KSU elections up ahead

Published: March 21, 2013 at 12:37pm

This is SDM’s video for the upcoming KSU (university students council) elections. May they win out over the ghastly Pulse, that seed-bed for totalitarian impulses, even in these trying times – or perhaps that should be especially in these trying times.

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  1. Marco says:

    Well done, SDM! Always working for the best interest of both Uni and Junior College students. Good luck you surely deserve to win these elections.

    SDM has a huge list of work, projects and intiatives that has made students’ life better unlike the organisation Pulse which spends most of its time criticising the massive and hardwork by KSU/SDM members.

  2. “Part of the project.” Someone’s been taking lessons from the PL.

    Cool video!

  3. Paul says:


  4. K Sanjic says:

    As if you could get any lower, in these trying times.

    • vanni says:

      Why trying times?

      We’ve got Joseph now, he’ll be giving us cheap power, jobs will fall from trees, and Malta will be the best country in the EU.

      Joseph said so, so it will doubtless come to pass.

  5. Alex Cutajar says:

    Sharing this video on this website shows how pathetic SDM are.

    [Daphne – No, Alex, it just shows that their political views are not yours and that their social background probably isn’t either. Not to be rude, but who wears a hairstyle like yours nowadays? Only chavs. Get the right look, because yours is one hell of a social marker, though you wouldn’t know that. Oh, and another thing. It’s a YouTube video, this is a free country (no thanks to the total scum your parents voted for and brainwashed you into worshipping) and I would have shared it anyway because I think the Pulse you front is completely disgusting and made for morons. I have a huge capacity to spot the dangerously moronic at 50 paces, so don’t underestimate me on that. A word of advice your own parents will never give you: think for yourself. You’re in sore need of it. It’s so bloody obvious that you’re Labour because that’s all you’ve ever had shoved down your gullet. Anybody truly liberal runs a mile from that ships of totalitarian fools.]

    • Alex Cutajar says:

      Not to be rude.. You’re being rude.

      What’s with the hair style? Has it got anything to do with the subject or is it just a lame excuse to try and win an argument?

      Yes I agree, It’s a free country, with freedom of expression. However, celebrating individual’s cancer and celebrating death, is Hate speech. Isn’t it?

      [Daphne – My reference to your hairstyle is simple: to get X market, you have to look like X market. They have to relate to you. It’s a bad idea to wear a hairstyle that screams ‘effing chav’ when you’re after votes because you’re not going to get the non-chav vote. So fine, you might have worked out that there are more chavs than non-chavs and that suits you fine, but here’s the thing: a non-chav hairstyle does not alienate chavs, but a chav hairstyle alienates non-chavs. So common sense should tell you to go neutral. Another word of advice: men with hairstyles, and more particularly men with hairstyles into which they have clearly put too much creative effort, are seriously off-putting to women. Unless you want girls to mistakenly adopt you as some kind of gay best friend, go for a more masculine look. A little grooming goes a long way. Too much, and we’re in ‘hello sailor’ territory and every girl you meet is going to make that assumption. Of course I might be wrong because you really are gay, in which case, I apologise for assuming that you’re not.

      Hate speech is strictly defined by the law and you really need to look it up because you and your cohorts simply do not understand what it is. Ask one of your many Super One lawyer friends for help, unless they are now busy in various government ministries. It refers to speech specifically intended to incite hatred and violence against, for example, black people. Norman Lowell’s speeches against immigrants, for example, are hate speech.

      It is precisely because this is a free country that I am permitted at law and in every other way to say that at long last Mintoff is dead, and that it would have been better had he never lived, given that his legacy was composed of wanton destruction and Yana Bland. I would be the last person to celebrate cancer. You would be well advised to distinguish between ‘celebrating cancer’ and pointing out that the Labour Party is democratically bound to inform the electorate of its deputy leader’s state of health and his ability to fulfil his duties, now, as deputy prime minister and Minister for Europe. Even Hugo Chavez kept Venezuela (sort of) informed, and yet the Malta Labour Party/government does not. If you had any sense of democratic entitlement at all, you would be standing right there next to me, demanding to know. Sadly, you were raised by Mintoffians. Tough luck, Alex – if you believe in reincarnation, then what can I say – better luck next time.]

      • Alex Cutajar says:

        Your reference to my hairstyle is just another excuse just to sag off the whole argument.

        [Daphne – ‘Sag off’ does not exist in any known form of English. No, it is not an excuse. I am twice your age (and probably also twice your IQ) with a lifelong career in putting my points across for a living. I certainly don’t need ‘excuses’ to ‘sag off’ arguments. The only thing that holds me back from wiping the floor with you is pity.]

        Should I take advice from a person, whom you can utterly describe as a woman? Get a life Daphne, and jump to the original argument.

        [Daphne – Wrong use of English again. I really can’t believe you were allowed/will be allowed to graduate. ‘Utterly’ is a very basic word; best learn how to use it properly.]

        Unfortunately, yes I do believe in reincarnation. I guess that’s bad luck for you?

        [Daphne – Why would it be bad luck for me? You’re not planning on coming back as my household pet, I trust. In any case, the likelihood is that I’ll kick the bucket before you do, which sort of suggests that reincarnation might be bad luck for you.]

        PS. I do have to tell you.. I live in a politically mixed up family, and my parents are long from being Mintoffians.

        [Daphne – I’m sorry, but your grammar is so garbled that I didn’t get that last bit. Do you mean that they are far from being Mintoffian? Or do you mean that they were Mintoffian long ago and are now no longer? I’ll say you come from a politically mixed up family, Alex. I mean, look at the result. You can’t even get a political thought straight. Here’s a handy hint: ‘mixed’ and ‘mixed up’ have very different meanings.]

        What are your parents Daphne? Should you also critisize them on hair styles, and hair loss?

        [Daphne – My parents come from families which actively supported the Progressive Constitutional Party. They switched to voting for the Nationalist Party and did so yet again on 9 March. They never voted for Dom Mintoff or Labour, unlike many other ‘Stricklandjani’, because they held in contempt (and still do) his deficient personality, his destructive methods, his driving hatred, and his perverted goals. I trust this is sufficient information.]

      • Claire says:

        @ Daphne – I cannot believe the amount of hate talk coming from you…and you think you’re so civilised and say you believe in democracy? Believe me, you need to learn what those words mean.

        Don’t get me wrong, I’m PN, but I think your hate talk and negativity puts people off and is causing more harm to PN

        [Daphne – ‘Don’t get me wrong, I’m PN’. Yes, right. And I was born yesterday, with the intelligence quotient of a large turtle.]

      • Gahan says:

        I think Claire is right.

        One does not have to insult to drive home an argument.

        We don’t have a right to insult anyone.

        [Daphne – Oh yes we do. Not people in the street but certainly politicians in the media. Alex Cutajar is a politician. He is a prominent member of Forum Zghazagh Laburisti and starred in most of the Labour Party’s promotional videos. His makes a meal of his hairstyles and the aim is to get people to talk about them, so he can’t then complain when he’s achieved that objective.]

        Certain remarks put people off, who cares about Alex’s hairstyle?If it does not appeal to young people, don’t point that to Alex ,keep it for yourself so that SDM will get a good result !

        [Daphne – ‘Certain remarks put people off’. Neither here nor there. I’m not in the business of being liked. I’m in the business of being read. Certain remarks put certain people off and pull in others in droves, largely because they are fed up of the Maltese habit of pussy-footing about trying hard to be on everyone’s right side and liked by all.]

        Daphne, I don’t know for how long I should point out that you give free consultancy to the very people you do not want to lead our institutions.

        [Daphne – If they improve, I’m not complaining.]

        @ Alex: Daphne can upload Pulse’s propaganda from the web anytime like she did with this excellent video.So whether SDM wanted to be on this website is beside the point, it’s on the internet and anyone can do what Daphne did.

        [Daphne – That’s exactly right.]

    • Stephen Borg Fiteni says:

      Is this Alex Cutajar the Labour blogger? Your blog is so ridiculous, Alex, saying Eddie Fenech Adami had the “min mhux maghna, kontra taghna” mentality while simultaneously praising Mintoff.

      I’m guessing this is you because I remember you at Junior College being an active Pulse supporter. May SDM keep on winning election after election at KSU.

      [Daphne – Yes, it’s him. Hence my comments about his hairstyles, which have been unfailingly ridiculous for at least five years. If only he were to pay more attention to what’s beneath his skull rather than to what’s on it.]

      • orlando ellul micallef says:

        Alex, tal-mixed up family, …. You should spend less time doing your hair and your blog – they’re ridiculous anyway – and do something with your life. Maybe a job? So that you can stop complaining about fuel prices.

        Or go and look up the meaning of meritocracy – yes, meritocracy – something which you would definitely not find in ministries nowadays.

        What’s wrong with posting a video of SDM?

        One News gives Pulse prominence. But that’s OK since it’s from Labour to Labour chavs…

    • Chris says:

      Daphne, is this you talking about looks? Hahahahahahahahah

      [Daphne – If a man of 20 finds a woman of 48 attractive, there’s something pathologically wrong with him. So you’re sorted. Had we both been 20 contemporaneously, however, you’d have been panting and I wouldn’t have noticed you. But there you go. In fact, I still have a small collection of enemies composed of bitchy men who I didn’t notice back then, and women who had some kind of backbiting problem for related reasons, and who I barely recollect either. That’s life.]

