Just one year on: divorce bill promoter Jeffrey Pullicino Orlando’s second marriage is over

Published: November 18, 2013 at 9:07pm
Jeffrey Pullicino Orlando and Carmen Ciantar on their wedding day in August last year.

Jeffrey Pullicino Orlando and Carmen Ciantar on their wedding day in August last year.

Jeffrey Pullicino Orlando’s second wife, Carmen, who he married in August last year after bringing a divorce bill before parliament for that purpose, has left the marital home.

She has moved her personal effects to her mother’s house and is currently living there.

Over the last few days, several reports reached me that Stephen Ciangura, the Armed Forces of Malta soldier who is on secondment to the Malta Council of Science and Technology as Pullicino Orlando’s chauffeur/bodyguard, has been telling people that Jeffrey and Carmen Pullicino Orlando “are no longer together”.

I put those reports aside as the usual sort of gossip you get every time somebody has a quarrel, but then I received further reports today from people who had seen Mrs Pullicino Orlando moving her possessions into her mother’s home.

The news was therefore impossible to ignore or dismiss because it was the need to contract this marriage which Pullicino Orlando gave as his reason for bringing a private member’s bill on divorce before parliament two years ago. Yet they waited almost a year after divorce became law to contract that marriage, and now in just over another year they have ended it.

The proper thing to do was to check, so I sent Pullicino Orlando a text message, reproduced below.

Just checking the facts, Jeffrey, as I am obliged to do. I have received reports from several quarters that Carmen has moved out or is in the process of doing so. Is this so?

Ordinarily, this would not be news, but given that you were the promoter of the divorce bill so as to contract this marriage, it is.

Please reply by text as I do not wish to misquote you in error.

He replied:

My family is going through a hard time – I am sure you have it in you not to make it even harder for us – good night.

My first thought was, what a nerve, coming from somebody who put the entire country through hell for five years, betrayed his constituents, cooperated with the Opposition to bring down the government from the government benches, celebrated with Labour, made a point of being filmed walking into the Auberge de Castille with the new prime minister, reacts to criticism by setting up a ‘cyber bullying campaign’, is involved in drunken escapades at 5am, litters his Facebook page with insults and grievous slander that is wholly unbecoming to a public official paid by the state, and can’t stay away from the media spotlight. Not to mention, of course, the repeated betrayals of those who trusted him and even those who helped him, the constant desire for vengeance and his quite – to quote the Prince of Wales – ‘remarkable’ behaviour.

But I stayed calm, and replied:

I really don’t think you have the right to ask that of anyone at this stage. But I will quote you verbatim.

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  1. Bob says:

    He held the whole nation hostage to marry this woman and now he ends it?

    These people make Malta look like a South American fiefdom.

  2. silvio loporto says:

    So now you see how wrong some are in censoring persons like myself who abandoned the P.N.

    How can one side with a party that had persons like Pullicino ?

    [Daphne – Mr Loporto, that’s just the point. I don’t. You, however, do. http://daphnecaruanagalizia.com/wp-content/uploads/2013/03/celebrations-at-wied-is-sewda.jpg ]

    • pm says:

      Exactly Mr Loporto. How can one side with a party that has so many more persons like Pullicino? The PN had three, and they have all left for Labour, to add to the rest of their skip.

      • silvio loporto says:

        They “had three””

        You must be joking .

        Just the tip of the iceberg.

      • George Grech says:

        Oh yes Mr. Loporto is right. Not just three. You forgot J. Dalli BA.

      • Moleskin says:

        For once, I agree with Silvio Loporto.

        The PN would do well to rid themselves of a couple of opportunist moles with Labour roots worming their way into the PN fold under the guise of helping the party in Malta behind the scenes and even at EP level.

        It is shameful that a whispering smear campaign is currently underway to slander a current MEP who is probably seen as a direct competitor for what is presumably perceived as the fabled pot of gold at the end of the EP rainbow.

        The party does not need such people, who would be more at home with Labour, in more ways than one.

      • Jozef says:


        Let me guess, shirt collars with a minimum of three buttons on top of each other.

      • Liberal says:

        That’s right, Mr. Loporto. They had four if they had you.

    • Calculator says:

      The fact that they feel so much more comfortable with Labour means that the PN had something right which they didn’t agree with.

