Cut it out, you blethering idiots. You’re embarrassing Malta and the Labour Party internationally with your subliteracy, vulgarity, stupidity, rudeness and multiple exclamation marks.

Published: August 7, 2013 at 12:10am

These are just SOME of the rude, stupid, irrational, idiotic, infantile, vulgar and backwoods-bunny comments posted by Maltese people on EU Commissioner Cecilia Malmstrom’s Facebook page by people who can’t even write or speak their country’s official language.

The worst, the stupidest and the most internationally-embarrassing include ‘Fack off Cecilia’ and ‘Take them to your country and keep them between you legs’.

There is the repeated use of ‘Malta is not the carpet of the EU’, when the word they’re looking for is ‘doormat’.

Then there are the obscenities in Maltese: fox, liba, hudu, and so on. Many of the worst comments had been deleted already by Commissioner Malmstrom’s administrators by the time I began copying them.

She has been subjected to the sort of misogynist, vulgar, crude, subliterate and irrational onslaught of hatred to which I am subjected by what must be the same people when I write about their hero Mintoff.

The difference is that this website is not the official Facebook page of an EU Commissioner, so it is not read by hundreds of thousands of non-Maltese who then leave with the idea (which is correct) that Malta is a sink-hole of semi-literate irrational stupidity from hell, full of crude and vulgar people.

And telling an EU Commissioner to ‘fack off’ and ‘keep it between (her) legs’ is lot worse, with far more wide-reaching implications, than saying the same thing to a journalist in your own country.


Kevin Vella
are you looking for a Black Dick Cicillia ?

Lawrence Galea
Kevin, Maybe she likes to experiment. In that case we can send her all the illegal immigrants in Malta and she can then have one each day for the rest of her life.

Joe Brincat
Cecilia if you think the illegal immigrants on the tanker should come to Malta it is not a problem as long as you send a plane to take them to your rich country Sweden

Alan Giordmaina
Mrs. Malmstrom would you like to take a few immigrants from the 102 on board of the SALAMIS at home with you??? im sure they would live comfortably!!!

Wenzu Malti
take the immigrants to your country and leave malta in peace

Dennis Agius
Malta is not a CARPET of the EU Ms.Cecilia Malmstrom .Take them to your country…..

Wenzu Malti
one other thing ms malmstrom, We cannot be held accountable for the mess caused by others, tell those countries who colonized the whole africa, french, british, portugese, they should be held accountable for the misery africa is in.. so they should take these immigrants, 1,000 in 2 weeks is more then enough

Alaine Brincat Elding
dear c malmstrom, you know as much as we maltese citizens do, had much more than we can handle. don t you think that if you take them to brussels , they will have a better living than staying in malta? in an over populated small island? even the most stupid person will agree with me.

Lorianne Barbara
If you are so keen on saving those immigrants aboard the Salamis, why don’t you issue an order to take them to your country? I’m pretty sure there’s a lot more space in your country then there is on our tiny island. How dare you speak of humanitarian issues, when all you do is sit there and do nothing to help them yourself? Malta has been helping immigrants for a good number of years now, but nobody seems to care as long as they are not affected by this problem. How dare the EU call us Maltese racists when no other country is lifting a finger to help us?

Lorianne Barbara
If you are so keen on saving those immigrants aboard the Salamis, why don’t you issue an order to take them to your country? I’m pretty sure there’s a lot more space in your country then there is on our tiny island. How dare you speak of humanitarian issues, when all you do is sit there and do nothing to help them yourself? Malta has been helping immigrants for a good number of years now, but nobody seems to care as long as they are not affected by this problem. How dare the EU call us Maltese racists when no other country is lifting a finger to help us?

Alexander Genuis
Before Malta joined E.U. We were promised oNE Europe,SOLIDARITY,Burden sharing,many SWEET Talk,now Malta is being left ALONE,acceppting all these ILLEGAL IMMIGRANTS ALONE,no help,no HELP from Our FELLOW E.U. MEMBERS,We the Maltese need NO MORE TALK,bur ACTION,SO IF You want to be NOTICED Urge Your E.U. Members to honour by FACTS not Just talk,what Malta was PROMISED before Joining,Malta wants action,We were Promised once We join the E.U. all mMEMBERS become EQUAL,BUT We are not,E.U. Members are RESPECTED by their SIZE and Strength,If You want take them to Your Country!!We demand help not CHARITY,as We helped other E.U. Countries in their money crisis!!!!!

Anthony Pulis
Instead of pushing back we should start pushing forward… to the dicatotors in Brussels!

Kenneth Borg
Ms malmstrom you and most of the eu are total hypocrites, you have not done anything to solve the problem, ypur countries do not want to take immigrants to your own land and yet when we demand help you call us racist. We will soon have to take matters into our own hands if nothing is done soon our patience is running low. You have failed so badly at your job and your lack of vision is leading to malta and italy falling out with the eu. You should be ashamed how can you sleep at night knowing that people are dying and you have done nothing except fill your fat pockets.

Cassar Christopher
Dear Ms Malmstrom, Can you Guarantee that the ILLIGAL PERSONS on board MT Salamis would be repatriated between all European Union Member states? If you can do so, then we as Maltese wilyl be happy to accept them Temporarily but not Permanentl… And can you see that the Caption of MT Salamis will be arrested and prosecuted for illegally entering the Maltese waters….?????

Sharon Micallef
Malta is not your dumping site….

Emanuel Gauci
We as Maltese wanted to be respected from Europe our country is too small for this influss of irregular immigrants day after day coming to Malta. Malta is not FREE TO AL

Andrew Maria Xuereb
Please Cecilia its i
mpossible that the continent of Africa come over to our loving country MALTA. We are so small that we can not find jobs not even for our children.African invade our country now its more than enough everyday arrives new .Please take them to other countries its not a problem for them its drop in an ocean for big countries. We are paying for them .They dont pay not even one cent everything free and then you say that we are racist.

Pablitoss Scicluna
Shame on you Cecillia Malmstrom Enough is Enough the Maltse People are fed up wtih your attitude

Michael Attard
we cannot live in malta anymore? because of your decisions? malta is ours and i want to se my culture and nothing else! if you like them keep them in your country!

Alaine Brincat Elding
yes, where are our rights? we are over populated. in fact we are the most populated in the whole world. shame on the eu.

Joseph Savona
resign now Malstorm !!! you cannot go against international laws

Joseph Galea
take them into your big house!!

Sandro Darmanin
do not interfer in our country, shame on you, take them yourself

Malcolm Johnathan Grech
shame on you ,take them and house them into your country, we have had enough of them now its way to much. where is the burding sharing, were is the solidarity that eu advocates! we are europe smallest country and we already have our own problems regarding space! how about settling them in south sweden or un lapp lands near lulea etc!

Sonia Mifsud
Malta first and foremost one voice from Maltese people

Triza Degabriele
we are over populated. Shame on you Cecillia Malmstrom Enough is Enough the Maltse People are fed up .We as Maltese wanted to be respected from Europe.You are breaching our rights!.Shame on you,if you want you can have them in your country we can not afford having more ILLEGAL EMIGRANTS .

Daniel Muscat
I as a Maltese, had enough of this invasion from illegal immigrants, had enough of being told what to do and how to act in our island. Have enough of seeing my island as a trash bin where everybody who escapes from the middle east africa etc all want to come here for free and have everything for free. We never liked them, now its getting worse cause now we hate them, we hate summer. We are going to end like Lampedusa, it was a diamond for tourist and diving, now, its not even on a holiday broacher. Malta is next, we are losing our reputation and its not safe as it used to be.
I strongly suggest that we do 2 referendums, one to go out from EU and the other to get rid of ALL the illegal immigrants and those who already have the asylum.
From the latest news we heard that libya is again a safe place, they can all go there. Its a big country, there is enough space for them. Enough is enough before blood is shed on our streets for our own rights.

Martin Attard
sweden is so underpopulated, i agree to board them in Malta, but then immediately off to Malmoe

Malcolm Johnathan Grech
shame on you and your country ms cecilia malmstrom! you talk a lot of crap but then you abdicate from your responsabilites, , why dont you enforce burden sharing to all of eu contries!

Malcolm Farrugia
Shame on you Ms. Malmstrom, thanks to your disservice, Malta is being inundated with hundreds of illegal immigrants every month. Where is the solidarity that you’ve promised. Malta has the most population density per capita, and yet you pretend and also try to threaten us into submission. Shame on you. It is high time to start applying the push back policy and if you don’t agree than Malta might opt for the push forward policy instead and we’ll see how many illegal immigrants the E.U, including your own country will take onboard then!

