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Published: December 13, 2012 at 4:32pm

Here’s one for all those who still daftly think that John Dalli might not have known anything about the request for money:

Manuel Briffa

Yesterday, 17:57

Let us suppose that the Swedish company accepted Mr Zammit’s request, and that he acted entirely alone in the matter, what was he planning to do then, grab the 60 million and hide for ever since he was powerless to do anything to reverse the tobacco directive himself?

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  1. Neil Dent says:

    Exactly – It should be a no-brainer.

    Mr. Briffa’s single, succinct sentence sums up just how ridiculous Dalli’s blind defence, from many a Labour stalwart, really is.

  2. Kurt Magri says:

    No Comment of the day was surely the one linked with Toni Zarb’s article:

    Antoine Vella
    Today, 09:50
    “One has to appreciate the sacrifice that Tony Zarb will be making. Can you imagine? He’s saying no to free drinks and free FOOD.”

  3. Eddy Privitera says:

    Dawk id-drinks, mhux il-prim minsitru jkun qed ihallashomlok, IZDA AHNA LI NHALLSU T-TAXXI !

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