Some background on crime gang member Adrian Agius

Published: October 12, 2014 at 11:24am

Adrian Agius A

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Adrian Agius

Adrian Agius

Adrian Agus

Adrian Agus

Terence Gialanze - the drug-dealer who vanished without trace in November two years ago, aged 24

Terence Gialanze – the drug-dealer who vanished without trace in November two years ago, aged 24

Terence Gialanze, with the yacht he owned aged 23 - he also owned a Bentley, a top-of-the-range BMW SUV and lived in a large villa which he rented for thousands every month.

Terence Gialanze, with the yacht he owned aged 23 – he also owned a Bentley, a top-of-the-range BMW SUV and lived in a large villa which he rented for thousands every month.

Adrian Agius, who is in his early 30s, is a member of the Ryan Schembri (there are others, but more of that later) gang who financed their “meat imports from Brazil” using loans of undeclared cash from tax-evading businessmen who were promised interest of between 20% and 40% a month.

His father, Raymond Agius – the family nickname is Tal-Maksar – was a smuggler who used a car dealership and real estate business as cover for the real source of his income. He was shot in the head by contract killers at the Butterfly Bar in Birkirkara in April 2008. He was 49.

The contract killers – two – entered the bar where he was drinking at 9.15am, wearing crash helmets, and shot him point blank. They got away on a motorbike. Nobody has been charged with the murder.

Adrian Agius’s friend and close associate, the drug-dealer Terence Gialanze, vanished in November 2012 after telling his family that he was going fishing.

His car was found parked and locked, and his yacht was still at its usual mooring. None of his bank accounts have been touched since. He is presumed dead. He was 24 when he vanished.

At 23, Gialanze owned a top-of-the-range BMW SUV and a Bentley, a yacht, and he lived with his Romanian girlfriend in a large villa which he rented for thousands every month.

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  1. Madoff says:

    Asset accretion of a person when too rapid should get anyone to suspect wrong doing. The more so when it is visibly so.

  2. Grillu says:

    You can only hope that Agius’s charming, beautiful wife and child manage to extricate themselves from his sleazy clutches, both legally and emotionally. The Maltese wannabe gangster is especially short-sighted. Where are you going to run and hide on this rock when things go wrong? You would have thought his father’s death would have been a wake-up call but apparently not.

  3. jerry says:

    Maltese Mafia.

  4. The Phoenix says:

    In the 1990s someone was protecting Raymond Agius, Adrian’s father, big time. He used to import illegal drugs with impunity. No one could touch him.

    He had key individuals in his pocket: police, politicians from both sides, customs officers. He ran a cut-price electronics warehouse in Zebbug and his prices for TVs were the cheapest around. That was obviously a front.

    One of his sons found a ready supply of product and fried his brains out. Adrian was supposed to be the more level-headed one.

    • Adrian Agius says:

      The Phoenix for your information I did not escape , I am on a business trip and I will be back . I now you don t have balls but if you find them some were in yours wife pocket lets meet up and we sort things out . You are just a low life afraid to show your face to hide under stupid name phoenix

    • info says:

      Raymond Agius was best known as ‘Wicc il-Madonna’ around Zebbug. He went around with a certain Donald who owned a fish shop near S Club (Hunters Bar today). The outlet that used to be a fish shop is a rendezvous place for police officers today.

  5. COD says:

    This is what I call journalism!

    • Jozef says:

      ‘….However, she also expressed “shock” at the fact there had been no proper transition between former CEO Peter Davies and his successor Louis Giordimaina, and several other key officials who were replaced over the past year or so.
      “I inherited a structure with no management… Yes, I know, it is shocking but I cannot answer for the past. What I can do is look at the future,” she says……’

    • canon says:

      Joseph Muscat can only blame himself now for the mess of Air Malta.

  6. La Redoute says:

    Brand Malta.

