“Mallta is Small Island with big bolls”

Published: August 9, 2013 at 12:37pm
My thanks to the reader who sent in this very appropriate photograph.

My thanks to the reader who sent in this very appropriate photograph.

You can really put Labour/Joseph Muscat’s 36,000-vote majority into perspective by reading Mrs Malmstrom’s Facebook Timeline, but do so in a spirit of black humour or you’ll end up throwing yourself under a bus.

Here’s some more.

Carmen Calleja
When other European countries needed a bailout it was all over the European news…….. NOW that we have a crisis with illegal immigrants one can hear the silence … where are those who we have helped when they were in need ???????????????????

Mariella Borg
Mallta. Small Island big bolls
20 minutes ago via mobile • Like

Bob Borg
Ms.Cecile,Please note that the TIME FOR GIMMICKS is over in malta.

Margaret Vassallo
Enough is enough, I don’t want my dearest beautiful Malta to turn into Africa! I do not want it, MY BIG honest middle class family doesn’t want it and ALL my friends DON’T WANT them here. They should GO back and fix their own problems like we fix and have fixed in the past. Believe me Cecilia Malmstrom youre popular in my country today but not in a likably popular way. Good Day From Sunny Beautiful and Tiny Malta

Marion Pace
If they continue coming in like this an epidemic will arise very shortly, this shows that you do not really care for them but your intention is to Destroy Malta and the Maltese. Shame on You. You do not know the Maltese yet, this election we gave an answer to the previous Government which was your lackey by voting him off with 36000 plus. If this time round the present one will succumb to your bullying the Maltese are going to vote the far right party, and get out of this blasted EU who is ruining Europe. We have other countries who are our sincere friends like China and North Korea which through your actions are convincing us by the day and hour to politically and commercially do business with them. I am speaking for the people and not the politicians and Government of Malta as finally we are still a democracy and the people will talk.

Corinne Brincat
We dont need your visits in malta until you take our side in the illegal immigrants battle!! Shame on you and eu for not taking into consideration OUR humanitarian rights. We are legal maltese and with all the illegal immigration we barely have space in our little country to live in!

Sharon Micallef
Malta is not your dumping site! get off from your golden throne and help the MALTESE PEOPLE….

Rita Debono
you have no right to make our beautiful country an african one. take them to your home or money is what you like most? dont make us people choose to opt from eu? we dont need you

Lydon Camilleri
do something or we out from EU

The only possible responsible to that last one is: Ar’ hemm, hej.

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  1. Lorry says:

    I has the bols in my vejns, Grejsi.

  2. J says:

    Another brilliant one spawned by the rare mind of Joseph Muscat – yes, let’s get a ‘bailout’ from the EU. The cost of that, if the Greek and Cypriot examples are anything to go by, would be the complete emasculation of the Maltese government and parliament. Sounds pretty good to me.

  3. NGT says:

    Well if we can write ‘mowbajl’ and ‘esaj’, why not ‘bolls’. Mhux hekk tinhass il-kelma?

  4. Joe Micallef says:

    Have a look at what the Italian leftist paper l’Unita (you know these are the ones that share ideology with the PL) had to say about Joseph and Malta.

    “Il premier maltese Joseph Muscat, che ha giustificato il no allo sbarco con l’argomento che le strutture di accoglienza dell’isola sono sovraffollate, si affretta a ringraziare il governo italiano per avergli tolto le castagne dal fuoco. Si sarebbe potuto almeno risparmiare l’ipocrisia: il comportamento delle autorità maltesi in tutta la vicenda è stato disumano e, se qualcuno volesse porre la questione, probabilmente anche condannabile sotto il profilo del diritto internazionale. Sarebbe almeno auspicabile che alle parole di condanna dei portavoce della Commissione Ue seguisse qualche censura ufficiale. Almeno così, per affermare un principio.

    You can read the whole article here.


    Maybe someone should tell them that Joseph belongs to their fold. I am also (not) surprised that no local journalist thought it fit to ask the PES what they think about this!

