Natius Farrugia: pinching his nipples and spanking himself in public/an eyewitness account

Published: March 20, 2013 at 12:11am

Posted by Lilla:

Natius Farrugia has always been ridiculous, and becoming the Labour mayor of Zurrieq hasn’t changed him.

I remember him dancing on a table at the kazin tal-Karmnu wearing short shorts that left little to the imagination and a blue t-shirt so slashed it was nearly non-existent, pinching his nipples and spanking himself.

This was when he was half the size he is now, of course.

And then the intelligent people of Zurrieq voted for this ‘xempju tal-irgulija’ to become mayor.

And I don’t mean that in terms of straight or gay, but in terms of intelligence and dignity.

The mind boggles.

Natius Farrugia with Iosif Galea, the Gaming Authority officer named in the John Dalli/Silvio Zammit/Gayle Kimberly 'snus' scandal

Natius Farrugia with Iosif Galea, the Gaming Authority officer named in the John Dalli/Silvio Zammit/Gayle Kimberly ‘snus’ scandal

Natius Farrugia with the prime minister

Natius Farrugia with the prime minister

Natius Farrugia with the Tourism Minister and Gavin Gulia (not elected this time)

Natius Farrugia with the Tourism Minister and Gavin Gulia (not elected this time)

Natius Farrugia with Labour MEP Joseph Cuschieri

Natius Farrugia with Labour MEP Joseph Cuschieri

Natius Farrugia in a wet T-shirt contest

Natius Farrugia in a wet T-shirt contest

Natius Farrugia, waxed completely smooth at Natius Ola Salon in Zurrieq

Natius Farrugia, waxed completely smooth at Natius Ola Salon in Zurrieq

You never know, he might get lucky tonight

You never know, he might get lucky tonight

His nipples are a little further up, Natius

His nipples are a little further up, Natius

Proud to be Maltese (too bad for the rest of us, then)

Proud to be Maltese (too bad for the rest of us, then)

You know, I'm beginning to wonder whether he's actually quite all there.

You know, I’m beginning to wonder whether he’s actually quite all there.


A parody of gay marriage, I imagine.

A parody of gay marriage, I imagine.

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  1. Fermina Daza says:

    Not good to see these pictures before going to sleep.

  2. Harry Purdie says:

    The pics of six and seven down show he’s going to have a hell of night. Nuf said.

  3. Alexander Ball says:

    I feel like Alice in Wonderland.

  4. Matthew S says:

    This country is nuttier than a very nutty fruitcake.

    The question we should be asking is not how the PN lost the election by such a high margin but how the PN managed to lead the country so successfully for so many years in spite of our propensity to press the self-destruct button, act like idiots, put morons into power and generally go about our business in the most uncouth, uncivilised and demented way possible.

    Observing Malta’s state of being is like watching a gorilla trying to slip into a dainty cocktail dress.

    We use tablet computers, go wine tasting, schlep Louis Vuitton bags around and wear silver Gucci Wellington boots to vote but we’re William Golding’s boys at heart.

    The Nationalist Party tried to save us.

    The European Union tried to save us.

    Daphne tried to save us single handedly.

    Nothing works. We’re forever doomed to worshipping pigs’ heads and hounding each other in fits of envy.

    We’ll butcher each other to death and when there’s only one survivor left, he- for it will be a he -will complain that ‘it’s just not fair.’

    Meanwhile, the rest of the planet will shrug and bemoan the loss of the little country which, long before Mintoff, Gaddafi and Muscat’s revolutions of the great unwashed, once showed great valour and perspicacity in its dealings with the world.

  5. jojo says:

    Where’s Hugh and Kenneth?

  6. U Le! says:

    A Chinese saying: May you live in interesting times.

    All those true Labour voters, switchers, floaters or whatever is your reason for taking leave of your senses on the 9th of March, we say thank you for providing us with the opportunity to live in these interesting times

  7. Zizka says:

    What about the going-away and honeymoon pics? Are those available?