    • Liberal says:

      Wake up, Mr. Loporto. Jeffrey Pullicion Orlando is with LABOUR.

      So yes, how can one side with a party that has persons like Pullicino (Orlando)?

    • Francis Saliba MD says:

      It is more reasonable to belong to a PN that HAD persons like Pullicino but ejected them than to belong to an LP that is NOW actually sheltering him.

    • rpacebonello says:

      Or come up with the infamous citizenship scheme.

  3. Harry Worth says:

    Well done, Jeffrey. Just get your act in order.

    • Elena Bagollu says:

      Maybe when the dust finally settled it dawned on him at last how badly he was used, and that he never noticed because his dastardly objectives coincided with her aim of getting Labour elected. Two cold, heartless, ruthless people who turned their marriage into a political machine to get what they want. Now they have what they deserve, though not quite all that they deserve, as he is still throwing his weight around on a state salary with a driver supplied by the army, in a post for which he was never fit.

      • Pontius says:

        With all due respect, I wouldn’t even trust him as a dentist, even if a bad tooth was coming out of my backside and he was the last person available to pull it out. You could read through him like a sheet of transparent glass. Total scum.

  4. Il-Kajboj says:

    This marriage wasn’t the real reason behind Pullicino Orlando’s private member’s bill on divorce. It all started because Carmen wasn’t invited with her MP lover to Pope Benedict’s pontifical mass.

    • Elena Bagollu says:

      No, it all started when he understood that Gonzi was never going to appoint him to cabinet no matter how he cajoled and blackmailed, so the divorce bill was just another way of bringing him down.

      He didn’t really give a sh*t about Carmen and she didn’t give a sh*t about him. They both knew it but the relationship served their purposes. They both want to be adored by everyone but they are both patently incapable of real love and care.

  5. Rahal says:

    Tajba Jeffrey. Issa l-permess ghal-Mistra bye bye.

    Jekk ma tridx tuza l-art ghal-kacca jaqbillel tirranga.

    Ja traditur.

  6. Last Post says:

    “Moralment u politikament korrott.”

    Jekk narawh jerġa jibki fuq it-tv FORSI nerġgħu nemmnuh!

    Kull par ghal paru …

  7. Edgar says:

    Miskin he is passing through hard times. Makes a change, instead of giving them to everyone else and laughing about it because that’s the kind of person he is.

    So Jeffrey, how about a double measure of Earl Grey tea tonight.

  8. Vespa says:

    Jeffrey’s first television interview after presenting his divorce bill before Parliament:

    • Vespa says:

      He has the gall to boast that he told nobody, not even his Prime Minister, that he would present his private member’s bill. Good riddance, Jeffrey.

  9. Snoopy says:

    I am sure Carmen Ciantar had everything planned to a tee as she usually does: use Jeffrey to bring down the PN government and help her party to power, marry him while doing so because she didn’t have much choice given that the divorce bill was another thing used to damage Gonzi under the guise of needing to marry her, leave him within months of her objective being achieved with Labour safely in power, wait four years (unfortunately) while she has no doubt already identified somebody useful, divorce, gain financial settlement. It is not as if he did not see this coming, because she had done it already with her previous husband.

    • Elena Bagollu says:

      For what it’s worth, it looks like he’s the one who drove her out rather than she being the one who left.

      A woman doesn’t get anything after just a year of marriage during which she has always worked, and when the house they lived in is his personal property, purchased even before he met her.

  10. Il-Kajboj says:

    The Times, 7 July 2010:
    Former Prime Minister Alfred Sant regretted that such an important subject (divorce) had fallen in the hands of an MP who, he said, was politically and morally ‘corrupt’.

    I couldn’t agree more.

    • P Shaw says:

      The mutual dislike between Alfred Sant and Jeffrey Pullicino Orlando was personal, and it boiled down to Carmen.

      As a young person raised in the Macina, she knew Alfred Sant pretty well when he was president of the then MLP. They used to go to Gozo together with other people.

  11. Robert Caruana says:

    The cheek of this guy – a lying, cheating backstabber kept in a position of privilege by the other backstabber he helped to power, paid by the state, with a chauffeur on secondment from the army thanks to Mallia, now asking for pity and compassion. His ‘family’ certainly deserve both, if only for enduring him, but he certainly does not.

