Is Franco on illegal drugs, or does he need legal ones?

Published: August 21, 2012 at 2:26am

He sounds like he’s having a massive breakdown. This is his latest blog-post, all about how handsome he is and how ugly Austin Gatt is and how pretty Mrs Austin Gatt is and why doesn’t she ‘open her mind’ and, presumably, run off with him.

La tlaqna, tlaqna.



Lawrence ‘DCG’ Gonzi please note, I will tolerate insults in my regards but not in regards to my mum. I will not tolearte insults against my family.

Forget Rolex watches, (outstanding) formIIC certificates and Ralph Lauren shirts. What about a real piece of real everyday psychology!?

Austin Gatt is an ugly man with no charisma, who when he was not minister got just 1,3oo votes and just got bye-elected!!! Intentionally I use the word ‘bye’ which is the most popular word amongst the Maltese population in his regards, bar Fenech Adami. Fenech Adami then, good or bad man that he was appointed him minister! In 1998 he decreased his toll of first count votes by some 600, yet, yes, hello, Fenech Adami appointed him and not Jeanpierre Farrugia as minister for I don’t know what!

In Maltese all this psychology is compressed in a succint saing : ‘Din x’ratlu daqs kemm hu ikrah!’

You are paying high utility bills because it is the only way ugly Austin Gatt can impress his pretty wife. Everyone likes to impress his girlfriend but not everyone has Fenech Adami put all the nation at his disposal.

The psychological police should investigate this : has this country been through all this hell because Austin Gatt is such an ugly man and the only way to impress his pretty wife is to appoint handsome gentleman to office and do all other inappropriate things including Arriva and BWSC and not resign?

Unlike me, Austin Gatt is an ugly man from whichever angle you look at him. Even Lou Bondi, his cousin is utterly ugly so their ugliness is in the genes.So they need power to impress. I never needed power. I have the looks!!

Mrs Gatt is a Zammit Maempel prim and proper. Dr Joe Zammit Maempel is the greatest gentleman I’ve ever known. With all his ugliness how can Austin Gatt otherwise impress his pretty consort!!? He is cruel to fellow men. That is psychology for the psychological police! Mrs Gatt serrah rasek! Instead of him he managed to place Claudio Grech and Manue ‘Arriva Delia’ and he eliminated Franco ‘reformer’ Debono.

Psychological police please investiaget this national torture.

Mrs Gatt I pity you had to endure this ugliness every morning y0u wake up for the past thirty years. Iftah mohhok.

Maltese population, please wake up. You had to pay high utility bills so that an ugly, vey ugly and deformed minister impresses his pretty, very pretty wife.

Joe Zammit Maempel huwa xempju tal-gentlomerija. We need more people like him in Malta

Austin , when you are drunk in Gozo at Kartell annoying everyone, including those4 who have sent me emails, keep in mind that:


And Gonzi, it’s not a psychologist he needs but someone more and more specialised. One day I’ll tell you who!

When Daphne Caruana Galizia said a journalist passed a comment in my mum’s regard, she didnt say who that journalist was and I don’t recall, but in any eventuality it could have been Sharon Spiteri, one of the ugliest persons God could ever create, whilst my mum, well, you have just to see a photo of her. Just jealousy!

I can take insults in my regards, but I wil nevr tolerate insults directed to my mum Lawrence ‘DCG’ Gonzi please note.

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  1. Aunt Hetty says:

    I think that his mummy or girlfriend is writing his pieces whilst he tries to catch up with preparing the few court cases left that he is still responsible for.

  2. maryanne says:

    What a waste he was not made a minister ‘for I don’t know what’.

  3. L.Galea says:

    “whilst my mum, well, you have just to see a photo of her. Just jealousy!”

    ‘My daddy’s dick is bigger than your daddy’s dick’ syndrome right here. Franco, you shame a nation, a gender, a race and above all, parliament.

    >>> I love DCG.

  4. Gahan says:

    According to Franco you need to have these qualities to be minister:

    1) good looking = he’s short, bald, and shameless.

    2) vote catcher = poaching votes from your colleagues with anonymous letters , interminable threatening phone calls from your blackberry to your prime minister,and spreading false rumours about your colleagues.

    3) no sense of humour.

    Franco reminds me of Mintoff (Alla jahfirlu) who gave the coup de grace to Boffa with innuendoes that Boffa committed incest with his daughter during a visit to London.

    “Beauty is in the eye of the beholder”,”Ix-xadina tara lit-tfal taghha sbieh” and “Beauty is skin deep”.

    The more Franco writes, deletes and edits on his blog the more I’m convinced that he needs attention.

    Franco,the stark truth is that the difference between you and Austin is that Austin has got more charm than you think you have. That’s why he’s got a wife who loves him.

