“The time for political parties is over” – Joseph Muscat

Published: March 9, 2013 at 12:12pm

Fearless leader

hoddy convention 2

loaves and fishes

Mao 1

Mao 2

Mao 3

Mao 4

mass hysteria

Mussolini 1

Mussolini 2

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  1. bystander says:

    Can we call him Duce from now on?

  2. G Borg says:

    Mhux hekk! In the wake of Stalin, Kim Il Sung, Mussolini, Hitler, Castro, and his despicable predecessor and idol Mintoff.

    A Leader Maximo with a bunch of yes-men, brainless puppets and idiots acting as a ‘party’ or call it what you like.

    Why have principles? What is important is the Leader’s gratification and satisfying his ego.

    The out ones are but a mere detail.

    P. S. Mur gibu kien intelligenti. Imma kieku kien joqghod f’postu Burmarrad (l-ebda offiza intenzjonata ghal kull min hu minn Burmarrad).

  3. zunzana says:

    One Nation, One Movement, One Party, ONE TV.

    • Paul Bonnici says:

      That’s original. Net TV will have to move to Sicily because there will only be ONE TV station in Malta.

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