  12. l zammit says:

    Wara li JPO kisser lil Malta b’attegjament tieghu lejn l-Gvern Nazzjonalista issa qieghed jkompli jitkisser hu. Veru din hija hajja privata, imma dik milli jkolla jtik. Tista mhux tnewah bhalma ghamilt qabel l-elezzjoni fi zmien Alfred Sant – ahjar tmur tinheba u hallina nghixu fil-paci.

  13. Is-Serkin says:

    This is truly a case of what goes round comes around. And no, Jeffrey, we do not have any pity for you. As your Serkin serduq fellow brawler would say – issa hu go fik.

    • TinaB says:

      Exactly, Serkin, you beat me to it – what goes around comes around.

      I feel sorry for his family but certainly not for him after what he made our country and its decent citizens go through.

    • Rita Camilleri says:

      He did all that and now he is asking for sympathy? Unbelievable.

  14. Alex says:

    Dear Carmen, I couldn’t be happier for you.

    It must be a relief dropping that deadweight.

    Please accept my sincerest, most heartfelt congratulations.

  15. Nana says:

    They were already having problems when they went to the August Moon Ball on their first wedding anniversary. That’s the night she went home after the ball and he went to Marrakech with her best friend’s sister, Mariella Mifsud the hairdresser, and even after that, instead of returning home went to Is-Serkin at 5am, still with Miss Mifsud and now also with Franco Debono.

  16. Il-Kajboj says:

    Most pertinent question of the night: Will she still be invited every now and then on ONE TV’s boring talkshows?

    • Elena Bagollu says:

      She will. But will he? Now that he’s got not one but two ex wives in the Labour Party, he had better watch out.

  17. daniel says:

    What goes around…

  18. Aunt Hetty says:

    Henry VIII broke with the Church of Rome and rent his kingdom asunder to divorce Katherine of Aragon and marry Anne Boleyn.

    Carmen is luckier. She got to keep her head.

  19. Is-Serkin says:

    So now we can expect to start seeing Jeffrey back at Marrakech with Franco Debono again, jipprovaw jghabbu. How sad.

    A word of advice to somebody who might happen to be in the same zone. For your own safety, do keep away from them especially if you see one with a drink in his hand and the other with his nose twitching.

    • Elena Bagollu says:

      And to think those two are the chairman of the Malta Council of Science and Technology and the Commissioner of Laws.

      Pajjiz tal-bassezzi.

  20. Earl Grey says:

    Ditched first by Marlene, and now by Carmen. What’s wrong with that botoxed pipsqueak?

    • Elena Bagollu says:

      What’s wrong with them, for taking up with him in the first place?

      Let’s not forget that Carmen has been living with Jeffrey for 12 or 13 years, and it’s not as though they had any children to hold them together, as Marlene did. That says more about Carmen than it does about him.

      Has she only just worked out that he’s awful? Obviously not. He must have only just worked out that she is.

      • La Redoute says:

        No. He’s no longer useful, that’s all.

      • P Shaw says:

        This was bound to happen anyway.

        Since university days, Carmen always targeted specific people and once she’d dumped her original targets, repeatedly moved on to new pastures; i.e. more financially resourceful or powerful targets.

      • Snoopy says:

        You are making her sound like a saint. Knowing her personal history from very close quarters, I can tell you that she is a sneaky, conniving, sly, cunning and dangerous person. Ask her ex-husbands and ‘boyfriends’.

        While Jeffrey has lost all my respect and friendship, he is actually a person with a weak character, easily manipulated by sneaky and sly persons. I actually pity him and the way he has ruined his life.

      • Francis Saliba MD says:

        Just the type who would push for a divorce bill even one with a five year waiting period between marriage receptions.

  21. Blue says:

    Jeffrey, haqqek hafna u hafna aghar min hekk.

    Ezatt bhal Guda se jigrilek int u siehbek.

  22. corvo attano says:

    Helen of Troy…

  23. edgar says:

    And soon he will be ditched by Muscat. Jeffrey, how does it feel when you are thrown away like a squeezed lemon?

    • Elena Bagollu says:

      Why do you assume that she left him? She left HIS house. He could well have driven her out. It’s not as though you haven’t seen what he can do to people when he gets a bee in his bonnet and turns against them.

