The real 31 March 1979 – as reported by The Times of Malta

Published: March 30, 2014 at 10:27pm


Mintoff, Gaddafi and Lorry Sant

Mintoff + Gaddafi + Castille

Gaddafi 1

Gaddafi 3

Gaddafi 4


The actual newspaper articles are scanned and uploaded here.

Gaddafi 1979 to see major change in Libya tomarchive-19790206-001

Gaddafi arrives on 31Mar79 Press not allowed anywhere near tomarchive-19790331-032

Gaddafi arrives on 31Mar79 Press not allowed anywhere near tomarchive-19790331-032_part 2

Gaddafi Freedom Day 1979 front page tomarchive-19790401-001

Gaddafi_freedom day 1979 ii tomarchive-19790401-016

Gaddafi_freedom day 1979 itomarchive-19790401-016

Gaddafi_threat to Malta’s democracy Swiss view tomarchive-19790415-032

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  1. Harry Purdie says:

    Daphne, enjoyed your last ‘Swiss’ post of 1979. The Swiss insight was quite remarkable.

    Having two children who are now Canadian/Swiss, with Swiss families, we often discuss the present situation in Malta. Although both are quite apolitical, they worry about the future of their Canadian/Maltese sister and her Maltese family here.

  2. combinaguai ):-) says:

    Thanks for the uploads, Daphne, it does put things in the right perspective for those of us who were still too young in that awful year, and whose parents abhor the event to such an extent that they refuse to mention it.

    A friend of mine from Sliema had told me that in April 1979 the Libyan fleet was seen off the coasts of Sliema, a sweet message from Gaddafi to show who will soon be the boss – is it true?

  3. Alexander Ball says:

    Is there a simple explanation for why the Times of Malta was set on fire in 79?

    [Daphne – Yes, Mintoff and his government encouraged that kind of thing.]

  4. pablo says:

    Gaddafi’s money, Beijing’s money, why does Labour always have to sell us out to someone under the smokescreen of its Mintoffian psuedo nationalistic propaganda.

    If you told anyone under forty years old that Gaddafi walked into Malta, with part of his army, fired guns into the air, took over the Freedom ceremony, and all with the blessing of that old bastard and his servile golden year ministers, they would call you a bloody liar.

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