To paraphrase Mrs Muscat’s exclamation as reported in The Telegraph: “Oh my Gott! Det’s bed!”

Published: November 10, 2013 at 7:20pm


The Grimms – qishom sejrin tieg tar-rahal. And I absolutely cannot take the way the prime minister stands as though he’s some kind of escapee from a kangaroo’s pouch.

Photoshopping Mrs Muscat for Style magazine must have taken all week, and it was expertly done.

It’s not so much that they look terrible – some things about our appearance can’t be helped as nature decreed otherwise. It’s that they look all wrong, a fact made worse by all the effort and expense Mrs Muscat so evidently puts into it.

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  1. La Redoute says:

    Man is descended from the apes. Muscat hasn’t succeeded yet.

  2. seksieka says:

    Kemm huma koroh x’waħda din.

  3. Monty Bello says:

    Evolution just passed him by.

  4. Aunt Hetty says:

    This photo recalls that the old Maltese song ”It-Tieg tan-Neputija”.

  5. Joseph Caruana says:

    I wonder what the Muscats were thinking about when the photograph was taken.

  6. Peppa says:

    Qishom zewgt pulpettiet.

  7. P Shaw says:

    Is Michelle Muscat competing with her husband for the waist size?

    Perhaps they should slow down with the ‘high society’ events.

  8. Guz says:

    I think most of the time Muscat is constipated.

  9. TinaB says:

    If I were Michelle I would refrain from wearing those horribly made Dolce & Gabbana replica dresses – she would surely look one million times better and more fashionable in a simple, plain-cut dress.

    And those shoes. My grandmother used to wear better ones when she was eighty years old.

  10. Nitpicker says:

    I thought exclamation marks were out.

  11. Mad says:

    The look on Joseph`s face (yes he was my class mate but please leave this out) spells out that he can`t be bothered by protocol.

  12. Tida says:

    Is it really possible that no one instructs the PM on how to comport himself in public, or helps him with his posture?

    There’s not one photo of him with his feet and legs together. He always stands like he’s ready for a fight.

  13. gorg says:

    Shrek and Fiona wannabes.

  14. Aunt Hetty says:

    or painful piles.

  15. tinnat says:

    one Grimm and one Grinch.

  16. observer says:

    Wicc il-mizerja, t-tnejn li huma. Min jaf, forsi qed jithassru l-poplu li qed jingannaw u li ser ibieghu.

  17. me says:

    Qisha barmil rasu l-isfel.

  18. ian says:

    She puts a lot of effort and expense into it, and he obviously can’t be bothered to get a suit that fits well. The end result is the same. They both look terrible.

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