Sharon Micallef
Of course you are imposing on us, you are comfortable sitting on your gold throne and getting paid millions! Shame on you!

Johan Delicata
Shame on you Cecilia Malmstrom!!!!!!!!!!

Glen Cilia
You must be ashamed of yourself talking like that Ms Malmstorm, take them in your country or they are being prohibited ????

Elton Chadwick
Shame on you Cecilia, your considering Malta as a dump station.

Charmaine Grech
Malta is not a carpet of EU, shame on you Ms.Malmstrom and shame on Sleeping Europe

Patrick Sacco
Who the hell
elected you? You are not (and never was) democratically elected!!! Therefore, you represent NO ONE!!! And you have the cheek to order our democratically elected government what to do?! Just because Malta is a small island does NOT give you the right to bully us!! If you have the humanitarian aspect so much at heart, then kindly take ALL our ILLEGAL immigrants into your own country Sweden. We DO NOT want any of them here!!!

Gino Caruana
shame on you malstrom you are the BIG IDIOT I EVER SAW

Li Slow Casha Mula
Cecilia, are you sleeping at night? If I were you I’ll sleep with one eye open! Just saying. Maltese.

Mario Grech
Mrs Malmstrom you cannot decide for us Maltese people, to many problems are here at the moment and with your decision it will get worst… We are a small island and these people are a massive problem for us and our family

Renee Cachia
this our island i born here i grow here i i will die here we want malta save.. my island deserved the best ..

Daniel Muscat
Malta during battles and wars that occur during the years always, one way or another managed to survive and win. This shall not be different because like in the past we were united, and we still are! Together we can do it, together we can have our island back as it used to be. No more being treated like puppets, no more dictators from EU telling us how to manage our island. We know what’s best our island not someone who read about us trough internet. We always held strong for our island, again so shall we do.

Natal Vella
We Maltese citizens have obligations but we have also our rights to defend our country against illegal immigration.You have no right to impose on our country to allow illegal immigration invasion which will ruin our culture and economy.I think you should ask your fellow citizens if they are happy with what they have encountered the last two months when we saw Sweden burning.We don’t want our country to suffer the same fate….so leave us in peace Ms Malstrom!

Ivan Attard

Ivan Attard
Cecilia’s silence is deafining. She does not want to answer these pleas from us Maltese simply because SHE COULDN’T CARE LESS ABOUT OUR COUNTRY AND OUR CONCERNS.

Eddie Bonello
Keep this in mind Cecilia. We are a very proud nation. In this saga ALL maltese are supporting our Prime Minister and what He says counts for us and not your idiotic and one-sided statements. Viva Malta.

Ivan Attard
Cecilia: I thought Swedish women looked nice, butttt …… There seems to be exceptions too!

Kevin Aquilina
No, we are not ready to go quietly.. Malta withstood all sorts of evil. You wont stand a chance! You will be delivered to the dustbin of history like all the rest.

James Borg
dear cecilia… you have destroyed our country… thank you very much

Mirko Capanna
miss maelstrom… why don’t u arrange direct flights to carry all the refugees in sweden? then u’re happy, we’re all happy

Patrick Muscat
shame on you e.u & mrs c.malmstrom.

Mary Cauchi
Shame on you miss nothing , tow them to your country, after all, you have so many of them , some more won’t make a difference!

Anthony Pulis
dear cecilia… you have destroyed our country… thank you very much…. no we have… by joining these ex-colonisers

Matthew Mamo
Mrs Malmstorm, can you give us any type of assurance that all the illegal immigrants that are coming to Malta ILLEGALY are good, healthy people with no criminal records or illnesses ? and can you tell us why your country doesn’t want to take any of them ? and when I say any not 10 or 20, a country like yours can easily take 100’s without any problem.

Kurt Chetcuti
Your plans have been unveiled, Malstrom! Now, its evident to all the international community that you have more then just a simple share in this modern slavery and human trafficking web. Soon, you and your criminal colleagues will have to provide a clear explanation for such traitorous acts against your own people.

Jessica Cioffi
We are more than fed up of how we are being treated. I surely would like to know how u manage to sleep at night when all u did was nothing for this immigrants u just sit there and order us Maltese what to do. We have accepted all of your terms, all of these years we have been ordered what to do. We were supposed to be much better when we became part of the eu but all we get is immigrants and disrespect and most of all no help. Why dont you take them to your home Im sure they will have a much better life. we are already over-populated and we are fed up of it. we helped them we pay our taxes for them we give them places to live we give them food plus they are taking our jobs and still they protest against it . we have helped them more than enough thorugh out the years but its time to get them the hell out of here. Lampedusa was once a tourist island and we are going to end up just like it. Our tourists are being recommended to think twice about coming to our island. How could this be? Our island was loved , enjoyable. Now we scare tourists away!!! Why dont u take them all to Sweden. Shame on you

Mary Grace Pisani
Ms.Malmstrom this is OUR country and you have no right to impose anything on us, we’ll stand united behind our PM against all odds, EU included !! Shame on you all !!!

Stephen Caruana Ocasey’s Kennels
Cecilia you mean we keep excepting them coming in by hundreds everyday ? as you know they already took over in your own country sweeden and we don’t want to happen the same here.

Joe Anastasi
Can Ms Malmstrom tell us who from Malta is pushing her to make life difficult for our government. Why all this sudden interest in Malta since the election?

Claude Meilaq
ms cecilia we are full up in our country with the illegal immigrants do you think its time to have half of them to your country please just to help us in this situation and by the way why they dont tell us whats gonna happen to us before we join the eu . thanks very much because we know that you gonna help us

David Fenech
cecilia..ryan air operates from stockolm.why dont you send just one flight and flew them to sweden,,then we see what will be the reaction from the vikings..shame on you,,sweden is a rich country ,so take them yourselves..we wait and see..

Albert Baldacchino
Ms. Malstorm. There are direct flights from Tripoli to many EU countries. Why don’t you arrange flights to these countries, other than Malta, for these people so that they will not go into the dangeers of the seas? Maybe send some directly to your country? Why not? You talk about solidarity and and humanitarian help….. show it….. lead by example!!!! We are not the bin of the EU. You want them, you take them!!!! Do not dump them on someone else!!!

Rita Debono
you have no right to impose such things on malta no. this is our country not yours you send them here and we are ready to send them to your beloved country sweden. as a nation yes we are united in this and against all you say. so think before you act cause it can be late for you then.

Anthea Angele Zahra
We are a small country we cannot let more illegal immigrants in !!! which part of this FACT is not clear to you ????

Patrick Muscat
dear malmstrom get 1 emigrant and we will give you another 5 free bcs our stock is accumulated every day or week. thanks in advance mrs malmstrom.

Ray Azzopardi
If there is a hell, you have a place reserved there for what you are pretending from malta….. pls send them to your country instead

Jacqueline Demicoli
malta no more illegal emigrants if you want something take them in your country and give them a shelter in your house , shame on youuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu

Joseph Mizzi
our country is not like sweden very small so take them to your country!!!!!!!

Joanne Sommer
You know NOTHING of a small ISLAND and the hard work behind it were THE MALTESE worked, who are you to judge us. 10 I tell you why you eu took this amount, cause deep inside you DON’T WANT THEM EIGHTER AND DON’T CALL HUMAN RIGHTS CAUSE YOU ARE NEGLECT OURS.

Charles Cachia
Shame on You !! we are NOT a scrap yard of africa!! try to send some to your country, we are tooo small island for that ammount of Africans. TOO MUCH is too MUCH! Now we must STOP!!! MALTA is of the MALTESE PEOPLE!!

Jessica Cioffi
“Il- kotra qamet f’daqqa- u ghajtet: Jien Maltija! Miskin min ikasbarni ,- miskin min jithak bija!
U l-kotra ghanniet f’daqqa- u semmghet ma’ l-irjieh l-Innu Malti taghna,- u lehen kien rebbieh!

Annie Micallef
Mrs Malmstorm,get lost and leave Malta and the maltese do what’s best for them, You got a big country so why don’t you them there, so please stop imposing on us .We have more than enough of them already so pls shut up.

Charles Fenech
Please stop giving silly orders to our tiny island,Malta. If you are incompetent for the job, find another. And soon.

