A supporter of Joseph Muscat asks the EU Commissioner: “Are you looking for a Black Dick, Cicillia?”

Published: August 7, 2013 at 1:09am

Malmstrom conference

EU Commissioner Cecilia Malmstrom uploaded on her official Facebook page this photograph of herself at the Technology Against Crime conference in Lyon.

Beneath it, supporters of Joseph Muscat, who think that all black people are asylum seekers, have been busy posting comments.

Jason Schembri
you allow all these refugees to europe, and make us live with the sharia law, why you and them have no respect towards us?

Kevin Vella
are you looking for a Black Dick Cicillia ?

Lawrence Galea
Kevin, Maybe she likes to experiment. In that case we can send her all the illegal immigrants in Malta and she can then have one each day for the rest of her life. Is that why the have a regulation about how big and straight a banana must be?

Victor Coleiro
Taking in your home Cecilia you like very well this people…

Katarina Vella
to those who are in favour of these illegal emigrants, I suggest, you take them in your home and feed them. case closed

Charles Mangion
Take them home with you I am sure you like big fat Black Pudding

Mario Delicata
Your name Mrs Malmstrom will be remembered in the books of history as one of the most notorious traitors of Europe.

Robert Rodenas
Muslims not welcome in Malta

Melvin Grech
maltese people very brave

Tony Camilleri
Stuff them up yours Malmstrom.

Andre Grech
you are the hypocrite of europe!!!

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  1. curious says:

    I wonder who had the original idea and who directed these sheep to the Commissioner’s Facebook page.

    I don’t trust most of them to find their own Facebook page, let alone that of someone with such a surname (too complicated to spell for the cultured mob).

  2. Antoine Vella says:

    I don’t know about a black dick but if Cicillia wants a ginger dickhead she can come to Malta.

  3. Relief says:

    Road map to hell – thank you, Joseph

  4. Harry Purdie says:

    As you keep condoning this crap, little Joey, you will not have to worry about a referendum, We will be drummed out.

  5. curious says:

    Is Marlene Mizzi already on holiday? How will she be facing her colleagues in Brussels after this majjalata of comments?

    • Mary says:

      Probabbli jew tilghab u tiggosta lil qtates jaghmlu peep-po…ara FB taghha

    • Joseph Caruana says:

      Black dick? I bet that Kevin Vella is a hardcore fan of the pornographic websites that make it to the top 20 websites most visited by the Maltese.

  6. Manuel says:

    This is the first part of the Muscat Utopia: sooner or later he will direct his hatred towards the Opposition and we will be back to Karmenu Vella’s much loved Golden Years. With the vicious attack of a Chairman for Science and a Commissioner for Law reform on a young Nationalist who had the balls to stand up to them and with Muscat’s inability to take action, the ball is already set in motion. In the 80s the victim of any vicious Labour thugs attacks in those years were accused of being the provocateur. This is what JPO tried to do initially: put the blame squarely on Mr. Azzopardi, the victim. And he feels he can do to do this since his PM inflates his ego.

  7. Manuel says:

    Right now the provocateurs are the people coming from Africa (not from China, mind you, or from Romania, or Estonia or Russia, or Poland…). Tomorrow it will be the PN and its supporters. Thank you “switchers” for your inability to discern well before you voted.

  8. Dez says:

    Bet the PM is having a good giggle. These are the people he attracted and the ones whose support he needs to help him accomplish his mission. Evident are the increasing signs of a determination to pull out of the EU and turn Malta into a personal fiefdom.

    • Edward says:

      I totally agree with you. That is what he wants, to be seen as the father of Malta.

      He talks about “uniting” Malta, the same way Ghaddafi “united” Libya. That is all he wants.

  9. Chris says:

    Katrina Vella has not yet realised that she is in favour of emigration.

  10. CIS says:

    Another word is being used as a pun ‘blackmail’. How stupid can they get? They do not have Gonzi to speak of now – so they vent their anger at Irregular Immigrants. Poor Maltese. Instead of rising up to the occasion they are behaving worse than the Immigrants.