  24. David Thake says:

    This is news only because of the unique role that JPO played in the divorce debate.

    Quite frankly I find that some of the comments being posted beneath this post to be as bad as JPO’s behaviour towards his electorate.

    Get a grip people.

    • Elena Bagollu says:

      These comments are as bad as what Jeffrey did? COME ON.

      These two literally inflicted themselves, their situation and their ‘desire to get married’ on the entire nation and political scene.

      We had to look at them practically every day, bitching and complaining on One TV. He hogged the newspapers, paraded his nastiness on Facebook, got drunk and violent in public, did the worst things possible to people who tried to help him, because he is spiteful, vicious and vengeful.

      They deserve no sympathy and they themselves shed the right to privacy by routinely putting their relationship on display as an example of how we need divorce because they can’t get married.

      Yes, it does make one uncomfortable seeing a marriage (or rather, its end) discussed like this. But they brought it on themselves and their total lack of care, concern and respect for others hasn’t helped.

      • David Thake says:

        If you are saying that Malta only needed divorce legislation because JPO wanted to marry …. then we disagree.

        JPO certainly was a liability to the pro-divorce camp in the long run, i grant you that.

        But do NOT confuse the need for divorce with your contempt of JPO’s behaviour.

        And yes, I disagree with the tone and content of some of these comments, yours included. Two wrongs have never made a right.

      • TinaB says:

        David Thake, I agree with you when you say that two wrongs have never made a right but to be honest you are exaggerating quite a bit as well as you seem to be forgetting one thing: Jeffrey Pullicino Orlando has hurt many people, deeply, and with a number of them it was very personal even, out of spite and revenge.

        It’s easier said than done.

  25. Giovanni says:

    If I am not mistaken Jeffrey was not with Carmen when there was that incident outside Is-Serkin in Rabat just after the August Moon Ball.

    [Daphne – You are not mistaken. Isn’t it what it was all about? He was with her best friend’s sister, Mariella Mifsud.]

  26. Maryanne (2?) says:

    He’s the reason I had voted against divorce legislation in the referendum.

    The legislation should have been introduced in a more mature and civil way and not to serve Pullicino Orlando’s political, rather than personal, interests.

    I feel vindicated as, while many believed them to be personal motives, I always assumed they were, in fact, political. His primary aim was to weaken Gonzi and I couldn’t ever be a party to that.

    • aston says:

      Confession time.

      I confess that I too voted against divorce because I couldn’t bear voting for anything Pullicino Orlando represented, and because it was obvious even then that he was holding the government hostage for his own purposes.

      That was the second (and last) time I voted against my convictions.

      The first time was the EP 2004 elections when I voted for Cassola. I thought then that the PN needed a bit of shock treatment to get back on track, and I still believe that if it wasn’t for the EP result they wouldn’t have pulled their act together enough to win the 2008 elections.

      Whether it was a good thing thing to win the 2008 elections with a 1-seat majority held like a gun to the PN’s head is another matter entirely.

      There, I got that off my chest and feel better already.

  27. Fanny says:

    I wonder if he will be the first person to divorce twice since the law came into being. He will have to wait 4 years till he can though. So I now see an amendment to the law coming up. Divorce after 2 to 3 years..or less. Whatever suits him.

  28. Allahuakbar says:

    My sympathy is for the members of his immediate family for what he made them go through.

    He himself can, as far as I am concerned, stew himself in a cask of Earl Grey.

    • Elena Bagollu says:

      That shouldn’t be a problem. He’s puny enough to fit inside even the smallest one and glug to his black heart’s content.

  29. Zammit says:

    Tghid qieghed jiehu go fih, Jeffrey? All these years down the line and he still hasn’t worked out what he’s doing wrong. And now thanks to his own clause, it will be four years before he can divorce her and marry yet again.

    It looks like he’s going to score a first here: the first person to get both his first and his second divorce under Maltese law.

  30. Kukkurin says:

    Jeffrey Pullicino Orlando caused untold harm to this country, not least to its moral fibre.

    The utter mess we are witnessing all around us now is the price we are having to pay for throwing our values out of the window.