    • rofl says:

      you really shouldn’t be the one judging hairstyles lol

      [Daphne – I’m not judging his hairstyle. I’m merely giving him a bit of maternal advice, as clearly his own mother failed him on that score: men with hairstyles are automatically assumed by women to be gay, either actual or repressed. This is because most women’s/girls’ experience of most men is that after the age of around 15, when they experiment with gel and razors, they go on to have zero interest in hair and practically have to be fought into the barber. And to be frank, that’s the way we prefer it. There are few turn-offs greater than the sight or thought of a man spending hours fixing his hair.]

      • rofl says:

        i agree with the part where you say that a man shouldn’t spend hours fixing his hair… but that doesn’t mean that a man shouldn’t take care of himself if that makes him feel better. oh and also… masculinity does NOT measure sexuality.

        [Daphne – It’s amusing that you actually think a woman my age might need lessons in this sort of thing from a university student, but once we’re about it: some masculine men are gay, but virtually all effeminate men are.]

      • rc says:

        Some of us should actually thank our lucky stars for male pattern baldness.

    • vanni says:


      The only pathetic person here is you, acting like a spoiled brat because SDM are being given a hand by one of Malta’s most successful blogs.

      Naturally you can always do the same for PULSE on your blog. Break a leg ~ hell, it’s your hospital now.

  6. Bumper says:

    You are the most ignorant woman ever. “May they win out over the ghastly Pulse”, how can you have an opinion on something completely unrelated to you, possibly also something you know near nothing about? You might say that you went to University so you know what they’re like, but things have changed since 100 years ago when hags like you were still around. Calling Pulse “ghastly” is totally juvenile, especially since you don’t know what they’re like now, and you can’t say I don’t either because not only am I a Uni student, but I also went to Junior College (insert remark here about how I will never amount to anything even though I’m currently a grade A student in Uni). You, Daphne, are the scourge of all things with an open, intellectual mind and I can’t wait for the day you rot in a tomb fitting for someone with your malice, made by the very people you belittle and denigrate. Forgive my toddler level grammar and vocabulary, but I’m tired and couldn’t be arsed to correct myself.

    [Daphne – Tired at 3pm? tsk tsk what a weakling. And your language skills deteriorate when you’re tired? tsk tsk again. There’s a video somewhere out there of me talking to the press at 1.30am after a two-hour police interrogation and a 90-minute stand-off and still my sentences are perfectly formed. And this from an old lady…]

  7. Galian says:

    Mr. Cutajar, you could always share Pulse’s video on Franco Debono’s blog, can’t you? Though something tells me it won’t get the same exposure.

  8. Vick says:

    Lol Daphne, How old are you? 40? You’r’e not involved in ksu politics. You have no attachment to them. You have no idea what either are like. I’ll admit, I’m an SDM supporter, however I recognise that I have no right to insult anyone with different views than my own. You need to get your head out of your ass and stop acting so high and mighty. You seem like a sad lonely woman who has nothing better to do than bash Labour and anything which is rumoured to be linked with them (even though SDM and Pulse are not linked to national political parties). The way you replied to Alex Cutajar’s comment is atrocious. It’s not even a valid argument. You’re simply insulting his parents. Even though you’re like 40 years old darling, you act like a 5 year old. Grow up. Get valid arguments. Then maybe you’ll have some credibility :) xxx

    [Daphne – Here are some words of advice, ‘Vick’, seeing as your own parents failed catastrophically to ensure that you can communicate and think properly by the time you got to university.

    1. It is not necessary to be involved in something to comment about it.

    2. It is unwise to assume that somebody who has written a political column since she was 25 (I am now 48) knows nothing about student politics.

    3. It is not necessary (indeed, it is foolish) to qualify your argument by claiming to be something you are not (in this case, an SDM supporter) because people of my great age are able to see through such transparent ploys, and intelligent people your age are able to do so too.

    4. I have every right to insult whomsoever I please within the rules of engagement: they are in public life; they pop in here to insult me. That right is enshrined at law.

    5. It is bad manners, and not very smart, to tell a woman old enough to be your mother to get her head out of her ass. This niceties may escape you, but they do not escape potential employers, lecturers, people who can help you get ahead in life but who aren’t in the Labour Party.

    6. When people feel that I am acting high and mighty, it is generally because they have an inferiority complex. If you have one, try not to show it. It betrays a lack of self-confidence and is a major personality flaw.

    7. Malta is full of sad and lonely women, but I am not one of them. The sad and lonely ones are those trying hard to be 25 at 50, and failing miserably because of course, it is impossible.

    8. It criticise Labour because there is much to criticise and because Labour in its current form is still a danger to society, even if 160,000 people do not understand this or just don’t care.

    9. Alex Cutajar’s parents are responsible for what he is today. This is because he is still young. When another 10 years have gone by, and if he is still like that, he can carry the blame completely.

    10. No, I am not 40. But before long, you will be 40. The two decades between 20 and 40 pass five times as fast as the two decades between birth and 20. One day soon you will wake up and wonder what happened. So be careful. ]

    • Vick says:

      Daphne, in no way are you a role model. Your advice is neither appreciated nor asked for. But you’re not aiming at being a role model are you? I would say that you’re trying to get publicity, even if it’s bad publicity. But that’s not it either. From the looks of things, you’re under the illusion that you’re the only one with a shroud of intelligence on this island, which is not the case. It’s not my parents who failed. My mother is an avid PN supporter, but my father raised me to think with my own mind, make my own decisions and to base them on the present rather than the past. You on the other hand are a close minded neanderthal who would say anything as long as it goes against the labour party, simply because that’s what you’re used to. Clearly it’s not my parents who failed in this instance.

      [Daphne – I am obviously not a role model to you, ‘Vick’, but basic training in logic should tell you that the fact I am not your role model or that of your friends is not equal to my not being a role model, full stop. I do not have to try to get publicity. I have been a household name since I was your age and I literally don’t know what it’s like to be anonymous because I have had virtually no experience of that at all except when travelling (and even then you can bet your last cent that some clever Dick is going to spot me). You don’t seem to realise that I have been doing this for so long that my fame, notoriety, call it what you will, actually predates your birth. I have been listening to this kind of bitching for more than two decades. A new generation has grown up to repeat the exact same bitchy remarks to me that their parents made before them – and guess what, they think it’s new and original. The amazing thing, really, is that I keep having the impact and it never seems to grow old.]

      1) No it is not necessary to be involved in something to comment on it, however for your opinion on it to be worth anything you do need to have an understanding on the topic. Now you can say you were part of the university scene eons ago, but once again, times change. Your opinion is based on the past experience not the present. As an arts student of course I can give my opinion on scientific matters, but it would not be an educated opinion and hence would not be a valid one.

      [Daphne – I love it when I get hectored and instructed by bossy teenagers/20-year-olds. It really shows, ‘Vick’, that you are consummately lacking in imagination and intelligence. Had you either or both of these qualities (they generally go together), you would have the self-awareness to understand how silly you sound, and why. It should be obvious – and I can’t understand how you are a university student and yet unable to make such a basic assessment – that I am bound to know a whole lot more about this stuff than you do, for a great variety of reasons. I left university 15 years ago. If that is aeons to you, no wonder you thought the last government was a dictatorship.]

      2) Once again, I’m sure you do have an understanding on student politics. But it’s a close minded understanding. You’ve proved on multiple occasions that you would say anything as long as it goes against labour, or in this case pulse.

      [Daphne – My assessment of the Labour Party is borne of three decades of observation as an adult. It is not emotional, as yours is. Close-minded indeed. Jahasra.]

      3) I’ve voted SDM on every occasion were I could vote. I honestly could not care less whether or not you believe me lol. But that’s beside the point :’). My point in this case is, that I too have an opinion on politics. I believe SDM is a better party than pulse, but that does not give me the right to insult a pulse supporters hairstyle. That is the sort of tactic a child would resort to, and as you yourself have pointed out, you are far from being a child.

      [Daphne – You have every right to say what you please about Alex Cutajar’s hairstyle, and it’s a damn shame you don’t. The man needs saving from himself.]

      4) Alex Cutajar said nothing to insult you. He expressed his opinion on SDM. You’re the one who made it personal. Ten guesses as to why the majority of the Maltese population takes the mickey out of you whenever your name pops up!

      [Daphne – In fact, they don’t. The majority of the population know me only as a name. They have never read a thing I’ve written, largely because they can’t. The people who take the mickey out of me do so because they have been subjected to years of Super One propaganda. Before Super One, it was their newspapers, KullHadd, L-Orizzont and It-Torca. As I said up above, I don’t think you realise just how long I’ve been doing this. Longer than you have been alive.]

      Also, you may have the right to argue your opinion with someone, but the line between a debate and hate speech is far from fine. Your comments to Alex Cutajar were homophobic. (“Hello Sailor” ?) Try justify homophobia Daphne. Please.

      [Daphne – Oh, then he IS gay? My apologies. I thought he was just going through that effete stage that some young men who lack confidence struggle with, where they go through a million hairstyles and costumes, hoping to find a disguise that fits. ‘Hello sailor’ is not a homophobic comment and we are not living in a totalitarian age or state, so give the Bader Meinhof attitude a rest please. ]

      5) Daphne, if your actions merited my respect you would have it. An argument based on someone’s appearance would also qualify as bad manners would it not? I would expect someone old enough to be my mother to stick to solid purely political debates, rather than to stoop to that level.

