This woman has some nerve

Published: August 29, 2014 at 2:31pm

mona camilleri

Mona Camilleri, whose husband and son were murdered by her own brother (allegedly) among others in the conspiracy, has pronounced herself on how victims of crime – like herself – should have better protection. And the newspapers report her words disingenuously as those of an ordinary crime victim.

Malta is replete with victims of her murdered husband’s extensive and notorious crimes, and not just the cocaine-trafficking for which he spent years in prison, either.

Her husband was the very one who bribed, through the agency of others, Chief Justice Noel Arrigo and Appeals Court Judge Patrick Vella, to reduce on appeal the prison term to which he had been condemned for helping flood Maltese society with cocaine.

The direct result of that particular crime of her husband’s was the forced resignation, trial and imprisonment of both the chief justice and the appeals court judge, and a fundamental blow to public faith in the administration of justice from which it has never recovered.

Mona Camilleri was perfectly content to live off the proceeds of her husband’s criminal behaviour and the cocaine addiction of sizeable chunks of Malta’s population. Now she can just bloody well shut up – not that anybody like that would have the decency to do so.

Newspapers would do well to be a little more circumspect about the way they approach publicity-seeking stories like this. Mona Camilleri willingly and knowingly lived in marriage with one of Malta’s worst criminals, sheltered him, cooperated with him and lived off the proceeds. Does that make her a victim or a perpetrator’s helpmeet?

This newspaper didn’t even bother to mention the salient fact that her murdered, cocaine-trafficking husband’s defence lawyer is now the Police Minister.

Perhaps it should investigate whether, as the widow of one of his long-standing clients, she still has direct access to Manuel Mallia.

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  1. chico says:

    I think “Qas tisthi” says it best.

  2. Sister Ray says:

    Her hairstyle reminds me of something I can’t quite put my finger on.

  3. Optimist says:

    If this was the USA then RICO would kick in and her assets all be seized since they were obtained via crime.

  4. Gatano Pace says:

    Not only was she not the victim of crime but she lived in what the mafia call “Omerta” while her husband and son were living in the most corrupt of lifestyles imaginable.

    Was she ever victim to the crime of usury? or did she experience it from the other side of the fence? My final question to the allegation that victims of crime are not protected. Is she saying this out of what she used to experience when her beloved used to threaten and blackmail people?

    Is she saying this from the other side of the fence where she could have been witnessing people being bullied? What is her contribution toward victims of crime going to be?

  5. David says:

    I understand your point however this logic is similar to the quoque argument. Even criminals can themselves be victims of other criminals and like all other victims deserve protection.

    [Daphne – My point, David, is that Mrs Imniehru Camilleri is not a victim of crime but an active participant in it. When people rang the doorbell of their home to buy cocaine, did she sit inside and say ‘Oh darling, there’s somebody at the door. I wonder what he wants!” And did she refuse the money that came from crime or did she live off it gladly?]

    • silvio says:

      It seems perfectly obvious that she was in the know of her husband’s doings.

      If so, I think that she should be prosecuting for living off the fruit of crime.

      In my eyes she is as guilty as her husband, so the least she can do is shut up.

      As someone once said, Mrs Camilleri we are not amused.

      Furthermore we do not care less what happens to you and your like.

  6. AE says:

    Thank you Daphne for saying it as it is (as always).

  7. Liza says:

    Carmela Soprano would have been proud of her.

  8. Allo Allo says:

    Our own little version of ‘Married to the Mob’

  9. Veritas says:

    X’wicc tost. Jekk DCG qatt ma kellha ragun (li kellha diversi drabi) illuminati ghandna ragun biex tbiegh. Money-laundering and no prosecution, wonder why?

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