Prime Minister: “Franco Debono huwa irrelevanti.”

Published: December 10, 2012 at 9:06pm

How good it was to hear him say those words a few minutes ago when asked about Debono during the ongoing press conference.

Now I hope he bloody well sacks him from his office, a job as parliamentary assistant which Debono never did even while he happily took his pay cheque.

My trophy is bigger than your trophy.

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  1. Stephen says:

    could not help smiling there

  2. mandango70 says:

    I suggest you listen to the recording. He didn’t say that…perhaps he meant it, but he didn’t say it. He said its irrelevant to speak of what he thinks of franco….not in so many words, but that’s the meaning of what he said.

    So keep your knickners on and don’t get overly excited.

    [Daphne – I actually heard it myself, Mandango. “Franco Debono huwa irrelevanti.” The word is knickers. One N.]

    • Lomax says:

      Mandango he did say exactly those words: “Franco Debono huwa irrelevanti.”

    • Bubu says:

      Oh yes he did – twice. I’m still grinning like a maniac for hearing it.

    • Claude Sciberras says:

      I heard it too.

      One other cool thing he said when asked if he finally rested (strah) after this vote and putting Franco Debono behind him: he told the journalist to forget resting as this is the time when he worked hardest to win the next election. But the way he said it was brilliant!

    • anna caruana says:

      Franco is irrelevant but neither his actions nor his words were.

      You tend to hear what you want. Same as the serving of the beef.

      • Angus Black says:

        So full of it, anna caruana.

        The Prime Minister did say the exact words and not a moment too soon.

        Joseph was asked when he was revealing plans for reducing the electricity bills and came up with his smart ass reply that ‘D beef will be serfed on January 7’
        How cute!

        By the way mandango’s hearing aid must be shot if he didn’t hear the PM say that Franco is irrelevant.

        Maybe Gowzef will roll out the red carpet for Franco? Is there enough room still in his skip?

    • mandango70 says:

      Should start re-reading what I type. But you got what I intended so there you go.

    • mandango70 says:

      Heard it this morning. Yep Gonzi did say it after all in no uncertain terms. Pity he didn’t have the guts to do so months ago.

      For the sake of retaining power, he paid a high price: respect!

  3. Claude Sciberras says:

    You mean that he was still being paid as parliamentary assistant? This is the same guy who mentions the minister’s increases in salaries every 5 mins? Ma jisthix?


    • Claude Sciberras says:

      Imma allura hadd ma jghidlu xejn! How can any journalist not point this out whenever Franco Debono speaks about injustices privileged few etc…

      • anna caruana says:

        Typical answer, blame the journalist. Why didn t Gonzi make him resign from that post or fire him.

      • Bubu says:

        @Anna Caruana: Probably because people of your ilk would have screamed bloody murder, accused Gonzi of political persecution and made Debono into a martyr.

      • Claude Sciberras says:

        Anna, you are right, but I never blamed the journalist. I asked (in Maltese – sorry if you don’t understand) why nobody tells this person off – obviously including the Prime Minister.

        I fail to see why the Prime Minister did not sack him ages ago. The only reason I see is that he was trying to avoid giving him more reason to say he is being victimised.

  4. canon says:

    Franco Debono is a case closed.

  5. ciccio says:

    Hekk, Hu Go Fik, Franco.

  6. JBB says:

    Imma kemm tifilhu tkunu cwiec? Int l-ewwel wahda, Daphne; u hallikom minn COLA, elezzjonijiet, u frivolitajiet ohra. Ma tafux li ‘illum [tpoggiet] l-ewwel gebla tal-pedament ta demokrazija Ewropea moderna f’sahhitha’?

  7. A E says:

    And he has the gall to speak about principles.

    Please Dr Gonzi, fire him. He is taking taxpayers’ money

  8. rc says:

    I don’t think he could have given a better answer to all the Franco Debono questions.

  9. U Le! says:

    Scrooge, the Grinch and Franco Debono. the three Christnas stooges. When can we stop calling Franco Who ‘Onorevoli’?

  10. David S says:


  11. Sweet medicine says:

    Good riddance to bad rubbish, I would say!

  12. lino says:

    I hardly ever resort to swearing, but for God’s sake, stop mentioning this f***in’ frankie bonello. What ever he may have been, he was history for quite some time now.

  13. a. attard says:

    Franco Debono tried to drag JPO on to his side while explaining his position vis-à-vis his vote on the Budget. He failed. Franco should learn that “jekk irid iboss, iboss b’sormu u mhux b’sorm haddiehor”.

  14. Qeghdin Sew says:

    Let’s be objective. In the future — however distant that is — Franco Debono, a backbencher, stands a relatively better chance at making a comeback to local politics than Lawrence Gonzi, who would be a former leader by then.

    [Daphne – You mean national politics, I suppose, not local. I can’t see him being content with a seat on the Hal Ghaxaq council. Yes, if Labour or AD accept him on their ticket. But they won’t. Nobody needs or wants him now. As for the PN – he’s barred for life.]