Ruth James
Dear Ms. Malmstrom, Please note that at this stage we Maltese are not seeing politics but the INTEREST OF OUR COUNTRY and more and more we’re despising you….. So get whatever help you can and take the people on board in your Country !!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Violet Louise Farrugia
malta is too much small to accept all this people, we are full up I don’t know why eu doesn’t care of malta after all we are all part of the eu and I never understand why only malta and Italy have to take care of this problem , Cecilia why don’t take a big part of the people to Germany ???

Ricky Galea
the ratio of incoming immgrants to malta had excised by far the birth rate of maltese babies!!!!!

Jessica Cioffi
and yet you call us racists. shame on u! we will fight for our island to be in liberty once again and for all !!!

Joseph Grech-Attard
Cecilia, Hitler days are over! You cannot dictate from an office. Come to Malta and experience our fate! Stop the bullying! Change Dublin 2 immediately. Give such immigrants a temporary EU ID card and let them decide where to seek asylum not confine them to the smallest and the most southern nation of the EU! Act justly. We have rights too, not just duties.

Tonio Delia
we are united with our prime minister JM , no one will dictate us what to do ..those days are over . you should give an example and take them to sweden .

Carmen Galea
we have voted for our government so you have no obliged to rule on us WE ARE PROUD TO BE MALTESE

Long Duck Dong

Cecilia Malmstrom, why are you forcing these poor Africans into internment camps and encouraging human trafficking to Malta? How do you possibly sleep at night?

Maria Magro
Dear Cecilia ,can you please treat us the maltese people with dignity???Take the illegal emigrants to your country or else much better to your house and then we talk later ,we have been being patient for a long time but time has come now to say ‘NO’ for more illegal emigrants ,so please do what you should have done long ago and help us we may be the smallest country in the EU but we are nothing less than you and the whole of the EU.

Jason Schembri

celilia, you send them to turkey, tunis or marroc, same evil religion, we are overloaded with them, not fair on europeans, you are a very bad woman according to your background, God will make you pay for all this!

Patrick Muscat
dear malmstrom , in your position of eu you need to do work with your mind and not with your heart bcs if you are continuing did your job with your heart, you are a baby sitter and not eu member.

Sandra Grima
we are not a carpet if you want to save them take them to your country.

Ray Azzopardi
Cecilia you are worsth than adolf hitler…. the hell is waiting for you…

Joselle Camilleri
Malta IS NOT YOUR COLONY! Malta BELONGS to us Maltese. We are a REAL nation with thousands of years of history, culture, traditions, our language and our literature – we are no vermin to be treated worse than the ILLEGAL IMMIGRANTS you want to shove us down our throats… and I emphasise this for you fail to understand that you can NEVER break the Maltese.

Brian Il-Baby
Ms Malmstrom, why don’t you take these illegal immigrants to Stockholm or Brussels? It’s not because we don’t want to help them but we can’t afford to help any more. Enough is enough. How can you decide for us? We have a democratic government and our PM decides what to do NOT YOU!! Whatever you say is irrelevant. You weren’t even chosen to represent your country in the European Parliament, how can you decide to represent us? Sweden is much bigger than Malta. So common sense prevails. We have to accept them simply because of our geographical position and because we’re the smallest country in the EU. Shall we accept the prisoners who recently escaped from the Libyan prison too, if they ever turn up here? Well!! That is the EU. The larger countries do whatever they want and decide for the small ones. European democracy.

Labour Malta
Why don’t you take them to your country Cecilia?
We are not carpets of europe!

Malcolm Farrugia
Small wonder she has so few people liking her page!

Josepha Vella
malta is a small island and now we are fulled with these people this is our country and it s time to look for the interest of our country and not what you say proud to be maltese

Mark Spiteri
thanks to you the Maltese people of good will ,want out of the European union. well done maelstrom, do us all a favor and resigne.

Roderick Mamo
come on mrs cecilia save those illegal emigrants take them to your country or beside your home and leave malta in peace

John Cassar
shame on you mallstrom.we maltese are united with our prime minister and we are not letting you make malta, europe’s dumping site.

Jonathan Theuma
SHAME!! Malta is not a dumping site.

Marcella Busuttil
shame on you cecilia!!you should be ashamed of treating malta this way!!

CountrySports San Gwann-Malta
I have two words for you

Indri Cassar
You can take care of the migrants on Salamis yourself. Us Maltese don’t want them.

Joe Demicoli
Cecilia HAILSTORM… – “And we will not let what we cannot do interfere with what we can do.”

Mark Anthony Vella
You have no idea of the burden these ILLEGAL people create on us. We are small and cannot sustain any more of these ILLEGAL unidentified people. Take them to sweden if you want them so much.

Mary Grace Pisani
is this the reason you wanted us to join the EU ?? To turn us into your dumping site??!!! We may be a small tiny island but we definately stand up to be counted when we say enough is enough !!!

Jessica Cioffi
Its weird she talks about solidarity and humanitarian help and yet she do nothing for these immigrants just dictating from that stupid chair. how idiotic to lead them to one of the smallest island in europe!!! ur just making the problem even worse because u just teased the sleeping dog and woke him up. so dont except him not to bark!!

Mariette Borg
No wonder your people didn’t elect you as their representative in the European Parliament.

George Schembri
if you really love them why you dont take them at your home we dont want illegal peopple malta and thats is

Tony Camilleri
Just go stuff your orders, opinions and everything else up yours where the sun never shines Malmstrom. WE MALTESE CITIZENS DO NOT want the ILLEGAL immigrants in Malta. We are going to get OUT iof the EU whether you like it or not because we are NOT your colony and your slaves Malmstrom. I write this with contempt for you because you are just an EU colonial petty dicktator. Go to HELL Malmstrom.

Valter Cassar
your undemocratic pandering will be the doom of your EU dream.

Tony Camilleri
Whether you like it or not Malmstrom, WE SHALL LEAVE YOUR EU DICKTATORSHIP and then you can also shove all your regulations, directives and orders up yours where the sun never shines. Similarly with your reference to international law. You can also shove it up yours.

I am addressing you like this Malmstrom because I am NOT afraid of you or anyone at the EU because I am NOT your slave and you mean absolutely NOTHING to me. For me you are nothing, nada, zero. You cannot order me around because I Shall disregard YOU and anyone in the corrupt EU dicktatorship.

My finishing lines for this posting Malmstrom is that those who think that we are your colony and slaves and treat Malta and us as a dustbin shall be themselves considered as rubbish and dustbins, and that includes YOU Malmstrom.

Xherdan Farrugia
If you are that kind, Why don’t you take them to your country ?

Jennifer Scicluna
Could you pls just stop impose our goverment what to do?if you are so much that heart feeling why don’t you take them to your country it’s much and much bigger!now we are full of them and we are so small so consider before giving orders pls or else keep your mouth shut

Dennis Agius
Why you sent your secretary Ceciilia to make the conference instead of you.And why you didn’t said the whole story as it is you hypocrite ..By any chance you got some interest to let all these illegal emigrants enter to Malta without the EU for a long time doing nothing ?

Charlie Farrugia
To whom it may concern.
We dont need any S**T to impose on our country!

Romina Grixti
we are no puppets of eu

Rodianne Fenech
we should send all our illegal immigrants to Sweden

David Zammit
Dear Ms Malmstrom we have a very rich culture and history and we dont want that our island turns into a Belize or a Haiti of the Mediterrenean. No African should take off our identity and NO WE DONT WANT TO GET CULTURALLY ENRICHED WITH AFRICANS BECAUSE OUR HISTORY AND CULTURE IS ALREADY RICH ENOUGH SO MUCH THAT WE ARE PROUD TO DEFEND IT

Peter Azzopardi
Ms. Malmstrom we have a saying in Malta which is ” Malta first and Foremost” and that is what our Government is doing, taking care of the interests of our Country…..First and Foremost.

John Zammit
Ms Malmstrom you have failed in your Job as Commissioner for emigration (one of you portfolios) so all you had to do is to resign. The situation in southern Europe specially in the Mediterranean is chaotic. So the solutions are needed to-day not after the Summer Holidays

Dorothy Caruana Pulis
All Maltese people behind our Prim Minister, enough is enough , take them to Sweden or to Brussels. NO MORE ILLEGAL IMMIGRANTS IN MALTA.VIVA MALTA

Rita Cardona
can you tells us what are our rights ? do you know that they come on our door step knocking on our doors for money , they don;t except food money they want and if you are wating in a hospital they go in first we have to wait is it that right for you cause for us it is not we have our rights hope it want be taken from us.

