Justyne Caruana didn’t even present ONE report, let alone two. It’s right there, on the official list for the Marseille conference.

Published: January 26, 2014 at 1:13am


The Labour Party has forgotten that a lot has changed since the days when it was last in government, not least with that magical thing called the internet.

Its excuses, its bluffing and feinting, can be double-checked most times. It is not the sole source of information.

First the Office of the Prime Minister told us that Agent 007 Caruana had to be in Marseille to present TWO reports in the national interest.

Then it told us that she had to present ONE report, also in the national interest.

And then we pop in to the official Parliamentary Assembly of the Mediterranean website and discover that she had to present NO report at all.

Yes, Justyne Caruana was the rapporteur on ONE report, but that report was PRESENTED by Pedro Roque of Portugal. He didn’t present it because she had to be in Malta that day. He presented it because that was the original plan, at the outset.

To cut it short, Caruana didn’t have to be there at all, let alone go there, come back to Malta, and go back again with the timely aid of Manuel Mallia’s bozza tal-plastik.

Nor was Caruana’s report in the national interest, and it was certainly not anything that had to be kept Top Secret, as the government claimed in its efforts at concealing exactly what she was doing there.

It was a ruddy, run-of-the-mill report on the Middle East. Of course, what we should be looking at is why Justyne Caruana, of all people, was selected by Malta as rapporteur on a report about the Middle East. This is a woman who is barely literate and whose English, communication and comprehension skills are well below what is required and expected.

I know she has been photographed reading this website during Public Accounts Committee meetings, but I doubt she can understand much of it. She is barely articulate even in her native tongue. Her powers of argumentation are, as we have had occasion to see during several political controversies, catastrophic. Her knowledge of the Middle East probably stops begins and ends with shopping in Dubai.

I imagine the real reason the Office of the Prime Minister refused to tell us what she was doing there is because it’s embarrassed to own up to the fact that it gave that particular job to somebody so unfit for purpose. Justyne Caruana: the Middle Eastern affairs expert. So help us God.

PAM VIII Plenary Session Marseille 20 – 22 January 2014 – 1st Standing Committee Reports & Resolutions Adopted

The First PAM Standing Committee dedicated to Political and Security Cooperation discussed and adopted two reports and their respective resolutions, which dealt with the Mena political developments (Rapporteur Hon. Justyne Caruana-Malta) and Public Sector Corruption in the Mediterranean Region (Rapporteur Hon. Giorgio Girgis Sorial-Italy).

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  1. Dave says:

    As I said previously, the game works darn well:

    she said that she “cannot divulge details of the reason of my visit and the reports I presented because I do not want to compromise the national interestJoseph Muscat.”

  2. Tabatha White says:

    “This is a woman who is barely literate and whose English, communication and comprehension skills are well below what is required and expected.”

    The Labour reliance on the factory mill of Vella bent.

    Fascinating…what fuels this sub-culture.

    Lift the lid on any one of them, and the fires are busy burning.

  3. Sue says:

    Saw her entering tha Ministry of Foreign Affairs some time back, probably to exchange notes with George Vella, or possibly copy his notes on the subject. No wonder he defended her actions.

  4. random says:

    Recently, Pope Francis described the internet as a ‘Gift of God’. I think I am beginning to understand to why.

    While His Holiness exalts the internet and its down to Earth benefits, Justyne stays hovering through the fog and filthy air.

  5. giraffa says:

    Maybe she had unfinished shopping to do in Marseille! Darn those Nationalists, calling a useless debate in Parliament, just when I had it all planned. Never mind – can you please send me the AFM chopper, Manwel? and make sure it is as close to home as possible – can’t stand the 10 minute drive to Heliport.

  6. Banana Republic ... Again says:

    Bloody liars

  7. curious says:

    Daphne, well done, as always, on your article on The Malta Independent on Sunday.

    Are we already integrated with China? The national orchestra is going on a tour to China and someone told me that last Friday’s Xarabank opened with the singing of Viva Malta in Chinese. Is it true?

  8. anthony says:

    All this hoo-ha just to show some deference to George Vella who is currently up to his eyebrows sorting out the problems in Ukraine.

    National interest my foot.

  9. Albert Bonnici says:

    That most of the labour Government are morons, one tries to understand, what is worrying are the morons that voted them in.

    [Daphne – They are most definitely not morons. They know exactly what they are doing, and that’s the real reason for concern: that all of this was planned and is deliberate, done with certain purposes in mind.]

    • Rumplestiltskin says:

      Well said, Daphne. I’ve said it time and time again, the scarier option is not that they don’t know what they’re doing, but the fact that they do and doing it deliberately.

      Maybe some of the appartchiks might not know what they’re doing but I’m afraid that the ‘supreme leader’ knows and it scares me to death.

      • Calculator says:

        Indeed. The instiutionalised malice in the Labour Party – now transposed into government – is something to behold.

        I just keep being amazed how more ‘moderate’ people seem to become attracted to Labour because of their supposed socialist ideology.

        The reality is that something like the EP voting regarding the citizenship-4-sale – shedding light on Labour’s true ideological allies – reveals the party’s supposed ideology nowadays as a mere façade. If anyone’s a moron, it’s the switcher.

