Friend of Malta? No. Enemy of Europe. How China’s communist dictatorship has turned Malta’s sale of citizenship into anti-EU propaganda rhetoric for its people’s consumption.

Published: November 17, 2013 at 12:29am

Voice of China (China’s official international radio network) is reporting that “after Spain, Portugal, Greece and Cyprus, Malta is the latest crisis-ridden EU member state to join the ‘fire sale’ of nationality to bring in revenue.”

Cyprus, it reports, is selling its nationality for three million euros, but “the Mediterranean island of Malta has crashed the price to 650,000 euros”.

The propaganda of crumbling EU member states fighting each other to the death to sell their nationality to keep the wolf from the door has been picked up by other Chinese radio stations and news portals and has been repeated right across the system today, Saturday.

Our foolish government of Mintoffian fossils and Super One amateurs actually believes that China is a friend of Malta rather than an enemy of Europe using Malta as a Trojan horse or – more fittingly in this scenario – a suicide bomber.

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  1. AE says:

    Lovely. Some friend. They include us with the “crisis ridden”. But then our Government asked for it. They’ve really screwed this up big time.

  2. Not Henley and Partners says:

    Does Kitten from Malta believe you’re telling the Chinese media what to say?

  3. H.P. Baxxter says:

    So finally the Chinese language press has broken the story. But the slant is fully in line with Chinese government policy and Chinese supremacist rhetoric.

    Oh and by the way, China is a friend of no one. You’d have thought by now we’d have realised this and flipped them a giant finger.

  4. Dave says:

    Damn PN even got to the PRC :S

  5. Spock says:

    This nightmare is getting worse by the minute. Didn’t the far-reaching consequences of this scheme even occur to Muscat & Co when they were mulishly pushing it through?

    Didn’t they realize that the Chinese have a Trojan horse agenda for these passports and that their ultimate aim for their use is extremely sinister? Whether Muscat likes it or not, we now belong to Europe, with a referendum and an election to seal this bond.

  6. P Shaw says:

    The solar panel dispute was just the tip of the iceberg. China’s strategy is on a much longer term. The survival and the strength of the EU is not in its interest.

    China prefers to bully European countries individually rather than facing the EU-bloc as a whole.

  7. P Shaw says:

    China’s sense of humour and freedom of expression is so evolved that they are currently on a warpath with the USA over a silly and innocent chat by kids, transmitted during of the popular night comedy shows in the USA.

    No wonder Muscat was obliged to deliver to China their pound of flesh, and one can only wonder how much and for how long Malta is going to be enslaved to China in the future.

  8. Malta Taghna Lkoll? says:

    So much for Chinese friendship. Mr. Prime Minister, are you standing up and smelling the coffee?

    How are you getting out of this hurricane of a mess of your own creation? Can you do it? I suppose your hands are tied and you aren’t free to renege on any agreement you came to with China.

    The terrible consequences of your actions will be suffered by all of us including you and the other member states of the EU.
    Your smirk doesn’t comfort us, quite the opposite.

    If there was any poiltician/s who should resign its you and your cabinet. Resign, resign, resign.

    In great Gonzi’s time we were on par with Germany now – in the perception of other governments, we’ve slid down the status ladder to impoverished countries waiting for a bailout.

    You are not playing Snakes and Ladders with your daughters, you are playing with our destiny and that of all the other member states of the EU, and you’re losing.

    Again resign or renege any secret agreements you signed.

  9. p says:

    One reason China’s efforts to develop its soft power have failed is the utilitarian way Beijing approaches the rest of the world.

    Instead of using culture, adept diplomacy and trashy movies to seduce other countries, China hands out cold, hard cash.

    All the investment poured into railways in Indonesia, tunnels in Brazil, power grids in Cambodia, hydroelectric projects in Laos, bridges in Vietnam, roads in Zambia, factories in Malaysia, airports in Myanmar, and mining rigs in Uzbekistan comes with a high cost.

    In return, China demands complete docility. That’s the message being sent to the Philippines now.

    • H.P. Baxxter says:

      How wrong you are. China has been remarkably successful in conquering the world through soft power.

      And this is precisely why the rest of the world hasn’t put up any resistance at all. Let me give you an example. China has a large Cultural Centre in Valletta, which is very active. It organises everything from language courses, to exhibitions on Chinese culture, to dance shows. But that’s culture, and completely harmless, so who in their right mind would object to it?

      Well, that’s soft power. The Roman Empire, Islam, the West, and now China all used soft power as their vanguard. Need proof? Chinese language lessons in secondary schools. A spectacular Chinese son-et-lumière at the Theatre Royal. What the Chinese will never tell you, of course, is that they destroyed their history, most of their artefacts, killed their intellectual elite and burned manuscripts and books by the millions during the Cultural Revolution.

      If I were fond of aphorisms (which I am), I would say this: Fear the chopstick and noodle, for they are far more dangerous than the tank and the rifle.

  10. canon says:

    This is what happens to people like Joseph Muscat who don’t see beyond their nose. Who said that to govern you need to have foresight and not hindsight?

  11. Fenka says:

    So Daphne has control over Muscat’s latest partner, China, too.

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