Magistrate Peralta is having a Christmas party in a Valletta bar

Published: December 18, 2014 at 4:54pm
Labour vpter and Freemason Carol Peralta - will Manuel Mallia be going to his party?

Labour vpter and Freemason Carol Peralta – will Manuel Mallia be going to his party?

Carol Peralta is currently up before the Commission for the Administration of Justice because of that Christmas party he had in a courtroom last year.

He was drunk as a skunk, tried to undo his belt and unzip his fly to show his willy to a reporter because Times of Malta had run a story assuming that Carol was ‘she’, he was smoking directly beneath a No Smoking sign, the floor was littered with cigarette butts, the bench was used as a bar-table with bottles of alcohol, somebody had brought out a Christmas tree and a laptop had been plugged into the courtroom amplifier system and was playing music. People present included policemen, Magistrate Herrera, lawyers pleading cases for and against, and some strange types who wandered in and out of the magistrate’s chamber, where confidential records and case files are kept.

When a reporter from Times of Malta went along to take some pictures of the proceedings, Carol Peralta yelled out that he was one of my ‘spies’ and had been sent to take pictures for this website, and ordered his arrest. When the police turned up, they could see that Peralta was drunk, and he was talking to them while smoking beneath a No Smoking sign.

Peralta then gave a defiant press conference as his house in Mdina, in which he showed no regret.

This year he is having another Christmas drinks party, but not in a courtroom (why not, Carol? in for a penny, in for a pound). He is taking over that bar next to Ambrosia restaurant in Archbishop Street, Valletta, the one where Oliver Reed popped his clogs in 1999.

He has sent out invitations already, and the guest list includes select members of the judiciary, lawyers and policemen.

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  1. H.P. Baxxter says:

    It’s called The Pub.

    And it could do with another shrine.

  2. John Higgins says:

    Behaviour unbecoming of a magistrate.

  3. curious says:

    The odds are that he won’t get drunk at The Pub. Mhux hekk.

    It’s a very small place and the party will spill into the street, there for all to see. How discreet can he be.

  4. Benny Hill says:

    The Pub is actually quite a nice bar to have a drink or 20 in.

    It’s replete with Royal Navy and US Navy memorabilia, flags and notes and signatures from sailors. And, of course, the legendary drinker, drunk, womaniser and chauvinist Oliver Reed died there. There is even a picture of Reed above the seat he died in, indicating that that seat was where he passed away.

    • observer says:

      Where he died like a drunken pig!

      I think the place had publicized the even by claiming that it was there that “Olly had his last drink”

  5. Gee Dee says:

    Il-hanzir, taqtalu denbu, hanzir jibqa.

  6. ciccio says:

    “He has sent out invitations already, and the guest list includes select members of the judiciary, lawyers and policemen.”

    Isn’t this another matter for a fresh investigation by the Commission for the Administration of Justice?

    While at it, he should have invited some of those who stand accused before him, the witnesses, plaintiffs, defendants, and their families.

    Did he invite any journalists?

  7. chico says:

    Bill Sykes himself.

  8. Joe Fenech says:

    Freemason? F’Malta l-borma toqghod fuq tlieta: il-mazunerija, il-kriminalita u l-partiti.

  9. john doe says:

    Biex irridu nghabbu.

  10. Wilson says:

    Spending too much time with Kosovars must have cooked him.

  11. ken il malti says:

    What is so wrong about being a Freemason?

    Even some cardinals are Freemasons.

    Many US presidents were Freemasons.

    So was Giuseppe Garibaldi and Giuseppe Mazzini.

  12. Wheels within wheels says:

    Peralta is so far gone, insofar as knowing what the correct and ethical thing is to do, that he probably thinks the only problem last year was that he had his piss-up in the court room.

    That was only part of it, of course. So let’s spell it out to him, shall we?

    It’s having too much familiarity (or any at all) with lawyers and policemen who have or may one day have cases before him that is objectionable. And yes having drinks with them, let alone getting pissed with them, is being too familiar.

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