In the national interest, Agent Caruana is due at a conference in Pozzallo. Operation Gbejniet Moxxi gets underway.

Published: January 26, 2014 at 12:15am

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  1. Catsrbest says:

    Hilarious! Well defined.

  2. Justine! says:

    Love the sense of humour, especially at this time of day.

    I do wonder whether these individuals will ever get to a stage where they make fun of their f*ck-ups.

  3. Antoine Vella says:

    And to think that Justyne Caruana got elected by mistake.

    Frederick Azzopardi (PN) should have been elected but a number of votes were mysteriously “lost” so Justyne Caruana won the seat instead.

    • Tabatha White says:

      Justyne, a woman who’s time has come… and gone.

      Makes me think there’s been a round of renegotiations on the Gozitan front.

      Did she stop to thank the PM for the “kindness” of his offer?

    • bob-a-job says:

      Antoine, it’s the whole government that got elected by mistake.

      Justyne’s case is simply a double whammy.

    • Min Jaf says:

      The votes for Frederick Azzopardi that were wrongly transferred to the favour of Justyne Caruana might not have been an isolated incident.

      There is probably much more than meets the eye about the unprecedented 9-seat majority that PL ended up with.

      • Tabatha White says:

        In the early morning of the day following the elections, I went out for a drive thinking the Malta I knew since 1987 was probably set to change forever to the worse.

        I remember that there was an old red Mercedes patrolling the streets at that very early hour with the registration plate either- LAB 090 or 009. I remember that the car itself struck me – a bit of a museum piece, that lent a sense of foreboding to the impending results in that early pre-dawn hour.

        Afterwards, the niggling thought returned at intervals: did they know something we didn’t? I force myself to dismiss the thought.

  4. Freedom5 says:

    Operation Paxu Mohxi

  5. Pluribus says:

    Sempliciment tigiega…..

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