    • Grezz says:

      And they can’t bring themselves to rant against Simon Busuttil, seeing that all he seems to be doing is trying to curry favour with villagers, constantly uploading photos of practically each and every feast in Malta and Gozo on his Facebook page.

  11. Rumplestiltskin says:

    What a bunch of sick, vulgar, pea-brains.

    The prime minister’s silence in the face of these comments on Ms Malmstrom’s official Facebook page can only be interpreted as condoning (and hence encouraging) them.

    Unless he takes control of this situation Malta will soon be the pariah of Europe. How far we have fallen in just a few months. Is this the ‘change’ that was voted for?

    • Calculator says:

      For Mintoffian Labour diehards: yes, it was totally the change they voted for.

      For the switchers: the writing was on the wall, but as long as they got their own slice of iced bun and/or revenge, they were happy.

      To them we owe our current situation. May their choice come back to bite them in the arse some day.

  12. Unbennant says:

    Great! Malta’s turning into the great big hellscape that it deserves to be.

    Keep them stupid, Joseph.

  13. Eve says:

    Yes. To those of us who have some brains Joseph is proving us right.

    All you switchers, and new voters who were chanting “shame on you” at Dr. Gonzi can now be satisfied at having your wishes fulfilled at witnessing, all the marvelous work that the PN did, being quickly eroded by the present lot.

    Well I say, “Shame on you” for voting this lot in.

  14. rpacebonello says:

    Sit back and enjoy the show.

  15. M. Cassar says:

    “Men, it has been well said, think in herds; it will be seen that they go mad in herds, while they only recover their senses slowly, one by one.”
    ― Charles MacKay, Extraordinary Popular Delusions and The Madness of Crowds

  16. Alex says:

    None of these fools realize that Sweden receives around 30,000 asylum seekers per year and has the highest per capita rate after Malta and Cyprus.

    They have problems of their own yet don’t go about solving them like the Labour government here in Malta is doing.

    Also, can somebody please explain to these nincompoops that if the EU really decides to go down the road of burden-sharing, we too will have to burden share, and I would much rather carry on receiving the immigrants we receive now, than have to also share in the pool of Afghans, Iraqis, Iranians, Turks, Africans, Russians, Chinese, Pakistanis, Indians.

    • Calculator says:

      You forgot the Roma. If people in Malta distrust foreigners because of their lack of want for integration, they’d just love having them imposed upon us via burden-sharing.

    • Neil says:

      103,000 immigrants in 2012, some 46k sought asylum.

  17. MMuscat says:

    One-track mind.

    I need to crawl under the nearest rock and hide myself in shame. I never felt any disgrace for being a Maltese before this lot was voted in. Now I do every time I would like to read some sort of news.

    “are you looking for a Black Dick Cicillia ?”

    She’s a woman therefore all she craves is a dick. Typically Labour reasoning. Women = sex, babies and kitchen.

    “to those who are in favour of these illegal emigrants, I suggest, you take them in your home and feed them. case closed”

    She only feeds the poor, not the ‘blacks.’

    “Muslims not welcome in Malta”

    Why? Because here is some sort of Roman Catholic Paradise?

    “maltese people very brave”

    When have we ever tested this? Voting Labour is not brave, it’s foolishness on the verge to insanity.

  18. kev says:

    Would you say Cecilia’s heart aches for the migrants or the rule of law, Deafley?

    I say it doesn’t matter. Cecilia is just an apparatchik, a glorified EU civil servant… a lying turd now accosted by flies. But she’s a good messenger of truth as well as lies. After all, she’s the one who told a BBC interviewer in Aug. 2011 that ‘Frontex is not there to keep migrants away but to help facilitate the asylum process.’

    Go figure! But some flies still think otherwise, having missed it coming from the turd’s mouth.

    But what about Joseph the PM?

    I must say, I did not expect him to be so bold, so shifty, even to the point of taking the piss. The pushback was a stunt, and he told them so – iz justa mossa, you know, to rock the boat, spill the coffee, smell the beans, eat pie…

    And yet, he still won his second blaffjatura as Italy relented over the migrant tanker stand-off.

