So what happened to the top-of-the-range Mac, then?

Published: October 14, 2013 at 1:19pm


Is there nothing genuine about our prime minister? In the election campaign, he was a brand witness for Mac, heavily promoting the latest model in his campaign videos and photographs. In one famous photograph, his laptop was turned ‘the wrong way’ to the photographs on his desk, to display the Apple logo on the raised screen.

Dak biex ikun cool.

Now he’s the prime minister, and there’s no need for any of that anymore. Is that a standard-issue Dell (closed and switched off, of course) that we now see on his office desk?

But while campaigning back in February, he tried a spot of what we in the trade call product placement, which is either done for a fee, as a favour, or to improve the user’s image through brand association:


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  1. Mr Meritocracy says:

    Is that the mug from which he smells his coffee?

  2. Joseph Caruana says:

    Zoom in, to beneath the table top, and check out the way he positions his feet. Such class.

    • Nighthawk says:

      Mummy mummy will I be able to wear shoe laces when I grow up…….

    • M. Cassar says:

      Yep the angle and overlap of the shoes (hence the feet) gives one the shivers. Also the time on the watch says that the photo did not happen in the morning as the phone call allegedly did.

  3. Hampshire Wise Owl says:

    Ah, just like Obama in the Oval office.

    I bet you he ordered that desk lamp so that he’ll be just like his British counterparts, too. Two pen holders, surely provided from his two children.

    Loving the A.C Milan mug, but most of all he’s got a calculator bigger than his laptop. Every prime minister needs a calculator in his proximity at all times.

    Mind you, that desk must be an ergonomics nightmare.

  4. Zunzana Blu says:

    Daphne, please don’t give him any ideas… ma jmurx il-poplu jkollu jibda jhallsu xi’ €7000 ohra fis-sena talli jibda juza l-Mac u l-makk personali tieghu.

  5. Kevin says:

    And, unless he smokes, why does Muscat have two raised fingers at the photographer? Any indication of how he’s treating the electorate?

  6. Rachel says:

    So many things are wrong with this photo: badly placed inkwell that must be there solely for decoration, two arts and crafts pen holders, and NO coaster under his MUG.

    Elbows on the table and not a single mark on the glass (!); plus pen-drives still in plastic…feet curled up etc.

    Clearly this environment is alien to the man. I can’t get over that mug. I wonder what it says. It’s interesting that logo is turned away, but that the mug is not removed.

    [Daphne – It says AC Milan. Because Enrico Letta really does have a Hamrun Spartans mug on his.]

  7. Rachel says:

    More importantly, those documents on his desk are in plain view. Wasn’t a minister (UK?) made to resign a couple of years ago for walking out of an official meeting with his documents facing out in full view of photographers?

    I can’t remember the details – he may have been British…but I stand to be corrected.

  8. Nighthawk says:

    L-aqwa l-makk tal-Milan. It’s not only his debating style that matches kids in a playground. Tghid ghandu l-calciatori taht xi file ukoll?

  9. Tal-Barrani says:

    With all his “knowledge ” of electronic media he couldn’t find anything about Shiv Nair. Perhaps his MAC was Shiv Nair invalidated. Poor Joe! and really poorer, poorer the rest of us.

  10. DNA says:

    Daphne, something’s not quite right here. The ‘issa daqsekk’ news article has a time stamp of 12:18, whereas the Dear Leader’s watch reads 14:28.

    This must be a stock photo probably instructing Michele to turn on the oven.

  11. Deceduti says:

    Have you noticed the mug?

  12. Min Jaf says:

    And note the pen, neatly aligned across the head of the empty page, the calculator, neatly aligned and centrally positioned between the employ page and the closed file to Muscat’s right, the mug placed out of normal arm’s reach.

    Those are not signs of any man working at his desk. The files piled up on Muscat’s left hand side were obviously bunged down on the desk as an afterthought. The man is a complete sham.

  13. J. Agius says:

    His posture and look really inspire confidence. And how about the ‘pensil potssss’ made out of wooden ‘peksss’ bil-lakstuwa around one of them. How very sweet.

