Malta Taghna Lkoll is the archetypal Extreme Right battlecry. For God’s sake, why hasn’t anyone noticed?

Published: February 15, 2013 at 1:11pm

Here below is a video with subtitles, so that you can pick up on the similarity to what’s being said today in Malta.

I use this to illustrate, graphically, the historic fact that the rhetoric used to manipulate those who are in search of identity (the young and those who are disappointed in middle age are the biggest such groups) remains the same whether we’re talking about politics, religious sects, cult movements or terrorist groups.

“One nation, no ranks or classes, this is our country, the power is yours…”. Sounds familiar? Adolf Hitler used the exact same rhetoric in 1930s Germany.

When I was the sort of age as the young people in the Malta Taghna Lkoll video I had an inbuilt resistance to that kind of regimentation and manipulation. It frightened me and made me want to rebel against it, to avoid it, to go against the flow because the flow was scary.

But I could also see that others loved it, that it made them feel safe, that some even thought they were rebelling by joining the manipulated mass, because they couldn’t see that it was a manipulated mass.

The tragic thing about the people – especially the young ones – who allow themselves to be moved around shouting Malta Taghna Lkoll is that they actually think they are being different, edgy and rebellious (particularly tragic are those my age), when what they really are is tools.

The Labour Party is not liberal and progressive. It uses the tactics and the rhetoric of the extreme right wing, Malta Taghna Lkoll being your archetypal extreme right battlecry.

That’s why Norman Lowell is comfortable with Muscat’s Labour and has told his fascist, totalitarian and xenophobic supporters to vote Labour in this election. Malta Taghna Lkoll could have been their slogan.

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  1. Mark says:

    What’s that wet spot on Jo Meli’s pants?

  2. Joe says:

    Joseph is EVEYWHERE even on deviantart website

  3. Min Jaf says:

    Joseph Muscat = Son of Mintoff (figuratively)

    Malta Tagna Lkoll Labour Youth = Sons and Daughters of Mintoff’s Brigata Laburista. (Literally)

    Another dose of the Mintoffian Golden Years, anyone?

  4. Candida says:

    Yes of course I noticed – yes it is so clear ‘the moviment’ the Malta taghna lkoll, the the lies, the allegations against innocent people, so obvious – same tactics as 25-30 years ago frightening

  5. Carmelo Micallef says:

    The MLP – PL has a long history of National Socialist tendencies and actions. This was forged by the hands of Mintoff and his gang of ‘pimps, theives and scoundrels’.

    Whatever the MLP-PL says or does has one motivational source – the exercise of power for their own direct benefit irrespective of the consequences to Malta and the Maltese people, anything they say or do is justified by their atavistic lust for power.

    Dr Bruno Bettelheim in ‘The Informed Heart’ wrote about his experiences in Buchewald concentration camp at the hands of other Jews who were the camp police, he described their behaviour as being conditioned by what he callef ‘the power of the key’, the key to another persons prison cell with unbridled power over the prisoner.

    The MLP-PL ‘soldiers of steel’ were the direct parallel to Hitler’s Brown Shirts and Mussolini’s rabble.

    Malta suffered at the hands of these fascists between 1971 and 1987.

    In 1987 President Emeritus Fenech Adami put his Christian faith into practice, he would have been aware of Churchill’s dictum: ‘ magnanimity in victory’. Fenech Adami correctly led us down the path of peace and reconcialtion. This policy was and is perceived by MLP-PL gang as an act of weakness. They are wrong, it is our strength.

    This Maltese fascist movement is in the ascendant again.

    We will stop the fascist movement of so called progressives with words of reasoning and ultimately via our democratic process. We must be implacable in arguing for good over evil, for evil it is that is in our mist. We must be indomitable in our resolve to never give up. Churchill gave us the powerful symbolic words and EFA showed us the way in practice: The Christian way – The Democratic way – The Nationalist way – The Way of good people who refuse to become bad so as to deal with bad people.

    God Bless Malta.

    • Antoine Vella says:

      Carmelo, the young people screaming “Tagħna Lkoll” are themselves victims and unknowingly paying the price of Fenech Adami’s magnanimity.

      • Carmelo Micallef says:

        Antoine, it seems to me that this is a mob – we are all responsible for our own actions – some of us choose not to be part of a mob – it is an individual choice.

        Some of the choices that had to be made by our fellow Maltese in history have not been easy, the right choice may not be so clear – choosing to be in or not in a mob is a very simple choice. EFA choice was not easy, I am sure that he knows the consequences of his decision, his leadership in fact.