    • Calculator says:

      Have the PES issued some kind of statement on the matter at all? I’d love to see how right the PES President thinks he was when he said Labour’s victory in March “joins the wave of change in Europe”.

    • Bubu says:

      Frankly how the PL is allowed to consider itself a member of PES is completely beyond me.

    • Jozef says:

      ‘…il cui capitano, obbedendo alle leggi della navigazione marina, accoglie i migranti a bordo e comunica il salvataggio alle autorità di competenza, e cioè Malta. Da qui arriva l’ordine di invertire la rotta e scaricare i profughi nel porto libico di Khoms.’

      Contradicts Mallia’s version, it says the ‘captain informed Malta’ and, rather emphatically, ‘it was Malta that ordered the ship to turn back’.

    • Josette says:

      I don’t think that the PL belongs to any particular ideology at this point.

      Its only interest, prior to the general elections, was to grab power, and after, to consolidate it with as little work possible (hence the hate-mongering – helps to keep the lowest common denominator happy) and to grab as much as possible for the inner circle.

    • Jozef says:

      Here’s Il Manifesto. These are the cashmere socialists per excellence.


      ‘….Sarebbe il capitano del Salamis che secondo quanto riferisce il ministro degli Interni Manuel Mallia «non ha rispettato le indicazioni che gli erano state date dal Rescue center di Roma e dalla forze armate di Malta». Su quali fossero, però, queste indicazione non c’è una versione concorde: secondo il comandante sarebbe stata proprio Roma a indicargli la rotta verso La Valletta, mentre il governo maltese ha dichiarato che la marina italiana avrebbe ordinato alla nave di portare i migranti nel porto più vicino, ovvero, in Libia..’

      Basically Il Manifesto confirms two different versions,

      according to Muscat, Italy gave the initial instructions, or , according to the captain, Malta did everything on its own.

      Swell, Muscat’s trying to blame the Italians for something they didn’t. Why should the captain lie?

  5. Catherine says:

    For in d woll, dis countrey.

  6. Kevin says:

    What beautiful sentiment: “We have other countries who are our sincere friends like China and North Korea which through your actions are convincing us by the day and hour to politically and commercially do business with them.”

    Thanks for posting this, Comrade Daphne.

    • Bubu says:

      25 years of sanity all down the toilet.

      It’s like the clock was reset to 1987 and we are in an alternate reality where Eddie Fenech Adami lost the election.

    • Josette says:

      They’re actually getting it and agreeing. Joseph has already managed to start to convince some of them that the EU is their enemy and they should look to China and North Korea for help.

      Wonder if this Marion Pace would be willing to go for a visit to North Korea and those parts of China which are not open to foreigners. And it she likes them, she could also remain there.

    • Pandora says:

      That is the statement that gave me the shivers along with the shame and cringe reaction I experienced while reading all other comments.

    • Last Post says:

      This is horrible. What does Marion Pace (and every one who shares his/her views) know about life for ORDINARY CITIZENS in China or better/worse still in North Korea?

      Does he/she know anything about who the eventual contractors for the new power station (and the Malta-Gozo bridge perhaps) will be?

      It is totally unbelievable what hardcore Laburisti can come up with.

    • Mike says:

      Who wouldn’t want to be associated with North Korea. It’s not like they imprison around a third of their population for inane reasons, or are warmongers or starve another third of their people or are a pariah state are they?

      [Daphne – Careful, Mike, or some Scandinavians and Maltese will take you literally.]

      On a serious note, the mind just boggles. How anyone sane (at least in the eyes of the law) would prefer two states that are in contravention of multiple human rights as opposed to liberal and forward thinking Europe is beyond me.

      I can’t wait for the next year to pass as it’s straight to the UK home office to apply for citizenship for me.

  7. CGrech says:

    ‘We have other countries who are our sincere friends like China and North Korea.’ … Is this lady for real?

    • Calculator says:

      No wonder the dangerously close rapprochement of Malta with these countries never rang any alarm bells; some people don’t even know who we’re dealing with, Comrade.

    • xifajk says:

      Ghallinqas onesta, dak hu li vera jemmen il-Labour.

