Edward Scicluna: yet another one being coy about his house

Published: July 17, 2013 at 10:50pm

Edward Scicluna

So, deputy prime minister Louis Grech has declared his large villa plus garden in the best part of Madliena as a “residential property in Swieqi”.

Police, Army, Broadcasting and Films Minister Manuel Mallia has declared his exclusive cliff-edge Ta’ Cenc estate villa as a “villa in Sannat”.

And we also have Finance Minister Edward Scicluna, who has declared his large San Pawl tat-Targa villa as a “residence in Naxxar”. And as with the other two, the difference between a house in a Naxxar street and a villa in San Pawl tat-Targa is a few hundred thousand euros.

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  1. ciccio says:

    These declarations are a joke.

    They are incomplete in many respects.

    The values of the assets are not consistently given.

    There are many assets declared which should be income yielding, but the corresponding income does not appear declared.

  2. Gahan says:

    How is it that Louis Grech collects a Malta pension and Edward Scicluna does not? Did he forget to declare his old age pension? Is dementia setting in?

  3. ciccio says:

    So what was the 2012 income of the Professor of Mintoffianomics? It is not stated in the report on Times of Malta.

  4. Gahan says:

    The PM earned €42,075 last year.

    The most expensive thing he ever bought in his life was a handbag for his wife, he said in an interview.

    His house was given to him by his parents, when he was still in his early 20s, so no loans.

    He’s on a diet of “naqa’ salad.

    So how is it that he has only €70,000 deposits in banks, when he had such a good salary and benefits for four years as an MEP? How did he blow it all?

    Why wasn’t he more specific about that bank deposit, like his colleagues were: e.g. €20,000 BOV, 25,000 HSBC , €25,000 Banif?

    I am not at all convinced.

  5. The Phoenix says:

    Edward Scicluna forgot to list his sailing yacht, Meltemi. Admittedly it’s not much of a yacht, but it’s an asset isn’t it?

  6. ciccio says:

    Karmenu Vella is another Minister whose income is not published on The Times.

  7. Kirin says:

    Best one is declaring a family tomb as an asset.

  8. camata says:

    What about Edward Scicluna’s boat? Are they not obliged to list boats in declarations of assets?

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