Is Franco on illegal drugs, or does he need legal ones?

Published: August 21, 2012 at 2:26am

He sounds like he’s having a massive breakdown. This is his latest blog-post, all about how handsome he is and how ugly Austin Gatt is and how pretty Mrs Austin Gatt is and why doesn’t she ‘open her mind’ and, presumably, run off with him.

La tlaqna, tlaqna.



Lawrence ‘DCG’ Gonzi please note, I will tolerate insults in my regards but not in regards to my mum. I will not tolearte insults against my family.

Forget Rolex watches, (outstanding) formIIC certificates and Ralph Lauren shirts. What about a real piece of real everyday psychology!?

Austin Gatt is an ugly man with no charisma, who when he was not minister got just 1,3oo votes and just got bye-elected!!! Intentionally I use the word ‘bye’ which is the most popular word amongst the Maltese population in his regards, bar Fenech Adami. Fenech Adami then, good or bad man that he was appointed him minister! In 1998 he decreased his toll of first count votes by some 600, yet, yes, hello, Fenech Adami appointed him and not Jeanpierre Farrugia as minister for I don’t know what!

In Maltese all this psychology is compressed in a succint saing : ‘Din x’ratlu daqs kemm hu ikrah!’

You are paying high utility bills because it is the only way ugly Austin Gatt can impress his pretty wife. Everyone likes to impress his girlfriend but not everyone has Fenech Adami put all the nation at his disposal.

The psychological police should investigate this : has this country been through all this hell because Austin Gatt is such an ugly man and the only way to impress his pretty wife is to appoint handsome gentleman to office and do all other inappropriate things including Arriva and BWSC and not resign?

Unlike me, Austin Gatt is an ugly man from whichever angle you look at him. Even Lou Bondi, his cousin is utterly ugly so their ugliness is in the genes.So they need power to impress. I never needed power. I have the looks!!

Mrs Gatt is a Zammit Maempel prim and proper. Dr Joe Zammit Maempel is the greatest gentleman I’ve ever known. With all his ugliness how can Austin Gatt otherwise impress his pretty consort!!? He is cruel to fellow men. That is psychology for the psychological police! Mrs Gatt serrah rasek! Instead of him he managed to place Claudio Grech and Manue ‘Arriva Delia’ and he eliminated Franco ‘reformer’ Debono.

Psychological police please investiaget this national torture.

Mrs Gatt I pity you had to endure this ugliness every morning y0u wake up for the past thirty years. Iftah mohhok.

Maltese population, please wake up. You had to pay high utility bills so that an ugly, vey ugly and deformed minister impresses his pretty, very pretty wife.

Joe Zammit Maempel huwa xempju tal-gentlomerija. We need more people like him in Malta

Austin , when you are drunk in Gozo at Kartell annoying everyone, including those4 who have sent me emails, keep in mind that:


And Gonzi, it’s not a psychologist he needs but someone more and more specialised. One day I’ll tell you who!

When Daphne Caruana Galizia said a journalist passed a comment in my mum’s regard, she didnt say who that journalist was and I don’t recall, but in any eventuality it could have been Sharon Spiteri, one of the ugliest persons God could ever create, whilst my mum, well, you have just to see a photo of her. Just jealousy!

I can take insults in my regards, but I wil nevr tolerate insults directed to my mum Lawrence ‘DCG’ Gonzi please note.