    • ciccio says:

      And the previous government, we voted him off with 36,000 plus. I am speaking for the people.

    • Gary Jameson says:

      Marion Pace may one day see the EU has a benign Utopia when compared to China.

      This is one of the most damning appraisals I have read regarding the Chinese and what they are up to in Africa. And to think that the current government of muppets will probably hand over electricity generation to them. It’s sad and laughable as the Chinese will do it for free just to get a foothold.


      When you read articles like this, you can see why so many people in Africa want to leave when the choice is between living under corrupt, rotten regimes or a new coloniser who wants to rape your country. This is why some of the Africans who flee their country are economic migrants as they want the freedom of choice – same as we do. When I worked in Libya, this is what they all used to say to me which is why they were prepared to get on a boat at the expense of giving someone a lot of money. The risk was worth it to them.

      • Jozef says:

        Guess who’s displacing millions of Africans and why Muscat’s adopted this stance.

        We’ll get there, an ultimatum ie. Either in or out.

    • Futur mill-aghar says:

      Of course she’s messed up! She talks about wanting to be friends politically and economically with North Korea and China and in the very next sentence she is boasting about Malta being a democratic country.

      I took a look at her Facebook page and it is littered with such nonsense, though in much shorter form. I see her daughter has recently graduated with a Masters in Science (Seismology). Vera ma tistax tikkuntentahom lil dawn in-nies. And she ‘likes’ Emy Bezzina – told you she’s a nutter.

    • Catsrbest says:

      What can I say: ‘With friends like these; who needs enemies’?

    • r meilak says:

      The lady is for real, but what China and North Korea really are she does not know.

    • AE says:

      And she uses the word ‘democracy’ straight after. Idiot.

    • A la Francisa says:

      Sadly, she and her like are for real.

  8. TinaB says:


    Daphne, you’re going to kill me.

  9. Mary says:

    Miet bolls.

    Aghtih O Mulej il-mistrieh ta’ dejjem.

  10. Felix says:

    Our littil Mussolini will be veri prawd, when he is in Brussels

  11. Bubu says:

    Miet Bolls? Illallu miskin! Kemm qed jiddispjacini! Meta ha jehduh?

  12. Paddling Duck says:

    In the next MEP election, Labour should candidate itself with the right-wing reformists rathern than the PES.

  13. Min Jaf says:

    The reality that these people are missing (along with a good part of their brain, giving their ignorance and lack of logic) is that there is no direct link between Malta being part of the EU and the trickle of irregular immigrants ending up here.

    Malta is located on the irregular immigration route, and that is all there is to it. Were we to opt out of the EU irregular immigrants woukd still continue to end up in Malta. And what then?

  14. Joe Scerri says:

    Does this mean that Mr Bolls has died?

  15. C Falzon says:

    Margaret Vassallo:
    “MY BIG honest middle class family”

    She must be the black sheep in her family then.

  16. Josette says:

    Actually it’s Mallta, the small island with the dead bolls.

  17. Harry Worth says:

    We are returning to the ’70s and ’80s in terms of mentality.

  18. ken il malti says:

    Miet Bolls must be brand of old Dutch gin.

  19. Tom says:

    Jesus Christ! And these people were allowed to vote? We don’t need the EU?

    And so who’s been fixing our roads or providing sponsorships/grants for small businesses? And the EU is ruining Europe?

    Marion Hili in particular strikes me as being a genius! These people need to be sterilized – I’ll take in a thousand intelligent Africans and avoid these idiots from reproducing!

  20. Artemis says:

    Sincere friends like North Korea! With friends like that, who needs enemies? Since when was Malta friends with North Korea anyway?

  21. C Attard says:

    Marion Pace thinks that China and North Korea are our friends, so we don’t need the EU.

    why don’t we make friends with Iran too while we’re at it?

  22. Wilson says:

    There were balls on this island a few decades back and there was also bolls on this island in the time of the Arabs.

