From a Labour leader with a wig to a Labour leader who wants to wear a wig but can’t really do so

Published: February 15, 2013 at 1:28pm

Muscat hair

The Labour Party’s official electoral district photographs are out and on line.

Look at what they’ve done with the Fearless Leader’s. They’ve Photoshopped in a full head of hair, a really fascinating thatch.


He’s photographed and filmed on the campaign trail every day. We all know he’s bald.

This kind of thing only flags up his weakness and insecurity, and that’s not good. Fearless leaders face the world bald and proud.

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  1. Bubu says:

    One facial expression idiosyncrasy I noticed is that in most camera shots in a public setting in which he is smiling, during press-conferences for example, the corners of his mouth go down instead of up as is usual for a smile.

    This is a dead give-away that the smile is put-on and not genuine and indicates deception. In fact in pictures when he is caught genuinely smiling or laughing his facial expression is quite different.

    I remember the case of a missing child in the US a few years ago. The mother of the child was plastered all over the media tearfully appealing to her kidnappers to return the child.

    Eventually it came to light that it was actually the mother who had killed her own child and disposed of the body (unknown by the father).

    I remember seeing an analysis of the video footage in which the woman was making her desperate plea and these kinds of cues were being pointed out, especially the corners of the mouth, that, in her case were actually raised up instead of drawn down as would be normal for a person expressing grief.

  2. David says:

    Well Photoshopped – now he looks like `The Alien`.

  3. Labour's problem says:

    Gosh. If they can resize a bit from left and right, they might make him look like Paul Newman.

    Or else, they might as well copy and paste this picture instead.

  4. Min Jaf says:

    Time for change in mug to one marked Hairless Leader.

  5. Qeghdin Sew says:

    The trend is catching on.

    [Daphne – Given the individual in question, I really am not surprised. How embarrassing.]

  6. edgar says:

    He is truly following his mentor’s footsteps. No wonder he was called his poodle.

  7. Min Jaf says:

    Which might also explain Joseph Muscat’s dependence on the glaring white podium. It draws the observers eyes away from the increasingly shiny top of his head.

    The podium is usually positioned to face the sun, thus eliminating the inevitable shine on the bald pate as viewed by the journalists and TV cameras.

  8. il-Ginger says:

    Aren’t bald men perceived to be better leaders and more dominant?

  9. Conservative says:

    Well, imagine Churchill or Mussolini have that done to them. Dear Lord.

  10. Antoine Vella says:

    Alfred Sant openly wore a real wig. Joseph Muscat, who is more devious, wears a photoshopped one.

    Muscat’s virtual toupee is not meant to conceal some (mistakenly) perceived physical impairment but is pure vanity. I wouldn’t be surprised if he started dyeing his hair at the first hint of grey.

    Moreover, I don’t think Muscat personally modifies his own photos so he must have people around him who pander to his vanity.

    • Tinnat says:

      Perhaps someone should tell Joseph that it’s baldness which is considered by some to be a sign of virility, not a phallic podium.

  11. Joe says:

    My Photoshopped portraits look like masterpieces compared to this amateurish makeover.

  12. zunzana says:

    “Kemm int gustuz joseph”

  13. Simone says:

    Hitler Jindanna ma Joseph Muscat

  14. bookworm says:

    Malta taghna lkoll is also invading websites such as,, with the fearless leader’s smirk and his logo, the best is yet to come.

  15. qahbuMalti says:

    Of the MLP’s two recent leaders, one wears a wig and the other is a fraud.

  16. ken il malti says:

    I think Joseph should get himself a toupee made from freshly kneaded dough to complete that doughboy image.

  17. ok says:

    Yes Joseph is hairless.But your idol gonzi is brainless.And more MAZZUN.

    • Jo says:

      “Mazzun” li gab il-biljuni! Il-leader taghkom, li qed jipprova jikkopja lil PN, jibqa kopja. Lanqas jiffaccja lilu in-nnifsu – bil-middle age spread u b’kull ma ggib maghha, m’ghandu hila.

      Ahseb u ara jekk hux kapaci jmexxi pajjiz, fost l-inkwiet li hawn madwarna u ghadu jinqala.

      ok, x’ghamel ghal gid ta’ Malta JM meta kien ipappiha fi Brussels?

      Aghmilli lista jekk joghgbok.

    • ken il malti says:

      Dr. Gonzi is one smart man.

      Any man that can get that much money for Malta and its people from the tightfisted EU is more than smart as he has to be a natural born statesman, something Muscat can never be.

  18. caflanga says:

    he’s still a Fat Cat, in spite of Photoshop. He reminds me of the Cheshire Cat, when Alice said, ‘I’ve never seen a cat grin… but a grin without the cat?’

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