        [Daphne – It isn’t socialist ideology which attracts people to Labour. It’s malice. And when the malice is disguised or misinterpreted as positive emotion, it’s an even more powerful attraction, because it allows people to feel good about their malicious sentiments and claim that they are in fact something else entirely, like a positive desire for change, rather than a negative desire to wreak vengeance on individuals they hate, resent or envy by displacing them.]

  10. Lestrade says:


    Marlene Mizzi defends “least active” MEP place by whining on how many Facebook posts she made. Is she for real ? Jew tlaqna ukoll ?

  11. Joe camilleri says:

    We have to give this fine lady some credit. Ma tafx tisthi.

  12. Lestrade says:


    Who writes Sunday Times of Malta editorial? Today’s redeeming feature. Is there still hope for the (Sunday) Times of Malta ?

  13. QahbuMalti says:

    They are all just liars. They lie about their income and assets, they lie about what they said and didn’t say, about what they did and didn’t do, they lied to the electorate by leaving out the most important – to them – aspect of their (undeclared) electoral programme, the sale of passports, they lie about the half million in cash under their bed, about their friendship with blacklisted consultants, about the reasons why Mrs Mizzi went to Shanghai, about the way appointments are being made. Lies, lies, lies all the way.

  14. Mark Vella says:

    It seems that Labour MPs/followers have a fetish for this particular helicopter….


  15. etil says:

    Malta is sinking so fast and people are still in a trance. It seems that as long as the PL government gives handouts, they are happy with their lot.

  16. Gaetano Pace says:

    When will Labour be doing things right the first time round? Why have there to be so many interpretations of the one, singular and only fact?

    The only answer I could find is that this the sort of expert advice one gets when appointing Super One staff to advisory, consultative positions in the government.

  17. edgar says:

    The big problem is that these gits are no longer feeling embarrassed when caught with their pants down. They keep on lying and life goes on as if nothing happened.

  18. Alexander Ball says:

    Someone’s hacked it. Like they hacked Dalli’s. That damn hidden hand.

  19. ciccio says:

    Manuel Mallia should be ashamed for having MP Justine Caruana travel in a “bozza tal-plastik.”

    He should have sent her a Faberge egg.

  20. Wistin Schembri says:

    Eureka! This is the national interest in this illustrious assembly: our Law Commissioner is a member of the Maltese delegation and a member of the ad hoc committee on energy.


  21. daffid says:

    How can we believe ANYTHING these people say any longer?

  22. Kukkurin says:

    It just seems to endlessly go from bad to worse for Labour. They seem to have fallen down a bottomless pit, a black hole from which there is no way out.

    Even their own lies and petty excuses cannot save them, as in the electronic age they have come to power in they can no longer fob us off so lightly.

    Yet before we start to feel sorry for them let us not lose sight of the stark reality that it is all of their own making. Drunken power, sheer insatiable greed and shockingly low ethical standards at best leads to such things.

  23. Angus Black says:

    Anyone keeping tabs on the number of daily LIES by Joseph and his brigade?

    • Joe Fenech says:

      This is one of the most revolting governmental acts we’ve seen in these last 10 months. How on earth a PR official can express himself or herself that way is beyond me.

      Government PR = Super One?

      • Dave says:

        Generally disgusting and childish. They obviously figured that journalists are cutting and pasting DOI press releases so majtaswel do the political analysis for them too:

        “Iż-żieda fil-qgħad taħt l-amministrazzjoni ta’ qabel seħħet minkejja li, fl-eqqel tal-kriżi politika u l-kampanja elettorali, l-Gvern kien daħħal 710 ħaddiem ġdid mas-settur pubbliku, żieda ta’ tmien persuni kuljum. Ta’ min ifakkar ukoll li bejn Marzu u Diċembru tal-2008, l-ewwel disa xhur tal-Gvern ta’ qabel, in-numru ta’ nies jirreġistraw kien żdied b’205, iġifieri erba darbiet aktar mir-rata reġistrata fl-istess perjodu tal-2013.

        Iż-żieda fil-qgħad fl-aħħar xhur tal-amministrazzjoni preċedenti kienet frott tad-deċiżjonijiet żbaljati li ttieħdu u li kienu wasslu għal inċertezza politika li ħalliet impatt ekonomiku negattiv. Il-Gvern il-ġdid bil-farri qed jirnexxilu jirrimedja s-sitwazzjoni minkejja l-attitudni negattiva tal-Oppożizzjoni fuq programmi ta’ fejda li qed iniedi l-Gvern u minkejja li l-ekonomiji internazzjonali għadhom mhux sodi kif rifless mid-deċiżjoni tal-Bank Ċentrali Ewropew li jnaqqas ir-rati tal-imgħax f’Novembru li għadda.”


    • albona says:

      It is as if they think that this is a Facebook fight between two adolescents.

      In the official communications of the government or its agencies, no political parties should be mentioned, let alone in that antagonistic vein. It is incidents such as these where you are made to realise Malta’s limitations.

  24. catharsis says:

    Gaddejjin xalata. U kemm ghajjru ‘l haddiehor. Sewwa jghidu, l-ispizjar milli jkollu jaghtik.

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