Published: March 9, 2013 at 6:57am


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  1. MX says:

    I am disgusted by what happened today. I wish I could say what I really feel but I know that if I do you won’t publish it! Now I know what my grandparents spoke about!

    • Eddy Privitera says:

      Daphne, se tghidilhom li l-pulizija anki interrogaw lil Dr. Deborah Schembri u l-.Nikita Alamango, u li dawn gew interrogati, bhal ma gejt interrogajt int, wara li l-PN ghamel “complaint” mal-pulizijia ????

      • Ganni Abela says:

        Privitera, ħa tgħidilna wkoll li Nakita u Debbie ma inħarġilhomx mandat ta’ arrest mill-Maġistrat tal-Għassa? Kemm tiflaħ tkun vojt.

      • Mark says:

        Exactly…..that’s way the MLP works, so that idiots like you will talk as you just did!

      • Toffee says:

        Imma Sur Priviera il-Pulizia ma marrux jarrestawhom u lanqas marru id-djar taghhom bil-lejl….ma` tarax!

      • Jozef says:

        Nakita u Deborah kandidati tal-partit Laburista, jigifieri kisru ir-regoli u d-dixxiplina tal-partit.

        Issa telghuhom quddiem it-tlett slaten magi.

        U dak x’logo faqqghet Deborah?

      • Augustus says:

        Eddy, ma marrux jarrestawhom fid-dlam laqqas

      • Pauline says:

        Eddy interrogawhom il-Headquarters mhux marru fis-satra tal-lejl jarrestawhom kif ghamlu lil Daphne.

        Hemm bahar jaqsam Sur Privitera.

    • Mister says:

      Quoting one sentence…. from that article:

      Malta, with a population of more than 400,000 people, is the smallest and one of the most successful economies in the eurozone.

      God help us all.

  2. ken il malti says:

    Oh my Lord!

    Charles Buhagiar is really Ned Flanders.

  3. Joe Mallia says:

    Don’t worry, I won’t.

  4. Mary Anne says:

    Thank you for your courage, Daphne. I am so disgusted at what happened! Shades of the eighties.

  5. Evelyn says:

    Din jew arroganza minn tijek ma tobdix il-ligi jew biex minghalik turi li gvern nazzjonalista mhuwiex gvern tal qalba.
    U gieb il-kumment tijej k’jogbok.

    [Daphne – Kif diga ghidtlek, Evelyn. There’s no hope for you – ghax ghandek nofs mohh. ‘Trid tobdi l-ligi’. No, there is no such obligation where the law itself is illegal. On the contrary, it is one’s duty to challenge it. You’d have made a great SS guard.]

    • Miss O'Brien says:

      I WON’T!

    • Raphael E Vassallo says:

      These people never change.

      Like parrots they only repeat what they hear.

      Had many examples at the bank in the 70s and 80s. You hear a half truth on the Xandir and next morning they are all repeating it as if it were the gosple truth.
      I raised my family in the 70s & 80s ‘fuq il-fosos’. Never trusted them then nor will I start now. They never change.

      • C.Portelli says:

        “Like parrots they only repeat what they hear.”

        …or what they are told to say

      • Village says:

        I claim that this is a direct result of their fundamentalist religious beliefs. A belief based on intolerance and suffering which makes them incapable of challenging failed ideological concepts.

        Incidentally well done to you and Lou Bondi for showing how freedom of expression is protected in EU member states. The police would better forget their Mintoffian regime legacy and emulate their EU counterparts.

    • MX says:

      I agree with almost everything you write…the only thing I question is why you even bother with these people. Evely, ghamilli pjacir u mur ivvota l-Silvio Parnis and get what you deserve.

      Mur obsor….I was so angry I voted at 7:15am.

      I hope people realise what today’s decision is all about. Imbasta wicc Joseph all over Google.

    • Matthew S says:

      Well said, Daphne.

      Shame on the newspapers for kowtowing to the law.

      I was shocked when I read yesterday’s leader in the The Times. Instead of doing something to change the law or at least hoping that someone else would, they were actually advocating enforcing the law on anyone who tries to challenge it.


      Kudos to Andrew Borg Cardona who was onto it right away telling all and sundry that he is planning to vote PN and challenging the police to arrest him.

      Kudos also to Lou Bondi for showing support and reacting immediately.

