Adrian Agius is NOT missing

Published: October 12, 2014 at 10:49am

Malta Right Now reports today that Adrian Agius, a member of the crime gang whose shipments of “meat from Brazil” were financed by loans of cash at between 20% to 40% interest from businessmen seeking to evade tax, has gone missing.

The people who lent him money, the news portal reports, are looking for him but cannot find him.

But Adrian Agius has not gone missing. Two days ago, he uploaded several photographs on Facebook that show him in an overseas location.

Unless he is deliberately taunting those to whom he owes money, or using a diversionary tactic against those who want his blood, he is simply on holiday or pretending that he is.

Adrian Agius 10 October 2014_1

Adrian Agius 10 October 2014_2

Adrian Agius 10 October 2014_3

Adrian Agius 10 October 2014_4

Adrian Agius 10 October 2014_5

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  1. Natalie says:

    Maltarightnow indicates that there are several businessmen asking them for these two’s whereabouts. It would be interesting to know who these businessmen are, I’m sure some of them are involved in this ‘spider’s web hanging over a cesspit’.

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