        In a democracy we are duty bound to allow people of other beliefs to have their say and their vote – this right does not extend to then usurping the power achieved by democratic means to impose autocratic rule supported by a mob with a proclivity for violently imposing their will.

    • Albert Farrugia says:

      @Carmelo Micallef…you are of course joking, right? Calling “fascist” a legitimate political party in a democratic country would get you in court facing criminal proceedings in some countries.

      [Daphne – What countries, Albert? Britain, where they call their queen a fascist? The United States, where you can say what you please?]

      And what are you implying? That there will be resistance to the Maltese Government as it will be constituted after March 10th, elected by a majority of the electorate? What’s up? Is anyone having ideas already on what to do after March 10th?

      • Jozef says:

        Oh please, don’t tell me any political association distinct of the movement will be monitored?

        Are you saying this blog could be accused of subversion?

      • Futur Imcajpar says:

        Albert, we will be out on the streets again the second Little Joey gets it into his bald pate to tinker with any of our freedoms. That is a promise. We will not tolerate another Mintoff ever again. Not now we know what freedom is.

      • Tabatha White says:

        Futur Imcajpar: The tinkering has already begun. IF they are elected it will be Manwel’s job to assure the whole lot a retirement so dignified that his fee will have been worth it. Meanwhile lie upon lie, one ethical blunder upon another. Too much psychological disorder tends to give one such a headache that most look the other way. Few fight it. Livelihoods are at stake. Look at the Police as an example.

        Joseph has a mentor who excels in precisely this sort of thing: tinkering with individual’s freedoms. Psychological and material.

        It will be seemless. You will be the one who is made out to be mad. Each one of us individually. What you see will be made out to be the pure figment of your imagination.

  6. Conservative says:

    Sadly, in the times of Herr Hitler, his political opponents and those who saw through his ridiculous fanfare and self-aggrandisement laughed at him and made fun of him.

    They did not seriously try to expose him as a fraud and a cheat, as a liar and a bigot, as a clown and as a madman. Instead they laughed and mocked.

    Until Kristalnacht and the night of the long swords. Then they saw how ugly this all was turning to be. It was then too late.

  7. Jozef says:

    The question is whether Joseph’s Malta can ever be different to what he says.

    There is a formal fallacy in what he says, the voting document will NOT have Malta written on it, but Partit Laburista.

    How does the party serve Malta when it proposes to encompass Malta?

    In other words, is the moviment equivalent to the state and the party its instrument?

    It’s what Joseph is saying lately.

  8. Tabatha White says:

    And as with sects, people will report on everyone and each other, be rewarded for doing so and psychologically it will be difficult to get out, which is why their Facebook “likes” are so important to them. A means of group unthink, where the truth is no longer important. A series of hooks and nets designed to catch, trap and ensnare. Crowd manipulation. Synchronicity of this crowd. Mantra fed, mantra delivered. No thinking necessary or expected. Even journalists appear to have fallen prey to this.

    Evil is the right word. It can bring to mind ‘paranoia’ by those listening to the use of it. But until one is not only surrounded by it but is personally effected by it, it will take time for people to realise moment-to-moment what exactly is happening. And even then the survival techniques of the mind are often blunted by disbelief, because essentially we resist the real input that is telling us loud and clear that something so bad is happening. When someone alerts you to it, the first reaction is to reject that information. This is because, as with leniency over the little signs of disrespect and the little lies, it comes from a public figure, a leader, the person who is expected to be a paragon of virtue for the group he represents and it is difficult to bring into question within that group, and closely linked ones, behaviour from such a source.

    The tactics of all compound fraudsters are frighteningly similar. Joseph’s inspiration is from the most polished ones. This was Mintoff’s specific roadmap to him, and one he followed through on over the years with some additional focused help from a particular person now in the “we’re in” crowd.

    But for MLP/ LP / Joseph & Co. the election is crucial. Once this is clinched, any remaining filters of caution before the electorate will become irrelevant. The cast will have been set.

    • Jozef says:

      The ones into everything cool have resorted to avoiding politics altogether.

      • Tabatha White says:

        Not so sure Jozef – my take on the matter is that they’re already scared of probable retribution IF Joseph & Co slink in. Never know who’s listening, who’s scouting, who’s counting and preparing a little black book. Business is risky enough in today’s global environment without additional local threats and actions becoming necessary. It’s likely that the design is to attract the least possible political attention to themselves. We’re already operating in survival mode.