  8. Frans Cassar says:

    I am from Zurrieq and I love my village. There is much to know about Zurrieq, it is one of the oldest Maltese villages having historic landmarks, per-historic findings, great religious traditions, beautiful natural valleys and surroundings and the Parish church is home to 7 of Mattia Preti’s paintings amongst which is the one dedicated to the Martydom of St Cathrine of Alexandria.

    Having said that, I have been feeling disgusted that this one is our mayor, we do not deserve this ‘imbarazz’. But we are also Labour dominated so this is what you get from voting Labour. Before last week, this was confined to Zurrieq now we have all over the island and as a PN voter I despair.

    God help us all.

    • Jozef says:


      Perhaps we could explain how Natius promotes ‘ghaqda’ in Zurrieq as being equal, read the same, at all costs.

      How these people will insist on having a ‘double’ parish due their numbers.

      How many times they’ve created useless polemic with every member of the clergy. Booing and even hitting these during processions.

      How Labour, since the 50s did everything to cause tension, how Cassar, Vella and now Marlene will exploit rivalry to dominate.

      How money’s poured into band clubs to keep up the detente. How thousands of Euros are spent on pyrotechnics to show off some imagined strength.

      How Natius’ favoured band club networks with all other Labour band clubs in Qrendi, Mqabba, Hamrun, and others. How these all happen to be secondary clubs initiated by the great Dom himself.

      Take it up to national level and we got the placid pathetic picture.

      Labour’s a cult, it’s raison d’etre the summer festivals, nationalists being those complicit with the Church and who’ll spoil the fun.

    • PN 4 ever says:

      Well said Frans. I too am from Zurrieq and could not sympathise more I m afraid. Such a pity that such a lovely village is ridiculed in this abominable way!!!!!

  9. mattie says:

    Malta Taghna Lkoll, but the Maltese people will never change. I wonder how things will change over the next five years.

    I doubt so I do not hope. The fact that we are so small and insular, so interested in everyone and on what everyone’s doing, this hardly leaves any space for us to grow intellectually.

    Intellectually, the Maltese are all the same.

  10. Paddling Duck says:

    Re the last picture, it’s not gay marriage, it’s more tranny marraige for him. I’ll make sure I won’t have any veils around during my gay wedding. That’s why I’ll get a doorman to avoid such degrading incidents.

  11. Izzie says:

    What a really disgusting sleazy ħamallu.

  12. Maria Xriha says:

    How interesting…. the only time that there is a true sparkle in JM’s eyes is when he’s in the company and either in or close to physical contact with other men…. or certain types of the male sort.

  13. Ooooops says:

    Is Joseph Cuschieri gay aswell? Just a curious question (no offence to gay people). I mean at that age shouldn’t he be in a relationship, or is he the Malta Taghna lkoll version of the ultimate mummy’s boy Franco Debono aka onoroveli retarded?

  14. nev says:

    Daphne………..please stop torturing us with these pictures.

  15. M C Aquilina says:

    Will definitely for the MINUSIQ pill after seeing these pictures. What a sad nation we are!

  16. Edmond Cauchi says:

    First of all, I know that this will not be posted so I will take a screenshot an post it myself on Facebook.

    Ok, Natius is a PL Major, but its not as if Joseph Muscat sent him, so why are you showing all these photos, where is the connection? He is a grown person responsible for his actions and if he broke the law, he will be dealt with accordingly, provided you made the necessary complaints to the Police.

    He never struck me as a violent person who starts a brawl moreover, without provocation!

  17. Gimmi says:

    Ghadkom ma tafux min hu dal-pulcinell felles? Possibbli? Dal-bahnan li jmur jghajjat viva l-Madonna tal-Karmnu u mbaghad hallieh jaghmel l-oxxenitajiet kollha li wiehed jista johlom bihom.