    • Paul Bonnici says:

      Nicholas Azzopardi obda l-ligi, mar id-depot tal-pulizija and ended up in intensive care and dead after a few days.

    • Gori says:

      Daphne Daphne Daphne… Hadd wara Hadd taf xjajdu hux…

    • Eddy Privitera says:

      Minn meta lhaqt ukoll Imhallef, tiddeciedi x’inhu legali u x’inhu illegali ?? Ghalhekk ma kontx tlajt il-Qorti darbtejn fuq dak il-kaz meta hbat bil-karozza u bqajt sejra ?? tghid iggibu dan il-kumment ??

      • Tana toilet paper says:

        Ta’ min jghidielek, Eddy, li nies bhalek l-ahjar promotion biex nivvutaw PN.

    • Herman says:

      Evelyn ilbierah filghaxija waqt li kont fuq Facebook tfaccaw reklami ta Dr. Ian Borg (PL). Dan arroganti ukoll? Taf jekk marrux jarrestawh?

      • La Redoute says:

        Mhux Ian Borg biss, kien hemm ruxmati posts u avvizi tal-kandidati tal-PL, inkluz Joseph Muscat.

    • TROY says:

      Now you’ve confused Evelyn. She’ll probably think that’s a deodorant.

  6. frogs says:

    I will not vote fot them. Let’s go for it

  7. Joe Mallia says:

    My guess is that midget pulled some strings yesterday !

  8. Tabatha White says:

    Waslet il- bidla.

    If anything, this truly disgusting incident just serves to prove the point: Daphne strikes home.

    Amazing. A lone voice amidst all the others they’ve silenced or brainwashed by some promise or threat or other means, and all they can think of is to force silence upon you Daphne.

    What tordid, twisted people.

  9. old-timer says:

    This “day of reflection” before election day – what stupidity! We have five years in which to reflect.

  10. Nicky says:

    I wonder whether they’ve arrested anyone who has made political comments on Facebook yesterday.

    Aren’t we all treated in the same way under the law?

    I’m regretting not having made political comments myself just to test this.

  11. Joseph Muscat says:

    Joseph Muscat’s list of 10 things to do:

    1. Infiltrate all the ‘independent’ media, start with Malta Today (that’s easy), and then the Times. Check

    2. Put together a kick ass marketing campaign. Check.

    3. Promise everything to everyone. Check

    4. Take control of PBS.

    5. Reinforce control of the police force and military.

    6. Continue the rewriting of history. (Note to self: celebrate the 50th anniversary of Malta’s Independence (damn we’ve never celebrated Independence before) and say that it was Mintoff and not GBO that made Malta independent.)

    7. Get Malta out of the EU at the first opportunity (note to self: use new gas power station as a pretext and EU not allowing the cheaper bills. Oh and hunters too)

    8. Start curbing access to the Internet (note to self: I promised to retailers that I would shut down online shopping)

    9. Strike partnerships with the likes of China, North Korea, Tagikistan, Russia, Kazakstan, Iran(maybe).

    10.Slowly establish the 2nd republic – to establish my Malta, make my name greater than Mintoff’s. I am the GREAT LEADER.

  12. EP says:

    Joseph Muscat’s list of things to do:

    1. Infiltrate all the ‘independent’ media, start with Malta Today (that’s easy), and then the Times. Check

    2. Put together a kick ass marketing campaign. Check.

    3. Promise everything to everyone. Check

    4. Take control of PBS.

    5. Reinforce control of the police force and military.

    6. Continue the rewriting of history. (Note to self: celebrate the 50th anniversary of Malta’s Independence (damn we’ve never celebrated Independence before) and say that it was Mintoff and not GBO that made Malta independent.)

    7. Get Malta out of the EU at the first opportunity (note to self: use new gas power station as a pretext and EU not allowing the cheaper bills. Oh and hunters too)

    8. Start curbing access to the Internet (note to self: I promised to retailers that I would shut down online shopping)

    9. Strike partnerships with the likes of China, North Korea, Tagikistan, Russia, Kazakstan, Iran(maybe).

    10.Slowly establish the 2nd republic – to establish my Malta, make my name greater than Mintoff’s. I am the GREAT LEADER.

  13. law says:

    Daphne you are brave and got balls sorry for the punt. Keep your good work its sterling. Courage at the end the truth always win. Vote for futur fis-sod.