      [Daphne – I have absolutely no interest in garnering your respect, and the only reason I am replying here is because sometimes, just sometimes, people who seem as ‘locked up’ in their thoughts as a Bader Meinhof operative can be jolted into a spark of rational/intelligent thought. If it’s not you, then maybe it’s somebody else reading this. I did not base any argument on anyone’s appearance. My references to your Pulse/FZL operative’s hair were advice outside and beyond the arguments. The personal insults came from him and other associates, which I deleted. If your mother were truly able to stick to solid, purely political debates, her daughter (or is it son?) would have been very different and not so tragic. And yes, I am afraid you are indeed tragic. You are way, way below what is expected of a young adult, still more one who is at university. I wasn’t at university at your age (I had no choice) but I certainly wasn’t this gauche, irrational and inarticulate.]

      6) Daphne, you may be too self involved to see this, but perhaps it’s your high and mighty attitude which made me refer to you as high and mighty rather than my ‘inferiority complex’.

      [Daphne – Oh no, it’s definitely your inferiority complex. I have never felt threatened by anyone’s attitude or felt that they were being high and mighty with me.]

      7) Seeing as your days are spent writing blogs which get all their publicity either from people who think that you’re the most ignorant excuse for a human being to surface from this island, or people just as ignorant as you are, you can understand how I would confuse you for a sad and lonely woman. :)

      [Daphne – That would be largely due to ignorance and the imbibing of Labour propaganda. The reality is that you haven’t a clue who I am, or anything else about me or my life. You suck up the gossip like a medieval peasant. And you are supposed to be an undergraduate.]

      8) “It criticise Labour” – I’d expect someone who bases a large number of her arguments on linguistics to actually proof read her posts..

      [Daphne – I write 1,500 words an hour. Beat that without a single mistake. This is a comment on a blog comments-board. Proof-reading does not come into it.]

      9) Unless you personally know Alex Cutajar and his family you are not qualified to make that observation.

      [Daphne – He can always invite me round for tea to meet them. Then I will be qualified to make observations about him.]

      10) I assure you Daphne, by the time I’m your age I won’t be the same bitter old hag you are.

      [Daphne – I am neither bitter, nor an old hag. It is one of the curses of youth that anyone over 40 is regarded as bitter/old/dried up/over the hill/know-nothing. Then one day you wake up and you are 40, and you wonder how it happened. We all go through it, unless we die before. You have no idea who, what, where and how you will be at my age, or whether you will even be alive. It is a really bad idea to say that sort of thing, believe me.]

      Thankfully your ovaries must have withered by now. For the sake of the Maltese population and your potential offspring, I sincerely hope you have not yet and never shall reproduce.

      [Daphne – It is astonishing that you speak as though you know everything about me when you do not know even one of the best-known facts: I reproduced a long time ago, ‘Vick’, when I was round about your age, but obviously nowhere near as catastrophically infantile. I have three sons aged 27, 25 and 24. It should have occurred to you that my having children that age might be one of the reasons why I know that your intellectual and emotional development is way below par for somebody your age.]

  9. C.Thomson says:

    As a student I know that this video was created by the organisation as a promotion for their campaign and Ms.Galizia chose to blog it. I think Malta is a free country hence she had the right to blog whatever she wanted however I don’t see why the organisation is, as you put it pathetic for uploading this campaign video on youtube as that was their only part in the matter.

  10. Karl Meli says:

    Is politics and partisanship all you people care about? For god’s sake it’s KSU elections, not the general election.. Focus on the benefit of the student and don’t resort to mentioning things which have nothing what so ever to do with them !

  11. Reuben Cutajar says:

    Come on Daphne…. most of Malta already thinks you’re not right in the head… and now this? what would a (supposedly) serious journalist be doing promoting a students’ organisation AND where is your impartiality? are you still part of the PN propaganda machine? even if you’re hate messages have not reached the staunch (PN) party supporters this time round?….. I guess you will always be remembered as that old lady who hates everyone and everything with a tinge of red….and kisses any blue ass in the area.

    [Daphne – I will be patient and tolerant as you clearly come from an unfortunate background, by which I don’t mean the absence of money. No, ‘most of Malta’ does not think I am ‘not right in the head’. Most of Malta does not read my blog or my newspaper column because most of Malta lacks the linguistic skills to do so and the intellectual competence to follow the arguments. Some of Malta has been told by the Labour Party that I am not right in the head, which is the only available weapon left to it since it can’t tackle my actual arguments, rational abilities or claim that I am 1. stupid, or 2. brainwashed PN from birth (I do not come from a PN family). My distinguishing characteristic is the polar opposite of madness: it is lucid clarity.

    I can only hope for your sake, though I know this probably won’t happen because it requires a mixture of high intelligence and an enlightened home background, that you grow and develop into a smarter adult. I know that you are very young because you think a woman of 48 is ‘an old lady’. This might also be because in your world women are dead by 60. I can tell you, however, that even when I was your age, I did not think my 48-year-old mother was an old lady. That was because I had two grandmothers in their 80s, though it could also have been because I wasn’t stupid back then either.]

    • Reuben Cutajar says:

      You are right Daphne…. about what may be debatable though. You are right… as I noticed that only hard nationalists support you and therefore very few read your blog. You are also right in that most of the Maltese population (your words) may lack the capacity to read or understand your blog. That would surely be a lack in the previous administration which as allowed such a low level of education and achieved so little in the past decades when it comes to literacy.

      Now when you say that some think you are stupid…. well…. you did defy a law banning political material on the eve of an election and expect not to be arrested. You are CLEARLY brainwashed…. or maybe you simply attempt to brainwash others of instigate hatred and violence through your blog.

      With regards to your second paragraph. What makes you think i’m an adolescent??? I`m an adult (unfortunately), fully grown (you said grown up right?). If you read correctly, I said that you will be “remembered as that old lady”… because I know that you are brainwashed and therefore you’ll keep going at this game till you can keep wriggling those fingers into typing hateful nonsense.

      [Daphne – 1. “very few read your blog”: you have your answer here – http://www.alexa.com/topsites/countries/MT

      2. You read my blog. Are you a “hard Nationalist”?

      3. Educating people in Malta is like pushing a rhino uphill in monsoon weather. The raw material comes from the home and Maltese homes are in the main catastrophically uncultured and semi-literate (in the real sense of the word). I learned almost nothing at school, even though it was a private school, not even how to read, which gives you some idea of how crucial the home background is.

      4. I defied the law on silence on election eve precisely because I am not stupid, and not because I am stupid. Familiarity with the Constitution of Malta and with freedom of speech provisions generally made it clear to me that this law is unConstitutional and that the law itself is illegal. You cannot break an illegal/unConstitutional law which shouldn’t be there in the first place. If you don’t believe me, do what I did and check with an expert on Constitutional law. The Constitution is quite clear on the matter of when freedom of speech can be restricted. It does not include general elections. I assume you think Rosa Parks was stupid because she broke the law and refused to sit in that part of the bus reserved for black people.

      5. What makes me think you’re an adolescent? My dear, if you are not an adolescent, hasten yourself to the nearest available psychiatrist. Adults who think and communicate like adolescents are suffering from developmental disorders. ]

      • Reuben Cutajar says:

        More like skimmed through…. I can only take so much hate speech. AND I read Alex’s comments…. that’s why I read your entries.

        You should have a good rank for your blog. People who yell a lot of nonsense get a lot of attention…. Prosit!!

        [Daphne – It’s all right, Reuben, you don’t have to make excuses. It’s not as though you’re an alcoholic who’s been caught falling off the wagon. You’re allowed to read this blog, you know. It’s legal. Hate speech: follow my advice to Alex Cutajar – ring a lawyer and find out how the law defines hate speech. ‘People who yell a lot of nonsense get a lot of attention’. Not really, no. This blog gets a lot of attention because it makes sense, is well written, and gets right to the point. And it isn’t anonymous.]

        With regards to education and you home… you are right… the home is a very important part of a person’s upbringing. Just because yours was not such a good example… you don’t need to generalize…. and don’t look for excuses for a government which has left so many illiterate.

        [Daphne – On the contrary, Reuben, my homes, that being the one in which I grew up and the one in which I raised my children, are perfect examples of how the ability to think, reason, and analyse information and situations has nothing to do with school. I’ll admit, though, that a large part of it is genetic. But genes for a fairly high IQ alone are not enough, as you can deduce by simple observation, because the mind – if not opened in childhood – will close in on itself.]

        If you thought the law of banning propaganda on the eve of an election is unconstitutional…. then you should fight that law and not BREAK THE LAW. I may think that a particular law is unconstitutional so I fight for change and not use it as an excuse to shoot preposterous accusations at the authorities.

        [Daphne – The best way to challenge an unconstitutional law, Reuben, is to break it. And it’s not me who says it’s unconstitutional, but the Constitution itself. Quite frankly, the media organisations should have broken it en masse. Maybe next time, thanks to me, they’ll have no law to break. If the law is still there in five years’ time, I’ll do the same again. Meanwhile, you can start by doing something useful, and campaign for your Joseph to repeal it.]

        With regards to your last point… i`m graduated in Psychology… so I guess i`m better qualified than you to say who has a developmental disorder.

        What is for certain is that you have something not right… some deep-seated issued against PL.

        [Daphne – “I’m graduated in psychology”. Oh indeed. Well, if Anglu Farrugia can become a lawyer…But if you are going to make that claim, at least make it correctly: I am a graduate in psychology. What you wrote there is a literal translation from Maltese.]

      • Reuben Cutajar says:

        So who’s an alcoholic again??? didn’t quite get that part. Anyway…. my argument is simple… Stop hating and start loving… Maybe writing something positive about PL (or trying to think about something positive) might help you improve your outlook on life….