    “Call us harsh, call us heartless, but we are not pushovers” our PM said. http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/world-europe-23599696

    Now there’s a tone and language there which serfs are best advised not to use with their masters unless they’re sure they can tackle the consequences. That was something Gonzi understood perfectly well, which is why he was the perrennial EU yes-man no matter what image he tried to portray.

    So is Joseph being couragious or naive? Is this ‘populism’ or statesmanship? Or is he truly concerned and is tackling the matter as best he can?

    One thing I’m sure of, knowing how the EU apparatura works, he is now on their black book and the game will move on to the economic field, where it will hurt most. Our finance minister is going to need his best wizards to fend off the accosting eagles, and the flies on the turd won’t know what hit them.

    Issikka, Guz… u ibqa’ ahleb, ghax negative growth u aktar dejn se jkollna!

    [Daphne – Oh hello, Kevin.]

    • Grezz says:

      No chinchilla to feed, Kev?

      • kev says:

        Believe it or not, Grezz, you have worth you’d never have guessed you had. Of all the seven billion you are the one person who reminds me we once had a chinchilla, may she rest in eternal peace and wisdom.

        And you thought you were useless!

      • La Redoute says:

        Kev, why don’t you make use of your superior knowledge to get elected to the EP and revolutionise the EC from within?

        This is a genuine question.

    • wormfood says:

      Kev , are you seriously implying that the way to resolve this crisis is by acting like hijackers and using people as pawns? For the record I’m no fan of Malmstrom nor do I think that the EU is using the right strategy to deal with this problem.

      • kev says:

        I am not implying anything of the sort, wormfood. I can spot a Catch22 when I see one. They want a multicultural Europe bursting at the seams with migrants, together with the division and conflict that this creates. No Gahan will stop them now. You’d think their heart bleeds for the migrants, but it’s all about power: divide and control.

      • La Redoute says:

        Kev is a bored housewife.

    • Henry Fenech says:

      Italy did not relent. Italy paid for the mistake of directing the ship to proceed to Malta, when it should have directed it to “proceed to the nearest safe port” and left the ship’s captain to decide which port. Italy had no option but to rectify the mistake by accepting the illegal immigrants.

      [Daphne – You’re right about Italy not relenting and wrong about the rest. You have a privately-owned tanker and a hundred refugees on board. Neither Italy nor Malta will let the tanker dock. Going back to Libya is out of the question for various reasons but mainly the fact that it is not a safe port for those who have just fled there. There is a stand-off between Malta and Italy. Italy understands that Malta will not do the grown-up thing despite the consequences for those involved, including human lives and the tanker which has to run to a tight schedule because it loses tens of thousands of dollars every day by idling at sea. So Italy does the grown-up thing itself, gains the moral high ground, and leaves the Maltese prime minister looking like a pr*ck.]

    • Galian says:

      Your dream of getting out of the ‘evil’ EU is becoming real by the day Kev, but what will Sharon do once we are out? The Street Naming Board has been announced so there isn’t much left.

      • H.P. Baxxter says:

        Sharon will mind Baby Duce at her kindergarten, where he can shake his little dimpled fists at her and stamp his feet, screaming for his Dom Mintoff action figure.

      • kev says:

        Our work does not depend on Malta’s EU membership, Galian. I’d lose my job only if the UK quits the EU, which is what I’m working for. But then there are so many bandwagons here you’d think Joseph’s is a one-pony chariot.

  19. Volley says:

    So that last PN bill-board during the last electoral campaign was right:”Biex tibqa tghix fil-kwiet-ivvota PN”

  20. Robert Ellul says:

    Follow the twitter #Malta on twitter.com
    Some Italian comments really show how we’re currently perceived in the rest of the world – can’t believe the inept attitude of this administration in the global arena

    luna_rossa @una_rossa
    #Malta, un appunto: quel barcone non era solo un simbolo di politica estera;
    su quel barcone c’erano persone, stronzi!