  14. Denis says:

    Evelyn, no need to ask Daphne to publish your comments, she does it automatically as any democratic juornalist/ citizen would do.
    Jahasra, sewwa qaltlek Daphne int nofs mohh. You can say whatever you wish , however I do not believe that people of your line will ever understand democracy.

  15. db says:

    I admire you cause you speak what you feel without minding what people say keep it up and never change

  16. malti says:

    Disgusting and arrogant……..we might soon be back for the old days…..people beware…….CHI NON VA A VOTARE LASCIA IL VOTO AL POPOLO E IL POPOLO SEMPRE SCEGLIE BARABBA.

  17. QahbuMalti says:

    Keep it up Daphne. Our democracy is under threat and this is no joke.

    Unfortunately it looks like we will learn only after bitter experience.

    We have done our bit but we are being beaten by a party machine that is much more effective at exploiting the minor issues and making them the major issues.

    I admire your guts……thank you!

  18. Twanny borg says:

    Jekk hemm ohrajn li ippostjaw xi haga konnessa ma’ l-elezzjoni il-pulizija ghandha bzonn kwerela biex tiehu passi kontrihom? Hemm bzonn rapport biex tinvestiga? Tajjeb xi hadd iwiegeb.

  19. Matthew says:

    So good to have you back Daphne.

    I have just come back from acting as a PN agent at a polling station. The following conversation took place with a young PL agent after an envelope with the list of foreign voters in our district was delivered.

    PL agent: “Żgur m’hawnx hafna barranin fid-distrett tagħna. Mhux xi erbgħa suwed.”

    Election Commissioner: “Veru.”

    PL agent: “Kemm niddejjaq li s-suwed se jiddeċiedu għalija.”

    Me: “Mhux daqs kemm tħallas int iħallsu taxxi s-suwed.”

    PL agent: “Isma l-ieħor, mela s-suwed iħallsu t-taxxi?”

    Me: “Jekk jaħdmu jridu jħallsu t-taxxi. Dik hi l-liġi.”

    PL agent: “Imma jien ma rridomx jiddeċiedu għalija. Dawn mhux bhal dawk li jiġu mill-Ewropa”

    Me: “Mela Malta mhux tagħna lkoll?”

    So much for wearing a suit at 6 o’clock in the morning and for trying so hard to look urbane. So much for the token black voter sitting behind Muscat at meetings. So much for claiming to be the voice of gays, the disabled and the disenfranchised.

    The only minority group they do understand and feel affection towards is the hunting lobby because hunters are violent and carry guns, and Laburisti understand violence well and seem to have a natural empathy towards it.

    Three months of Joseph Muscat blabbing about positivity, meritocracy, roadmaps and Malta tagħna lkoll and absolutely nothing has changed.

    Old Labour. New Labour. Spot the difference.

    • bob-a-job says:

      That’s an easy one Matthew.

      The words ‘old’ and ‘new’

      Now tell me, which word remains constant?

  20. QahbuMalti says:

    If the MLP get in we will not be free to criticize them lest they dig up an obsolete treason law and arrest us for having the temerity not to adore them for who they are (just like their supporters).

    I do not want my children to be brought up under a pseudo-communist leadership.

  21. knejjes says:


    Taf xi tfisser il-liberta tal-espressjoni? Jew mohhok ghandek in-noodles go fih?

  22. lorna saliba says:

    You must have really irked little Joseph in his manger, Daphne. But it’s the magistrate who signed the warrant who is beyond me.

    How could a magistrate allow himself/herself to fall so low?

    [Daphne – You’ll find the name on the arrest warrant.]

  23. Edgar Gatt says:

    Was Magistrate Gabriella Vella the duty magistrate last night?

    • Paul Bonnici says:

      Magistrate Gabriella Vella was duty magistrate. If you read the previous report you will see a copy of the arrest warrant signed by Magistrate Gabriella Vella, duty magistrate.

  24. Pink says:

    THANKYOU Daphne!

    How come they did not arrest Joseph Muscat? Every website I was in yesterday, I saw his freakin face.

    A billboard was still up in the Birkirkara Bypass.

    Imma le…. narrestaw lil Daphne ghax qbadniha fl-ahhar! Gharukaza. U dawn ghal giehna ghadhom m’humiex fil-gvern.