Edwige Ghio
We do not want money from the EU. Malta is not for sale. We want the EU to take their share according to the size of their population. We already had our share in Malta that covers the next 50 years taken as percentage of the population. So from now on, you take them to Sweden and to other EU countries. Practice what you preach.

Doris Laws Friggieri
Enough is Malta your country?and don’t interfere with our coverment. If you are so concern pls help their country.did you ever been to Malta,if yes,then you must know that Malta is a small countrySo pls leave us in peace and quit.
Robert Rodenas Dear Cecilia , Malta is not Sweden .We wont sell our country for Multiculturism.We know what problems you have in Sweden because of Muslim immigration . What you have is because you allowed it , so good luck for that . If you think you can command Malta , you are very very wrong . We will not give up and will never surrender to the Islamic invasion , even if we are the last country in Europe . We dont need money or funds for more infidels . You can take them all. We will give them food and water and any medical assistance if needed . But Europe has to take them UNLESS you help these poor people and adress the situation from scratch . HELP THESE POOR PEOPLE IN THEIR COUNTRIES WHICH IS FULL OF RESOURCES AND STOP THEM BEING KILLED IN LIBYA BY THEIR PEACEFUL ISLAMIST BROTHERS

Gladys Caruana Camilleri
Ms Malmstrom who are you to order the Maltese Goverment what he must do instead of taking them to your country or to Brussels. One thing i’m going to tell you that the magority of the Maltese People are after our loved Prim Minister and you should help us to teccikle this problem of immigrants cause our country is too much suffering from this situation

Shivonne Gouder
If you have no problem with the illegals take them yourself! Push back or push forward, enough is enough !

Malcolm Farrugia
Cecilia Malmstrom ignored our voices countless times, now it’s malta’s turn to ignore her rants. Send them all packing, Push back or push forward and no more playing around!

Silvio Saliba
if you like them so much why you dont take them to your country cos we have more than enough . our prime minister dr joseph muscat is right we cant let them in our country .dr joseph we are with you .

Shivonne Gouder
Why do you have to tell us what to do ? Is Malta yours?

Tony Camilleri
And also look for Cni, Front Maltin Inqumu, Front Maltese Arise on Facebook. We SHALL leave your colonial dicktatorship Malmstrom.

Vince Cachia
Why don’t you direct Salamis ta Sweden so that YOUR RACE will be tinted black….

Alan Bugeja
almstrom shut up and go home! Why don’t you take everyone to sweden you piece of junk!

Gladys Camilleri
we don’t want any more iligal imigrants in our small country . we don’t even wants those who are already living here many of them for guite a long time now , we are over crouded and they are taking what should be giving to our children, we are a freedom country and we woked hard to get our freedom . if they wants their freedom they shoul do the same and fight for it in their on country and if you really wants to work for the human rights you should not let them break all the rules and become iligals, start by see what is the reason why they have to escep from their countries talk to their autorithies , or else send to biger and richer countries BUT NOT TO MALTA , THANK YOU

Silvio Saliba
other suggestion for you we let the ship enter in our country we put all the ones we already have in our island and we send it to you with compliments .agree ???

Sue Mallia

Vince Gauci
Cecilia Malmström, you don’t know the Maltese people well enough..whoever came and tried to walk over us always ended surprised…Look through our history

Charles Mangion
If you like so much these illegal emigrants take them in your own home Malta is to small we dont need them and we got our own worries Tell other EU countries to keep them see how they will respond

Charmaine Grech
Take them to Sweden mrs malmstrom, we have more than enough!! Enough is enough now…..

Marlene Spiteri
Go home where you belong

Kimberly Borg
we can’t take more immigrants, we have more than we can afford!!! if you love them so much, take we can send them to your country.. the problem would be solved and everyone would be happy then!

Patrick Muscat
hi dear malmstrom, just show this link to 1of our maltese eu parlement members to translate you this GOLDEN MALTESE WORDS FROM OUR GREAT MALTESE EX PRIM MINISTER DOM MINTOFF.

George Zammit
if the european union want to stop illegal immigrants from coming to europe,most of them at malta just send miltary ships near african shores and stop them there and treat the injured and the sick on the ships it`s not something that couldn`t be done and we stop this problem once and for all. MALTA IS NOBODY`S CARPET AND WE ARE FED UP OF SEEING OTHERS PROFIT THEMSELVES FROM OUR KINDNESS

Sonia Sciberras
I hope my maltese brothers and sisters wake up for a referendum be introduced. so that we vote to get out of the european union and not be the puppets on a string for people such as you. MALTA TAGHNA LKOLL NOT YOURS

Keana Magro
Enough is enough take them to your country

Tania Conti
please cecilia why dont you let them stay at your home

Renald Schembri
take all of them to ur home u mast have a bigbig one we dont need them here non of them

David Kitcher
shame on you cecilia put those emigrants in your bedroom

Charles Mangion
They will rule Europe then the world like the late Gaddafi said its a plot all coming to Europe and if Turkey joins they will turn Europe into a Muslim country

Joselle Camilleri
Keep Turkey out of the EU – they are riddled with problems. Do we need any more? We will be trampled by the Turks 500 years after the great siege… if only La Valette would come back to claim Malta for us!

Sharlo Vassallo
You can take all ILLIGAL IMMIGRANTS to your country and if you like to your home too….and it’s free of charge!!!! WE SUPPORT OUR PRIME MINISTER JOSEPH MUSCAT!!

Lawrence Galea
Cecilia Malmstrom, keep your dirty hands off Malta. Out of the EU is the only way for Malta and we shall leave the EU Malmstrom. You can go to HELL Malmstrom and take the illegal immigrants with you.

Joanne Sommer
EU what made you THINK that an island can save a nation??

Eddie Bonello
Dear Cecilia…Now after you have been contacted by the Onor. Minister Manuel Mallia and given all the facts about this saga do you still uphold your earlier statement?? Are the Maltese autorithies still in breach of International Maritime Law?? Were you given all the facts about this incident before you hastily opened your mouth? Come on..speak up.

Guido Farrugia
Just try going to Sweden or some nordic country – I hear anyone who looks foreign (hint: non blonde) in there is looked down like some 2nd class citizen even if you are from a fellow EU country. Is that not discrimination? Yet, they keep insisting on our tiny island which is already heavily overcrowded (1,282 heads per square km!!!) to continue taking on illegal trespassers while ignoring Malta’s pleas for burden sharing. We don’t want your money – it won’t solve anything.

Mandy Camilleri
Ms Malmstrom Maltese people are not racists, We are patriotic and want what is best for our country. We are not invading anyone we just want to be left in peace and protect our national interest. If you want to give illegal immigrants a new home we will gladly send them to your country so they can live on yr taxes whilst they erode your country’s culture and safety of the future generations. If you are sooo humanitarian prove it and take them in. In the meantime we will do everything in our power to stand up for our right of speech and freedom, the right you want to take from us.

Micallef Mousu Carmen
i think its rude to ask malta to take these immigrants.dr.muscat and minister mallia keep strong and dont accept them

Joseph Spiteri
Ma’am, with all due respect, just because Malta is the smallest of the EU member states, don’t even THINK that you can ride roughshod over us! Malta saw off the might of the Ottoman empire in 1565 and 4 centuries later, this tiny island stood undefeated against the full might of Hitler and his allies. We are a compassionate nation and will help all we can. We’re also a proud and united nation and we will do all in our power to ensure that we are not reduced to slaves – as you seem hell-bent on doing.

Alexander Vella
mrs malmstrom , i understand how youre treathen malta as a sándwich. because when u have your own interest you find the terrotory of malta and know u leave everyone getting pis in our island. i dont mean the kosovos and bosnians that arrived in your country sweden for woman or for asylum also??? maybe you one of them that you like these people, so why ur not going to solve this problem for a small island of malta ? what about if turkey joins eu …..and happens the same from baltic countries ….u think they shut up ..or they send them to muslim country (with all my respect)?? whats sense of eu when we eat in the same plate…

Roger Sciberras
DOM MINTOFF released us from the english and JOSEPH MUSCAT will release us from you,

Radovan Christine Ruzicic
Hi, do you mind to come here to our country and see how many there is? There is some streets in certain villages you can not even walk in them. Do you have an idea what it means for a country with 400,000 population this many people coming and living on or back? How come no one of the big countries in the EU is helping us?