        [Daphne – Everybody feels that way at 20, Reuben. And all normal people grow out of it. A few of my generation never did, and they all ended up badly or bats. Even holy priests know that you’ve got to take people for what they are and not for what you’d have liked them to be in an ideal world that doesn’t exist.]

        I would campaign against that law if I didn’t happen to agree with it.

        [Daphne – Flawed reasoning, Reuben. You don’t campaign against laws because you don’t agree with them. You campaign against laws because they’re abusive or unconstitutional. Your opinion and what you think of a law is neither here nor there. There has to be a firm basis for the repeal of a law, and one such basis is that it goes against the Constitution.]

        I mean why can;t you just shut up for 1 day? is it so hard? will there be a life-changing issue that needs discussing on the eve election day? WHY IS IT SO IMPORTANT? You should REALLY tell us.

        You are a good writer and according to your statements, you have a good brain. Couldn’t you make your arguments some other day? NO I won’t prolong this nonsense you are suggesting and place the ban on propaganda on election eve with other irrelevant subjects in that fragile labourite brain of mine…

        Why are you so hateful??? I might be a brilliant mentalist type person for all you know…. don’t hate me just because you didn’t get a Bachelor in Psychology yet….there is still time… you still have a few years of annoying us in you. You might want to take people skills at university and discover a whole new world out there.

        [Daphne – I am afraid I shall have to be blunt. If you are really in your 20s, then there is something wrong with you. People your age can get married and have children, yet the evidence I see here indicates clearly that you are unfit for either. You have the mind and thought processes of a spiteful child. And I don’t think this is entirely down to a low IQ or an underprivileged background. It’s a pretty frightening level of immaturity. Please don’t come back as this really is not the place for you.]

      • Claire says:

        Daphne don’t you realise how shallow your words are?

        Show some self respect and spare your family the shame they have to endure when people realise they’re related to such a person.

        [Daphne – Family honour and shame are tar-rahal concepts, Claire. They do not figure in our way of life or our thinking. That’s why I am the way I am and that’s why you think I’m crazy, bad, evil or shameful. They’re not ashamed, but rather the opposite. However, I don’t expect you to understand as you might as well be from another planet.]

      • king rat says:

        Hiya Mr Reuben Cutajar – watching a documentary about the rise of the Nazi party in the late 20s/early 30s made me realise that maybe the saddest fact was the sheer number of Germans from all walks of life who stopped thinking or asking questions of their new puppet masters.

        Luckily this island is of an insignificant size to be of any danger to our neighbours.

        Are you also of the opinion that our strategic little island was plonked square in the middle of WWII because of the British base here?

        I am asking this question because this is one historical matter that Lab… PL or whatever name your movement goes by now has been spinning for years and I wonder if this view is still held by the new torch-bearers of the Malta Labour Party.

    • Romualdo Azzopardi says:

      Jiena l-pinna ta’ Daphne toghgobni hafna.

      Daphne ghandha Ingliz tajjeb immens u idjoma ugwalment tajba.

      Jien mistoqsija wahda ghandi, u nindirizzaha lilek stess Daphne: genwinament, tahseb li l-blog tieghek jaghmel il-gid lil PN?

      [Daphne – Dan il-blog mhux qieghed hawn biex jaghmel gid lil-PN jew hsara lill-MLP, jew vice versa. Huwa l-blog tieghi. Fullstop.]

      • Romualdo Azzopardi says:

        Ma staqsejtx x’inhu l-iskop tal-blog, izda jekk, effettivament, ghamel gid lill-PN. Huma zewg affarijiet kompletament distinti.

        [Daphne – I’m sorry, Romualdo, but I have a logical mind. I am literally unable to answer questions that are unrelated to the subject. You might as well ask me if the cars driving past your window do the Nationalist Party any good.]

      • Claire says:

        I agree with you Mr. Azzopardi. I just don’t like the negativity and hate talk.

        [Daphne – Well, Claire, in that case stay well away from any developed democracy with a fully-functioning free press, or you are going to spend a lifetime getting seriously upset. This is normal, whether you like it or not.]

    • Don't get you this time says:

      Daphne I follow (and agree with) most of your arguments but you lost me on this one.

      You are fortunate to have had both your grandmothers live to their 80s. I too was fortunate in that respect. Not so with my mother. She died at 61 from cancer. My husband’s mother also died at 61. Cancer again. One of my brothers-in-law also lost his mother at 61. Yes cancer.

      So am I to deduce anything about my world from the fact that in one extended family three mothers died in their 60s? The only things i have ever deduced from this is that cancer is the most terrible disease that has devastated too many families and that if you are lucky enough to have a mother live beyond her 60s enjoy and treasure her as much as you can.

      [Daphne – Nothing to do with that. It was simply an observation that different social groups have different attitudes towards age and generations, and even to family relationships. In social groups where the reproductive generations turn over every 16 years or so, you’re a great-grandmother at my age (48 – three reproductive generations) and so ‘old’, and most women are dead by 60 or 70 anyway – not through cancer but through overwork, poor diet, heart disease or stroke, which again changes the perspective on what is old. All this has changed over the last generation or so, but still the concept of what is old and what is not takes time to change in extended networks where 65-year-old women have for generations been wizened and gnarled oldies at death’s door.]

      • Don't Get You This Time says:

        Ok fine.

        Thank you for taking the time to explain what you meant by that comment. A little bit more sensitivity perhaps next time since not all your readers are cabbages, and what is actually meant might get lost due to one’s own personal experiences.

  12. gaddafi says:


    “If only he were to pay more attention to what’s beneath his skull rather than to what’s on it.”

    Hope you kick the bucket much sooner than he does. Very soon if possible, we don’t want to listen to your shit anymore.

    “No, ‘most of Malta’ does not think I am ‘not right in the head’.” – LE, anqas xejn.

    Byeeeeeeeee :D XOXO

    [Daphne – There’s a simple solution. Don’t log on. I never read Alex Cutajar. I don’t read Alex Cutajar and then post comments on his blog asking him to close it down and saying that I hope he dies as a quick solution to not being able to resist reading him.]

    • gaddafi says:

      He doesn’t write absurd things like wishing mintoff rots in hell.
      You’re a cold-hearted witch who’s only capable of being a bully through your blog. I hope that one day you will get what you deserve.

      good day
      ma qobbokx

      [Daphne – The new generation of bloody hamalli. I can’t believe that your parents have produced you in their own image. They themselves could perhaps have been excused for knowing no better because they lived in truly abysmal conditions under Mintoff and KMB. But you have no such excuse and must carry a good part of the blame for turning out like this.]

      • gaddafi says:

        1) Il hamalli ma jafux ENGLISH
        2) If jesus exists, he made a big mistake creating you.
        3) Pity your kids shall you ever have any…. oh wait hadd ma jridek.
        4) Kill yourself.

        BYEEEEEEE <3

        [Daphne – ‘Pity your kids shall you ever have any’. By God, you’re well informed. A right and proper Pulse member.]

  13. Henry says:

    Daphne, please publish the comments which provide a sufficient argument, rather than disregarding them all and simply tossing them aside.
    The fact that you are not posting them only means that you know such comments are only proving you wrong.

    [Daphne – No. It simply means that I have 200-300 comments backed up for moderation. This is not Alex Cutajar’s blog.]

  14. Daniel Fenech says:

    Ma rridx inkun pastaz, imma qisek iz-zobb. Jien nazzjonalist, Pulse u kburi. U int ggelni nisthi li taqa taht in-nazzjonalisti bhali, u nirringrazzja l’alla li minix SDM bhal ma tiffavurixxi int. Kerha #Qrun

    [Daphne – The odds that you are Nationalist are roughly a million to one, Daniel. Labour dialectic is instantly recognisable.]

  15. Daniel Fenech says:

    E minix… ok. fittixni facebook u tara. Itfali like fil profile picture kif tkun hemm.

    • vanni says:

      ‘Itfali like’.

      Sa hemm tasal l-inteligenza ta certi nies. Possibli ma tigiehomx f’mohhom li ghal kull ‘like’, hemm mitt ‘dislike’?

      Stenna Daniel, ha niftah account ma Facebook, halli naghmillek ‘like’ ta.

      • Rachel Galea says:

        Hah Vanni . . Have you never heard of sarcasm before, dear?

      • vanni says:

        Never. Care to explain?

        BTW, unless you’re drop dead gorgeous, please don’t call me dear.

        Dunno where you’ve been

  16. jogfqo;ep says:

    kemm qeda sew ja mara hazina foxx kemm ghandek

  17. Daniel Fenech says:

    U ehe trabbejt mal-lejberisti imma principji ta nationalist dear daphne. ed inkelmek ala salvagga ax mas shahar ekk trid titkellem. I honestly pity your mother because she wasted an egg to be produced as you.

    [Daphne – “trabbejt mal-lejberisti”. What a surprise. I’d never have guessed it from the way you speak, think and write.]

  18. painintheass says:

    Fqajtilom il-buzzieqa…

    Alex Cutajar, mur kompli bbloggja…u prova tghallem kif qabel :)

  19. Reuben Cutajar says:

    I would REALLY wish to read an article written by DCG which included some factual arguments…..that would certainly be a breathe of fresh air in an otherwise dull blog of hate.

    Stop hating and start loving….We all know there is a recognizable human being under the veil of hate speech, interminable insults and pseudo-anecdotal recitals.

