EXCLUSIVE: two possible bullet-holes found in the wall on the street where Sheehan shot

Published: December 18, 2014 at 5:47pm

Last Friday, a reader who lives in the area sent me photographs of a fresh bullet-sized hole surrounded by breakage marks, which he had noticed in the wall of St Monica School where Triq Edgar Bernard meets Triq Wied Il-Kappara. The hole is roughly at shoulder height – at a level just above the roof of a parked car.

Over the weekend, I asked a trained person from the disciplined forces to please go over and take a look, as I wouldn’t have a clue myself. He went, and found another hole of the same type in the same area of wall, but at a lower level.

He said that both holes could well be caused by bullets from a Glock pistol. He also explained that Glock pistols come with two magazines as standard but that everyone in the newspapers is assuming one magazine of 17 bullets.

On Monday, I informed the investigators about the existence of these holes and then allowed a couple of days before uploading the story. Had I uploaded the story without telling the investigators about the holes, or telling them just before publishing, those who have tried to cover up or tamper with evidence already would have got to them first. And I most certainly did not want that to happen.

1 hole at shoulder height C

The hole closer to the ground

The hole closer to the ground

1 hole at shoulder height B

hole at shoulder height - about the same level as the roof of a parked car

hole at shoulder height – about the same level as the roof of a parked car


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  1. Giovanni says:

    So does this means that at least 5 shots were fired ?

    • ken il malti says:

      There was no magic bullet, so this could suppose a second shooter was firing his gun that evening.

      I say there was another shooter on the grassy knoll, there always is.

  2. Macduff says:

    Yeah sure, it was only Stephen Morrison Smith crashing into the minister’s car.

    Liars, the lot of them.

  3. Jozef says:

    Didn’t know the Insignia had tyres on its roof.

  4. P Shaw says:

    Is this why Joseph Muscat met Don Manuel today? Did somebody from the investigation team inform the prime minister and Kurt Farrugia?

  5. R Camilleri says:

    If the top hole is a bullet hole then the angle at which the bullet entered the wall would be very significant. It seems the the shot came from the gun facing the wall rather than the gun facing forward at a driving car.

    On the other hand witnesses only heard two shots.

    • Redneck says:

      Those could be the two shots that hit the wall. There could have been another three, possibly more, shots fired while Sheehan was driving.

      One of the many things that do not make sense in this mess is that the car looked like it had three bullet holes.

      In fact during one of the calls, three shots were mentioned, only to be corrected to ‘tnejn ghandu jkun’. However, it has always been reported that two shots were fired.

  6. Gordon says:

    Wasn’t Silvio ‘Do you know who I am’ Scerri’s car parked there ’round about the same time.

  7. Gahan says:

    From the various excerpts I read and heard , it could easily be that Sheehan fired the gun in different places.

    That “għandikun tlieta” in the tone in which it was said, was more likely “ Sir, tell me how many shots should I say I fired?”

  8. C Falzon says:

    I’m no ballistics expert, but it doesn’t take one to figure out that those are most definitely not bullet holes.

    Maybe you should check again with the person who told you they were. Has he seen them in person or just looked at pictures of them on the small screen of a smartphone?

    The upper one is almost certainly the result of a nail hammered in badly, perhaps someone once stuck a notice of some sort. The lower one looks most likely to be an inclusion, but could also be a hole that was incidentally plastered when the joints between the stones were plastered.

    Apart from the obvious nail hole in one of them and that one would expect much more damage in the soft limestone, at least if it was a direct hit, the holes are both missing any sign of staining that the hot lead projectile would have left behind.

    [Daphne – I’m afraid you are not in a position to comment if you are not a ballistics expert. I am not a ballistics expert either, which is why I asked somebody else to take a look instead of making the sort of assumptions you are making here. Not only that, but you haven’t even read my post – I specifically say that the person in question 1. went there, 2. found the second hole. He is also trained in the use of guns – specifically the same type of pistol as that used on the night in question. Unfortunately, I didn’t think to put a scale on the photographs because then you would immediately understand that those holes are much larger than a nail-hole.]

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