    What is happening to him now on the personal front also conveys a message so often repeated in history yet ignored. There can be no inner peace for betrayers. Yet he is to be pitied, and even forgiven if we believe in true love and charity. He could yet repent, convert and make amends.

  31. H.P. Baxxter says:

    So who’s the lucky gal?

    • Elena Bagollu says:

      He’s unlikely ever to find another one, unless she is as desperate as hell and he flashes wads of cash around.

      • Denis says:

        Antonella ta’ lis-Snobby , perhaps? That is his real style and taste. And the more money he throws around, the more she will ‘love’ him.

      • va says:

        To lose one wife may be regarded as a misfortune but to lose two smacks of carelessness.

  32. Dissident says:

    Jerry Springer would have a field day

  33. Joe Fenech says:

    This is all ‘du déjà vu’. Everytime JPO has a personal issue, he engages in a national battle where, rather than a hero, he ends up looking like a strained codpiece.

  34. Matt says:

    What a mess Jeffrey Pullicino Orlando has made of his life. What a loser. He enjoys betraying people and wonders why it doesn’t make him happy. A tragedy of Sophocles proportions.

    I have no sympathy at all.

  35. Giovann DeMartino says:

    That is why I have always been against divorce. Once you break up with your first wife, it would be very, very difficult to stay with your second one.

    In fact I know of very few couples whose first marriage failed and had a success with their second one. Once you start going downhill, you are continually gathering momentum.

    [Daphne – I don’t agree. It has more to do with the personality of one or both of the individuals involved, and how they view marriage.]

    • Neil says:

      Must the whole point of divorce be so that one can remarry? Far from it, although that would obviously be one reason for it, of many.

      • Francis Saliba MD says:

        You may care to note that the religious objection is mainly to re-marrying after divorce.

    • Liberal says:

      Mr. DeMartino, once you break up with your first wife (with or without divorce), it’s most probably over. If divorce gives a chance of a successful second marriage to a “minority”, why would you deny them that second chance?

      And why should it be very difficult to stay with one’s second wife (or husband)?

    • Lawrence Attard says:

      I would like to see the statistics to support your hypothesis. So what if they refute it, would you be in favour?

      Of course you have a right to be against divorce, but your argument is flawed. The chances of success of a second marriage has nothing to do with the dissolution or otherwise of the first.

    • Matthew S says:

      Ridiculous comment Giovann. There are a hundred different reasons why a first marriage might break up. When people get married the first time, they’re usually young, dumb and taking a huge leap in the dark. It might work. It might not Sometimes it works for a number of years and then deteriorates.

      The second time should, if anything, be better. The bride and groom should have a better idea why they are getting married and what to expect. They’re supposed to be more mature and know how to deal with difficult situations. They’re supposed to have got rid of the hang-ups of young people. They’re supposed to have a better understanding of themselves, their spouse and the world around them.

      The problem with the Jeffrey/Carmen marriage is that they got into it for the wrong reasons and that the points I made about maturity and understanding do not apply to them.

      It might be rude to say ‘we told you so’ but Daphne certainly did.

      She mocked the political motives behind this marriage.

      She mocked the long time they took to get married after the divorce bill was introduced (they were probably getting cold feet).

      She mocked the ridiculous white wedding.

      She mocked their honeymoon destination (Gozo during the Santa Marija weekend).

      She mocked the way they seemed to spend more time with other Laburisti instead of with each other.

      She mocked the way Jeffrey Pullicino acted in public without any regard to his married status.

      She mocked the way Jeffrey, like a teenager, sought to prolong his night out as long as possible during that infamous night which ended with the Tas-Serkin incident.

      This marriage was doomed from the start. If Jeffrey and Carmen had any good intentions when they got married, they were scuppered by their cluelessness and crass behaviour. If their intentions were bad to start with, it goes to reason that the marriage would fail

      Jeffrey and Carmen are certainly not the couple which one should use as a yardstick of second marriages.

      Reread this post to freshen your memory.


  36. Denis says:

    There is only one apt place for him, the pits.

  37. Katrin says:

    Second marriages, where minor children are involved, have a divorce rate of 75%.

    Why is anyone surprised?

    I pity the children, they pay a high price for their parents’ selfish behaviour.

    [Daphne – There are no minor children involved.]

  38. joe debono says:

    He is reaping what he sowed. Now he must read the law carefully because he can’t have another divorce there and then.

