Oh, so now any old MEP can negotiate on the EU budget for Malta.

Published: February 10, 2013 at 7:42pm

Louis Grech could have negotiated the EU budget for Malta, Joseph Muscat claims. Oh, I think not.

Louis Grech could have negotiated the EU budget for Malta, Joseph Muscat claims. Oh, I think not.

Furious at Lawrence Gonzi’s success in obtaining for Malta twice what was originally offered, Muscat has demonstrated his absolute ignorance of what is required at the negotiating table by telling us that Louis Grech could have done it.


Don’t make me laugh.

And I speak as somebody who, besides having a fairly rough idea of what’s involved, also knows the people involved, and that includes yes, Louis Grech.

The Sunday Times reports:

In his interview Dr Muscat said it was wrong for the Nationalist Party to try to imply that the Labour Party was not able to negotiate or administer the EU budget for Malta.

He said MEP Louis Grech as European Parliament rapporteur had ‘been there, done that’.

Interesting, isn’t it, that he holds up Louis Grech – and not himself – as the person who could have done it too. Yet it’s the prime minister who has to lead the negotiating team, so we’re interested in whether Muscat can do it, and quite clearly, even he thinks not.

In seeking to belittle the mega achievement of last Friday, Muscat exposes just how uninformed he is. Louis Grech could patently not have done it. Being an MEP is not sufficient qualification or proof of ability, even if one is a rapporteur.

Muscat has already told us that when he is prime minister he will make Louis Grech responsible for making sure Labour’s electoral programme is implemented. Really? That’s his job, not Grech’s.

Aside from the fact that Grech never had the organisational skills or the energy to do something like this even when he was younger, now that he is 65 and seriously ill with cancer – a fact that is being hidden from the electorate in direct contrast to the straightforward manner in which Alfred Sant kept the electorate informed in 2008 – it is clearly out of the question.

But in any case, I’m beginning to get the drift here. Muscat intends to get others to do his work for him, so that he will have somebody else to blame when it all goes belly-up.

So now Malta’s future lies in the hands of a 65-year-old cancer patient, a 39-year-old ex Super One reporter, and a 63-year-old relic from the Golden Years, Prime Minister KMB’s minister of industry, Il-Guy.

Anyone who is lucky enough to have that option should right now be working on a Big Plan B.