    [Daphne – Break out the LSD and tune in, turn on and drop out with Timothy Leary. You people don’t even realise what a timeworn cliche you are. Careful you don’t trip up in your crochet poncho.]

    • Reuben Cutajar says:

      So reading something constructive is out of the questions right?… and BTW good use of Google…. I recognize a good search entry when I see one…

      [Daphne – Reuben, I was born in 1964. I actually KNOW who Timothy Leary was. I’m a child of the hippie era. That’s why I can recognise you for the cliche that you are.]

      • Reuben Cutajar says:

        Forgot you were old…. right.

        [Daphne – Old starts at 61. At 48, I’m middle-aged. Don’t call me ‘old’ out loud, because there’s a man in orange trousers who will have an anxiety attack at the thought that somebody his son’s age thinks him old at 50.]

      • Reuben Cutajar says:

        Sorry Daphne… it’s not the age… but the thinking which makes you old…. “superata”…

        [Daphne – You have such a lot to learn.]

  20. Donna Agius says:

    Ippermettilii, Daphne, nikwotalek bicca mill-istatut, tal-ghaqda PULSE. Aghti kas punt 1.4.

    1.1 L-isem ta’ din l-ghaqda huwa “PULSE – Studenti Socjali Demokratici”.
    1.2 L-emblemi ta’ l-ghaqda jkunu kif mehmuza ma’ dan l-istatut.
    1.3 L-isien ufficjali ta’ l-ghaqda huwa l- Malti u ghandu jintua ghall kull ghan ta komunikazzjoni. Madankollu, l-Ingliz jista’ jintuza fejn ikun hemm il-htiega.
    1.4 PULSE hija entita’ legali, INDIPENDENTI MINN KULL PARTIT POLITIKU, li permezz tal-ezekuttiv tagha tista’ tfittex u tista tigi imfittxija skond il-ligi ta’ Malta.

    [Daphne – Oh indeed. And the GWU statute says that it is not linked to any political party too.]

    • Donna Agius says:

      Ahna ghaqda ghall-istudenti, li taqbez ghal kul student. Intik ezempju, meta l-Matsec ma hallewx l-istudenti jixorbu l-ilma waqt l-ezamijiet, il-PULSE kienet l-ewwel ghaqda li hadet stand fuq din il-bicca xoghol, u issa filfatt kull student jista’ jixrob waqt xi ezami.

      Ma nahsibx li hemm bzonn politika biex taqbez ghall-istudenti, hux hekk?

      [Daphne – Donna, what you are doing there is called politics, in and of itself. Student politics. The trouble is that you have been raised to think of party politics as being apart from life rather than an intrinsic part of it. Because of that you don’t seem to realise that politics are the means to an end of achieving objectives – what you’re doing now. It’s not about ‘il-power’.]

      • Donna Agius says:

        Mela, okay ejja nghidu li qed naqbel mieghek, ghal politics, xorta qatt u qatt ma jissemma li ghandha x’taqsam mal-labour le jew iva?

        [Daphne – Pulse is firmly associated with Labour, Donna, whether you like it or not. It doesn’t help that its public faces have for years been the same ones as FZL. It helps even less that the first one to jump in here sticking up for Pulse is Alex Cutajar, star of 101 Labour videos and frontman for FZL. If you don’t want Pulse linked to Labour, tell people like Alex to stay well away or stop being a poster boy for Labour. You can’t have it both ways.]

      • Donna Agius says:

        Be a student, then judge. It was a loooooong time ago when you were a student, and today things are thought differently. Pulse associated with Labour is an old thought passing through people your age.

        People our age want diversity. We want to stand up for ALL the students, either blue, red, or green… PULSE doesn’t care for your political belief, as long as your’re a student, you are welcome.

        [Daphne – Really? Pulse was hideously Labour when my sons were at the University of Malta and they’re still in their 20s. Alex Cutajar had a very interesting hairstyle back then. It was heavily spiked and in a weird colour. Pulse didn’t exist when I was at university in the 1990s. Or if it did, I certainly never noticed.]

  21. Daniel Fenech says:

    I think that the death penalty should be brought back to the judiciary system yet to use it just on you. Then it just fucks off to a random place.

    [Daphne – Where did you crib that, Daniel? I’m so impressed.]

  22. Joe Cassar says:

    Il-gurnalisti, bloggers u kull min imis mal-media u jkun ixeqleb lejn il-Partit Laburista ikun b’xi mod jew iehor patetiku.

    Alex Cutajar huwa ezempju ideali ta dan.

  23. Daniel Fenech says:

    Because as you are a very knowledgeable person, you should know that a person might change the way he talks,acts and argues with different types of assholes, like you. First I started off with the ALA BIEB ZOBBI stage, to show you that I am angry at your statement regarding Pulse as “Ghastly”, secondly I changed to formal so that maybe you realise that I really am a Nationalist. Now you can gently suck on my balls.

    [Daphne – Your father’s generation was just as bad, Daniel. They used to come down to Sliema on the bus wearing cut-off jeans, and jump into the water still wearing them because in the glorious days of Dom Mintoff, they didn’t have the money for swimming shorts and they couldn’t justify buying them anyway because swimming was a Big Expedition and not part of the daily routine as it was for us. They would make as much noise as possible so that the whole of Ferro Bay would be forced to notice their presence, then they would set about harassing the tal-pepe girls and the French and Italian students, and trying to pick us up with fetching lines like “Hawn ja qahba, ma tridx n*hxik hawnhekk stess hu?” They were pitiable, jahasra, like goons from another country. And sometimes they couldn’t even swim and brought the black inner tube of a truck tyre to make an even bigger spectacle of themselves in between bouts of yelled obscenities. Needless to say, they never managed to pick up a single girl and had to ride the bus back home together in their wet cut-offs. As for your last offer, I’ll tell you exactly what I used to tell them (you never know, one of them might have been your ‘pa’): “You should be so lucky. But if you cut them off, I’ll be happy to feed them to my dog. Now go back to your village, you goddammed peasant.”]

  24. La Redoute says:

    Pulse members are jealous. They want you to promote them too.

  25. Daniel Fenech says:

    Actually my father used to work in Libya and was quite well off :O he owned 2 cars, never went to swim at sliema, always at ghadira, and since he got married to deceased mother, he picked up a girl yeah? And so what? Swimming in truck tyres? They were happy with what they have! not always trying to make others’ lives miserable by mocking and criticizing! Now that you mentioned my father told me he raped a duck once, it must have been you!

    [Daphne – I’m going to block you, Daniel. You don’t know how to engage in debate.]

  26. Christian Chircop says:

    you are an ugly freak of cyber nature.

    [Daphne – You’re going to have to try harder. I left the school playground circa 1980.]

  27. Lola says:

    Freedom of speech..yet you moderate the comments. Not only do you do this, but then you only post the comments which are either in your favour, or which are extremely badly written with the “hopes” of shedding light on the true colours of labour.

    Come on! You’re being extremely biased and you’re manipulating the comments section. THAT, Daphne, is not your beloved ‘freedom of speech’

    I agree with Henry.

    [Daphne – You don’t know much about the law, do you. Comments have to be moderated because I am responsible at law for what gets published here. If you wish to libel third parties, so right ahead and do it on your own blog. Also, I have had it up to here with your vulgar language. I grew up listening to your sort of my generation cussing and body-partsing all over town, and I really think it’s about time you evolved in this generation. You have all the privileges, opportunities and advantages your parents did not. Or does Darwinianism not apply in Malta?]

    • rc says:

      I’m afraid you’re getting Darwinianism wrong. Those who plan things out and do things intelligently tend to have fewer children, whereas those of other classes have throngs of them. Natural selection favours the careless and the less intelligent.

  28. Lara Calleja says:

    How can a student organisation that wants to represent its students, in a supposedly open-minded context such as a University, be still called ‘Studenti-Demo-Kristjani?

    • Stephen Borg Fiteni says:

      I don’t see your point. Eddie Fenech Adami has described PN as demochristian (not sure if it still is, but it certainly isn’t Nationalist in the true sense of the word).

    • vanni says:

      SDM was there, the only student organization to stand up to KMB when he was trying to close private schools.

      Together with my old chum, David Thake, they were the resistance to this infamy.

      They never hid their roots, but wore their name proudly. Yes, Lara, WE WERE THERE.

      Pulse was created to be the antithesis to this great student organization. Unfortunately it quickly became considered as the ‘hamalli on vacation’ organization. As you can see from the above contributions, things haven’t changed much for Pulse since that period.

  29. Daniel Fenech says:

    Block me, obviously truth hurts :D

    [Daphne – I’m not blocking you because you speak the truth. I’m blocking you because of your incredible vulgarity, which you imagine is a suitable substitute for logical debate.]

  30. Liam says:

    Getting involved in stupid, pointless KSU elections? What a waste of time. Who cares if pulse or SDM win? and how could it possibly affect you ? As a university student myself, I will not be voting for either of them. Act your age daph or do you feel old and wish you were still young and in your prime? Ha.

    [Daphne – Another one who’s proud not to vote or get involved. Funny how the human cliche crop up every generation and every time they think they’re the great originals. No, I really don’t wish I were in my 20s. Once was more than enough. The people my age who you see trying hard to be 20 again, like Jeffrey Pullicino Orlando, have that problem because they were never really 20 the first time around. They were nerds. In fact I never even saw him around or knew he existed. The 40s actually are a woman’s prime, Liam. The 20s most definitely are not. With women, prime has nothing to do with looks or youth.]