    And he is no MP anymore. He is nobody now, which is why he tries so hard to maximise his role at the science council.

    He cannot table a private member’s bill to have divorce whenever he needs it. Well done, JPO.

    You will spend the rest of your life looking for the next best partner. How about a civil union for you? With a woman – or why not try a man? You never know.

    Now you have even lost your contact to Joseph and Michelle, which came through Carmen.

  39. Gaetano Pace says:

    It appears that history does not produce a GEORGE and a WALLIS every so often. May they live happily ever after.

  40. Osservatore says:

    JPO turns out to be nothing more than “… a walking shadow, a poor player, that struts and frets his hour upon the stage and then is heard no more.”

    His “is a tale told by an idiot, full of sound and fury signifying nothing”.

    Perhaps both his wives saw right through his desperate need to project his insecurity and anger onto others, whether it be on his spouse, individual players in the political scene, or the whole Maltese public, and they decided to move on to green pastures instead.

    At a very human level, I cannot help but feel sorry for this wretch. But when I consider the rise and fall of JPO, coloured by his personal, business and political dealings, I can see how he managed to accumulate so much bad karma.

    • H.P. Baxxter says:

      This “wretch” makes more money in a month than I’ll ever make in a year. He has iron-clad job security, he has power, his own staff, perks by the bucket and belongs to the circle of the rich and powerful

      Yeah, right, let’s feel sorry for him.

      Besides, if there’s a future Mrs JPO waiting in the wings, he’s hardly the heartbroken husband and father, is he?

      • Osservatore says:

        Possibly. Notwithstanding, JPO has proved to be incapable of maintaining even the most basic human relations, turning any relationship including those at a political level into utilitarian ones.

        The sad thing is that he has failed to notice that over the last ten years he has lost all the respect that the general public (both PN and PL supporters) may have had for him. More importantly, when betraying his political principles, he lost his self respect.

        Real success is not measured in terms of wealth but in terms of the fulfillment, respect, trust and love one enjoys in life. So he has money, perks and power, all of which are blood money, repayment for his betrayal of the people’s trust. In my opinion he remains an ‘indannat’ who will remain unfulfilled in life.

        Baxxter, even though I do not know you, I have no doubts that you are way more fulfilled than JPO will ever be.

  41. J Farrugia says:

    Now what?

    Will he be coming up with something new, so that he can project his anger onto others like he did before?

    Will he go back to the PN, now that both his ex-wives are staunch Labour? Or will he seek to take over AD?

    • It-tunajja says:

      JPO is very right-wing, not at all liberal and progressive, and his views are akin to those of Norman Lowell. His psychological condition is not so far off, either. I have known him for a long time and I used to be embarrassed by his far right views.

  42. Is-Serkin says:

    This guy has completely lost it. Not that he ever had anything except his hyper-inflated ego. Even reading his Facebook rant about his adult son and daughters makes me cringe with despair that a man his age should bring them into the equation.

    No doubt we will be hearing much more about him in the coming days. I would not be surprised if Deborah Tad-Divorzju and his new best friend Varist present an amendment to the Marriage Act to reduce the four-year waiting time for divorce.

    Hallina, ja falz u buffu. Consider doing the honourable thingfor once in your sorry life: resign your grace-and-favour post at the Science Council and fade away into your botox sunset. Nobody, and I mean nobody, will miss you.

  43. jack says:

    Quote verbatim – Daphne’s post of July 2012

    “He’s in no fit state to contract a marriage, still less represent electors in parliament.”

  44. Alex says:

    Jeffrey: used and dumped. He can rot in his misery.

  45. manum says:

    I won’t read any comments. I do not wish to walk over a dead body. JPO is on the floor and I do not wish harm to anyone.

    But and I repeat but, jien dejjem taghlimt li min jilghab man-nar jahraq idu.

    Lil JPO nixtieqlu kull gid, imma jien intenni li l-politikanti xogholhom hu li jservu u mhux li jkunu servuti.

  46. TROY says:

    Just divorce her, Jeff, and marry another one.

    We know you’ve always wanted to be Elizabeth Taylor.

  47. Lady Chatterley says:

    Lara Boffa, Jeffrey’s ‘personal assistant’, must have her hopes raised sky high. She’s still on the shelf at her age, and now her boss has landed in her lap – or is it the other way round?

