A special dedication to all those of you who voted Nationalist – here’s a way to make life easier

Published: March 19, 2013 at 10:33pm

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  1. Ghoxrin Punt says:

    Thank you, Daphne. You made my week with this :)

    [Daphne – No thanks to me. A reader sent in the link and I loved it enough to upload it.]

  2. ciccio says:

    Sounds like an easy way to join the ‘moviment.’

    Did Joseph include free prescription of minusIQ to the minority in the electoral program of his ‘roadmap’?

  3. Neil Dent says:

    Excellent. Many just won’t get it, unfortunately.

  4. Lilla says:

    Love it!

  5. Peter Mallia says:

    Oh god, I need a handful of those pills.

    So Frank Zammit, John Dalli’s right hand man in Brussels, is now a Vatikanista? Malajr jinbidlu t-titli allajbierek.


    Ahjar nidhak.

    • Catsrbest says:

      Maybe he is collecting Vaticans just like one collects stamps for example? Bhal kollezjonista – vatikanista?

    • ciccio says:

      Is Emmanuel Mallia a Jerrycanista?

    • Gimmi says:

      Mhux Vatikanista imma Espert tal-Vatikan.

      Ma nafx min tah dan it-titlu ghax allura jiena super espert tal-Vatikan.

      U minn fejn gabu dan it-titolu dan l-iblah? U allajbierek hadd mill-istazzjonijeit jew gurnali li jgiebu kitbietu ma jistaqsih min tah dan it-titolu?

      Ghax jintervista xi kardinal? Anke jien nintervista kardinali imma ma nippretendix li jiena espert. Hallina Frank, u dur dawra madwarek.

  6. David S says:

    Brilliant !!!!!!!!

  7. TinaB says:


  8. Petrovic says:

    Most probably the pills are currently out of stock!

    • Natalie Mallett says:

      Impossible! There will not be any out of stock pills under lejber. Just give them your address and Joseph will deliver them to your door.

  9. Harry Purdie says:

    Daphne, just spilt another glass of wine, laughing. You gotta stop that. So funny, if it wasn’t so true here.

  10. Bubu says:

    Why bother with the pills? A few hours of Super One and Maltastar ought to do nicely.

  11. Il-Marmalia Laburista says:

    Are you sure that Keith Kasco hasn’t been importing this and spraying it on the paper he supplies to The Times?

  12. Peter F says:

    So that’s what Franco, JPO, KZT et al have been on all this time. Finally, I comprehend.

  13. Izzie says:

    This is precisely what I told myself when still in Malta on the 10th March… only 43% had average IQ, the rest were morons.

    Sadly I am not elated though this is all so funny. I wished, somehow, I could have been proven wrong but, then again, since asses go to vote as well and since voting is not based on IQ, well, our democracy becomes the tyranny of the majority, the asses I mean.

  14. Dickens says:

    Musumeci as head of MEPA?

    Fanfarun, bullshitter u Bla Sustanza – I know people who had better mileage and for much cheaper when they went to less flamboyant but more diligent architects.

    Musumeci is the sort of person who will turn MEPA into a bigger vote-loser than it has been so far. The Labour Party is welcome to have him as MEPA head.

    He will be the new PN party’s best asset come next general election.

  15. T.M. says:

    Thanks Daphne. I thought I was getting crazy.

  16. maws says:

    just out of curiosity – did the Cyprus disaster make it to Super One news tonight?

  17. Matthew S says:

    Thank you Daphne.

    Loved it.

  18. Lili says:

    Love it !!!!

  19. Mandy says:


  20. stef says:

    Love it. Thanks, Daphne. Your blog is defenitely my number 1.

  21. Nat G says:

    Hahahahaha Love it.

  22. AE says:

    Loved it. Made me feel better.

  23. Stephen Forster says:

    I loved his deadpan delivery also.

  24. amrks says:

    This company does not know that dumbing down is already being practised in Malta – it is called the Joseph Muscat concept.

  25. tinnat says:

    If only the effect could be reversed in about 4 years’ time, I might be tempted to pop a pill.

    That way, I wouldn’t be risking a nervous breakdown every day, not least because I wouldn’t want to read the newspapers, my brain would function only if I watch Super 1 and the only reason I would occasionally visit Daphne’s Running Commentary would be to shout that although Malta Taghna Lkoll, We Haf de Powerrrr and I agree with Eddy Privitera.

  26. sunshine says:

    Splendid – can you get them through the Pharmacy of Your Choice scheme?

  27. Selit says:

    This video made my day!

    It seems that these pills have been making the rounds prior to 9th March…otherwise we would not have got the dumbest result that this country has ever had.

  28. *Sigh* says:

    This is fake!!! (get it? i’m pretending to be part of the majority)

  29. Wilson says:

    At times just living here is enough.

  30. TROY says:

    And if you want to be as dumb as the major of zurrieq – just overdose.

  31. Matthew Grima says:

    Video’s great, nothing to do with election result though.

  32. jbld says:

    Once you take this pill, you learn how to sing “Malta taghna lkoll”

  33. roddes says:

    there are many stupid ppl, and you beat them all DCG

  34. Natalie Mallett says:

    Loved it. Very witty. Keep them coming Daphne.

  35. Toyger says:

    Hilarious. And unfortunately it depicts Malta’s situation to a T.

  36. Mario says:

    Morons and gullible idiots..the perfect description of most of those who voted Labour.

  37. Lupin says:


  38. Joan says:


  39. CB says:

    Very tempting to be dumb and happy ever after…but NO …rather be OUT AND PROUD.

  40. Sandy says:

    Your blog is definitely addictive! Keep it up!

  41. louise says:

    Or you can stay in the minority and sit back and watch the majority mess everything up in their life…and when you get bored, you just take a holiday somewhere very far away.

  42. Last Post says:

    Saw it, enjoyed it – Splendid! Well done for bringing it to our attention.

  43. Josette says:

    Won’t have much success here. Quite a few people are simply born that way.

  44. mary rose azzopardi says:

    brilliant and sooooooooooo relevant!

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