    Stefano Borioni @BorioniStef
    Proprio brava #Malta che ha tenuto 102 naufraghi fermi 3 giorni e 3 notti. Orgoglioso di vivere nel paese che li ha accolti. @EnricoLetta

    luca fiorentini @lucafiorentini1
    totale disprezzo per #Malta e il suo governo nazista: quanti crimini contro l’umanità servono per essere espulsi dalla #UE?

    Fabrizio Tronka 反對 @iosonofabrizio
    Per quel che mi riguarda, #Malta, insieme al suo esempio di inciviltà e disumanità, può andare affanculo.

  21. Charles says:

    If you are refering to me I said Black Pudding mazzita which a few maltese like for breakfast and not all those who wright comments are Joseph supporters a lot are Hard Line Nazzjonalisti but they dont want Malta to turn into a Muslim State

    [Daphne – To quote your friends, Charles, why don’t you just fack off and keep it between you legs. You can’t write, think or spell and you think yourself superior to the population of an entire continent.]

  22. Robert Ellul says:

    This is what Malta has come to… in a matter of a few months

    eleonora rogato @eleonorarogato
    I 102 migranti rifiutati da #Malta. Storia triste e vergognosa. Muscat parla di un “segnale forte”,io vedo solo un paese piccolo piccolo

    Totally agree there Eleonora, we’ve become a the most stupid paese piccolo piccolo

  23. Edward says:

    When is this going to end?

  24. Manuel says:

    Incidentally, where is Dr. Busuttil? What is his and the PN’s reaction in all this? Wake up! This is the beginning of Malta’s exodus out of the EU.

  25. Rahal says:

    What a shame. There are still too many jackasses around.

  26. Tony says:

    If the readers are fools enough as to believe these comments have been made by PL supporters you are very wrong. Otherwise, i am sure, they would not have found a place in this blog hateful blog. Since when has this blogger become a defender of the weak?

    [Daphne – ‘Since when has this blogger become a defender of the weak?’ I have been one all my life.]

  27. Stefan says:

    When you consider how the Prime Minister’s stance on pushbacks (‘we will consider all options’) was enough to make people think their racism and planned protests are justified, and when you consider how the police minister’s defiance (that ship will not enter Maltese waters’) made people think it is justified to attack Ms Malmström’s Facebook page, one can only wonder what would happen if, for example, the PN is refused a ‘permit’ to hold a mass meeting anywhere.

    Or what would happen if a single minister turned thuggish against the Nationalists. People would be out playing 1980s in no time. What the PN has done in 26 years is stay away from discourse that may, in the minds of many, justify their bad behaviour.

    No wonder so many Laburisti resent the PN – it never allowed those of bad judgement to think for one second that they can behave the way they are doing now. Which explains why those with the worst judgement support the PL.

  28. Ray Camilleri says:

    Marisa Vella…ignorant and Labour… calling people (who happen to be standed on a ship) ‘kaxxa zibel’! (see http://melahart.com/10-most-shocking-comments-on-cecilia-malmstrom-facebook-page/)

    Her facebook profile with Ċowżef: https://www.facebook.com/marisa.vella.790

    …and these people think they’re ‘socialist’!!

  29. Ray Camilleri says:

    Simon Busuttil supported Joseph Muscat… probably after the telling off he received by Nationalist xenophobes on Radio 101 during the Eritrean pushback saga.

  30. B says:

    O mia patria, si bella e perduta

    (Verdi, Nabucco)

  31. Ray Camilleri says:

    Another sick Labourite: Jesmond Genovese


    Comment on Mallstrom page: “ghax ma dahlux fox o k il vapor…”

    He meant to say: Għax ma ddaħlux f’għoxx ommok il-vapur…but is not “patriotic” enough to learn how to write Maltese correctly.

  32. curious says:

    I am very sorry but I don’t agree on this one, Simon.

    Is the PN satisfied that a solution was found or satisfied with HOW the solution was found and after all those hours with the immigrants in the scorching heat?