Sandy Sammut
Dear Ms. Malstorm, please note that the majority of the Maltese people are not amused by your statement and rest assured that we are all supporting our Prime Minister. Malta does not need any lessons from anyone to give humanitarian help. it has been doing this for centuries. But anyone who is in his right mind can understand that Malta is a small Island and cannot accomodate this influx of immigrants. If you are so understanding regarding humanitarian aid you should show this by ACTION and accomodate these people in your country. Practice what you preach!!!!! Rest assured that Malta is not the dumping site of Europe and since we are part of the EU we expect to be treated like other European countries. Like we helped other countries who faced financial problems, we expect help regarding this problem. I think that as a commissioner that is your job to bring this help and not expect our Country to carry this burden alone.

Maria Josephine
Dear Ms.Cecilia, we Maltese people do not want EU funds but we do want actual help to stop being invaded from illegal immigrants. We are not racist, but we do need our country back. Please take IMMEDIATE action if u r really responsible. We too are humans and have human rights, no one will stop us from defending our country. In less a month our country was invaded by nearly 1000 illegal immigrants, is that right for us? Please do raise your voice in our favor as it is not fair that we take all Africa and Libya problems on the Maltese nation.As a small country like Malta we need help from EU because we are over invaded. Thank you.

Mario Camilleri
Dear Cecilia we as Maltese find no objection to transfer all illegal migrants to your address so unless you really speak in a practical manner my advice to you and all politicians is to HELP our country solve matter and not keep on putting our country in jeopardy! Thank you

Tiziana Bugeja
with all d respect why don’t you take them to to yur land and take a couple to your house?no u just want to ditch them in malta…we can’t take it anymore and after all it’s our land….from when u starting thinking that the rules can be broken?becouse it’s malta?we r invaded our land can taken any more and our people r tiered…just send them were they should be.after all when they were in in our waters our goverment did what had to be done and took them to land.why libia can’t just do her job and take them ?

Anselm Sciberras
I would like to leave my message in my own language. It is: MALTA TAL-MALTIN. LA HI TIEGĦEK, LA TAL-U.E. U LANQAS TAL-KLANDESTINI. MUR TNEJJEK. (I’m sure you’ll find a translator)

Lizzy Caruana
dear Ms.Malmstrom,who do you think you are to give orders to our Prim Minister to take these refugees when Italy told them to go back to Libja??? why don’t you take them to Sweden and see what the Swedish ppl will do and say…Shame on you for you are the laughing stock of the’s ok for you to say or do what you like with a fat paycheck when we don’t have it…do us a favour and put your money where it belongs and take full responsability and resign…leave us Maltese ppl and Malta alone..

Sandy Sammut
Malta First and Foremost, Malta belongs to the Maltese people and we will fight tooth and nail for our country.

Martin Vella
MALTA TAGHNA IL-MALTIN. If you are so concerned about these illegal immigrants, Sweden is a big country and there’s more than enough room to give them all a great welcome. VIVA MALTA !!!!!!

Clayton Borg
“That ship will not enter territorial waters” – Minister Mallia (the one you had a bilateral with) . You can always send a rescue team from your rich country and take them to Sweden Ms Malmström …

Long Duck Dong
Celcilia you are nothing more than a figurehead full of empty promises, threats & lies.

Marthese Portelli Coleiro
this is a massage to cecilia malstrom is true that everybody is sappost to have rights and is sappost to be helped by others but what are the maltese people rights ? our rights are only to pay taxxis to keep only other people as thay want and as the eu wants them to be as long as they are farawway from the centre of europe so do us a big fovure let our prim minister dr goseph muscat dothe werk he was allekted todo in gaverment becouse he only nows what the maltese pople needs are and you and all the rest shut your self in a tiolet so nobody else will be able to see you thank you

Joe Briffa
We are not amused! If you like them so much, send them to your country! it’s much, much bigger than ours!

Long Duck Dong Cecilia
Malmström, those cheap Ikea glasses are preventing you from seeing the world clearly. As to why you cannot process logic…

Sharon Mifsud
EU is threating us with double face thats what! Where is the help? We do not want money, we want EU to help in burden sharing at least. We already have economical problems here like maltese without work, high rate of poverty among Maltese also. We cannot handle these immigrants. Come by yourself and make a vusit to the detension centre at Safi and Hal-Far. Come and visit the open centres of the immigrants and see by yourself hiw they are living. go to Marsa and watch such Africans at the cross road waiting for well off people to employed them…and for what! For miserable money, without any working permits. This is a small island , we have no space for them. Our island is not a illegal immigrants base. We all Maltese know what is happening, we know that that tanker have to enter in Libya not here. I suggest EU to take these illegall immigrant from the tanker straight to EU not here. No thank you. We support Our prim Minister Joseph Muscat!!

David Bonello
Multiculture failed everywhere. We love Malta with our culture and traditions and nothing is going to change that, not even the EU.

Matthew Farrugia
I don t call 20000 immigrants in a country of 450000 BURDEN SHARING!!! Shame on you! If you really wish to help these immigrants take them to your counry. Malta is not africa’s trash bin!! Your decisions are a threat to our culture economy and way of life!

Charmaine Zerafa
I feel sorry for them but first and foremost I feel sorry for us Maltese who pay all these taxes to shelter immigrants and then the EU comes along and audits us and finds allot of faults in the way they are being held. So if we keep them in such poor conditions why do you want to send them here if as you say they need to be respected……HAhaha its just that no one wants them, why does n´t your country take them in and give them all the luxuries you said they deserve

Robert Ciantar
Dear Cecilia,… get off your high horse and burden share effectively !!!! … then you may be in a position to preach.. – sorry but i couldn’t resist this..

Mario A Cassar
Malta is not the dustbin of the Mediterranean. Enough is enough, no more illegal immigrants, and take away the ones we already have.

Sharon Mifsud
We ara Maltese and we ake no sh**!

Jacqueline Sciuto
Malta belongs ONLY to the Maltese people….so hands off.We have our Prime Minister to guide us and don`t need anyone else…..

Charles Grima
Dear ms meshasorm we fought aghast Turks Germans itains we blokd the port for the British nave and thay all lost and if we have to we will do the same Malta first and formst

James Borg

dear cecilia we don’t need these immigrants on our island. we have suffocated. and the eu is doing nothing. i am really shameful of being an eu citizen with these rules. why don’t these people cross over to yemen instead of coming to malta and the so called europe? i hope the maltese voters take a look and vote for the person who will seriously send these people back or anywhere in europe. if you have some guts you react, but i’m sure you will not…

Karl Grech
When will the time be when Malta will stop from being considered the forgotten corner of the EU? Where is the EU when you really need it? nowhere. Why is burden sharing not enforced rather then voluntary may I ask? Because you and your fellow friends coming from other countries are the true racists! Malta is serving your needs, you don’t want illegal immigrants in your house street, but you are in favor of them being saved and just thrown into Malta???

Billy J McBee
Cecilia… why dont you donate all of your property… salary… jewelry to all of these illegal immigrants?? Rather than dictating others what they should do!!!

Daniel Bonello
Hands off Malta! It’s better if you and your ‘friends’ concentrate on an effective OBLIGATORY burden sharing of ILLEGAL immigrants amongst ALL EU members rather than trying to dictate what us Maltese should do! The time of dictators has ceased!

Billy J McBee
Also.. it does look like Germany wants to take over Europe once more… history repeating???.. a modern indirect Hitler on the rebirth ???

Jackie Barbara
why don’t you take them to sweeden and put them in a 5star hotel,if you have this soft spot for them,and you can also take with them the one we have at the detention centers,you have space in sweeden and your country is also rich you can afford to keep them,we cannot afford them any more.think also about our small island and its people as well,you all wanted us to join the eu,so now its your job to help us.

Connie Cassar
Because we are a small country ,doesn t give you the right to dictate on us Stop this abuse Because of you ,we maltese are turning against the EU We are all behind our prime minister in this issue

Michael Scicluna
Cecilia, as you might have noticed we are a very charitable nation. We give millions for local charities and even more to foreign ones. But now it’s more than enough and we won’t accept what should have not even have come close to Malta and in light of years of been taken as a fool by the EU. Grow up and learn the facts before you open your mouth again!

Aquila Ewropa Malta
Screw brussles and Screw the EUSSR.

