Free labour for the new power station owners – courtesy of China and Enemalta

Published: October 14, 2013 at 12:58pm

More devil in other detail.

China is going to, directly or indirectly, pick up the payroll bill at the new, privately-owned power station, because Enemalta is supplying the actual workers.

Workmen will stay on Enemalta’s books, their salaries coming from China’s cash injection, and work for the Azerbaijan/Gasol/Gasan/Fenech consortium, which will get the free labour.

Konrad Mizzi told Times of Malta:

The minister also said that Enemalta workers would be seconded to the new company under current conditions, but will remain on Enemalta’s books.

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  1. Min Jaf says:

    In other words, unlike Joseph Muscat, Konrad Mizzi and & Co, Enemalta employees have more sense than to put themselves completely at the mercy of the consortium that has been entrusted with the job.

  2. Daffid says:

    Not exactly a private enterprise solution! A borrows workers from B, B borrows workers from C, while China pays A’s bills.

    I would call it a Chinese puzzle of which only a few know the answer.

  3. curious says:

    Enemalta may have Chinese deputy chairman – ..…/enemalta-may-have-chinese-deputy-chairman.49...

  4. Jozef says:

    It’s bloody unbelievable how all hell broke loose with the BWSC contract, a regular, long drawn process, and which is saving us 40 million per annum, yet no one from the press dare speak out now.

    Don’t give me cancer factory you utter wankers, Muscat’s keeping it. You stoked it, Leo, his sealed container, et al.

    It’s as if the PN’s something to avoid, lest ‘investment’ is betrayed. Or maybe you’re speechless how you bright sparks could have been taken for such a ride. Well, you have, that was real arrogance.

    You actually fancied yourselves being some expression of the first amendment keeping government in check. You deluded hypocrites.

    This blog is the only place where it’s possible to be sane, normal and untainted by the local fatalistic streak or your barely hidden scepticism to Labour’s utter dishonesty.

    Muscat’s betraying his mandate and still you keep silent. That does NOT legitimise Labour’s attempt to govern.

    Sometimes I say we deserve whatever mess this will bring. No project was ever hushed up on such a scale and to such an extent.

    A couple of years back it was a witch hunt for the mayor whose ten year old daughter borrowed the council’s laptop.

    That luxury’s gone. The arrogance was thinking it would have remained a given. You invented stories to fill your comments boards, you’ve just become essential to the story.

  5. gakki says:

    Seems the consortium will also benefit from the gas pipeline as the minister said he is still considering it in the long term

  6. J Abela says:

    So we are to believe that this private consortium will not have its own employees but will have Enemalta (government) employees over which it won’t have control on?

  7. nev says:

    Enemalta employees have surely been taken for a ride. If things will prove to be that which they seem to be then they will soon be going through a very rough patch.

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