    Dan hu l-veru Nazju l-pulcinell.

    Insejtuh meta ghamel dawk l-smss lil xi gurnalista tan-Nazzjon ghax il-Lejber ma riduhx johrog kandidat ghall-elezzjonijeit generali? Spicca minn Sindku u issa rega tpogga jikkummiedja fil-kunsill taz-Zurrieq.

  18. M. Cassar says:

    Has anyone ever conducted a study as to which qualities are taken into account when the Maltese voter is choosing someone for office? Is it for personal gain, as I would think that a person who does not know the meaning of morals or ethics would be easier to get around or buy off, or is it for other reasons?

    Excuse my asking this but, since the black and white capsule which gives relief by lowering IQ is not available yet, understanding the cause of things provides some relief. After all some people seem to be missing the capability to experience cringe moments.

  19. TROY says:

    NUTSius more like it.

  20. TL says:

    If true, this man’s behaviour is definitely unacceptable, no arguments there. But can we please be spared the blatant homophobia?

  21. PL and proud of it says:

    Don’t tell me you don’t have this type of people in your party. No wonder people don’t like you, how dare you pick a silly person and say that the majority of PL voters are like him. Don’t show your low IQ, by generalizing in such a manner. Thank you very much.

  22. ken il malti says:

    What a fat fruit.

  23. Frankie's Barrage says:

    This is incredible! They included the word “bullshit” in the middle of the report, how professional! (or childish). I have kept a PDF printout of the report as it shows now at 16:57 as they will probably remove it.

    • maryanne says:

      “Making a good choice for a new leader could be indeed a promising start, though the failed experiment of Simon Busuttil is so glaring.”

      They’re afraid of Simon.

  24. Matthew S says:

    In the print edition of The Times there is an article about Tonio Fenech’s reaction to the happenings in Cyprus and its effects (can’t find it online).

    There’s no mention of Edward Scicluna’s reaction. That can only mean one thing. The old man still hasn’t figured out what on earth is going on.

    This is going to be the most laid back government Malta is going to have ever had.

    Inħallukom taħdmu.

    Is-suċċess ta’ dawn l-aħħar snin seħħ mingħajr l-għajnuna tal-gvern.

    At one point, a Labour spokesman on Xarabank even let slip that they don’t intend doing anything particular to help business. Tonio Fenech, who was on the show, went apoplectic (I really wish I have that clip)

    Labour’s roadmap is as clear as daylight.

    They intend to please the target groups while leaving the economy on auto pilot.

    A very dangerous plan. Spain now has gay marriage thanks to the last socialist government but we all know how its economy is doing.

  25. proud to be labour says:

    Dear Mr cassar if ur so fed up of labour I’m very sorry to tell u but you have to live under us for the coming 5 years. And ur not proud enough for your village … as these last past years u was surrounded with a most of labour local councilers.

  26. Karl Abela says:

    It is pretty obvious that Ignatius never imagined that DCG would react like this. Indeed, I doubt whether I could stop myself from laughing at Ignatius if ever I had to bump into him (God forbid).

  27. ciccio says:

    It would serve him right if he is arraigned during the week of the Eurovision. He won’t be pinching his nipples and spanking himself in Sweden, and this should increase our chances to clinch a victory with Tomorrow.

  28. La Redoute says:

    Natius Farrugia is a few sandwiches short of a picnic.You could almost feel sorry for him if he weren’t so dangerously irresponsible.

  29. ken il malti says:

    Does anyone else find Natius Farrugia kind of creepy, in a carnival ride or a three ring circus gone wrong kind of way ?

  30. Brian Ellul says:

    Trid tkun veru Laburist inkallat biex tahli il-vot fuq bniedem bhal dak.

  31. combinaguai says:

    This is even worse than that horrible “Courage to vote” clip. How the people of his village and those of his tal-Karmnu club could be proud of him is beyond me.

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