Saviour Balzan wheels out John Dalli to praise Muscat’s budget

Published: November 10, 2013 at 6:47pm

Joseph Muscat John Dalli

Saviour Balzan’s newspaper, Illum, which was edited by the daughter of Il-Guy the Tourism Minister’s Golden Years driver, Il-Boton, has wheeled out John Dalli to praise Muscat’s Budget – and of course, it describes him as a former PN leadership contender and finance minister, and makes no mention of the fact he is NOW Muscat’s de facto health minister.

Cheap, ridiculous people.

John Dalli, a former PN leadership contender and long time finance minister said that this was a wide ranging budget. “It comprises several concrete measures as regards to incentives that will entice individuals who want to enter employment and even start a new job.”

“Naturally, the social measures in this budget are very positive. The reduction in energy tariffs is also very positive. This is not merely a reduction in the electricity bills, but it will generate a multiplier effect. The fact that people will have more money in their pockets, will encouraged them to consume and invest. This will generate growth,” Dalli said.

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  1. Vagabond King says:

    Why has the King of Labour-Ass kissers, Saviour Balzan, not printed a word about Mary Swan/Emma Corbin, or whatever her name is at the moment?

    He asked the opinion of a loser, Lino Spiteri, and a fired EU commissioner, John Dalli. Enough said.

  2. Alexander Ball says:

    People put their hands in their pockets to pay for this bollocks?

    Malta is terminally fucked.

  3. La Redoute says:

    The report doesn’t mention that he’s an ex-EU Commission forced out because of his suspect behaviour, and still under investigation.

  4. seksieka says:

    X’more money in their pocket? Jien se niġi nifranka xi 50 euro f’sena li jiġi ewro fil-ġimgħa. Ftit inqass milli qed iddaħħa is-sinjura Konrad Mizzi. Mhux hekk?

  5. Gahan says:

    Ghadni kif rajt lil Joe Gasan ihabbar fuq in-Net TV, li Gasan Finance se johorgu lis-stocks bl-4.95% , dan biex flimkien ma’ ta’ Tumas u xi kumpanija ohra jibnu power station li ftiehmu fuqha ma’ Muscat u shabu tar-raba’ sular qabel l-elezzjoni.

    Mhux ta’ b’xejn li ghajn Dr Anglu Farrugia ghokritu minn certu neguzjanti li kienu jidhru fil-kwartieri tal-partit. Issa dak li kienu semplici suspetti spiccaw li kienu provi quddiem ghajnejna.

    • Valent says:

      I was also flabbergasted to see Mr Gasan given space on Net TV program Flusek. He promoted his new endaveour, the gas power station, describing it as a ‘progett interessanti’. More details were provided for those interested to invest in the company shares.

      Now was this really necessary, knowing that the Nationalist Party criticises the power station as pointless? By now they should have figured out that the Gasan Group or their associates in Azerbajan had a piecemeal deal set up before the election, and that it was in their interest for the Nationalists to lose and Labour to win – a state of affairs they probably worked at bringing about.

      This looks like inviting over your foe for a cup of tea like friends do, knowing that he speaks behind your back demeaning you.

      • Eddy Privitera says:

        Tidher mahruq ghax investiture Matin li zgur had ma jista jghid li xi darba kienu laburisti, qeghdin lesti jahdmu mal-gvern laburista ghax qed jaraw li dan gven li mhux biss iparla fil-vojt, izda dak li jwieghed , iwettqu !!!

  6. ciccio says:

    Did Illum mention that John Dalli is a consultant of the Prime Minister, and therefore is not sufficiently independent to provide an objective view about the budget?

    • Eddy Privitera says:

      U John Dalli biss fahhar il-budget ? Mela soddejt widnejk u ma smajtx ahbarijiet l-ghada tal-budget ??? Il-Kamra tal-Kummercf. il-GRTU, il-Unions, LGhaqda ta’ min ihaddem etc..etc.. kollha fahhru l-budget, hlief Simon ” Buzullotti” u shabu . U s-soltu bloggers !!!

  7. Arciperku says:

    Mr.Dalli can you give us a hint (a clean one please) how to invest the more money that we will have in our pockets.

  8. Gahan says:

    Meta iz-zewgti Qriema Lino Spiteri u John Dalli jitkellmu b’vuci wahda bhal kor tan-Nabucco, jfisser li jkun daqq nofs in-nhar sew.

  9. Charles Darwin says:

    Rumour has it that John Dalli is the author of this budget.

  10. Eddy Privitera says:

    Ghal li jista jkun Daphne, intix ukoll inkwetata dwar l-IDENTITA MALTIJA minhabba l-program : Individual Investor Program ??

  11. Augustus says:

    John Dalli a former PN leadership contender, now consultant to the Labour government, said…

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