  5. A E says:

    He can’t even write properly.

  6. elephant says:

    This person has become irresponsible. I hope he has no private member’s bill up his sleeve.

  7. Kenneth Cassar says:

    “Unlike me, Austin Gatt is an ugly man from whichever angle you look at him”.

    Franco not ugly? He’s even more ugly than his mum.

  8. The chemist says:

    What a tosser !

  9. DCGDEAD says:

    Daphne! You are on Drugs and you consider yourself a Journalist Shame on you and on your ignorance! Having a degree/Masters/P.hD doesn’t make you smart at all! Just shows Malta and the rest of the world what a cunt you are! Keep on waving the Blue flag on your shoulders! you ignorant dumbass!

  10. Alfred Bugeja says:

    If only Franco knew what Joe Zammit Maempel thinks about him.

  11. Steve says:

    Obvious hux – Franco’s girlfriend is not as pretty as Austin’s Wife.

    Once I read that a man is happy if he is making more money then his wife’s sister’s husband. In this case franco got angry because his rival’s wife is more pretty then his girlfriend. U l-injorant jghida lill kullhadd.

  12. Patrik says:

    Psychological police…. or thinkpol?

  13. grezja says:

    `I have looks` .Jekk tara ritratt ta KMB meta lahquh P.M,u tbiddel il kulur ta xagharu tara lil Franco.

  14. Nobody In Particular says:

    I have to tell I was quite surprised with you picking on this . . . I mean apart from the English it is exactly your style after-all! :)

  15. La Redoute says:

    He’s updated it and called it part 2, forgetting that he never published part 1.


  16. Not Tonight says:

    This is sounds a lot like elve-speak to me. Bloody mental! Or dead drunk! Over the edge in any case. Qisu xi qahba meta tiggieled ma xi gara taghha. Bambin, henn ghalina int.

  17. Pol says:

    Whilst i agree that austin is really ugly and is uglier when being arrogant, however saying that he employs handsome Gentleman to office is. Far from the truth. Just look at the arriva man and if you consider him handsome then my vision of men has really gone down the drain

  18. maryanne says:

    I loved this comment which was posted on Franco’s blog.

    Aug 20, 2012 @ 19:54:18

    Dear Franco,
    By saying that Austin Gatt is ugly but still acquired a very pretty wife, you are implying that he really has something that goes beyond ugliness. In fact she married him, even before he had any power. Wouldn’t it be more sad if a handsome man, (like you) still lacks a loving person, because there is nothing in him that makes women love him despite all his beauty?

    Your argument is not worthy of a parliamentary member. Maybe you should have tried modelling instead of parliament.

  19. sandy:) says:

    Darren Dimech
    Ghaziz perit,

    jien haddiem, jien wiehed min dawk il-haddiema li int dejjem kellek ghal qalbek. jien wiehed minn dawk li int dejjem gibt fuq quddiem. meta biss tara il-gid li llum ahna l-haddiema ingawdu minnu dan kollox biss sahha tieghek, servizzi socjali, sahha, air malta, banek u mitt haga ohra. tkun dejjem tajjeb impossibli u zgur li ma tistax tghogob lil kulhadd. qbadt ritratt f’idi tieghi meta kont ghadni naqra ta tifel f’hoggrok u jaqbizli id-dmugh ghax il-bierah halliena l-akbar patrijot li kellha malta. jien dejjem ser niftakrek bhala il-persuna li tellghet lil malta min got-tajn. mur perit strieh fil-paci fejn shabna il-bormlizi l-ohra li taw sehem fis-socjeta min b’modu min b’iehor u itlob lil l-immakulata ghalina li min ser imexxi lil pajjiz fil-futur ihaddan il-principju li int dejjem kellek dak ta MALTA L-EWWEL U QABEL KOLLOX.
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    • mattie says:

      Haga insejt issemmi, sabih, kemm telqu jigru minn Malta hafna Maltin fi zmienu.

      Ma harbux ghax bezghu minnu. Harrbu ghaliex Malta kienet pajjiz tar-raba dinja.

      Fejn pajjizi ohra kellhom xorti tajba u kbira li jizviluppaw ruhhom b’mod avvanzat, Malta kienet qed tizviluppa b’mod lura mhux quddiem.

      Jien kont student fit-80ijiet. Kelli kugini jghixu l-Ewropa kienu jigu jzuruna, biex speci ta’ igawdu ftit il-familja – mitt sena kien ikollhom biex jitilqu l-hemm u meta staqsewna kellniex internet u email Malta, harisna lejhom bhac-cwiec ghax qas konna nafu li jezistu. Alla jberikhom, dawn kienu ilhom bit-teknologija ta’ l-informatika s-snin.

      Ehe Grazzi – ta’ xiex? talli konna lura. Mela.