    • Eddy Privitera says:

      Pink: Mela f’daqqa wahda l-istess pulizija li kwazi kollha dahlu fil-Korp minn gvernijiet tal-PN, sar laburisti ???????

      • Tana toilet paper says:

        It would take an addled old Mintoffian to believe that police recruitment is only ever based on political leanings.

        We can turn your absurd assumption on its head. Il-pulizjia laburist li dahhlu fi zmien il-Labour kollha saru nazzjonlisti meta inbidel il-gvern?

      • Futur Imcajpar says:

        Ghax il-PN ma staqsihomx ghat-tessera tal-partit biex dahlu pulizija u l-kbarat ghadhom minn zmien il-Labour.

      • MarcoP says:

        Mr. Privitera, mela ma tafx li taht dan il gvern min kien laburist kien moqdi u minn kien nazzjonalist ma kienx… alhekk hafna nazzjonalisti daru kontra il partit, ax qeda lilkom lewwel, imbat tal partit tieghu.

        Alhekk hafna mill pulizija huma labour u jiehdu promotions fuq pulizija nazzjonalist. U jekk ma temminx saqsi il pulizija nazzjonalist ha jghidlek hu.

        Imma dak mux bizejjed alikom ax malta mux taghna ilkoll ima malta tal labour ilkoll biss triduha.

      • pinu says:

        Sur Privitera, int fl-gherf tieghek min tahseb li hemm wara l-pulizija? int li taf kollox.

      • Jozef says:

        Il-question marks hallihom ghal-ghada Privitera.

  25. just me says:

    Daphne, I admire your courage and your strength. You are an inspiration to us all.

    Keep up the good work and take care.

  26. Selit says:

    Extracts from above article link..

    Malta, with a population of more than 400,000 people, is the smallest and one of the most successful economies in the eurozone.

    With its strong tourism and financial services sector, the archipelago has relatively low unemployment, a good growth rate and low government debt.

    Mr Muscat, an economist and former member of the European Parliament, is calling for a change in direction although observers say he hasn’t fully explained what that means.

    one of the most successful economies in the eurozone.

    relatively low unemployment, a good growth rate and low government debt.

    for a change in direction although observers say he hasn’t fully explained what that means. !!!!!

    Yes exactly. He has not explained anything.

    Daphne, I admire you for your courage. It takes a lot of strength to stand up to those policemen and keep yourself composed throughout the whole ordeal.

    As for arrests…Friday early morning, that is past the midnight limit and “silent day” started, I was working at my computer and nearly each and every website I was visiting had malta Labour Party adverts. (yes, malta labour party, in short MLP, that is their name. They have not changed a dime). Therefore, why not arrest the persons responsible for the joseph website?

  27. bob-a-job says:

    This is more serious than one thinks.

    If Joseph Muscat IS behind this then we have plenty to worry about.

    We are about to enter a time capsule and are about to recede forty years in time.

    If Joseph Muscat IS NOT behind this and at this delicate stage it’s really not in his interest to resort to such thrash tactics, then it is even more worrying.

    It means that Joseph Muscat has already lost his grip on the worse elements within his Party.

    Malta taghna ilkoll – hlief ghal dawk li ma jaqblux maghna!

  28. Gbow says:

    JPO on FB: “Grazzi ghat-tejatrin imtella mis-Sinjura Caruana Galizia u s-Sur Bondi dal-lejl iddecidejt li, flok nastjeni, nivvota llum.”

    How can JPO look in the mirror without feeling what so many feel about him is beyond me.

    As for the ‘tejatrin’ i guess he has forgot his own behaviour five years ago running around like a headless chicken to get attention from the press, trying to justify his Mistra dealings.

    ps. Daphne I do admire your courage, but be careful especially in the next few days. There are lots of crazies out there.

  29. Pina says:

    They didn’t have you arrested to stop you from writing. What further damage could you have done to them at this late hour?

    By arresting you they risked losing more than there was to gain from keeping you quiet.

    They arrested you to try to deprive you from voting, the ultimate revenge in their eyes. Preventing you from voting PN.

  30. giraffa says:

    Come Monday, we will be back to the eighties! Bil-Labour, il-passat hu garanzija tal-futur. My full solidarity Daphne, and let’s hope that those still undecided, will open their eyes before dooming us all, including themselves and their children, to Socialist thuggery.