    “The Nationalist Party this afternoon expressed satisfaction that a solution was found for the 102 migrants who were saved by the tanker Salamis but were refused entry in Malta as the ship disobeyed Malta’s orders to head back to Libya.” (The Times)

    PN ‘satisfied’ with Malta-Italy agreement on Salamis saga (MaltaToday)

  33. Ray Camilleri says:

    Another sick Labourite: Jesmond Genovese
    Pic: https://www.facebook.com/photo.php?fbid=127924770723637&set=pb.100005183430741.-2207520000.1375891886.&type=3&theater

    Comment on Mallstrom page: “ghax ma dahlux fox o k il vapor…”

    he meant to say: Għax ma ddaħħlux f’għoxx ommok il-vapur…but is not “patriotic” enough to learn how to write Maltese correctly.

  34. Ray Camilleri says:

    Kev’s wife works (does she still?) for the far-rightist, racist, xenophobic and generally disgusting group in the European Parliament… in Malta she poses as a socialist.

  35. Antoine Vella says:

    And all this, all this bad press, so that a hundred Africans should not tread upon the hallowed soil of Malta, the Sacred Island.

  36. M. Cassar says:

    As Maslow said sex is in the physiological, therefore bottom tier, in the hierarchy of needs. Some people are stuck in this level and therefore they fail not only to appreciate aspirations to great things, they do not even understand these and would not know or understand higher aspirations for humanity if these were shoved down their throats.

    Respecting someone in spite of a different skin, ethnicity, gender… come on, don’t you think we are expecting a bit too much from those who hear only one tune?

  37. C. Mallia says:

    Now its even clearer that our society is sick. It’s not just our education system.

    You won’t expect a Muscatian government to alleviate these woes.

    Id-dieqa hija tagħna lkoll.

  38. Gahan says:

    Under Gonzi’s guidance Malta was seen as punching above its weight and now with Joseph’s brinkmanship it’s looking as if we’re hitting below the belt.

  39. Andre Grech - Balzan says:

    Daphne, seems like some Andre Grech or someone writing under this name called ms. Malmstrom a hypocrit. Others called her other shameful names. Wanted to point out that this guy is not me. You should have shown their faces and not just their names.

    [Daphne – Oh come on.]

  40. Dumbo says:

    I can’t understand why some people seem so surprised with the vulgar threats hurled at Malmstrom.

    The offenders are after all the political descendents of Mintoff, and more, they are proud of it.

    They support Joseph because he is himself a Mintoffian, and he is proud of it. I hope people like the “papillioned gay” are now even prouder and can assimilate with the true colours being shown.

  41. just me says:

    Those who wanted change certainly got it.
    Ara x’ghamiltu b’idejkhom. Boloh.

  42. Edward says:

    People are free to say what they like, and yes many times people say dangerous things.

    However, I believe that what we are seeing is not a flaw in freedom of speech but the flaw in democracy.

    The PM is not doing this for the EU, international audience or Malta’s national interests. Such attitudes and actions ruin the years of work and progress made by the previous government on the issue, and enabling the racists in this country to be out and proud and abusive on the internet is going to hit our tourism hard and fast.

    Tourism is our only source of income, and not a very reliable one at that. A drop in tourism is what kickstarted the problems in Greece if I remember well. A drop in tourism might very easily mean a bail-out from the EU in a year’s time.

    So no, none of this has anything to do with the national interest.

    He is doing this for the home crowd. Just like the North Korean leader, he is purely trying to impress his supporters by appealing to their rotten minds- walking what he thinks is a fine line but isn’t, and emulating Mintoff, to secure votes in the MEP elections that are not too far off.

    And this is the man the so-called liberals voted for.

  43. ciccio says:

    I am actually surprised that Joe Fat Controller Grima hasn’t written one of his colourful messages to Commissioner Malmstrom. Like the abusive rant he had written to Fr. Lucie Smith of the Catholic Herald.

    • H.P. Baxxter says:

      Joe Grima alone accounts for over 3% of Malta’ population density. Just throw the fat fuck overboard.

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