Daniel Axisa
take it to your country malmstrom you live maybe in 5 star hotel with all the stuff turn around you and with a driver and bmw and us normal workers pople we fghit for live every day and in malta we are full of illegal immigrants you not work for eu citizines

Carmen Mamo
take it to your country we had enough

Antoine Camilleri
No more of them, if you want take them to your home.

Ronald Ellul
Do us all a favour and stop interfering in our National Security. If y want to help these immigrants then take steps to ensure that they do not need to leave their country in the first place.
We cannot accept them anymore and giving us money is not going to solve problems.

Joanne Vassallo
Ms Malstrom just because you got good grades in school or found someone to pay it for you to be where you are today… To earn the thousands of Euros that you earn…That gives you no right whatsoever to impose your beliefs upon us Maltese. We may not mean anything to you in Europe and its pretty evident by your comments, that we don’t, but we are proud to be Maltese, we have rights and we stand by our prime minister all the way.

Yanes Desira
Ms Malmstrom, would be a good idea if we bring them on your doorstep for better supervision…..we have an influx here, considering our promenade full of vomiting, after a nice evening drinking by some of these bullies being drunk after their frustration here……watching them walking drunk from side to side….

Steve Gerada
Take them to your country Malmstrom , we have more than enough and wonder how much have to come more , you should offer help to our Islands as soon as possible about this .

Billy J McBee
Cecilia… you should be held responsible for ANY maltese families that suffer job losses…. poverty… danger.. rape… theft… lack of security.. by each and every illegal immigrant that endangers Malta’s security network and financial stability !! Let’s see YOU fork out all the damage expense to the past/present/future majority of Maltese citizens and family

George Farrugia
can you please make the maltese a favor shut your mouth

Johan Beverley Vella
take them at you home .you and your eu make our country like afrika

Labour Malta
These are the people you wants us to care for!
F**K OFFCecilia

Robert Rodenas
Cecilia , what you say doesnt count ,We Maltese command our own destiny ,Keep the Muslims in your country . Enjoy and good luck

Martin Domenic Borg
Time to change the way commissioners are appointed. These vote less people have too much power that they have simply grabbed for themselves. With regards the present situation in Malta get your facts right first before making a fool of yourself with statements that are composed on wrong data. How many illegal migrants from Africa do you host at your home? None of course . Hands off Malta.

Manuel Delia Pillow
This is a small country with out space …live us alone

Mark Vella
Who the hell do you think you are dictating to us what to do ? its our country ,we are the ones living in Malta. You can take them all to your country if you care that much. If your not taking them to your country then shut the hell up !!!!!!!

Jesmond Mizzi
Only people like you ruined the EU, please do the whole Europe a favor and resign. Malta is acting according the int’ law and the survivors are safe, so you are very wrong about what you are saying. SHAME ON YOU SHAME ON YOU

Sharon Micallef
no ms malmstrom we will not let them in and discuss later as you made your spokesman say! if you want them down from the tanker send a number of boats and direct them to sweden! malta is not eu’s dumping site…..

Joyce Aquilina Bartolo
what the hell do you have against Malta? ,we have rights too you know ,but you are more then welcome to take them to Brussilles or to your country

Natal Vella
The knights defended our country and that is what we will do today!

Kevin Buhagiar
hi malta make an extra afford about this problem its to much accept more imigrants in our country we need a big help in malta this is an emergensy malta need a big help.

Charlene Zammit
You should be ashamed of yourself! They come here, rape our children, rob our elderly, fight us, spit on our laws and safety, spread their illnesses, and all this after we have given them food and shelter!!! If you want them safe take them to your home!!! You talk the way you do cause you’re not the one suffering the consequences that’s why! SHAME ON YOU!!!

Jesmond Genovese
ghax ma dahlux fox o k il vapor mhux ga qedghin kif alla iridna ms malmstrom

Anton Rea Cutajar
take them at your place u mur hudu fox l liba famikha tieghek

Melanie Vella
ms.malmstorm..this is malta calling..we want malta for maltese ppl ..we vgot a goverment who knows how to rule pls stay out of it

Melvin Grech
We the maltese are full now we cant take these people any more… our island is a jewel ,our fathers worked hard so we have our freedom … we are never late these people take our lives our island . WE ARE THE KNIGHTS OF MALTA!!!!!!WE ARE GOING TO FIGHT FOR OUR ISLAND….

Massimo Magri
Go F… yourse
lf…. mind your own business and take all the immigrants in your COUNTRY. Malta is our country not yours, so shut uppppppp…

Ivan Attard
Cecilia: DONT MESS WITH THE MALTESE! Get this in your head.

Susan Coleiro
we are over loaded we all support our lprime ministertake them to your country

Giorgio Malteser
She cannot even handle criticism, nearly all comments have been deleted, some serious commissioner you are Ms Malmstrom. But I guess the very generous salary you are receiving from our taxes have made you a real twat.

Doreen Micallef
are u willing to take them to your house ms malmstorm so pls stay of frm ths situation our prim minister knows what he is doing and we support him

Joananna Farrugia
its simple cecilia you take them or we push forward simple as that.where is the eu?all you do is talking without action and pls malta belongs to us.i m waiting to see how the eu is going to help us and i am not mentioning money Cecilia

Wenzu Malti
komplu aqlawla lil di zibel

Carmen Cutajar
take them to your country

Margaret Richards
Malstrom keep yr filthy hands off our country. You want them in europe….take them yourself to yr house.

Phiilip Dimech
Take them to your country we have more than enough,And you can take the ones that are all ready here and you can live one big happy family with them feeding and sucking on your family’s and economy.

Joanne Sommer
This what HAPPENS when the maltese are treated LESS, huge MISTAKE eu, by the way I am maltese living in Switzerland, that with you want NOTHING TO DO sorry and I HAVE NO PROBLEM flying 2 hours if a referedum is up to get OUT OF EU, is a piece of cake

Gino Caruana
do you have SHAMPOO AND CONDITIONER in Sweden Ms Malstrom ?

Alexander Morana
what a stupid Swedish dork!

Charles Cobretti
Take them to your country pls,,,,we have enouph and shut up

Antoinette Apap
a simple solution take them all to Brussels with you so they can enjoy life in a five star hotel. wedont need them here you should come and see for yourself the way they are destroying our beloved country Malta is for the Maltese .

Dorianne Ellul
If u want to help them take them to Sweden, Malta is can’t afford keeping all these people. You want to help them you take them. ( shame on you) we have no jobs they are taking our jobs and everything, we must get out of the European union were much better when we was not members!!!!!

Mary Gialanze
Why dont u take them to your home country and feed them from your hefty salaries you are gaining by just sitting on a luxury chair in brussel with your other corrupted friends.

David Farrugia
You have to understand that no foreigner messes with us Maltese. We are a sovreign state who are what we are today thanks to the blood shed by our nationals, many a time for the sake of foreign states and colonialists. Our national interest is paramount to your obsessions or agendas. I have a feeling that you don’t even know what you’re up against.

Matthew Zammit
Take them to your country.

Edward Azzopardi
Mind your own business. Our Goverment knows what he is doing. What about our interests.Before you open your mouth be well informed of what’s going on!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Brian Farrugia
Il-brimbu why you don’t come see you re self in my city every night all drunk teasing every lady it passes by and breaking beer bottles to the floor!!!!!its time to push them back Malta is too small ,already populated!!!!

Brian Farrugia
Il-brimbu u mur hudu foxx kemmandek ax nsejt nejdlek

Robert Rodenas
She cannot take them to Sweden ,her country, because Sweden doesnt exist , now its called Swedistan

Billy J McBee
What if Malta leaves the eu?… the eu will be left without a dump/skip… lets all say “We Want Out” !!!!

Ayrton Cardona
take them to your country or take them in your home shame on you

Jacqueline Demicoli
take them to you country and keep them between you legs

Steve Mallia
we are ready to get them to malta by 1 condition…….. we orgonize planes and all illigal imigrants that come to malta in the past years we send them to your country…….. are you willing to accept them and be so kind???? your country is much bigger than ours they have more space there. hope you answer this thanks

Ron Genuis
malmstorm, we had enough of your bull crap its time for the Maltese people to stand up and fight for their rights. that is democracy

Doris Laws Friggieri
Cecilia Malmstrom,do we have the €30000 for the stress you’re giving to our maltese people.ohhhhh thank you soooo much.I will do it again so I can get another €30000 and then I don’t need to work

Russell Attard
Since the issue for you is not whose responsibility it is to take them….. Why don’t you step in and take them yourself! It’s comes very easy for you to point your finger and shoot orders….but you never said anything that makes sense to solve the problem…if the welfare of those people is so much at heart for you, prove yourself and take them home

Stefan Bathory
Your tenure of office as Commissioner has been a total failure. The worst thing to hit Malta since WW2. All your policies have failed and you try to keep imposing your views on the tiny Maltese island like a failed bully does in a schoolyard. We Maltese are all looking forward to 2014 when your tenure ends. Liberals are all like you head in the air and no practical sense. Do you want us to take in the immigrants? Send your gunboats in the area and force us. We already have ours in the area.