  9. Wilson says:

    The moviment might be similar to the above, but Joseph Muscat has the smirk and hand wave of the purge master Stalin. Could this new moviment be a combination of both?

  10. Wilson says:

    PS. With the socialist party wearing blue ties, national socialism could easily fit in.

  11. TROY says:

    That’s why he’s got Herr Flick.

  12. VICTOR says:

    thank you daphne, you are unique, courageous and a thrill

  13. Futur Imcajpar says:

    I see that we are heading for dark days again. Are there still enough of us willing to resist? Take to the streets again and risk getting hurt. We’ll just have to wait and see, I suppose.

  14. Frans Cassar says:

    These arguments and thoughts are becoming really scary but increasingly real.

    I have been thinking about how the PL are continuously manipulating social media and media in general with half truths and sinister spin.

    They are all the time shifting the attention from political arguments to sensational doubtful news on individuals.

    Facebook is a communication tool, but not a political tool.

    We have become too accustomed to using Facebook and posting absurd comments that add no value to the political debate.

    I sincerely hope that the floating voters see through this, otherwise we will seriously endanger our political and economic future.

  15. Matthew says:

    The Labour Party has become so extreme right it’s downright scary.

    The similarities between Joseph’s style and the style shown in this video are so striking that one wonders whether Joseph Muscat actually based his campaign on Adolf Hitler’s.

    Instead of the raising of the hand, we have people chanting Tagħna Lkoll.

    Instead of the term Führer, we have the term Joseph (it’s not just a name any more, is it?).

    Both use the term movement.

    Both focus on generating a fervour and a sense of belonging amongst youth (for a wonderful explanation of why it is so important for a young person to belong, watch the first ten minutes of Goodfellas).

    A few days ago, Pierre Portelli interviewed John Zammit of Alleanza Liberali on a morning show on TVM. Dr Zammit’s party is so liberal that they want to legalise drugs, abortion, same sex marriage and nudist beaches.

    One of the most interesting things that Zammit said is that Alleanza Liberali supported Tonio Fenech becoming a commissioner because THE NATIONALIST PARTY IS MORE PROGRESSIVE AND LIBERAL THAN THE LABOUR PARTY.

    Maybe someone can provide the clip of the John Zammit interview.

    In the meantime, enjoy the monologue from Goodfellas about the importance of belonging to a group and the illicit benefits it brings.

  16. Gahan says:

    He says he goes to the gym regularly and is growing fat every week.

    He said he will answer for every question put to him by the press but remains tight lipped when he’s cornered.

    He’s bald and presents himself as if he’s got hair all over his body.

    He calls himself open and democratic but rules his party dictatorially by summarily throwing out party elected people in high party positions .

    He’s short but tries to present himself as if he’s five foot nine by wearing shoes with hidden heels and by standing on a podium far from his audience.

    He waits for the PN to publish its electoral program and after a week he publishes his manifesto , declares that the PN copied the ideas from the PL’s, while we find out that 75% of the proposals in this glittering book have already been done, are being implemented or unashamedly copied from the PN’s electoral program.When Simon points out this barefaced plagiarism ,his argument is labelled as ‘infantile’.

    He says that he did not come up with the oil scandal story, Malta Today did, while in the same speech he declares that there are even more juicy parts to come out and rhetorically asks the prime minister at three different occasions wether he’s sure that all EneMalta reports were published.

    He says that he showed us the detailed costings of the power station but they are nowhere to be seen.

    He declares that Labour is the underdog while at the same time he made an expensive propaganda blitzkrieg on the island like we never saw before.

    He says he’s not against Malta joining the EU while some eight years ago he was convinced that joining the EU was the “Salib tal-Millenju” .

    As a Super One journalist he verbally abused Edddie Fenech Adami while now as a party leader who wants to win the next elections he is conveniently showering him with praise .

    Above all, he’s good at throwing others to battle it out against his opponents and if they win he takes the credit, if they lose they’re thrown out or locked in the party dungeons.

    This fake is taking many of us for a ride.

  17. Gahan says:

    Can anyone tell me wether Joe Fava is ‘in’ the close circle of friends of Joseph at the Labour HQ’s fourth floor?

    Fascist Jo Meli is ‘in’? This guy lis an admirer of Benito Mussollini and Augusto Pinochet , Norman Lowell and Joseph Muscat

  18. Superman says:

    Please clickbomb the adverts of Malta Taghna Lkoll as the Labour Party has to pay per click. Let’s make Joseph pay a bit more. Click on the ad repeatedly. Perhaps Google will close his adwords account.

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