Manuel Mallia’s Bank of Valletta loan: “amount to be disclosed later”. There’s no mention of his income, at all. And he keeps half a million in cash under the mattress. It pays to work for cocaine traffickers.

Published: July 17, 2013 at 10:45pm

Manuel Mallia at Lidl 8

So it turns out that the thrifty Lidl shopper is a multi-millionaire. And not only that, but his boss Joseph has allowed him some special treatment, because his mandatory statement of affairs includes neither his income for 2012 nor the size of his loans.

Under loans, we get ‘amount to be disclosed later’. But there is no such pledge about disclosing his income.

One of Manuel Mallia’s Romanian household servants fled back to her home country because, as she wrote to me via this website, there was no food or water in the house, and she was sent to the public fountain at the Mainguard to fill jerry cans with water for the laundry and baths.

Yet look at his declaration of assets. When all that he owns is totted up – and this list doesn’t include his collection of valuable antique furniture and Faberge eggs – he’s really rolling in it.

He even has half a million euros of liquid cash swishing around God knows where, because it’s not in the bank. Under his mattress, maybe? And there’s another quarter-million-plus cash actually in the bank.

Yet he shops at Lidl. What a miser.

Also, take note of that “villa in Sannat”. Like Louis Grech with his “residential property in Swieqi”, he’s being disingenuous. That’s not a “villa in Sannat”. That’s one of the exceptional cliff-edge Ta’ Cenc villas. Yes, technically Ta’ Cenc is Sannat, but there you go. The difference between a “villa in Sannat” and a “villa at Ta’ Cenc” is a few hundred thousand euros.


Property: 25 per cent of an inheritance from parents consisting of rents, ground rents and properties. 19 Windmill Street, Valletta, villa in Sannat, three flats in Msida, property in Msida Seafront, 25 per cent undivided share of land at Burmarrad, 50 per cent share in a property in Romania.

Investment grade bonds: €1,138,909.05

Non-investment grade bonds: €57,406.16

International equities: €15,765.49

Securities: €59,674.57

Money in banks: BOV €203,056.48; €70,000 bank account, €495,000 cash.

BOV Loan: amount to be disclosed later.

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  1. ciccio says:

    Bil-qatra l-qatra tintela l-garra, jghidu.

  2. P Sant says:

    And what was his income in 2012?

  3. P Sant says:

    And what was his income in 2012? Will it be disclosed later as well?

  4. maryanne says:

    What was his income in 2012?

  5. Matthew S says:

    Manuel Mallia strikes again.

    In 2008, the police stopped issuing permits for the closure of arterial roads in Msida during festa time. Previously, they used to be closed for the letting off of fireworks.

    Mater Dei had just opened and, very sensibly, ambulances and heavy traffic took precedence over fireworks.

    Not any more.

    Fireworks enthusiasts recently had a chat with Manuel Mallia and Mallia ensured that permits will be issued immediately. Ambulances, emergencies and ill people be damned.

    Apart from the madness of closing arterial roads (they shouldn’t be closed even if there are no hospitals in the vicinity), there’s another aspect to the story.

    The police take decisions independently from the minister. Deciding whether to issue such a permit is the police’s job and not the minister’s.

    Manuel Mallia clearly overruled the police. No wonder he wanted a complete lackey as police commissioner.

    Read the story on I’m sure you’ll love the fireworks’ enthusiast opinion of Manuel Mallia.

  6. Harry Purdie says:

    Amazing. The 1,000 Euro a month, ‘less than living wage’ people, voted for these fat cats?

    Duped by Il Duce.

  7. Sufa says:

    With such assets, doesn’t he ever question the reason why his very young Eastern-European wife “chose” to marry an older, overweight slob like himself?

    • H.P. Baxxter says:

      Hell, with those assets, I’d marry him myself.

      We’re ruled by a posse of millionaires. This isn’t even champagne socialism. It’s lying-to-your-face socialism.

      • La Redoute says:

        You would have to accept the tremendous liabilities too.

      • H.P. Baxxter says:

        I’ve seen worse, La Redoute, I’ve seen worse.

        Bring it on, Manuel. I’m yours for life. We can have the first gay marriage in Malta.

  8. TGTBTG says:

    Why did he need to get into politics, why didn’t he stay put and enjoy his cash and earnings? Maybe he stands to gain much more?

    Why would one disclose to all that he has millions, unless it was really worth it in other ways?

    [Daphne – If you look at his declaration again, you’ll see that he has disclosed neither his income nor his loans.]

  9. Village says:

    Mejjet bil-guh zgur mhux, pero qammiel iva.

    Mhux hazin ghal ex-lavrant ta’ Demarco.

  10. CB says:

    And then The Sunday Times carries a massive front page story reporting that Austin Gatt is being subjected to a tax audit because of a Swiss account worth less than the cash Manuel Mallia keeps under his capacious pillow.

    • Josette says:

      Maybe he keeps it in that pillow … apparently it’s the most important thing in his life.

      I wonder why he declared all this cash.

      When you keep money in cash, you are normally trying to hide it (for whatever reason). Is this a form of bragging?

  11. Al Capoone says:

    Will the Tax Compliance Unit now be checking whether income tax paid over the years justifies the millions accumulated?

  12. Ta'sapienza says:

    The wailing and screaming about Austin Gatt’s Swiss bank account , and Mallia has more than that running around in cash.

  13. matt says:

    With all that money, why he bothered to enter politics. With his clout in the private sector he was able to get away with anything.

    • ciccio says:

      “With all that money, why he bothered to enter politics.”

      At the time when Emanuel Mallia joined the Moviment, in a social event of which there is a video somewhere on Youtube and which was once linked from this blog, Joseph Muscat had said that Emanuel Mallia wanted “to give something back to the country.”

      Maybe he is planning to distribute those millions to the poor. Perhaps Yana Mintoff Bland should get in contact with him.

  14. Galian says:

    What baffles me is that he did not declare his income but declared almost half a million cash, which he could have easily not declared.

  15. camata says:

    Labour FAT CATS

  16. maturecheddar says:

    All my life I have searched – who knew I just had to go to the supermarket?[email protected]/

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