Mintoff’s daughter says that people at the top must have very high standards

Published: April 12, 2012 at 10:31am

Mrs Bland's father, busy maintaining very high standards and accountability at the top with his blackmailer Lorry Sant

From her interview with The Sunday Times:

Dom Mintoff’s daughter: You have to have accountability, and I see that as a major failing today in Malta. For instance, the government never declared it was giving an extra EUR7,000 to its people.

The Sunday Times: The duty allowance to Cabinet, you mean?

Dom Mintoff’s daughter: Yes, it’s that kind of leadership that encourages other people to be dishonest. And it comes from the top, where you have to have very high standards. I really think we’re on an unsustainable path in Malta.

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  1. mattie says:

    L.O.L. – really.

  2. elephant says:

    Why this pain? Why should we be reminded of those awful and painful times? I think Labour will (I hope) learn its lesson for taking Mintoff’s daughter on board.

    At the tip you really have to have high standards! When is Labour ever going to reach the beginning of “high standards”? Is it by bringing in the old rubbish?

  3. Lomax says:

    “We’re” ? Who’s “we”? She hasn’t been around since she was being milk-fed. What the heck does she know about life here in Malta?

    I didn’t read the full interview because (call me an escapist) I couldn’t stomach it. When I see these excerpts and hear (through friends and acquaintances) what she said, I’m glad I didn’t. It would have ruined an otherwise very pleasant Easter.

  4. e. muscat says:

    “we are on an unsustainable path in Malta”.
    Who are the ‘we’ if I may ask?

  5. TROY says:

    Come again?

  6. Jozef says:

    I see Yana doesn’t follow the local scene.

    Duty allowance is exactly what it is, expenses incurred in carrying out one’s duty. Something the opposition had been aware of.

    When a Labour candidate uses her magistrate husband’s car and driver to peddle her wares, that’s dishonesty.

    When the party leader raises funds for class action, declaring he won’t respect the court judgement once in office, that’s fraud.

    When the party programme writer buys out exclusive rights to cruise liner routes in the southern Meditterranean, that’s conflict of interest.

    When a Labour candidate starts to diversify her property business into the social services sector, that’s conflict of interest.

    When another Labour candidate links justice policy to his profession, that’s another conflict of interest.

    When the party leader doesn’t declare his family interests, sponsoring events via the party, directly linked to that line of business, that’s one garbled mess.

  7. Pepe` says:

    Yet her dad and his cronies became rich on around Lm4000 a year.

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