Mrs Bland isn’t taking advantage of her father’s legacy – no, not at all

Published: April 12, 2012 at 11:14am

“My father always told me to find my own path and I did. I think it was important for me not to take advantage of his successes, to make my own path and not piggyback on his legacy, you could say.” – Joan (sive Yana) Bland, in her interview with The Sunday Times.

Now she’s come back to Malta at the age of 60 to piggyback on her father’s legacy, and with a vengeance. She’s contesting the general election as Yana Mintoff, it-tifla ta’ Dumink, on her father’s former district, where he grew up.

Because, you know, the Bormlizi and the Beltin are really open to electing a pensioner from Texas who they’ve never seen or heard of before in their life. It’s got nothing to do with whose daughter she is.

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  1. ciccio says:

    In case she is elected as MP for Bormla, shouldn’t she declare what is her interest in Melita Inc, a for-profit corporation registered in the State of Texas, in which Dear Dom, at his age and in his health condition, is a director with a registered address of Saint Tarxien, and she is Secretary?

    Can she state whether Melita Inc is involved in the Texas oil industry?
    Can she give details of the size of that business and what is her income from it?
    Can she state what taxes she pays from her income in Melita Inc?

  2. Neil Dent says:

    Since her being presented as a special or star candidate, I’ve been wondering about her future intentions. Let’s be fair, she only came to Malta in the first place with the intentions of ‘looking after’ daddy, and see out his final days with him.

    I ask, before the fiasco that was the MLP conference, did her plans ever include an extended visit, and maybe a term in parliament?

    I’d have imagined that, once the reading of Dom’s will was over with, she’d have been on the first plane back to Texas, or wherever she laid her hat prior to her return to Malta.

  3. DICKENS says:

    Years ago it was common knowledge that the nasty old piece of work Dom was planning to leave his vast fortune to a charitable organization called is-Samaritani, which I believe he set up, just to spite his daughters who, he felt, were ungrateful and had abandoned him in his old age.

    He may have had a point here seeing how it was KMB, NOT his Yana or Anne, who stepped in to pay his water and electricity bills when the service was cut off for non-payment.

    I wonder what became of Is-Samaritani.

  4. Żeża Ta' Bubaqra says:

    Her father’s advice was wise; pity she didn’t follow it.

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