Henley & Partners is holding a forum in Malta in May: “the sister event to the Global Residence & Citizenship Conference held every year in November”

Published: February 12, 2014 at 2:51am

Henley & Partners has begun to promote on its website a residence and citizenship ‘forum’ which will be held in Malta in May.

The Henley & Partners Forum
29 May – 29 May 2014, Malta

The Henley & Partners Forum is the sister event to the Global Residence & Citizenship Conference held every year in November for nearly 10 years. It provides an update on the latest developments and opportunities in the field of citizenship, residence and investor immigration planning. This year, the event will be held in Malta. Malta is the latest country to launch a Citizenship-by-Investment Program and this will feature prominently on the agenda, including direct insights from the Prime Minister of Malta, the Head of the Individual Investor Program operations at the Government of Malta, and key people from Henley & Partners. Attendees can also expect to hear insights into the Portugal and Belgium programs, and other updates from around the world.

The website photograph, showing the Maltese prime minister with Henley & Partners CEO Eric Major, is really alienating. They look like a couple of used-car salesman with facial expressions that say ‘Don’t trust me – I’m out to scam you’.

Of course, that might be due to the photographer’s lack of skill.

But the body language is all wrong, too: Eric Major looks like the more dominant and senior of the two, and it’s not because he’s taller. His body language is more assertive and confident, and Muscat is stooping when he can ill afford to do so.

This is all so repulsive, really, whatever people might say who have been blinded by the thought of the cash. The picture says ‘seedy’ and it’s on an international website.

I imagine there will be those who say, “Mhux tajjeb, they’re getting us a conference here?” (sorry, but I think it best to render direct speech authentically). It is exactly this sort of thinking that has had Malta end up in a mess time and again.

Henley & Partners Malta forum 1

Henley & Partners Malta forum 2

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  1. pablo says:

    I can see our new PM in this picture but who is the short guy on the left.

  2. M. says:

    What that photo screams is Major thinking that he’s the wise guy who has conned the ignorant native into selling off something priceless to fatten the former’s pocket, with the ignorant native left thinking that it is he himself who has got the better deal.

  3. Alexander Ball says:

    Who forgot to give Eric his ‘I’m In’ t-shirt?

  4. QahbuMalti says:

    Eric Major didn’t even bother removing his hand from his pocket to shake hands withe PM. Its not only bad manners but speaks volumes about the disdain in which he holds him.

  5. ciccio says:

    Eric Major has his left hand firmly in his pocket. Classy. Has he got a gun in there, a passport, or is he just really pleased to see the ‘visionary’ Joseph Muscat?

  6. cikku l-poplu says:

    Jidher li Major qed jghaddi passata lil Joseph ghax propja jidher li qed jitnejek bih. Dan ir-ritratt jitkellem volumi shah jidher li qed jiehu b’idejn tifel li jkollu joqghod kif jghidlu.

  7. H.P. Baxxter says:

    Can’t say I’m surprised by the body language in that photo.

    Muscat’s MO is to suck up to people he admires or needs. In this instance, the Maltese word is so much better, so here it is” Muscat’s MO is laghqizmu.

    He’s just sucking up to Eric Major. Just as he’s been doing all his life, with a variety of people: teachers, headmasters, colleagues, bosses both professional and political, fellow MEPs, MPs and politicians, businessmen, ambassadors, voters, switchers, the lot.

    The danger here is that Simon Busuttil may choose this tactic too, because it appears to work. We don’t need more of the same. Maltese politics, which is awash with laghqizmu, needs real men and women, with resolve.

  8. Jozef says:

    Will be interesting to know whether this forum will be open to mere mortals.

    Now that Henley and Partners have relocated to Malta.

  9. Len says:

    That’s a real golden handshake.They promised that they will wipe out the inexistent culture of golden handshake pay-offs.

    These people has the exclusivity for selling passports,
    property and health Insurances.

    They soon will be opening their noodles outlets and minibus services from Luqa airport to Evan Buildings. Two way service off course.

    L-importanti li l-bigilla nibqghu inbieghuha ahna.

  10. mattie says:

    “El socialismo es un sistema que prefiere que los pobres sean más pobres con tal que los ricos sean menos ricos.”
    ― Margaret Thatcher

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