  23. lorna saliba says:

    I think we really need “bolls” on this issue. Cecila Malstrom should never have intervened in this matter and the Maltese government was within his legal rights to act as he did. This ultra-liberal stance being adopted by our European bureaucrats is giving rise to a lot of discomfort across the entire spectrum and not only in Malta.

    Unfortunately history has thought us a number of lessons which we continually chose to ignore. The anti-Semitic movement between the two world wars was spurred by the fact that half a million Jews, a mere 2% of the population controlled most of the country’s wealth and administration and imposed conditions on the Wiemar republic which fueled mass poverty, unemployment and blind hatred. This was obviously combined with the war damage Germany was made to pay after the treaty of Versailles and the Great depression of 1929.

    The same happened in Yugoslavia during the nineties where the Serbs vindicated themselves after years of frustration. A confrontation which ended up in a holocaust Neither the Germans nor the Serbs were traditionally known for their racist ideologies, but a chain of events led to the unforgivable.

    We tend to forget how many of these illegals are being treated in various EU states with continual harassment and spot checks for documentation. People invariably want firm leadership not political jargon and the rise of right wing movements all over Europe is alarming. On a recent visit to Paris, I could not help observe the way French police would make it a point to stop immigrants at random and demand identification and constant checks. People might interpret this as harassment but my interpretation was either become french or leave.

    Liberal ideologies like the ones being taken by Cecilia Maelstrom have one singular objective. To desecrate traditional cultures by way of illegal immigration and a policy of absolute permissiveness. In Malta, the summer heat is an incubator for spite, verbal abuse and aggression and should definitely not be taken into context. We are after all, a small nation but a God fearing one with a high degree of national pride.

    It is a fact that the Maltese do behave somewhat better outside the summer months unless they are heavily saturated with alcohol but what has happened over this past weeks has bred an awareness which the previous Government swept under the carpet. While i appreciate that the PN held a healthy foreign policy, the cost we are paying for our silence and complacency and years of whining for Burden sharing have proved disastrous and the current events are simply the straw which is breaking the camel’s back!

    • H.P. Baxxter says:

      “Vindicated” does not mean “took revenge”.

      I’ll rephrase your last paragraph if I may:

      While I appreciate that the PN followed a healthy economic policy, the cost we are paying for our silence and complacency and years of accepting mediocre standards, hamallagni, poor thinking skills and opportunist politicians have proved disastrous…

  24. Jozef says:


    “….Siamo anche pronti a incrementare il nostro sostegno a Malta», ha aggiunto Malmstrom, «e a discutere di ulteriori misure a carattere finanziario o di assistenza da parte dell’ufficio europeo per l’asilo (Easo) e di Frontex».

    Strange, I thought Muscat said the commissioner didn’t offer any tangible solution. He did say she tried.

    The problem seems to be having these people here, and not, as he implies, the economic burden.

  25. k says:

    We stayed put and fixed our own problems – sure. Tell that to all the Maltese Australians and Maltese Canadians who p*ssed off for a better life.

    Ah, but because they were white and Maltese they had a right to do it? Honestly depression is setting in quick.

    [Daphne – Actually, the Maltese were considered ‘coloured’ in Australia and there were some incidents where ships carrying Maltese emigrants were refused entry on the grounds that the coloured quota was taken up.]

  26. Tracy says:

    Il-veru nies hamalli u ilitterati.

  27. TinaB says:

    Lydon (what a name) Camilleri seems to think that Malta is doing the EU a great favour, God bless – also, the fact that a great number of women reason the way they do speaks volumes about their standard of education and kindness towards other human beings.

    What a shame.

  28. Dan says:

    We are living in self denial. Now we also have Andrea Caban apologising for “offending” the Maltese and their language because of her video on the Maltese accent.

    Little do we apologise to Italians for the famous “the Italian man who went to Malta”! Ara vera repressed!

    I rest my case. I gave up on most Maltese.

  29. oxo says:

    What a menu of comments! I could not stop laughing but am seriously sorry for these people. Honestly.

    I hope Mrs Malmstrom and her team will take all this with a pinch of salt and they will ‘appreciate our sense of humour’ – but if she can help us “legal Maltese” a bit more, we would start to like her :-).

