If he were a horse, he would have been put out to pasture by now

Published: February 11, 2013 at 8:55pm

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  1. Josette Jones says:

    In the UK, they make them into burgers.

  2. Min Jaf says:

    Or better still beef lasagne,

  3. anthony says:

    Or in a Findus lasagne.

  4. ciccio says:

    Joseph Muscat has just answered a question of Mark Micallef of the Times about Anglu Farrugia.
    He said that Anglu Farrugia is representing the Partit Laburista on the mission outside the country.

    Yepp, he used the words “Partit Laburista.”

    Sounds like Anglu Farrugia has taken over the Partit Laburista – quite a coup opportunity for Anglu there – while Joseph Muscat now leads the new sect called the Muviment ta’ Gvern Gdid.

  5. vanni says:

    You are too kind. Turned into dogfood (or lasagna) would be more appropriate

  6. ciccio says:

    Stop press.
    JosephMuscatDotCom Facebook page sets new ‘ambitious’ target. 1,128,000,000 Likes by 9 March 2013.

  7. Situation vacant says:

    New position opens up in Rome just in time for Frankie Tabone to get there before 9 March 2013.


  8. afm says:

    No he wouldn’t. He’d be a packet of burgers at Tesco.

  9. Ta' sapienza says:

    In an Iceland burger more likely.

  10. Alf says:

    Miskin Karmenu, kemm hu patetiku.

    Jew miskin il-poplu Malti wara d-9 ta’ Marzu?

  11. Augustus says:

    PL in government means, government by trial and error.

  12. paul gauci says:

    or in lasagne …

  13. ciccio says:

    Did Karmenu Vella il-Guy include any ‘proposals’ for free manicure and free nail treatments for everyone in the ‘roadmap’ (or is it a manifest?) of the Muviment of JosephMuscatDotCom which Vella ‘wrote’?

  14. TV Marlene says:

    ….or perhaps found his way in some Findus bolognese

  15. marks says:

    Joseph Muscat is now invoking the Catholic religion in his election campaign – ghax hekk jaqbel, issa mhux kulhadd fuq il-Papa qed jitkellem. He is conveniently forgetting his boasting in parliament that he is proud to be a liberal. Anything to gain back votes after the resounding success of Dr Gonzi with the EU negotiations.

  16. Gian says:

    Off topic, but an ‘erection’ campaign classic.

    Toni Abela and his banana elettorali @ 0.53


  17. MxC says:

    Hey DCG, thought this one might interest you:


    • MxC says:

      You think he will be put to pasture too, or put down? I guess this will be his associated phrase just like the other one had his “On di rekord” or “hares lejja”

  18. Jozef says:

    These idiots will bring the country to a halt.

    How on Earth is Louis Grech expected to take over from Vella without half the info going awol?

  19. Tabatha White says:

    The talk, expression and body language is glib and insincere.

    So a Karmenu who doesn’t have figures and statistics and Louis ‘pinna bla-inka’ were responsible for the LP/ MLP programme? What did they base it on? Very evidently someone was shooting from the hip. How irresponsible. Obviously Joseph didn’t see fit to investigate the soundness of the whole programme and demand support and justification for each point. Wonder what John Attard Montalto is saying, privately, about the whole labour sham. What worries me is that thousands of families and individuals stand to be effected by this lack of thorough and feasible preparation. Not to mention the ever shifting parametres of when. If Louis is very unwell, are we looking at even more delegates actually doing the jobs for the not fit for purpose leaders?

    Let’s look at the LP WIFI Malta proposal. Of course it sounds attractive. However when? where? is this the whole of Malta? as people have understood it to be? No. It’s just a square here and there. And now if they do come out and again shoot off the hip and say that it’s the whole of Malta, what happens to the 2000 plus employees of GO and Vodafone once everyone else places calls on Viber etc.? What about all the lost revenue to government? Is there another WIFI cost or hidden tax that goes directly to Government or one of the new “private business arrangements?”

    So glib and like everything else they say: designed to hoodwink.

  20. Clive says:

    If he were a horse, he would still make more sense than he does now.

  21. Jayembee says:

    or a Fnidus Lasagne

  22. Jayembee says:

    Or a Findus Lasagne

  23. silviol says:

    To which one are you referring?

  24. afm says:

    No he wouldn’t. He’d be a packet of burgers at Tesco.

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