  14. Paddling Duck says:

    The standard Dells Mita provide to the civil service.

  15. WhoamI? says:

    I like those Etoile-Soleil pen holders on the desk… they really fit into the decor.

  16. tinnat says:

    I just love the fact that he has a big calculator on his desk. Is that to prepare the budget? Or perhaps to calculate how much his daughters’ party will cost the taxpayer?

  17. albona says:

    I am surprised Blair did not call to give him a scolding considering recent events. Muscat probably has trouble finding the Middle East on the map, let alone trying to help. He is the king of division; in what way could he possibly do anything but hinder the Peace Process.

  18. Grezz says:

    That mug! A boule table and an AC Milan mug. Does Enrico Letta have a Hamrun Spartans mug on his desk, I wonder?

  19. Vince says:

    He’s on the line to Washington with Alfred Mifsud, checking about that blacklist business.

  20. kurzita says:

    Is the prime monister still checking whether Mr Nair is blacklisted by the World Bank? Then he had better open that laptop and take a proper look.

  21. ciccio says:

    “Now he’s the prime minister, and there’s no need for any of that anymore. Is that a standard-issue Dell (closed and switched off, of course) that we now see on his office desk?”

    No wonder he is not answering the emails of his ‘creditors.’

    And what happened to the mug of the “fearless leader”? Has China demanded its removal already?

  22. Osservatore says:

    closed and switched off, of course – Mintoff did not approve of computers either.

  23. SPAM says:

    Do you think he is capable of using a MAC?

    I doubt it.

  24. Wayne Hewitt says:

    And what about the ‘Fearless Leader’ mug, turned in a way it does not read, to further make the stage setup obvious.

  25. Peter Mercieca says:

    Can’t his overpaid assistant supply the poor man with a coaster for his mug, we surely don’t want more unnecessary “stains” being left behind after he leaves office, now do we.

    • Xalata says:

      Some stains cost more than others to remove. Embassy placements are busy going to extremes with their interior decoration plans since they’ve all been informed that whatever they buy now they get to keep once their term is up.

      Any Parliamentary Questions on budgets here?

  26. harmonyplus says:

    Is that a calculator? Ma naghmlux mod…

  27. Jozef says:

    Boulle, enough said.

    • manum says:

      That bureau plat is the same one that Prime Minister Gonzi used and Dr Fenech Adami . It is a Paris boulle. What are you trying to convey?

  28. v. ellul says:

    One may be under the impression that the photo was taken during the phone call with his friend Tony. The Times article was uploaded at 12.48pm. If one enlarges the photo on the bombastic Muscat’s watch it shows the time 2 28 pm. Hence it goes without saying that the photo cannot refer to this particular call.


  29. Paul Vella says:

    Who knows who he was talking to? Perhaps he was chatting with Sabrina as he did not dare send her another e mail.

  30. The Three Monkeys says:

    My father used to say “If you are capable of telling a little white lie, then you are capable of…”

  31. Allo Allo says:

    He’s swapping it for a Chinese clone.

  32. suzy says:

    X’sar minnu Joe Debono Grech? Mela ma tah xejn Joseph Muscat lanqas mqar f’xi Board?

  33. adrian says:

    The (almost) useless latest issue of the Yellow Pages is buried under the pile of pending files to his left…still in its sealed packaging, probably like everyone else’s for that matter.

    Helps make the pile a bit taller in any case. I couldn’t help noticing the twin pen holders probably crafted by the twins at school. Funny how the variety of craft projects for kids hasn’t grown much over the years as I must have made one exactly like it forty years ago.

  34. Denis says:

    Love the makk, imma fejn huma l-ottijiet?

  35. Fed Up says:

    Maybe he mistook it for a burger and gobbled it up.

  36. beingpressed says:

    Is this not the second claim that migrants were shot at?

    For what reason anybody shoot at boat load of asylum seekers?

    Do we know how many were shot at possibbly killed previously?

    Why did our government bring the latest group of migrants back to Malta?

    Some things don’t add up?

  37. doris says:

    Mela boys biss chat with Joe? Ara vera chat mieghu stess qed jaghmel ghax kieku deffes isem ta’ mara.

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