Can anyone shed more light on this interesting situation?

Published: March 21, 2013 at 12:28pm
Magistrate Carol Peralta

Magistrate Carol Peralta

Somebody has sent in this comment, beneath my post about Jeffrey Pullicino Orlando having lunch with Magistrate Carol Peralta in Xlendi on Tuesday:

Carol Peralta is Labour all the way. But Jeffrey is not his only lunching/dining companion.

I can still remember Magistrate Peralta eating out at restaurants in Marsaxlokk with Franco Debono before the 2008 election, Marsaxlokk being part of the 5th district on which Franco was elected.

I can still remember the surprise of many people, including me, knowing perfectly well that Magistrate Peralta is Labour.

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  1. La Redoute says:

    Why was a magistrate who sits in the criminal court openly socialising with a criminal lawyer? Isn’t this sort of behaviour the reason the Chief Justice reallocated so many cases that were being heard by Magistrate Herrera?

  2. A. Charles says:

    Peralta was a Hal Ghaxaq neighbor of Franco Debono and I have been reliably told that the magistrate is a mentor of the former MP.

    • AE says:

      Wonderful. I think Daphne was right all along about Franco being Mintoffian. Perhaps he was actually planted in the Nationalist Party to wreak the havoc that he did? They did that with most of the newspapers, why not with their own competition.

  3. Alla Maghna says:

    Jista jkun li dawn kienu spijuni all the way u li dawn dejjem kienu Labour. U jista jkun hemm aktar jew kif qalu telqu l’hemm.

  4. Majsi says:

    Darba kont qed nitkellem ma’ wiehed minn Hal Ghaxaq li skond hu Franco lahaq fejn lahaq ghax ommu kienet friendly hafna ma’ Peralta (dak iz-zmien Peralta jidher li kien jghix Hal Ghaxaq).

  5. Snoopy says:

    Freemasonary has no religion or politics, it is just interested in obtaining more power (read money) for its members.

  6. Last Post says:

    What strikes me in the photo is the FLAG. I can’t identify it.

  7. Spektor says:

    One should also note the shady(?) ways in which Peralta obtained permits for changes to his residence in Mdina a few years ago.

  8. xmun says:

    If this is a confirmed story, what bothers me is why should a magistrate go out to dine with a criminal lawyer?

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