    • Liam says:

      Fair enough, my whole point was just that you should stick to the real politics. Don’t get wound up over simple KSU elections and let the students decide. After all, the outcome will not affect you in any way nor will it reflect the actual Maltese political situation in any way.

      [Daphne – Liam, that is an extremely stupid remark on several levels. I am fed up doing your mother’s job. Go and ask her why. If she can’t tell you, find one of the more enlightened lecturers on campus (not the Minister of Education) and get a tutorial.]

  31. Ray says:

    You are the definitely the biggest attention seeker I’ve ever seen. No doubt you have one thing right; Maltese people are fickle, solely for actually giving you attention. How on earth some people get offended by your manipulating techniques is beyond me, you make it so blatant that you’re trying to annoy people. I sincerely hope that one day you do find your match. I’d love to be a fly on the wall when that happens.

    [Daphne – Why do so many Maltese men sound and think like bitches? Even the straight ones, I mean – look at Jeffrey, Jesmond, Franco, Joe Borg the former EU Commissioner…il-vera ghandkom problema. What is it? Too much maternal influence and an absent father? Too much oestrogen in the frozen chicken? I mean, is Malta the only place where straight men bitch like girls?]

  32. Julia Magri says:

    I honestly do not know why all this hassle was caused just because of one post!

    Since we are living in a democratic country I believe that DCG could have shared any video she wanted to and written what ever she wanted about it, and unlike what many PULSE members are saying, I do not believe that SDM bribed her to post it.

    [Daphne – BRIBED ME? Is that really what they’re saying? Ara, trid tkun il-veru Laburist. And then they claim they have nothing to do with Labour.]

    Once a video is uploaded on Youtube it is there to be shared by whom wishes to do so. This might not be positive advertising for SDM, but PULSE members that are stating that ‘SDM should be ashamed for paying DCG to upload this’ or ‘desperate times call for desperate measures’ are truly insane and close minded for believing what they were told to believe (nothing new from PULSE members) instead of thinking with a mind of their own and understanding that once living in a democratic country one is free to do and say whatever he or she desires to.

    • Roderick Vella says:

      DCG ħadd ma qal li xi ħadd “BRIBED YOU”. That’s what she had to tell you. Know the facts before you talk :P

      • vanni says:

        @ Roderick
        I know it’s was a longish paragraph, in what is probably a n alien language for you, so I’ll just copy down the relevant parts, and save you taxing your puny brain:

        ‘and unlike what many PULSE members are saying, I do not believe that SDM bribed her to post it’

        ‘PULSE members that are stating that ‘SDM should be ashamed for paying DCG to upload this’

        I’m sure that if you read slowly and repeatedly, the meaning will trickle down in the end.

  33. Gordon M.A. says:

    Perhaps the most interesting thing which has come out of all this (and other blog posts) is that you refuse to believe someone is a PN or SDM supporter if, said person, in his/her post, disagrees with your views.

    I’m not sure why you find this hard to believe. Going over my Facebook feed I can see SDM supporters (either because I know they are indeed SDM supporters, or their cover photo is the SDM logo) who disagree with the views you express. Why you keep denying this is beyond me.

    As an example, Vick’s post “[…] I’ll admit, I’m an SDM supporter […] “.

    [Daphne – You misinterpret what I wrote. I did not say that somebody can’t be an SDM or PN supporter if they disagree with me. Plenty of PN supporters disagree with me, and no doubt several SDM supporters do too. What I wrote was entirely different: that there is a particular ‘dialectic’ which is the hallmark of a Labour supporter. It has nothing at all to do with disagreement with my views, but with language and form of expression. My other point was that when individuals feel the need to qualify their statements with ‘I am a PN/SDM supporter but’, they are generally lying. I really don’t bother if people disagree with me. I am not at all totalitarian in outlook.]

  34. Anonimu says:

    Hasra ma sibtekx jien flok natius fil-festa ta’ san guzepp, kieku ilek taht it-trab :)

    [Daphne – Ghaliex, ruhi, ghax iggor xi mus bhal nannu jew missierek qablek? What’s the likelihood that, if you are the quintessential Maltese midget, I’m twice your size? Kemm intom hamalli. What a great way to get people to vote for Pulse.]

  35. Xejn sew says:

    What are all these little Pulse shits trying to do with their inane comments on this blog? Convincing University of Malta students that they are supremely unfit for purpose, perhaps? If that’s the case they are doing a darned good job.

    • AE says:

      My thoughts exactly.

      Daniel, Reuben, Alex et al are a poor excuse for University students. University is supposed to be the bastion of learning and all this lot have shown is that they are incapable of following an argument, are extremely vulgar and are consumed by envy, hate or both.

      I just don’t get these people who claim that this blog incites hatred when the only venom I read emanates from their own comments.

      Don’t they get it that this is a personal blog and if they don’t like they should simply not log in. Or is that too much to understand.

      It seems that all and sundry are getting into University these days. Vera kas li baxxew il-habel.

      • H.P. Baxxter says:

        The only thing the University of Malta is a bastion of is self-preservation. Just like Malta itself, really.

      • Maria Xriha says:

        I have to say that when I was at University I took no notice of student groups. Perhaps because I had already earlier been involved in a wider reach of the group referred to above that David Thake rallied together. Having already had that active experience, the level of action of groups whilst at University seemed to me to be lacking purpose and maturity.

        Baxxter’s reflection is a wise one. I found UoM that way whilst there and more so years later upon renewed visit.

        I read this particular blog with interest knowing virtually nothing meanwhile about either SDM or Pulse. I have a huge interest in Daphne’s blog because I feel her views are pure and integral.

        They hold together over the years. They are logical and explanatory. I hold the view that they are, especially at this moment, essential, to the psychological clarity and political maturity on this island at a number of levels.

        All of the vital signs touching political life in Malta are available on this blog, for those who know how to read them. It really depends on initial perceptions and pre-conditioning.

        If Pulse ought to be indicating “rhythmical throbbing” or “seeds” perhaps it ought to come right out and state what it is throbbing for? Or what it wishes its seedlings to grow into and represent?

        I find the lack of ability to engage in decent debate appalling. It is difficult not to shudder at the language usage and dismal outlook of its members. If it is too much of a painful experience for such people, they might remember their option to refrain from visiting. But I daresay curiosity gets the better of most nonetheless.

        This read has been most enlightening as to the extent of the takeover of young minds in formation. A good eye-opener.

        Whilst employers would do well to enquire as to student body affiliation whilst at UoM, my guess is that, for the very reasons stated by Daphne, behaviour and expression are clues enough.

        Well done SDM for rising above it and remaining out of this “discussion”.

  36. Fran G. says:

    What a sad, pitiful excuse for a human being you are. Your ego is so massive there’s literally no point in people making comments on your blog to ‘criticise’ your posts. You’ll just retaliate with grammar and parent insults like some one trick horse with no substantial levels of knowledge.

    • H.P. Baxxter says:

      That’s not true. My career here started with a searing indictment of Daphne’s ideas on public order and the use of force by police officers, in which I also wore my anorak and pointed out a few errors re. revolvers vs pistols. She never retaliated with insults. Nor did she correct my grammar.

      Your problem is that you expect Daphne to act like your average Maltese. If you come here saying the earth is flat, you expect her to respect your “opinion”, heqq ghax kullhadd ghandu dritt ghall-opinjoni, u kullhadd uman.

      It’s precisely this sort of perversion of courtesy (and this when courtesy itself is so alien to Maltese behaviour that we don’t even have a word for it) which is holding us back.

      Until the late 19th century, we more or less got by because the decision-makers, the political players and the opinion-makers all belonged to another culture. When the lawyers elbowed their way in, it got bad enough.

      Then the proles started voting and all hell was let loose. Fast forward to the 90s, mod cons, 24/7 Xarabank and the internet, and we were doomed.

      We’re less European now than we were five centuries ago.

  37. Daphne,you are without a doubt one of the most ignorant bloggers in our country’s journalistic scene. Your blogs are filled with bias, which you probably inherited through your upbringing. Unfortunately you’re too ignorant to think for yourself and have just stuck with that upbringing. #TeenageMutantNinjaTurtles #AlternattivaDemokratika #Daphne’sADumbBit

  38. Maria Azzopardi says:

    Continue blogging all this hate and by next election the Nationlist party will lose by 50,000 votes. All SDM and PULSE followers will tell you that neither party has got anything to do with the Maltese Political Parties. I’d be ashamed to have people like you following the same poltical party as me if i were a Nationalist.

    [Daphne – You are incredibly naive, and for somebody involved in student politics you know precious little about politics. Pulse’s politics – in terms of politics, not in terms of party links – are aligned to those of the Labour Party. The SDM’s politics are aligned to those of the Nationalist Party. If there are Labour supporters in the SDM and PN supporters in Pulse, they seriously need to grow up and stop being so gullible. If they don’t, they might well end up like people my age who call themselves ‘a Nationalist who voted Labour’. Do you really want to end up as ridiculous as my generation? Well, then. Learn what politics actually are about.]

    • Maria Azzopardi says:

      I think you’re the one who’s naive because there are Nationalists who are part of Pulse and vice versa.