    • david calleja says:

      Insejt intom il-bormlizi kemm ghajjartuh traditur u zmagat go Bormla stess?

  20. sandy:) says:

    Ray Azzopardi
    Illum Malta tilfet il-Perit ta’ Malta Ħielsa, ġgant tal-istorja politika ta’ Malta. Malta mingħajr il-Perit Duminku Mintoff ma kenitx tkun fejn qiegħda llum. Bil-mewt tal-Perit Mintoff tfisser li pajjiżna safa orfni – Joseph Muscat.
    Il-Kondoljanzi lil uliedu Anna u Yana u l-familja tagħhom,hutu u l-familja Mintoff kollha.

  21. sandy:) says:

    Angie Laus
    11 hours ago
    tghid jekk nmur naghti xeba lil dik is sahhara hadra 60 euros biss nehel..filkass worth it ha nghidlek!
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  22. the happy one says:

    Is his girlfriend still with him?

  23. the happy one says:

    Not that i am interested in Franco but I am wondering if the poor girl has seen the light yet.

    Please also note Franco, that few women I know are interested in men with a superiority complex.

  24. Bones says:

    Why don`t you end it all and cut off the fish`s head?

  25. Pat Zahra says:

    Nuttier than squirrel poo.

  26. lola says:

    I understand that Franco needs help.Poor mother and girlfriend.What about his clients?

  27. Omega says:

    Had I not read this piece on Franco Debono’s blog for myself, I wouldn’t have believed you. This is absolutely incredible!

  28. canon says:

    Franco Debono is in a very sorry state and needs help urgently.

  29. sarah says:

    Did somebody hack his blog and write this as I can’t believe he can stoop so low?

    Then again his poor writing skills give him away. Vera tlaqna, Franco. I’m sure Austin is bent in two with laughter after reading this.

  30. dm says:

    How is this person a lawyer? The English is disastrous!

  31. Pink says:

    He is a child! I had an ‘argument’ with him on the same article. He doesn’t know how to defend himself. Jaf biss jghid “ahjar tara x’ghamlu dak u l’iehor”.

    He’s pathetic.

  32. Pony Polo says:

    I had to search this article on Google because I sincerely thought someone had made this whole thing up.

  33. stiefnu says:

    I agree with “Sarah”. Either someone hacked his blog or otherwise he’s beyond the help “canon” is asking for him. Unbelievable!

  34. kelsey says:

    What a pathetic man. I honestly feel sorry for him. Go on, make a bigger fool of yourself, Franco. Thumbs up, mate.

  35. The Sting says:

    Hey Franco, the answer to your question is BALLS and PRESENCE – that’s what Austin Gatt has that you don’t.

    What a poor excuse you are for a parliamentarian you really are – no wonder that before you started kicking up all this dust, nobody knew who the f*** you were.

  36. Sue Borg says:

    But, are all these young men going mad?

    I have been going through the website of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs to find a contact at the visa unit.

    Individulas holding top positions are listed, with title and name. Now I know that all are graduates, most hold a second degree, and a few also hold a doctorate. But there is one young man who has chosen to include these endless ´letters´ after his name. He reminded me of the Hon. Franco.

    But, the following quote takes the prize – quoting from the write-up under the financial management directorate.

    “It is important that the offices and premises of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs are kept clean due to frequent visits by Foreign dignitaries. For this purpose a number of cleaners are in employment. Their work is reflected in the cleanliness of the Ministry.”

    Thank God for these foreign dignitaries!

  37. jaq galizia says:

    wow xpartit maqut wow

  38. Webbers says:

    Mirror mirror on the wall ….

  39. mattie says:

    I am shocked.

  40. mattie says:

    Meta l-argument jaqa fuq ‘il-looks’ u min hu helu u gustuz, u min hu ikrah, sinjal li vera tilef l-argumenti kollha u ma fadalx iktar biex tiggieled Franco.

    Talking to him would be childish, arguing with him would be equally childish, following his blog would be a sheer waste of time.

    Don’t speak to people who clutch at straws by mentioning who’s better looking than anybody else.

  41. J Cachia says:

    Tlifnih Zighr ! Miskin !

  42. elephant says:

    I read all – or nearly all- the postings on Daphne’s blog, and my humble conclusion that there is a serious lack of charity about. I can never understand why a person has to use foul language to reply to a comment. As for Franco, out of charity, I suppose Daphne should now end the postings by saying ” The correpondence on this specific blog is closed”. I suppose Franco has got the message and I do not think there is need to press his state of mind any further.

  43. fran says:

    he’s a halfwit fuckwit all rolled into one

  44. Shalumat says:

    My, my! Sounds very similar to the psychotic, narcissistic ramblings of Elliot Rodger, the self-declared ‘Alpha Male’ kid, just before the shootout.

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