if money grew on trees is another. I will repeat this until kingdom come: this blog is chock-full of masochistic fools who must spend hours bashing their family jewels with a hammer for a pastime. Wake up and smell the coffee!

      [Daphne – If you think money doesn’t grow on trees now, you should have been around when most people – including me, might I point out – earned only the minimum wage. Just as well there was nothing in the shops, because only Labour bazuzli could buy it anyway. Your problem is that you have no perspective, because you were bloody lucky enough to grow up post 1987.]

      • Joseph Micallef says:

        Lejborist your logic is pecuniary constrained as that of all your leaders, at least since Mintoff.

        “Tgawdi” does not necessarily boil down to pounds shillings and cents. For example no one can ever calculate the monetary value of freedom of speech.

      • Joseph Micallef says:

        or was it pence!

  26. Another Muscat says:

    Another great spot, this time on the internet, is again being vandalised by Mintoff’s supporters. How sad is that?

  27. Granc says:

    I am really looking forward to having a Labour government with the likes of Toni Abela and Anglu Farrugia as deputy prime minister/s responsible for an important ministry. I will laugh my heart out.

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