      [Daphne – Yes, Maria, and there are also people a lot older than you are who call themselves ‘Nationalists who voted Labour’. Unless you want to end up like them, try to work out now why politics is about politics and not about ethnicity or titles or feeling part of a team. Pulse politics are Labour. SDM politics are PN-aligned. People who like Pulse like Labour. People who like SDM like Nationalist policies. People who are in Pulse while voting Nationalist are confused, and so are people who vote Labour while in SDM. They are as confused as Nationalists saying they are voting for ‘the movement’. I rather suspect you are succumbing to the ongoing propaganda to undermine the clarity of political parties and the distinction between them. Start the confusion young: in student organisations. If those student organisations were not fundamentally different, Maria, there wouldn’t be two. There would only be one.]

      Everyone is entitled to an opinion and I myself have voted SDM and Labour in previous elections. I do not understand how just because you’re a Nationalist you have to support SDM and vice versa.

      [Daphne – See above. It’s because they’re not rock groups or football teams. Student organisations and political parties are distinguished by their policies, fundamental beliefs and attitude/outlook.]

      Ridiculous are people like you who just see the good in one party and are not willing to open their eyes to anything other than what their leader has to say. The many Nationalists that voted Labour in this election did so because they realised that the previous governing of GonziPn was not all good as you have been brainwashed to think.

      [Daphne – There you go! And I hadn’t even read to the end of your comment and found this when I said what I did about ‘Nationalists voting Labour’. Guess I’m not that stupid after all, am I. There is no such thing as a Nationalist who votes Labour. ‘Nationalist’ is not an ethnic group. You are only Nationalist as long as you support PN policy and vote for it. If you vote Labour, you support Labour policy, making you Labour.]

      • Maria Azzopardi says:

        I wouldn’t define myself as confused but as a person who believes in what SDM has to offer and what the Labour Party has to offer, but thanks for trying to help me out there.

        On the other hand i wouldn’t expect you to understand what happens at University as you do not attend yourself so stop trying to prove your point as its not a valid one.

        [Daphne – It is not necessary for me to be a university student to understand the machinations of student politics, still less to know what 1. Pulse and 2. SDM stand for. If your alignment to Labour comes from your family background, while your support for SDM is (obviously) freely chosen, then I would examine your support for Labour more closely. Your true choice is the free one. If your true free choice is SDM then you would probably have chosen the Nationalist Party if you didn’t come from a Labour home. These things are not to be taken lightly. Look what happened to Franco Debono and JPO. Water found its own level, but late in life and after a great deal of damage. It was always obvious that had they chosen freely they would have chosen Labour because their attitude chimes so well with the Labour Party and is in complete conflict with the PN.]

      • Maria Azzopardi says:

        I understand your reasoning however I was given total freedom and i was never forced into voting for the Labour Party. I attended debates and read about all the proposals and that is when i made my decision.

        [Daphne – So I was right. It’s not the proposals of either party you have to be looking at, Maria. It’s the party itself, their people and their track record.]

    • AE says:

      Pulse seems to fit right in with Labour’s way of doing things. Do not be up front about what you are or who you represent.

      In the last elections we saw ‘switchers’ who were anything but as part of the extremely expensive marketing campaign. When fighting the then Nationalist Government about the existence of local councils, they contested the elections anyway as ‘independents’.

      And the biggest con of them all, their Leader pretending to be a prime minister for all, under the ‘Malta TAGHNA ILKOLL’ slogan. The biggest exercise in deception that we have ever seen in Maltese politics.

      In just a week he has shown what he truly meant about Labour being pro business by appointing and letting others appoint their henchman with strong business interests as their gatekeepers.

      He pretended that he was reaching out to the Opposition when Gonzi joined the delegation to Rome when that is simply protocol. He pretends to be positive whilst he allows those around him to do the mudslinging. Lies, deception, fraud seems to be the order of the day and they have just started. What a gullible people the Maltese are.

  39. judy says:

    Are these comments above coming from uni students? Oh dear God!

    Nahseb kollha ibacellerati fl-idjozija, l-istupidita u l-hamallagni hergin minn hemm. Bloody morons.

    Please do let us know where we can find your services in the future, so that we can keep a safe distance.

    • Karl Meli says:

      Blame the system, not the individual.

      These parties are only causing trouble, from the early age of 15/16.. Why raise youths in this partisan mentality?

      [Daphne – To ensure that they do not turn out as ill-educated and politically incompetent as their parents. Children raised in environments where there is no discussion of politics are at a complete disadvantage in adulthood. Political discussion develops the brain, analytical skills and gives children/young adults the framework for the development of ideas. Some people think that to be apolitical is a virtue. It isn’t. It makes one look idiotic in educated company and is a dereliction of duty and an admission of total disengagement.]

      • Karl Meli says:

        There are better ways to do it.. Read about history, read newspapers and watch the news. In my opinion, it is not healthy for 15/16 year olds to be directly involved in politics.. I’m not saying don’t be informed by what’s happening around you though.

        [Daphne – Direct involvement is one thing, and discussion is another. Sixteen-year-olds are not ‘young’.]

  40. Karl Meli says:

    How come nobody commented in favor of SDM? Surely they have something to say about this.. (And i don’t care about SDM/PULSE, I don’t even attend UOM).

    [Daphne – Oh these are the usual Labour elves. They have a whole army of them set up and organised to leak poison all over the internet. Now that the election is over and Il-Power is theirs, they’re crawling around looking for something to get their adrenalin fix off.]

    • vanni says:

      Oh, SDM don’t have to rebut anything Karl. The PULSE/MLP/Malta Taghna LOL rabble are doing such an excellent job, that it would be an exercise in overkill should SDM wade in.

    • king rat says:

      Warriors without a war – great, now we shall have to put up with the rabid followers of the new order.

  41. No77 says:

    Hey Daph, ghandek ghoxrin sena thanbaq fuq il ”blogg tijek Hi”

  42. Rachel Galea says:

    Why haven’t you responded to what I told you, you ugly witch ?

    • vanni says:

      And why didn’t you pay more attention during English lessons, Rachel?
      ‘Respond’ please

      • Bumper says:

        Coming from a family with English ancestry and being a proud grammar Nazi. I can tell you with full confidence that her comment has no grammatical mistakes, “vanni”.

        [Daphne – English blood has nothing to do with English grammar. Clearly, you haven’t spent much time in England or even watched Eastenders.]

  43. Jeffrey says:

    Originally this entry started off by stating that SDM asked you to share this video.

    Now they issued a statement saying that they disassociate themselves from this.

    Who is saying the truth ?

  44. H.P. Baxxter says:

    At this point I think I should urge all bright students to leave the University of Malta. And all foreign, fee-paying students too. Pond life shouldn’t be reading for degrees.

    • king rat says:

      Sanity at last .

      • H.P. Baxxter says:

        Of course. The University of Malta shouldn’t be a holding area for erstwhile dole-queuers. It can afford to lower standards because it falls in line with twenty years of PN doctrine, i.e. higher education for the masses.

        That doctrine has of course been taken on by MLP, and it’s now enshrined in the national psyche. No one is turned away. All students welcome.

        Come spend four years of your youth at leisure. There’s no pressure. And there’s nowhere else to go to because we’ve no competitors (except MCAST, which shouldn’t even BE a competitor, so twisted is the system).

        And some call it progress.

  45. AE says:

    Yes I can understand SDM disassociating themselves from this. Most of the comments posted by students are so shameful and lack any form of reason altogether, that I can imagine that they do not want to have anything to do with them.

  46. Impartial says:

    Yes Pulse may be aided by The Labour Party…. it could be, I honestly don’t know. However what I do know is this, Pulse is lead by a group of students with different political ideas, some students are nationalists whilst others support labour, and in Sdm’s case it is exactly the same.

    This obviously means that their ideas are mixed.

    [Daphne – Your statement is utterly absurd, and if it is correct, then the situation is beyond belief and people’s understanding of politics is chaotic. It is precisely this sort of thing that has allowed the Labour Party to rise to power on meaningless talk of a movement and no political differences.

    A political organisation BY DEFINITION has a single set of political ideals and policies. SDM and Pulse are political organisations. They have that set of ideals and policies. Their ideals and policies are vastly different, which is why there are two organisations. If they shared their ideals and policies, there would be just one organisation.

    It therefore follows – at least in NORMAL thinking and behaviour – that people with the same political views will support the same political organisation. It also follows that BY DEFINITION you won’t have students who vote Labour and students who vote Nationalist in the same political organisation.

    If they are in the same political organisation, then they 1. don’t know why they vote as they do, 2. have no understanding of politics at all, in which case they shouldn’t be meddling in a political organisation, 3. are hopelessly childish and naive, 4. are sitting ducks for JosephMuscatDotCom Movement manipulation.

    In my day, they’d have been suckered into the Moonies, and in Italy contemporaneously, they’d probably have been suckered into the Brigate Rosse without noticing what’s going on, because jahasra, they’re all such nice people from really lovely middle-class homes though they do have some really intense parties and a couple of guns under the sofa.


    With all my respect Ms. Caruana Galizia, believe it or not people are evolving, and yes people with different political ideas can live under the same roof and live and work together, that’s how having students with different political views supporting Sdm or either Pulse is possible.

    [Daphne – No, Impartial, people of vastly differing political opinions cannot live under the same roof. This is a myth that has been fed to you by people like Joseph Muscat and JPO who talk about ‘mixed’ backgrounds. What they mean is that either one or both of their parents didn’t really have political views but just voted differently to the other parent.

    Our political views are not just a vote: they are the views that shape our entire life. Or perhaps I should put it the other way round: our views on life, our general outlook, shapes our political views.

    That is why people with very different political views are actually very different people. Very different people cannot properly conduct a relationship. If they are their natural selves, it will be hell. And if they are not their natural selves, it will also be hell. We choose to vote left, right or liberal because of the way we are. It is not a religion.