Pawlu Richard
Who the hell are you, to dictate to our democratic government what to do with our nation? why do you want to shut the Maltese people mouth by inject some dirty money to NGOs pockets to close the sovranic Maltese people mouth? keep all the money, get all the unknown illegal people that arrive to our country, and take them all to Brussels and to your nation Sweden, so in that manner, hope you will get applauded, from all the Maltese, you don’t get that, believe me, we don’t want anymore dictators or traitors in our country, we want ONLY honest and democratic people to lead us to right ways, so get my message seriously.

Sharon Micallef
they are deleting the comments! this is a clear indication that the maltese citizens are third class citizens for cecilia malmstrom and the eu…. shame on you!

Alan Micallef
take them with you in your house MRS Bravehearth………. Shame on you…..

Mario Mamo
taik taik no action from your cushy job always the same from the eu like when you left the bosnian people ex yugoslavia killed, women raped and atrocities done where not for the US when they entered in this conflict you and your eu countrys just stayed watch and talking and away from the conflict and to remind you one of the worst atrocities took place in front one of the eu country army I hope youknow which one and we maltese do not want money from you but take a sensible number of them so you will share this burden and secondly why dont you see to it why theye are leaving there country because these countries they are rich in there land which produces a big portion of the oils,iron ores,and others but they are being taken by the big companies and these people are left poor this is what you have to do take it with these mayor companies so you can do a very sensible thing not with us the smallest county in the eu but not the least mind you

Marisa Tabone
cecilia malmstrom , if you want bring it in your country or in your house , we dont need it.

Malcolm Farrugia
Take them to your Country instead of here. We Love our country and no one will take that from us , neither you. Shame on you !
Malta first and foremost!

Cleo Zarb
We should make a referendum to leave this EU dictatorship

Jason Schembri
shame on you, you bad woman

Long Duck Dong
Don’t they have shampoo & conditioner in Sweden? Try using it sometime.

Kurt Chetcuti
litteralment xkupa.

Kevin Vella

Fack off Cecillia

Tino Sant
miss potato

Carrie Dalli
malta is 4 maltese people we are really disappointed with eu we never asked them 4 anything so let us live peacefully in owr country god bless malta and her primeminester

Claude Pace
she looks like gargamel .. lol

Lawrence Spiteri
Have you ever noticed Ms Malmstrom that you, and people like you up there in Brussels, have become democratic dictators? A very cushy job hmmm?

69 Comments Comment

  1. H.P. Baxxter says:

    Joseph Muscat will have a referendum on leaving the EU within the next two years, which he will win.

    I’m taking bets.

    • David Thake says:

      I don’t think that pulling out of the EU will ever be on the cards for Malta…. thank God the PN won the 2008 election or you might have been right.

      • H.P. Baxxter says:

        What’s to keep Joseph Muscat from holding a referendum? The majority of the population are firmly behind him, and despise the EU as an enemy of Malta.

        The referendum would be won by Labour and the anti-Europeanists, and the government would have to “respect the democratic outcome.”

        Being in the Eurozone does not depend on EU membership. There are non-EU members with the Euro as their currency.

      • tory says:

        the EU is an enemy of Malta and this is fact not fiction. even in the smallest of all important things, the EU is the enemy of the Maltese people and their rights.

    • Joe Fenech says:

      If referendums had to take place in Europe, most countries will opt out of the EU. Bankers have created havoc and times are very propitious for revolutions.

      • Joe Fenech says:

        revolutions and nationalism.

      • H.P. Baxxter says:

        You completely miss the point. Our anti-Europeanness is not caused by resentment at bankers. After all, the Maltese economy is doing splendidly. It’s caused by atavistic Mintoffianism.

      • Joe Fenech says:


        There is that too.

        Nevertheless, the Maltese economy is doing well because of all the shady business that goes on. No need to go into much detail…

    • Gakku says:

      He won’t. How would he get to meet his new BFF from the United Kingdom so often otherwise?

    • Kevin says:

      I have a nasty feeling that this has been purposely engineered to gain momentum for a referendum on leaving the EU.

      I’ve read each of these comments and many others and I am lost for words. I never realised there is so much hatred within this population.

      Although some of those commenting have links to the Nationalist Party, most proudly display Mintoff/Malta Taghna Lkoll/Labour as a Facebook link or back drop.

      Is hatred Mintoff’s only true legacy? Are people so blind that they have lost all sense of proportion.

      • Pontius says:

        You are either too young to remember,or probably during Mintoff’s tenure you were still a sperm bubble. Or else, you never listened to any of his ” famous” speeches. The man oozed venom and hatred, as much as Naomi Campbell or Kate Moss ooze sexiness. What you read is a true legacy of the man himself, and if anyone ever thought that those days are long gone, he must be bloody well mistaken, my friend. This is just the beginning. Hatred is in their DNA i’m sorry to say and as far as I can envisage it will be with us for years to come. What amazes me is the fact that their so called intellectuals are sucked into this hatred and siege mentality as soon as they affiliate themselves with their party. Very worrying is the fact that most posters on that facebook page might be from a young generation, probably , university or MCAST students. That will give you a fine idea of where our future lies.

    • Artemis says:

      I agree with you. I predicted the same to the hubby when Muscat won the election. He will work towards it. When everyone is well and truly sick of what’s going on, Muscat will call a referendum. Malta should leave the EU and get its borders and sovereignty back.

      The EU is a failed experiment which only the Germans have gained and continue to gain from. If anyone can’t see that, they should get their head out of the sand.

    • albona says:

      Baxx, you are wrong there. The countries/regions you are talking about such as Kosovo, Vatican City, Montenegro or Andorra do not participate fully with their respective Central Banks coordinating, officially and under treaty, the management of the eurozone. They just use the currency; they are not part of it. Just as some countries use the USD as their unofficial currency, so these countries/principalities/regions use the euro. Malta would go belly up if it left the euro. The fallout would be too catastrophic for any government to survive.

      Here is a pretty good article on it. I am no economist so I would not want to attempt to explain the ins and outs of the euro.

      • H.P. Baxxter says:

        That’s what I meant, but I was rushed. Joseph Muscat will placate business owners and shopkeepers by allowing the Euro as legal tender. He could also re-introduce the Lira and peg its value to the Euro, killing two birds with one stone. Mintoffian self-reliance on one side and the fat cat party donors on the other.

  2. C Agius says:

    Both political parties are responsible for this behaviour. What was unacceptable to PN a couple of weeks ago, should be unacceptable now. Where are they?

    Few stood to be counted, its a shame. The attitude of PL and PN legitimises comments such as this:

    Kevin Vella are you looking for a Black Dick Cicillia ?
    6 hours ago · Like · 5

    Lawrence Galea Kevin, Maybe she likes to experiment. In that case we can send her all the illegal immigrants in Malta and she can then have one each day for the rest of her life.
    6 hours ago · Like · 2

    • H.P. Baxxter says:

      Simon Busuttil is busy touring the festi Maltin u Ghawdxin.

      Truly, the last hope has vanished.

      • ciccio says:

        Now that the clowns are ‘in,’ let them enjoy the government.

        Simon Busuttil is enjoying the Summer, which is what Summer is for and what he deserves.

        The Winter of Discontent is ahead of us. Five of them, possibly.

  3. Harry Purdie says:

    Good stuff, little Joey. You’ve just raised the standard of Maltese discourse for all of Europe to admire.

  4. Stefan says:

    And the ‘shame on you’ is repeated ad nauseam again…tghallmu sentenza minghand Konred jahasra.

  5. Iz-Zanzi says:

    WTF is going on with this island – a summer of Fascism?

  6. blue says:

    This is one of the tactics Muscat is using to get Malta out of the EU, first get people to detest the EU then conduct a referendum, next stop China.