  7. P Shaw says:

    One of the Malta Labour Party’s arguments against EU membership was that the Sicilian Mafia would invade Malta. It now looks more the other way round. Maltese criminals got a taste of globalization and now have a share in the international drug market.

    It would be interesting to explore why the MLP chased and attracted the vote (and funding?) of these criminals.

    • Jozef says:

      This place is spiritually corrupt. Just look at we’ve managed to do and it’s clear.

      What is perverse is how every editor and most columnists expect the PN to gather momentum soonest to clear the air.

      Especially those who refuse to engage the horrific banality of what we think, dream and do.

      Blaming politicians to keep them at arms length is what every mafia feeds on. Ours is no different, as savage, emotional and manipulative the instruments to control, extended families typical scenarios.

      Weird how Labour got elected by refusing to condemn specifically that which had become the greater evil; instant gratification and no commitment to anything. I refuse to find comfort in being cynical and say it’s not so weird.

      I insist the general election was down to ever more of the free for all, and preferably at no personal expense. The collective had long been lost.

      When Saviano wrote his book, he depicted organised crime for what it is, nothing more than desperate ignorance and aridity of spirit personified and made a collective. He’ll live under maximum security for the rest of his life. So penetrating and profound the wounds he opened, insulting and belittling their ego unbearably.

      A must see, and when you do, just compare those prototypes with the ones you see everyday here. I personally find the exercise chilling.

      It’s an urgent matter. Mafioso or camorrista doesn’t matter, their code relies on unwritten social order, that the system, ‘o’ sistema’, never change.

      Industry, work, skills, a future, emancipation, risk, failure, chasing opportunity and doing is where solutions lie, any form of organised socialism in Malta prone to the same symptoms.

      Organised crime simply the natural consequence of expecting more. The term organised crime doesn’t even suffice to explain the cultural undercurrents. That Labour becomes immediately embroiled isn’t condemnation, it shares similar value cyphers. Thus by nature a part of the problem. Corruption, law, civil society according to them take on strange hues.

      Either we, and they, understand this or we’re done for.

      • H.P. Baxxter says:

        Saviano is one case where the film is better than the book. But both show crime bosses for what they are: ridiculous. Ridicoli.

        One of the book reviewers said something about how “they are stupid (ignoranti) before they are evil”.

        I don’t expect any of the moral authorities of my country to ever call any of our own criminals “stupid”. That is why we can never defeat the Maltese Mafia.

      • Tabatha White says:

        Remember that one of Manwel Mallia’s first acts as Minister was to go and embrace the criminals.


        If that wasn’t a message with hues.

        Then came the pardon.

      • La Redoute says:

        So much money but so cheap. And so easy to blame ‘the others’.

        Saviano’s Gomorrah explains the world of organised crime. Zerozerozero explains everyone else’s complicity.

  8. The Cat says:

    I know Adrian stop accusing people here, u don’t imagine what he went through in his life and who gives you the right to condemn others….. He will sorth out everything as he is a man of his word don’t judge him because of his dad, after all he was his father and if anyone is so shallow here to stay passing these stupid comments …. Malta is full of corrupt people legitimate or not all the multi millionaires are all government aided and helped both colours so why pick on ppl who try and do a business for a living … Losers !

  9. G.Z says:

    Get a life people if i can call you that. Dont’t you have better things to do then talking bad about people you probably don’t even know…

  10. Ms Caruana Galizia you are uncovering a maze of shady dealings from shady persons to keep a serious police force active for a long time. If it is inconvenient for some persons for the truth to be known, the police might taken an eternity to reach a conclusion.

  11. RGB says:

    I know Adrian and he has never done anything to hurt anyone.. Before everyone starts jumping to conclusions give it time .. Also anyone can say what they like online but they don’t have the balls to face the person.. Phoenix especially should keep ur mouth shut ” kulhadd ghandhu xi xom taht idejh” so give some respect to people who might not be going through a gd time right now ..

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