What’s a cheap-boutique owner doing at this meeting with the Foreign Minister? Turns out he’s the Economy Minister’s chief of staff.

Published: April 5, 2013 at 9:52pm



The Foreign Minister (George Vella), accompanied by the Minister for the Economy (Chris Cardona) and the Justice, Police, Army and Broadcasting Minister (Manuel Mallia) met a delegation from the Malta-Libya Chamber of Commerce today.

The aim was to see how commercial relations with Libya could be improved – you know, because George Vella and Chris Cardona can be really helpful on that. Mallia the Justice, Police, Army and Broadcasting Minister was there, or so we gather, to see how visas could be expedited to make life easier.

Anyway, this is about the man sitting next to the Justice, Police, Army and Broadcasting Minister. What is he doing there? It turns out that he is chief of staff to the Minister for the Economy, having been given this job in the Economy Ministry secretariat after serving Chris Cardona so well as his canvasser/galoppin.

He is a certain Mario Azzopardi who owns a cheap and tacky shop called Pardi, which sells low-quality clothes, next to the Birkirkara Labour Party Club in Mannarino Road, among other similar boutiques.

Amazing how all these types have freeloaded straight into jobs in the private secretariats of government ministers. How does he qualify as chief of staff to a cabinet minister by selling cheap polyester trousers in Birkirkara?

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  1. Wilson says:

    What is even worse is the standing of this Malta-Libya CoC. Very low standing with the present government in Libya at present. Not good news for Libyans or the Maltese at all.

  2. Min Jaf says:

    High-salaried consultant designate to Chris Cardona, perhaps?

  3. La Redoute says:

    We have a cheap polyester minister of the economy (“inhallukom tahdmu”, “l-ekonomija tikber weheda”) so I’d say the chief of staff is the right man for the job.

  4. Helen says:

    Rozz tal-prima klassi. Hefu Bar client. Jaqq, b’xiex tghabbejna.

  5. Disney says:

    Is this Mario Azzopardi the same person who used to annoy me and every member of my family with sms re Labour activities before and during election days?

  6. edgar says:

    Maybe he was the one who sold that tacky red polyester shirt that Manwel Mallia was wearing in that photo with Marlene Mizzi

  7. Toyger says:

    He’s going to start dressing the Prime Minister and the rest of the cabinet.

  8. Neville pace says:

    What does the minister of police and the army have to do with a Chamber of Commerce?

  9. Min Weber says:

    Scruples too …

    An old GhSZ hack …

  10. bookworm says:

    They think that because they wear a suit, they have reached the height of their career and think of themselves as ‘waslu’.

  11. old-timer says:

    These people are not being forgotten – they are getting their reward – and rightly so.

  12. Simon says:

    Who is the short man, wearing specs, sitting next to Cardona?

  13. Zunzana says:

    Mela Chris, vera meritocracy bil-provi, kif kont tghid int ezatt fil-home visits. Mur obsor ghalik. Niftahar li jien ma kontx wiehed li blajt il-lixka, u ma ivvotajtx lill-MOVIMENT.

    Min kif kont titkellem, kont nistenna ahjar minn ghandhek. Kont naghmlek politiku moderat, imma taht dak il-wicc angeliku hemm ragel iehor. Nerga nghidlek, proset tassew tal-meritokrazija li int u shabek qed turu.

  14. il-korla says:

    He is the link between Armani and Me Shall.

  15. mario galea says:

    Ejja ilkoll najtu Malta taghhom biss.

  16. Andrew Muscat says:

    Mario Azzopardi owns more than one ” cheap and tacky shop” as you dear Ms Galizia called them. I believe that he opened business many years ago and is still doing business in Hamrun and Birkirkara. In my opinion this makes him a very successful businessman.
    I think that this article is a waste of time since by your argument Ms Galizia, what was Edward Vassallo doing in parliament for all these years? Weren’t the market stalls more fascinating to him?


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