    And that is why it is easier to live with somebody of a different religion than it is to live with somebody whose political views are different. Our political views are a reflection of who we are; our religion is not.

    Life is not changing and people are not, as you put it, evolving. They have simply been subjected to a barrage of propaganda that has had one specific intention: that of blurring the lines between political parties and political beliefs, rendering all redundant so that one giant hoover of a movement can sucker you all in while making you think that your political ideas have evolved to the point of blase sophistication, when what they actually are is extremely primitive and frighteningly ignorant.]

    (If there are any grammatical mistakes excuse my English I only got a C Intermediate in English and please I would like to read a reply from you that is related to the subject and nothing else) I look forward to hear from you. Thanks. :)

    [Daphne – You could have written in Maltese. I am at home in either language. But I will tell you one thing: if you are uncomfortable communicating in English you shouldn’t be at university in the first place. Our university has been reduced to this. To up the numbers we have dumbed down the standard.]

    • Jozef says:


      It will become a crime to even want to set oneself apart next.

      In the most insidious of ways. Horrible.

  47. Dumbo says:

    Daphne ippermettili nikteb bil-Malti ghax evidentement hawn problema ta’ lingwa.

    Huwa car li hafna nies ma jifhmux bl-Ingliz. Biex jghidu li dak li tikteb int ixerred il-mibgheda, bilfors hekk.

    Sfortunatament jidher car ukoll illi illum l-intelligenza generalment qed titkejjel biss b’kemm wiehed jirnexxielu jkun haxxej u jfotti. Aktar ma tahxi u tfotti ghal hafna nies aktar int intelligenti.

    Dan huwa l-legat ta’ Mintoff.

    Pero dak li ma jafux dawn ic-cwiec hu li Mintoff l-aktar li fotta u hexa kien lilhom ghax waqt li Mintoff halla wirt ta’ xi hames mitt miljun dollaru ghal uliedu u ghal l-ebda injorant li idolah u qallu salvatur, u lil uliedu baghthom iduru d-dinja, dawn ic-cwiec li l-anqas biss jafu jaqraw u jghidulu salvatur (illum qed jirrigurgitaw l-istess diskors ghax issa Joseph Muscat Alla) mhux biss kienu foqra materjalment izda ftaqru wkoll mentalment.

    Kieku ma kienx hekk minn flok ighidu f’ghoxx Gonzi u f’ghoxx kullhadd, kienu joqghodu kwieti, jisimghu x’qed jinghad, jifhmu u wara jitkellmu.

    Ir-raguni ma tridx forza u jekk int ghandek ragun ghandek ragun u r-ragun ma tiehdu minn ghoxx hadd, la minn ghoxx Gonzi, u lanqas minn tieghek. Skuzani ghall-lingwacc pero l-Mintoffjani ma jifhmu b’ebda lingwa ohra u huwa evidenti li l-Mintoffjani ghatxana kif inhuma biex jippruvaw juzaw mohhom, isegwuk ferm aktar milli qatt jammettu.

    Dan bhal meta bniedem ikun ser jiehu banju u jibda jhoss l-ilma biex jara hux kiesah jew shun. Jibda bil-mod jesplora x’inhi r-raguni, x’inhu il-mohh, x’inhi lingwa, x’inhu lsien imma tant ikun batut li jisthi juri li ma jafx x’inhuma ghax dejjem kienu mahkuma, indottrinati.

    L-aqwa li jcapcpu u jghidu dak li jghidu imma jekk issaqsihom ghaliex u ghalfejn ma jkunx jafu jwiegbuk.

  48. P Shaw says:

    You have touched a raw nerve here, Daphne.

    Pulse, jointly with FZL, is the core of the elves’ gang. The elves apparently switched from “ex-PN” to “SDM supporter, but supporting Pulse”.

    It is obvious that the MLP has unleashed them in order to have a submissive, silent and compliant student lobby at the KSU, when they start trampling students’ rights and cutting the expenditure on education (that Edward Scicluna labeled as wasteful spending).

    They are literally brainwashed and beyond repair. They remind me of the American sects, hoping that at one point their leader will lead them to a mass suicide exercise a la Waco.


  49. gianni says:

    The following is from Pulse’s Facebook page.

    “Although his methods of leading were debatable, Hugo Chavez will continue to be remembered as a revolutionary whose socialists policies helped the poor and the vulnerable in Venezuela. We hope that his demise may perhaps introduce new market policies without opening the door for capitalism and excessive market greed in the Latin American country.”

  50. leamshi says:

    Please do allow my posts on your blog , as I am very eager to receive some sort of rude , arrogant answer coming from a soul less ‘ English Professor ..wannabe ‘ like yourself. Waiting!

  51. Angelo Borg Cauchi says:

    I have to say that reading the comments below this article made my stomach lurch. The things you said to Ms. Caruana Galizia are outrageous and pure evil. And then you call her ‘hadra’ just because she speaks her mind?

    I have to give it to you, Daphne. I admire your guts, ruthlessness, strength, and defiance. Half of the people who commented here and offended you, only wish they had half the courage you have to speak their own mind bluntly.

    Unfortunately, being blunt and honest is wrongly interpreted in this bloody country.

    Freedom of Speech and Association as penned down in the Universal Declaration of Human Rights is a right given to everyone. Anyone has the right to say whatever they want to say, no matter how ruthless or striking that may be. Those who assault and stop people from expressing themselves completely, are obviously the ones committing an offence.

    For all of those Nationalists who are stupid enough to believe that Pulse is truly independent – Open your bloody eyes. It’s not. Everyone in their right mind can note that the executive members are made up of people who are deeply involved in Labour politics.

    They are controlled by members of the Forum Zghazagh Laburisti and have strong links with the Labour Party. They even took part in Labour Party campaign videos. If you want to be foolish enough to continue to believe whatever the Executive have shoved down your gullet, grow up and think for yourselves and take a good look around you.

    Alex Cutajar – I have only two things to say to you. I am disgusted by your atrocious grammar and use of English. It is shocking that you think you are fit to write a blog, when you are so misinformed and can’t structure a simple sentence.

  52. Sandro Borg says:

    Dear Mrs. Caruana Galizia, would you be kind enough to tell me how does it fit in for you to slur someone because of their looks? Or how can you insult/judge the parents without even knowing who you are talking about? That is the difference between a modest successful journalist and you (I don’t even have a name for you).

    The only reason why I even bother to read your blog is because of your English, which is impeccable. I strive to improve my English writing and so I enjoy reading your literature.

    However most of your arguments are pretty inattentive and biased, which sort of distress me. I am not going to ensconce the fact that I support Labour, but I also have to include the fact that I am an SDM activist. What I would like to point out is the fact that in scholastic terms, neither PN nor PL have anything to do with these organizations (You can verify this with both presidents of SDM and Pulse). Just in case it slipped your mind, the primarily aim of the organizations is to assist the students with their studies and etc and not to exhort political affairs. Politics was not the reason of why these organizations have been established.

    I then find no objection in why you uploaded this clip, after all this is on YouTube and really and truly can be shared by anyone.

    Next point, can you please tell me how does the hair of that guy define him as gay? I believe that democracy was erected so that each and every one of us is free to do whatever we like, as long as the law is not fragmented. Your remark has been rather clichéd and that is another quality which I don’t like in you (Stereotypes).

    Neither of my parents are into politics and perhaps you could say that then they are ignorant, but frankly I don’t really care about you opinion just like you don’t care about mine, but I should add that it was just up to me to decide which party to vote for two weeks ago. I wasn’t raised as a ‘laburist’ but I learnt to understand (Reading newspaper and catching up on current affairs and bla bla) that Labour MIGHT be the solution. This means that your argument is invalid and that therefore one’s beliefs don’t fundamentally hinge on how one was raised.

    I would appreciate it if you could spare two minutes and give me a reply.

    P.s Feel free to correct my English, because that is how I get to learn 

    [Daphne – Oh dear Lord. Are you an undergraduate? Standards at the University of Malta can’t possibly have sunk THIS low? It really is frightening, especially knowing that you’ll get out the other end with a degree and yet the chances of there being any improvement between now and then are nought.]

    • H.P. Baxxter says:

      If “the primary aim” of both SDM and Pulse is “to assist students with their studies”, and if they are not political organisations, then why have two organisations at all? Why have elections? Why not just unite into one massive massive (OK, I’m quoting Ali G) and live happily ever after?

      I used to think Malta’s champions of self-delusion were the “Malta pajjiz tal-valuri u familja” brigade, but UOM students have knocked them off the podium.

      • Sandro Borg says:

        Because both of them have to offer different opinions.

      • H.P. Baxxter says:

        Opinions on what? Heavy metal vs techno? Crew cut vs emo? Vodka vs beer?

        No. Opinions on the way society should run. Then we’re in the region of politics. They are political organisations.

      • Ryan Cilia says:

        HP Baxxter, students who do not form part of these organisations always assume there are political ties, it is the student organisations themselves that boast their lack of political ties. A person should be able to believe their most basic promise.

        Also, there being two different organisations is there to help both of them [organisations] to grow and be able to offer more and more to the students, if there is only one massive massive then there will be only one leading power which will rest at ease that they’ll remain in “power’ and thus do nothing, and offer nothing.

    • AE says:

      @ Sandro Borg

      It is best that you keep reading Daphne so that perhaps the level of your English improves. With some luck at the same time you might also learn to think for yourself and use logic in your arguments.

      Good luck.

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