    • Ken il malti says:

      He is a big liability for any political party.
      An immature loose cannon like Franco is better kept at bay.

      [Daphne – Best not mix metaphors. You don’t keep cannon at bay. A wild dog, perhaps, but not a gun.]

      • Ken il malti says:

        A loose cannon on a wooden man’o war is/was very dangerous so that is why the sailors roped the cannons to the deck with just enough slack for recoil when in use not to mention the dangers of a rolling 5+ ton piece of wood and metal caused by everyday rolling of the ship while sailing.

        In fact a cannon left at a “bay” or dock was considered much safer than an unfettered one on board a ship of the line in high seas as it posed more danger to the crew than the enemy.

        [Daphne – The expression ‘to hold at bay’ means to hold/ward some person or creature off. It does not mean holding something in a docking bay. You might hold a yapping dog at bay with a stick, for instance. ]

      • Ken il malti says:

        Yes, saying keeping a wild dog at bay is common usage of the term “at bay”.
        I have heard that term “at bay” used often in sailing terms and especially in North America and I did a lot of sailing on the Great Lakes in my younger years.

    • Village says:

      L-Ghaxqin iridu ‘joqtluh’ ta’ dak li ghamel. Kolla certi li hu mignun.

  15. Catsrbest says:

    “Nistrieħ… x’nistrieħ, ara l-ieħor ukoll … Issa ġej l-aqwa tiegħi – ġejja kampanja elettorali – u determinat li nirbaħ. Let’s go for it…

    He left me speechless with his stately performance. By far the greatest presentation I have ever seen him perform. Thank you Dr Gonzi.

    • Angus Black says:

      Issa jkun jaf Joseph x’jiswa Gonzi.

      Tghid Reno Bugeja jistedinhom ghal dibattitu fuq ‘Dissett’?

      Nispera li Gonzi jkun lest ghal xi mistoqsija qarrieqa (loaded question) li Reno jhobb juza a vantagg tal-Lejber.

      Smajt id-diskors tal-Prim Ministru li nahseb kien wiehed mill -aqwa li qatt ghamel fil-Parlament u l-unika haga li giet f’mohhi kienet li mesah l-art b’Joseph u l- bella kumpannija tieghu.

      Il vera diskors ‘to the point’ u ddeskriva dak kollu li dan il-gvern ghamel tul l-ahhar 5 snin u fakkar fl-izbalji u pariri hziena li Joseph ta minn mindu lahaq Kap ta-PL u minn qabel meta kien bicca gurnalist mas-Super 1.

      Prosit Dr Gonzi w ahna nibqghu nemmnu li t-tajjeb jirbah zgur!

      • anna caruana says:

        Dear Angus,

        Attent ghax sa tinqatalek xi vina. The PM can have his pick when it comes to so called journalists.

        He has Peppi, Bondi, Pierre , Norman , won t mention Daphne since she s not a journalist.

        His workload seems to be lighter this morning and he found time to take a stroll down REPUBLIC STREET.

        Arrogance should have no place in politics.

    • a. attard says:

      It sent shivers down my spine.

    • Jozef says:

      That’s why they hate him. The man gains energy when faced with difficulties. I worked with him when he was the promoter of access for the disabled in public buildings.

      He had every department against him. Changing a mindset became his forte.

      In 2008 he didn’t have a full term to speak of, this time he’s got one full term, brimming, behind him.

      I think his jibe at Muscat’s invitation to inaugurate Piano’s work decided matters to where style lays, Deborah Schembri was upset, saying it was just a little joke, from sweet young Joseph really. Idiots.

  16. Jason Scerri says:

    Some Haiku for the occasion…….

    I knew this gambler
    He bet it all on a bluff
    He is now homeless

  17. Vanni says:

    Ilbierah dehret stilla fil-parlament, u t-tlett slaten magi telqulha ghal ghonq t-trieq …. skond fejn tohodhom l-istilla.

  18. charlie says:

    If I get to know that Franco Debono is still being paid from our taxes for a job which he has never done, I will surely not vote in the coming election. So Prime Minister be aware.

  19. Manuel says:

    And hopefully he will be expelled from the PN never to return

  20. A Montebello says:

    Within poultry circles, Franco Debono is extremely relevant because no matter our many roosters are strutting about, he’ll always be the biggest cock of all.

  21. John Zammit says:

    in the litany of exorcism I would like to include

    de franco debono malis libera nos domine

  22. Anthony says:

    what a bunch of nationalist pappagalli.

    franco debono is relevant and how. He made the PN go down after losing avote and not because it was time for an election.

    Thank you franco for liberating malta from this bunch of idiots.

    • Jozef says:

      This government may have been defeated in parliament, but it sure showed Labour how it’s done.

      Stefan Zrinzo Azzopardi blamed the PM for budget vote. How’s that for making oneself irrelevant?

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