    And by the way, we will surely find some space for Mrs Malmstrom if she would like to visit our island some day soon after we cool ourselves from this “battle” we are in.

    Ahfrilhom Mulej ghax ma jafux x’inhuma jghidu.

    • Futur mill-aghar says:

      Yes, I think we are seeing a return of the ‘persona non grata’ title that was so popular during the 80s.

      What’s most depressing is that this mentality (and level of education and maturity) is held by the majority of my countrymen.

  30. J. Saliba says:

    Unfortunately, to me, besides the inhumanity shown, these comments bring to the forefront the failure of our educational system – the non existence of values we so proudly proclaim we believe in and then, after years of secondary education for all, the miserable failure in the two main languages learnt at school, since kindergarten.

  31. Osservatore says:

    “Mallta is Small Island with big bolls”

    Muscat is small man with big bolls too. See how he stands with legs apart.

  32. pat says:

    “Evil isn’t the real threat to the world. Stupid is just as destructive as Evil, maybe more so, and it’s a hell of a lot more common. What we really need is a crusade against Stupid. That might actually make a difference.”

    ― Jim Butcher, Vignette

  33. Chris Mifsud says:

    Anyone can say what they want and everyone has an opinion which should be respected but this is a democracy and NOBODY from outside of Malta especially somebody who was not elected and represents nobody should be telling our democratically elected government what to do.

    Fact is that the great majority of the Maltese do not what immigrants here be they ‘legal’ or not. I will not go into the the reasons why they are not wanted here as i’m sure everyone knows them.

    We do not want EU funds to take care of immigrants or integrate them. The majority does not want to integrate with them so why try and force it ? Multiculturalism has mainly failed all over the world. Even (former) European leaders like Sarkozy have said that multiculturalism has failed.

    Multiculturalism generally speaking does not work. Even in African countries or Muslim countries it does not work, so why don’t we learn from history and not make the same mistakes others have done ?

    We do not need to go back to the dark years of Mintoff and KMB as I for one would hate that as would much of Malta but these EU commissioners like Malmstrom and the ECHR cannot expect that we accept every single African immigrant who decides to ILLEGALLY come to Malta just because they always seem to have some dubious sob story which isn’t even backed up with facts.

    Africa is a large resource rich continent and although some countries may have their problems, some worse than others it is no excuse for these people to want to force themselves in Europe. Go to another African country which is peaceful.

    Another fake story is about Libya not being safe. Our leaders have said Libya is generally safe to travel to. Even in the case of immigrants, do you think they just went to Libya, stayed for a day or two and then left ? No, they stayed there for 3 months at least, sometimes even 2 or 3 years, working and earning money to send to their families and to pay the human traffickers whilst at the same time using money for accommodation, food and whatever else they may have needed whilst in Libya.

    • La Redoute says:

      Cut the hysteria. No one’s telling Malta what to do. Maltese people don’t want black immigrants. They have no problem with blonde Eastern Europeans.

  34. Jozef says:


    Elve Central’s on Maltatoday.

    Are you happy sharing this island exclusively with these idiots James?

    ‘So far he hasn’t stained his hands with blood’…really.

    Do jump in, the water’s lovely.

  35. Toyger says:

    What does Marion Pace understand by epidemic? Does she know it means an infection that spreads from human to human?

    And ‘China and North Korea are our friends’? Kill me now.

    • Futur mill-aghar says:

      That’s exactly what she means by it. Don’t you know that these immigrants are riddled with disease and it’s a miracle they haven’t wiped us out yet?

      And no, we’re not killing anyone who still has brain cells that function normally – it’s the brain-dead sort that I’d like to strangle with bare hands (do I really need to say that I won’t actually go around killing anyone, much as I’d like to? I guess I’d better.)

      • Toyger says:

        I work in the healthcare sector, and although upon testing, some of these immigrants are positive for certain diseases (not their fault as healthcare is nearly non-existent in some of the originating countries), I can assure that they are NOT causing any epidemic. They are given treatment and that’s that, infection cured.