  7. Marlowe says:

    My God, I can’t take it anymore. Time to pack up…

  8. Manuel says:

    This tainted image of Malta is being projected thanks to the famous “switchers” who were looking for “change” just for change’s sake.

    This is what you get when you reason and act in that way. We now have a government led by an incompetent PM and who is taking Malta towards a huge plunge where diplomacy and international relations are concerned, not to mention the hatred he has fomented and then tried to wash the dirt off his hands.

  9. Catherine says:

    There have been several posts from malta Labour Party on this too. Is this an official page? Also, someone commented suggesting she should sleep with one eye open. What has happened to this country? How much do they think they can get away with?

  10. Connor Attard says:

    This sort of behaviour is truly revolting, especially since it’s coming from adults who should know better. Though I too feel that there’s an ulterior motive behind all of Muscat’s shenanigans. Is he trying to ingrain an anti-EU sentiment in the minds of the masses, so he could win a referendum on leaving the EU hands down?

  11. TinaB says:

    They all think they sound really cool, the morons.

  12. Josanne Holloway says:

    I am totally ashamed and embarrassed by this unacceptable behaviour. We should all apologise for their appalling behaviour. I have.

  13. mark says:

    Jaqaw lis-skola tan-nuna marru dawn. Dal paroli fil vojt, pastaz,vulgari,rassist u paroli illi ma jghamilx sens huwa kollu tort tal-bravu Prim Ministru (il-mintoffjan) Joseph Muscat.

  14. Joe Fenech says:

    Didn’t Alfred Sant say “Malta’s not prepared for the EU”? There you are.

  15. P Shaw says:

    It looks like that they are organized from Hamrun.

    The elves have taken on globalization in full force.

  16. Edward says:

    In the mean time, Cyrus Engerer posts pictures of himself at the Salvatur Festa in Lija. If the Salvatur was around, I wonder what he’d do?

    • Joe Fenech says:

      Simon is unfortunately doing the same. Populism galore!

      • CIS says:

        Lija is where Simon lives – he should be there.

      • Michelle Pirotta says:

        It may be populism. But I’m told from some festa-fanatics in my family that, while until last Summer you’d used to see half of the Labour MPs and the super one crowd at every festa…you barely see anyone of them nowadays.

        They’ve all gone hiding – and that’s just after after 5 months.

      • Joe Fenech says:

        Michelle Pirotta

        It’s very obvious!

  17. Clifford says:


  18. I wonder says:

    Is that really Mary Grace Pisani of B4 Textiles?

  19. Melissa says:

    And then they say we have a ‘linguistic advantage’ compared to European countries vis-a-vis the English language. Tal-biki.

  20. Pat says:

    I can’t believe all these people woke up one day and suddenly got it into their head to write these things.

    I believe in coincidence but this is way beyond.

    Just a few months since the election and I’m back to the stage of being embarrassed to say I’m Maltese. I thought it was likely to happen but not in such a short time!

  21. Liberal says:

    Nice. We even have a terrorist threat by some idiot called Li Slow Casha Mula.

  22. Liberal says:

    If the prime minister had an ounce of dignity and/or the true national interest at heart, he would address the nation, disassociate himself from and condemn these messages, and make a real commitment to fight racism.

    Then again, he wouldn’t do any such thing if he shared the same sentiments.

  23. Rita Camilleri says:

    Am I alone in feeling really really depressed when I read all these things? We are sounding more and more like a bunch of illiterate savages. I pity our children.

    • Dez says:

      Rita, rest assured that you are not the only one feeling this way. Also, we are ‘not’ sounding more and more like a bunch of illiterate savages; but I would say that a great percentage of the population ‘is’ a bunch of illiterate savages, equally proud to be, and are there to multiply under Labour influence.

  24. Jozef says:

    ‘Sub-human species’. I suggest the PN to distance itself immediately from these ‘supporters’ of the prime minister.

    Perhaps the PSE should start looking into Labour’s credentials as a member of the group.

    Unless Martin Schultz intends to prove Berlusconi right. Labour’s manifestly national socialist.

    Muscat’s failing miserably, not that he hasn’t already, but this is spectacular.

    Mintoff’s stand-off was for acknowledgement of a proposal for peace along the Med, what’s Muscat after? I doubt we’ll ever know.

  25. K. says:

    I gave up after “you are the BIG IDIOT I EVER SAW”. I weep for our country.

  26. canon says:

    The least Commissioner Cecilia Malmstroem can do is to issue a warning to Swedish citzens saying how risky for them is to be amongst so many people of racists tendencies and intolerant to visitors.

    • ciccio says:

      Do you think that those Swedish citizens are not taking note of what is happening here?
      They will probably be thinking what the Maltese think about their presence here.

      The damage being done to Malta’s image as a European country is irreparable. Muscat is not showing any signs of thinking as a European. His promise of “best in Europe” (L-Aqwa fl-Ewropa) is sounding so hollow.

  27. Michelle Pirotta says:

    Probably the only reason is that with an economy which is already showing signs of further slowing down since Labour got to power, the last thing Joseph Muscat can afford is to lose out on the 1 billion euro negotiated by Lawrence Gonzi.

  28. Nathalie says:

    Li naf zgur huwa li qed nergaw nghejxu iz-zminijiet koroh ta’ Mintoff u dan ghadu mhu xejn.

    Joseph Muscat qed ihalli dan it-tghajjir u insulti ghaddejjin ghax ma hux kapaci jikkontrolla lill qabda hamalli li ghandu jappogjawh.

    Hemm bzonn li minn ghandu rieda tajba iqum u jitkellem bl’edukazzjoni kollha biex ma jhalliex li nergaw nitfaw lill pajjizna fl’infern ta’ din id-dinja.

  29. Rumplestiltskin says:

    This is truly sickening. Have we become a nation of Neanderthals?

    I’m beginning to lose hope for this island.

    Joseph Muscat and the Labour Party opened Pandora’s Box and all the demons have been set free.

    They have lost all control and in a few months destroyed the good name Malta had acquired through years of hard work by Lawrence Gonzi and the PN.

    • Jozef says:

      Sikkatura, burokrazija, Taghna Lkoll. This Labour isn’t self sustaining.

      Not when the axiom is informality verging on anarchy. The problem is manifest when crucial decisions emerge.

  30. Toyger says:

    Yesterday I couldn’t sleep, was too agitated after reading the comments and after receiving an onslaught of insults myself on Facebook for apologising to Mrs Malmstrom on behalf of those of us who are rational.

    Today on reading them again, I’m having palpitations and hypertension.

    Can’t believe how easy it was for all these years of hard work to just disintegrate into nothing.

    • Jozef says:

      Oh yes it is. What’s impressive is how they reflect the leader’s limits.

      ‘We are not a carpet’, no way will they ever shirk their nix mangiari, damned if they’ll ever give up being ‘Maltese’.

      There’s a gaping hole consuming government benches, any takers?

  31. Josette says:

    They have the nerve to insult and abuse EU Commissioner Malmstrom when our own Commissioner caused such real trouble and made the international headlines for it.

    Now here are the Maltese, not only showing how racist, bullying and absolutely ignorant they are, but also proving that they are incapable of expressing themselves either in Maltese or English.

    And some of the comments would count as threats to cause bodily harm – a crime in the laws of most civilised countries.

    I don’t think Malta will need to withdraw from the EU. At this rate it will be simply chucked out.

  32. Brian says:

    Is Joseph Muscat proud of all this? Probably.

  33. Tracy says:

    You did not happen to meet with Eddy Privitera’s comment as he too boasted on The Times that he sent her one ‘to congratulate her’.

  34. Alexander Ball says:

    We won’t be leaving the EU until Mallia stops shopping at Lidl.

  35. War says:

    I am sure that Simon Busuttil is making sure of keeping a good relationship with the EU. Out of all this, the EU can by now realise the huge change in mentality between PN and MLP. I bet that Muscat is paving the way to exit the EU, but he won’t make it by the next election, by which time the Maltese will show him what to do with his beloved roadmap.

  36. M... says:

    Hysteria and euphoria are truly contagious.

  37. C Falzon says:

    My favourite is “shame on you, you bad woman”.

  38. Mandy B says:

    What a disgrace, what sheer stupidity. Like you’ve said, Daphne, there are two Maltas. How embarrassing.
    Too bad we have to share the same tiny rock.

  39. Where is the compassion? Many maltese over the years have immigrated abroad, now because the maltese don’t like the colour of Africans they complain about them. I bet if they white there would be no complaints.

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