    He can cry on her bosom, or start a bidding war with that ‘aw gisem’ hairdresser from Hal Ghaxaq.

  48. Vagabond King says:

    He shouldn’t worry. With the civil union law coming up, he’ll be able to propose to Franco. They would make a lovely couple.

  49. Rahal says:

    Jeffrey spicca. Next, Franco Debono.

  50. philip says:

    Pride comes before a fall. It’s called hubris, Jeffrey.

  51. Francis Saliba MD says:

    JPO should now be looking around for a Labour parliamentarian to promote an amendment to the divorce bill making it possible to get another divorce without delay, or to go the whole hog, providing for a divorce-on-demand Las Vegas style. Wasn’t that the ultimate aim of the divorce lobby, anyway?

  52. Robert M says:

    He drove the country to a standstill because he wanted a ‘second chance’.

    Let’s hope he spares us this time and doesn’t repeat the performance because he wants a third chance before the four years – which he agreed on – are up.

    It’s a good thing he no longer has a seat in parliament.

  53. Robert G says:

    Oh dear. What now? Will he become worse, or will he become better?

  54. ernest tonna says:

    I didn’t expect anything better from JPO. He is a certified traitor. Those who betray one person will betray others.

  55. Zabbarija t-tut says:

    Dawn huma ftit qwiel Maltin addattati ghal din is-sitwazzjoni.

    Ix-xitan ighabbik, irikkbek u jhallik.

    Ix-xitan gie ghal sehmu.

    Ix-xitan l-ewwel jaghmillek maskra, imbaghad inehhihielek.

    Ix-xitan li jdoqq it-trumbetta, jaqbad mieghek la branzetta.

    Hobz ix-xitan ma jxebbax.

  56. The misfortune of any person can hardly be a source of satisfaction for others.

    However, this episode shows clearly that many so-called liberal initiatives are but a screen for seeking self-interest.

    The perceived faults are not really in the surrounding circumstances but in one’s self. Unfortunately, the self-imposed blindness that drives such people can have wider consequences on society.

  57. seksieka says:

    Is this man ever serene? He veers from rabid anger to calls for pity.

  58. Joseph says:

    Times have just put this on their website:

    Isn’t this exactly what you said some weeks ago and I believe you even quoted the same interview by Alex Buxton

  59. Betty says:

    Will he be the first person to get divorced twice under his law?

  60. Joe Micallef says:

    I would let JPO and his colourful entry into old age be.

    He doesn’t deserve the slightest bit of media space. By now he is well deep into the PL skip he was dropped in by malicious Joe.

    JPO, whilst down there, send my regards to the Form 2 prodigy.

  61. jojo says:

    Sic transit gloria mundi… same to all the rest

  62. gorg says:

    ‘Behind every great man stands a great woman’.

    None of the above.

  63. Claude Sciberras says:

    So the stats are right in saying that those who divorce once tend to do so a second, third and fourth time…

  64. Aunt Hetty says:

    He can always contract a civil union with Cyrus Engerer, I suppose.

  65. Gahan says:

    JPO loves the limelight. Some time ago he was seen sitting at some press conference about a ‘new’ pressure group calling themselves “Inharsu l-widien”(?) – as a self-proclaimed environmentalist and not the owner of land at Mistra which he hopes to develop.

    Then the self-proclaimed liberal was really angry that he couldn’t do anything to stop this site after he was revealed to have been at a Rabat bar at 5am with a woman not his wife, involved in a brawl, and so he started a campaign to muzzle freedom of speech on the internet and started gathering signatures for legislation against cyber bullying.

    I wouldn’t be surprised at all if he starts to push for an amendment in the divorce law, so that the ‘cooling off period’ of divorce goes down from four years to six months. At least this time the petition should read “I agree that JPO’s second divorce in as many years should be fast tracked”.

    On second thoughts, he could hire the services of Franco Debono and Deborah Schembri and prove that his second marriage was not consummated, which may well be the case.

    Thank God that the chihuahua is on a leash and muzzled.

  66. bob-a-job says:

    Carmen says “I’m Out”

  67. Karmenu says:

    Min jagħti bis-sejf, bis-sejf jaqla’

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