  36. Pontius says:

    Who the f**k is Marion Pace to decide who she wants my family to be affiliated with? North Korea? She probably doesn’t even know where the place is.

    If she likes thoseplaces so much why doesn’t she leave us in peace and emigrate there. What a load of bollocks. I always had the idea that these morons cannot think, but now I’m convinced more than ever before that they let their “supreme” leaders (Mintoff, KMB, Alfred Sant and now the anointed one Joseph) do their thinking for them.

    If things keep going on like this I think I’ll move to Svalbaard and live with the polar bears. At least I know that I will have to keep my distance. Bloody hell.

  37. Robert Ellul says:

    Well the impression I get is that these people will never achieve anything rewarding in their lives.

    They feel empowered by shouting abuse at African immigrants, because in their eyes they’re inferior to them, no matter how more educated and better use of english some of these immigrants might have.

    I really pity these bunch of disillusioned fellows who can’t escape their own hatred.

  38. Joan says:

    I guess Norman Lowell will be elected as MEP next year.

    God forbid, but that’s the reality right now.

  39. Rumplestiltskin says:

    Sometimes I wonder what barefaced lies the parents or grandparents of these people fed them about Mintoff and the horrible times that he put this island and its population through. China and North Korea indeed!

  40. canon says:

    Ms Malmstrom and the Swedish government will keep in mind that this country will have the EU Presidency in 2017.

  41. xmun says:

    Distinguish the difference in tone when mentioning Italy compared to Malta. This is the sad news we have become

  42. J says:

    Some amusing nonsense for Malmstrom-commentator-relief: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Ca4ty7tz9x0

  43. Katrin says:

    Miet bolls?

    As a German I would think that I could rent a boll. Question is, what is a boll?

  44. Matt says:

    Great article on The Guardian about the situation:


    [Daphne – Shame about the line “in a country which previously saw very few foreigners”, though, when the opposite is true, except for the post-1979 gap.]

  45. Antoine Vella says:

    What happened to the PL mantra of “being positive”? I’ve never seen so much negativity as in the last 5 months.

  46. Lestrade says:

    Madleine Gera Artist enters the fray :

    Madeleine Gera Artist We all agree that Somalia is in the midst of a brutal civil war with refugees crossing the sahara in an attempt to get to Europe. Why doesnt the EU negotiate with Saudi Dubai and UAE for humanitarian help? Saudi is rich and closer to Somalia.why does it have to be EU ?

    Thursday at 07:22 · Like · 2..

    Patrick Haber we need help invention

    Thursday at 07:42 · Like..

    Madeleine Gera Artist btw, Ms Malmstrlom, when Malta became a republic in 1979 it was impossible for us to work in Europe.nobody wanted to know, not even the UK whose former colony Malta once was and we were( and still are a Common wealth country). we were just refused point blank and it wasn’t so long ago.

    Thursday at 07:49 · Like

    • Jozef says:

      Excellent – another ‘Artist’ to avoid.

      That this country’s confused was a given, but that its ‘elite’ cannot reason logically is depressing.

      Move over, chaps, because you’re baggage. Just stick to hanging cliches on bitter people’s walls.

      An ‘Artist’ who chooses to legitimise this fraud, indeed.

    • Snoopy says:

      “Malta became a republic in 1979 ”

      And these are supposed to be patriots? It should be 1974. The1979 date refers to the end of a lease contract. Now can you imagine any leaser celebrating the end of a lease as if it is a victory?

  47. Francis Said II says:

    Well all I can say is with comrades like these, who needs enemies?

    I am sure that if Norman Lowell had contested the general elections, he would have probably won a seat in parliament.

    Imagine counting North Korea as a friendly nation – North Korea, which starves and abuses its own and which preferred to invest in nuclear armaments instead of in peace and prosperity for the good of its citizens.

    I am am sure that those commenting this way, who spit out vile and venom, think themselves good Christians.

    Have they forgotten: LOVE THY NEIGHBOUR AS YOURSELF?

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