  31. just me says:

    We must all keep in mind Lawrence Gonzi’s amazing achievements. He obtained for Malta 1,128,000,000 euros.

  32. Alfred G Formosa says:

    You are the IRON LADY of Malta! I wish there were more like you. We love you!

    THEY never change. Still the same old BB

  33. Alfred G Formosa says:

    Wara 25 sena indannati.

  34. Klara says:

    Daphne, kemm int kuraggjuza u brava. Geddidt il-memorja meta kienu jarresstaw il-gurnalisti Nazzjonalisti biex jaghlqulhom halqhom.

  35. Alfred G Formosa says:

    They still use the police to intimidate people instead of keeping the law. KEEP IT UP Daphne

  36. Martin schranz says:

    Thank you Daphne, you are a true heroine.

  37. Natalie Mallett says:

    When I heard the news this morning I was going to go straight to the police station and get myself arrested as well because I was happy to recommend your articles and I am sure a few others would have followed suit.

    I honestly admire your courage and guts and so glad that you have been released and continue to stand up for true democracy.

  38. toni says:

    malta taghna lkoll

  39. TheFoolOnTheHill says:

    In most “civilized” countries, the performance of a government is most clearly measured by their economic and social track record, as this is where the voting public feels their government’s impact most. As Bill Clinton put it (and subsequently won a second term), “it’s about the
    economy stupid.” This government has successfully lead Malta through a very difficult time economically. Yet still, despite that honourable fact, the “hamulli” are being seriously considered as a viable option for leadership – as if the PN economic track record has nothing to do with it.

    It begs the question, why? Why aren’t Maltese voters, on the whole, considering successful Nationalist economic policy? Why are the cowardly, turn tail PN supporters really switching gears, “getting on board” as they put it, and voting Labour? And the only answer I can come up with is basic human greed.

    Everyone – I mean every one – is in it for what they can get out of it. And that “waddling”, power hungry “hamullu” is appealing to these very basic human instincts in his efforts to seize power – promising the world to every selfish, personal interest out there, as if the Maltese coffers have an endless supply of gold, as if the shared values of the European Union should be pissed on. Where is all this money going to come from? A 75% tax rate on the rich? Likely. Austerity? Not likely. Does the average Maltese voter really think that Joseph Muscat and his henchmen have the personal maturity to lead? I suggest that we look to his obnoxious, quintessentially low-class behavior in the European Parliament for our answer. This election is not about economics, nor what’s best for Malta. It’s about power – plain and simple. It’s about a deep (and yes painful) social divide marked entirely by levels of intelligence and basic decorum. There is an ugly hatred in this country which polarizes the two sides. You have the completely unconscious mob on the one hand, with all their feelings of inferiority driving their hatred and utter hypocrisy, and the Maltese intelligentsia on the other, disgusted and fearful by the sight of it.

  40. I am afraid says:

    Dear Friends,

    Please be aware, we are litteraly risking going back to the 80s. One of the policemen arresting Ms. Crauana Galizia is following orders AND his father footsteps. His father was also a policeman in the 70s and 80s.

    As Ms. Caruana Galizia said we do not want our children to live Labour again. PS Note. I am nor a Caruana Galizia admirer (to the contrary and criticised her in various occasions) neither a die hard nationalist but a father of two daughters.

  41. Mandy says:

    I just voted PN and did so with pride.

  42. Pat Zahra says:

    I showed my son the video of your arrest.

    ‘This is what I mean,’ I told him. ‘This is what it was like for us when I was your age. Labour doesn’t change. If they are elected we’ll have to creep around in fear for the next five years.’

    Few things sober up a fifteen-year-old, but this did it.

  43. rita says:

    wellcome back dear they dont like it when you speak at BULL’ EYE. if it was contrary you would be on a pedestal. go on let them be many are behind you. xxx

  44. qwerty says:

    As I was entering the polling station I received this SMS from Labour MP Chris Cardona: Inheggek tmur tivvota lill-Partit Laburista u nirringrazzjak bil-quddiem tal-appogg u s-sapport tieghek – Chris Cardona.

    Is this not unlawful. I never asked to be part of his mailing list.

