How much has Beppe Hili given you, Joseph? Did he break it up into chunks of €50,000 each?

Published: February 26, 2013 at 12:47am

beppe hili

The Times quotes Joseph Muscat at his Sunday mass meeting:

A Labour government would introduce a law on party financing so that all political parties would have to inform the public about donations, something the PL always did, he said.

“No one gives us €250,000. What would they want in return for that money?”

Oh, right. Meanwhile, the man formerly known as a ‘baruni’, Beppe Hili, is walking in and out of Labour HQ and openly telling people that he’s backing Labour with donations.

He’s been bought out of the family business and must be looking for new ways to invest his capital.

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  1. Pepe` says:

    Has anyone checked the situation on his application status for an ODZ development near Birzebbugia?

  2. Alfred Bugeja says:

    I don’t know what the PN is waiting for to expose this and other cases like it.

    • Gorg Borg says:

      It’s already exposed. Beppe tells everybody that he’s financing the MLP.

      And it’s a fact that he’s been bought out too from Hili Comp.

  3. Edgar says:

    And he takes his whisky with him. Beppe’s close friends tell me that quite a lot is said after a bout of drinking, and plenty of information obtained.

  4. charlie says:

    That is why, according to the Labour-leaning newspaper/epaper Malta Today, Muscat is afraid that the worst still has to come out from the PN campaign.

  5. La Redoute says:

    Once we’re on the subject, how much did Keith Schembri donate and what’s he going to get in return?

  6. Candida says:

    No wonder Anglu Farrugia talked about the big contractors close to the PL and up ‘fir-raba sular”

    The truth of what he said is there for all to see but not everyone reads this blog so please take this up as well

  7. Charles Borg says:

    It is no secret his close ties with Labour MP Charles Mangion….

  8. Picassa says:

    May be Joseph Muscat or better his notary Charlie Mangion will approve his ODZ proposal ! Il- Hili investa fis-sod – why not Malta tieghu ukoll ! il-bicca tinten hbieb!

  9. Il-Baruni says:

    Dan mhux wiehed mill-barunijiet ta’ zmien Alfred Sant?


    Saru xi trattattivi issa?

  10. Il-Baruni says:

    Xi permess f’ODZ?

  11. Picassa says:

    Issa naraw kemm idum biex johroglu l-permess bi swit il-Freport . May be that’s why Labour wants to make drastic changes in Mepa to facilitate such developments in ODZ?

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