Who is trying to kill Franco Debono?

Published: July 22, 2014 at 11:22pm
This man was at Hugo's Terrace in Paceville at 5am on Sunday while the taxpayer paid for a policeman to stand outside his parents' house - guarding what, exactly?

This man was at Hugo’s Terrace in Paceville at 5am on Sunday while the taxpayer paid for a policeman to stand outside his parents’ house – guarding what, exactly?

There has been a police officer detailed to his parents’ house in Hal Ghaxaq, where he still lives at almost 41, round the clock since Joseph Muscat took office.

So we must ask whether somebody is actually trying to kill him or whether this is some kind of a perverted ego trip at a massive cost to the taxpayer over and above his state-funded chauffeur, limo and salary.

And given that he is almost never at home because he is either trawling through the streets of Valletta nodding at people during the day or out drinking at night, we should also ask: why is the taxpayer funding a policeman on guard duty for Franco Debono’s parents?

My next question is not a taxpayer/public interest matter, but I think it relevant all the same for reasons that have nothing to do with money or cronyism.

Why is a man of almost 41 still living with his parents when he has a house of his own, ready built and furnished, elsewhere? Is he incapable of looking after himself and the place where he lives, or is he too scared to live alone?

Either way, it’s a sign of emotional retardation and psychological dysfunction – not good news in a Law Commissioner.

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  1. ken il malti says:

    Maybe the police are there to guard his prized roosters?

  2. Makjavel says:

    Obviously he is scared of living alone.

    He can’t form proper romantic relationships or friendships and yet he needs constant attention from other human beings.

    When he is physically alone he hits his mobile and starts to pester others with his demands.

    Signs of a sick man.

  3. WhoamI? says:

    Security for his collection of strap-on cocks.

  4. Gordon says:

    He stations the police officer at his parents’ house and then sneaks off elsewhere, I’ll bet. Loser.

  5. Gordon says:

    He obviously can’t find anyone to press his shirts, do his laundry, and feed him like his ma.

  6. H. Prynne says:

    He won’t live alone because he needs someone to take care of him – wash and iron his clothes, cook, etc.

    To leave his mother’s house would mean getting married to his long-suffering girlfriend or spending good money on a full-time housekeeper.

    He is incapable of looking after himself, no matter what his report cards say.

    • observer says:

      Men like Franco Debono never marry. They are incapable of intimacy, are frightened of being close to anyone, can’t share, and see every relationship as an assault on their privacy and independence.

      They live alone – even if with their parents – and die alone.

    • David says:

      Most unmarried persons in Malta of all ages live with their parents, if they are still alive, or other family members.

      [Daphne – So that makes it all right, does it, for a man of 41 to be living with his parents? How many men his age do that, even if they aren’t married?]

      • David says:

        In fact in Malta it’s considered abnormal for unmarried persons not to live with their parents, if they are alive. I know many unmarried persons including prominent politicians and clergymen who live or who have lived with their parents until they died.

        Many unmarried persons continue living in the family home. Unmarried siblings usually continue to live together. I know a married teacher, not living in Malta and who is not Maltese, who live with his family and his elderly mother-in-law. Is this wrong?

        [Daphne – Yes.]

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