  45. jv says:

    Now to maintain the PL vision for the future, the core group will have be maintained at what appears to be a sub 6th form level so they do not become informed of what happens outside of their insular bubble of reality with devastating consequences for the economy and foreign investment.

    These new jobs? Without the education required to attain them?

    Parents of PL children stuck in a vicious circle of spite and revenge?

    I hope and pray that at least a portion of what you write somehow trickles down into a portion of their brains.

    Thank you for inspiring my son to consider studying politics and most of all a thousand thanks for the continuing education.

    You represent the best of Malta and we await many more years of your writing.

  46. Didi says:

    Every country gets the government it deserves, and being the spoilt nation that we are, we’re getting a spoilt brat as a prime minister.

    We complain because Arriva was 10 minutes late and discard the fact that we were actually waiting the bus to go to work, because we still are employed.

    If the polls are correct and PL are in government next week, let these 5 years be a reality check for all.

  47. Nazjunalisti u kburiiiiiii says:

    Skuzawni tal-bad language.

    I just saw the clip u nixtieq nghidilom min qieh qalbi: “F’ **ox kemm ghandkom ja qatta zibel ghax dak li intkom – zibel.”

  48. Toyger says:

    Just now…at least you’re not the only one, but possibly it could be that you gave them food for thought when commenting that other people had uploaded comments.

  49. RosanneB says:

    I would like to express my support to you and your family.

    I’m really disgusted at what happened to you yesterday. I’m proud to say that I voted PN just now…together with all my family! Kuragg Daphne!!

  50. Dejjem PN says:

    Welcome back, Daphne. Yes they are all bastards. The police force needs a good clean-up.

  51. Eddy Privitera says:

    Din l-IRON LADY ? Bzajt iggib il-kummenti tieghi ghax ghidtlek li gejt arrestata taht gvern nazzjonalista ???

    • Wormfood says:

      Mela Sur Privitera, kif Daphne hija parti mill-mMfja tal-PN jekk ġiet arrestata taħt gvern Nazzjonalista? Wieġeb jekk għandhek il-kuraġġ, mhux taħrab bħal ħamiema.

    • Augustus says:

      I already told you to f*ck off Eddy, but you keep coming in like the fart you are. Scram.

  52. pablo says:

    Just got back from voting for more of the same freedom, and was regaled with the sight of Cyrus Engerer hugging PL observers outside the polling station, across the street where five years ago he hugged the PN observers.

    Thanks for the laugh, Cyrus honey.

    • Min Jaf says:

      Pablo, with Cyrus political leanings are irrelevant.

      Cyrus will hug anyone so long as that anyone is a man, particularly if that anyone hugs him back.

      Same trait appears to now have rubbed off on Joseph Muscat as PL event photos indicate.

  53. Paul Bonnici says:

    Self-preservation is the concept that you act to save yourself as a primal instinct for survival.

    All those involved in your arrest, including the magistrate who signed the arrest warrant, the police commissioner and the arresting CID police officers, acted out of self-preservation and to score brownie points with the PL, because they know about the vindictive and violent behaviour of Labour.

  54. Joseph Schembri says:

    I was MLP till late 70s. Come 1981 always voted PN.

    This time round was very reluctant to vote for personal reasons. But 6 weeks into the campaign ( thanks only to labour and some reflection), I WILL be voting PN.

  55. Tania says:

    I want to show my support and admiration for your courage.

    Labour should not be trusted ever. We need a different alternative altogether for an opposition.

  56. steve c says:

    Look at this dick-head Pullicino Orlando.

    Well done, Daphne, we are behind. Keep strong and keep it up.

    Jeffrey Pullicino Orlando shared a link.

    3 hours ago.

    Grazzi ghat-tejatrin imtella mis-Sinjura Caruana Galizia u s-Sur Bondi dal-lejl iddecidejt li, flok nastjeni, nivvota llum.

  57. pinu says:

    Shades of things to come if PL is elected.
    You had your last warning naive voters.

    • WhoamI? says:

      Aaahhhaaa ja pulcinell! Nahseb din kien qed jistenna.

      Ara vera zbuxxlat dan ir-ragel. Nahseb taghtu xi ultimatum Carmen imma.

      Gej bit-tejatrini. Messu jisthi wara li L-PN qalghu mill-hara hames snin ilu. Ja zibel.

  58. Horazju says:

    The only change we are going to see IF the Labour gets elected will be a negative one, IF it is a good one, then nothing would have changed.

  59. Bella Kumpanija says:

    The Times

    From the article of The Times “Having had previous experience in the political scene – she was Alfred Sant’s personal assistant and before that worked in a Labour minister’s secretariat ”

    Allura min jista` jichad li jekk PL ikunu fil-gvern Malta ma tergax tmur lura bhal granc. Wara l-ahhar zewg leaders ta’ PL hemm l-istess Mara hi “Me Shall”.

    Ahsbuha sewwa qabel ma tmorru tivvutaw. Ivvutaw PN halli nghixu fil-LIBERTA`.

  60. fabius says:

    i was born in 1975, in the southern part of the island, dik li jsejhu fortizza Laburista.

    I remember clearly when I use to go to buy the newspaper for Dad and had to hide it in my pocket.

    I remember trying to enter De La Salle but instead of teachers I found Labour gangsters waiting for us students in front of a closed gate.

    I remember my parents returning from Tal Barrani as if they returned from Afghanistan.

    I remember when the Archbishop’s Curia was ransacked. I’m 37 and when someone mentions Labour all these bad memories go through my mind in images.

    In 2013 I ask myself, how the f**k are there still people who vote Labour?

  61. steve says:

    Four PL candidates were called in by the police for questioning. So why were you arrested and the four PL candidates simple called in for questioning for the same ‘offence’?

    [Daphne – Because they never had any intention of calling in those Labour candidates at all, still less arresting them at night. It’s a sop.]

  62. Allamana says:

    Despite the hassle and what they, in their petty minds, had figured was a good plan to harass you, the tin pot dictators at Blata l-Bajda ended up with egg on their face.

    They just ruffled the Iron Lady.

    Keep up the good work.

  63. stevn gerrard says:

    Kemm hu sabih li tghix fil-kwiet!

  64. Osservatore says:

    By the way, some of those pictured above were in government back then too.

  65. Paddling Duck says:

    A must read if you’re still undecided…

    • Matthew S says:

      I second that. This article should be heavily promoted.

      This is the choice quote:

      ‘Malta, with a population of more than 400,000 people, is the smallest and one of the most successful economies in the eurozone.

      With its strong tourism and financial services sector, the archipelago has relatively low unemployment, a good growth rate and low government debt.’

  66. Paul Bonnici says:

    When I first heard of your arrest, I suspected it was staged, but having seen the videos of your arrest with Lou Bondi and the police officers, I knew it was not staged, the tense expression of fear on your face and Lou’s face could definitely not be faked.

    I noticed genuine fear in your face.

    Well done, Lou Bondi!

    • Matthew S says:

      I’m glad that you realised it was genuine but I still can’t understand how suspicions like yours even arise.

      On what planet do you have to live to think that Daphne staged her own arrest? Why on earth would she do that?

      It’s such a crackpot idea, I genuinely wonder how you even manage to come up with these conspiracy theories.

      Ever heard of Occam’s razor?

      • Paul Bonnici says:

        I anticipated Labour to come with these conspiracy theories. Some Labour supporters suggested that already.

    • Toffee says:

      I did not see it as fear. It looked more like disgust and repulsion to me. A pillar of courage is our Daphne.

  67. Mark says:

    Rega beda r-renju tat-re tat-terrur …

  68. Aequitas says:

    If any further proof were needed to show that they’re bringing back the 80s, read this:

    Il-MLP jinnomina eks spettur tas-snin ’80 biex jirrappreżenta lill-MLP f’dawn l-elezzjonijiet

  69. M Falzon says:

    My partner and I voted PN this morning. We’re out and proud. I can look back and say that I did the best thing for my family and country.

    Thank you prime minister for the past 5 years.

    Thank you Daphne.

  70. Joe Sammut says:

    No matter what they do, Labour will never change.

  71. just me says:

    Why is it that PL candidates were just sent for questioning for making comments on internet yesterday while Daphne was arrested? Why this discrimination?

  72. R Vella says:

    I went through this back in ’77 and don’t ever want to see this happen again.

    Anyone insane enough to forget the past and go through with that period again needs to get his head examined.

  73. steve says:

    Just heard on news that ex police supt Pico (of 80s fame) has been officially appointed as a delegate to help Labour during the elections. They never change, do they.

  74. G Borg says:

    The PL, il-moviment, or whatever they opt to call the entity, is built upon, and moulded and inculcated with the envy and hatred that is instilled by a socialist and Mintoffian frame of mind.

    They have not changed, though they have become more sophisticated (and so more dangerous) and marketing-savvy. God forbid.

  75. sarah says:

    I’m OUT and proud. I voted PN so did my husband and the rest of our families.

    We may be but a drop in the ocean but we made the right choice and of that i’m sure.

    Whether the majority make the right choice or not now that’s another matter. Let’s just pray that good sense prevails.

  76. Karl Brincat says:

    So Lou Bondi and crew can make it there in such a short time???? Do you seriously want anyone to believe that the whole eve last night was not staged?????

    As nationalists have been saying, the electorate is brighter than that!!!

    [Daphne – Crew? There was one cameraman. And where do you think both Lou and the cameraman were at 10pm? AT HOME – one in Hal Lija and the other in Hal Balzan, both literally 10 minutes away from me at night. I suppose you are one of those people who think Bidnija is somewhere north of Catania.]

  77. Paul Bonnici says:

    I suspect that this charade of the arrest of Daphne was instigated by the police commissioner to save his own skin when Labour comes power. He already know his job is in line.

  78. C Mangion says:

    Saw your post at 5.45am before leaving for work and I was horrified.


    I left my husband a note by the kettle, GO VOTE! (He thinks I am a staunch Nationalist). Truth is our home help got a golf for Valentine’s day! A VW golf. Faqar? Piss off, if you’re struggling and poor – you’re just lazy and unambitious!

    I go to work on a market stall. I work 60 hours a week. We’re going on holiday next week, my husband is self employed, our girl goes to private school.

    We work bloody hard, we enjoy life, we pay our taxes and ask for little in return.

    If ‘lejber’ get elected and ruin this lifestyle we lead, I pray they won’t last the whole 5 years. Muscat is an embarrassment. It will be Eurovision, cringe factor for the whole duration.

    Lord hear us, Lord mercifully hear us! Oh and I am not particularly religious either.

  79. Gahan says:

    “Andate a votare! Chi non vota lascia il suo destino alla folla, e la folla vota sempre Barabba” Benigni

  80. Jozef says:

    Mahmugin u did-darba gejjin bin-nejk. Dan mhux se joqghod jekk r-rizultat ma jgibux.

    All undecided voters, have look at this.

  81. Someone says:

    Call me an optimist but the turnout figure for 2 pm isn’t going in the wrong direction compared to 2008, on the assumption that anyone who ever voted Nationalist would always find it easier to abstain as a protest vote rather than go the full hog and do the insane step of voting for JosephMuscat.Com.

    Although I have always voted Nationalist, there may be a time when one could consider voting for another party (or movement), however JosephMuscat.Com and his assorted lot certainly did not tick any of the required boxes.

    Looking back, had Labour installed George Abela as a leader, he may have put together a more palatable option as a credible opponent to Gonzi’s effort. As soon as Muscat surrounded himself (voluntarily or not) with his childhood idols from the Golden Years and some new wannabes without a sliver of political and economics savoire-faire, it was always always going to be an uphill struggle for the ‘movement’, assuming the Maltese voters had any functioning grey matter remaining between their ears.

    As usual, the Nationalists’ superior subtlety handling of media including the contemporary technologies always played in our favour and hopefully, as our fate is now sealed in those grey nondescript boxes, the message of sense and righteousness was delivered where it was needed.

    Looking back, the decision to appoint Abela as President was Machiavellic as much as it was right! Should God smile on us and the Nationalists win, there will still be no immediate alternative to the PL leadership as it would be bad form if the President of all Maltese would recycle himself as a political leader of hopefully what will be just less than half of the population.

    One can only imagine the political wars and backstabbing that would go on in the Glass Palace and it would be interesting to see where the child leader would find himself at the end of the bloodbath. Could it be that the PL would commit the political hara kiri (errmm.. if you prefer seppuku) of allowing Jason Micallef to continue hi ascension within the party?

    This is nothing but wishful thinking as the boxes will now start making their way to the counting hall but I just wanted to leave my Nationalist friends with a happy hopeful though as we go to bed on this fateful night!

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