Meet Uncle Hymen, the Minister of Education

Published: December 1, 2014 at 12:33pm

Marelli, m’hemmx wiehed sura. It’s incredible.

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  1. Chinatown says:

    As Battiato would say “perfetto, inutile Buffone”.

  2. Mediterranean male says:

    Typical Mediterranean male: ‘Ha nmur l-infern minhabba fik’ (ilbes velu).

    That one little joke says so much. Women are responsible for men’s lust. Men bear no responsibility.

    Marriageable women should be celibate and virtuous. But marriageable men should have a Mile End bordello to hand for the moments when lust is to be satisfied and egos pampered.

    • Mila says:

      Not just Mediterranean unfortunately, you would find hymen obsession wherever men are obsessed with controlling women, treating women like objects and possessions and safegurading male superiority.

      Perhaps Evarist Bartolo took a trip too many and was impressed by talk from his peers:

      ”In August 2013, it was announced by education chief in one of the districts in South Sumatra, Indonesia, that female teens attending high school there, should undergo annual virginity tests, beginning in 2014. He said it will be a way to protect the girls from free sex and misbehavior.”

      Or is he perhaps feeling cheated that he is not in the Indonesian Military?

      ”The virginity test has been also conducted all this time in Indonesia military institute and as a mandatory test for wife candidates of Indonesia military personnel.”

      Bartolo though he was making a joke at the expense of the PN but ended up insulting all women. What a sorry excuse of a man!

  3. Il-Kajboj says:

    In Maltese it suits him more: Wicc il-gh*xx.

  4. ciccio says:

    How could someone so lazy as not to drive his own car become the Minister for Work?

  5. matt says:

    jaqq. disgusting.

  6. Nighthawk says:

    Surveys consistently show that a large majority of university graduates vote for the PN or have views on various topics consistent with the views of PN voters.

    Labour appointing a misogynist bumbling former communist pensioner with anachronistic ideas about education therefore means that they agree with Borg Olivier’s view that an educated Maltese population will erode Labour’s voting base permanently.

    Sabotaging education is good for Labour. Now that’s a billboard waiting to happen;

    Labour, infottu l-edukazzjoni ghax jaqblilna

    • Hufflepuff says:

      ‘Labour, infottu l-edukazzjoni ghax jaqblilna’ – @Nighthawk – epic! Can we have it as a slogan for the next election?

  7. A. Charles says:

    The minister was wearing the clothes of a fifties New York hoodlum. Very appropriate.

  8. gn says:

    Dawn in-nies apposta jaghmlu. Ara min qed jitkellem fuq l-inkompetenza ta. M’ghandux zejt f’wiccu, mkien mghandu zejt insomma avolja weghdulna

  9. Tabatha White says:

    I’m still not seeing the power station.

  10. M Darmanin says:

    At no point did he use or mention the word hymen.

  11. Socrates says:

    I recommend that Evarist’s speech on virginity to be published and distributed free of charge among all schools.

    It is absolutely rubbish thinking from a rubbish minister.

    Shame on him. He cannot ever change, much less can he understand what education is about. Another PL ‘pulcinell’.

  12. Jozef says:

    Of course he didn’t want this, it’s why Kurt Farrugia sent the hit and run statement by email in the first place.

  13. ciccio says:

    Issa johorgu lid-dottoressa tad-Divorzju tiddefendih.

  14. Persil says:

    Daphne can you organize your readers so that we can meet and go in front of the education department and cry SHAME?I will be the first one to register.

  15. Vespa says:

    What a politic*nt!

  16. just me says:

    Daphne, off topic..
    Could you please publish the statement Konrad made yesterday regarding when the new power station will be finished. He had promised that he would tell us by the end of November. And as the Labour people are so reliable and always keep their promises, I am sure he did make such a statement. But, stupid me, I cannot find it anywhere. Maybe you can help me out. Thanks Daphne.

  17. Mila says:

    Does the PM think that insulting women is a European trait?

    PM again showing weakness at another derailed MP:

    ”Prime Minister Joseph Muscat laughed off suggestions that Education Minister should have spoken differently on Sunday, saying that after all “we are a European country”.”TMI

  18. H.P. Baxxter says:

    So the pepé Sliema voters elected a man who talks about hymens and wears a violet tie over a black shirt.

  19. Kif inhi din? says:

    As a result of his outrageous comment, the topic of conversation has shifted temporarily from Mallia’s omnishambles.

  20. RF says:

    Once a moron always a moron. Mary l-Maws has graduated to a sewer rat. Labour since Mintoff never had a decent minister for education – not that they ever had a choice of erudite MPs to choose from.

  21. ron says:

    Didn’t Evarist say that he did not want to see Joseph as a goalkeeper saving own goals? He scored an autogoal himself. Bloody idiot.

  22. Mk says:

    After I read this thread and others on the subject of hymen and Varist, I thought they can’t go any lower. This is the lowest. Incredible hammallu.

    A second later I read on The Malta Independent that Labour MP Joe Sammut is recommending the lease of our beaches to private public partnerships as marinas or others.

    What else now. Besides selling our passports, land in Pembroke, Chinese bridges, Enemalta, possibly Air Malta and our pristine southern coastline, now they are suggesting selling our beaches.

  23. gaetano pace says:

    The perfect candidate to intiate the culture of resignations is none other than its exponent himself by the name of Varist and by profession a story teller about Amens and allelujahs.

  24. Joe Fenech says:

    What a desperate case. It’s so sad to see a country you once remember being functional and in a pristine state turned into a big political and environmental mess.

  25. Tal-Malja says:

    X’sar minnu Id-Don l-iehor – John Tal-Malja Dalli?

  26. Matthew S says:

    Never mind the fact that Evarist Bartolo’s mentality is even more dated than Kenneth Zammit Tabona’s paintings. Never mind the fact that a hymenoplasty is a useless form of surgery only encouraged by backwards men. What really astounds me is that Evarist Bartolo’s comment was not an off the cuff one or one made during a private conversation. It was actually thought out and planned.

    When you have to give a speech at a conference or meeting, you spend at least an afternoon thinking about it and writing it out. If you’re an important person, you assign someone to review it and contribute a few ideas. If you are a very important person, you have a professional speech writer to write it all out for you. If you don’t have a professional helping you out, you generally discuss it with your spouse or someone close to you.

    I don’t know how Evarist Bartolo works but his speech must have at least passed through parts of the above process. It is simply incomprehensible that his poor excuse for a joke went through this process and came out the other end intact. Why didn’t anyone say ‘Hey, that doesn’t sound right.’?

    Evarist Bartolo certainly has no excuse. Aside from being a member of parliament for 24 years, he is also a lecturer in communication studies. He should see a communication gaffe coming from miles away. And for God’s sake, he is the father of two daughters. As for the government’s regiment of hacks, communication officers, speech writers, spin doctors and public relations officers, if any of them work in his office and had anything to do with his speech, he should sack them forthwith.

    The other fascinating thing about Evarist Bartolo’s ribald comment is the reaction it elicited. It’s hard to say whether anyone’s jaw dropped or whether anyone walked out in disgust (I’m not holding my breath) but what we can definitely say is that no one booed. On the contrary, the laughs were audible, and judging by his upbeat delivery, the audience seemed to be lapping it up and, as a result, cheering him on. No one thought of cutting his microphone off either, signalling him to cut it out or, in an act of desperation, rushing the stage and grabbing the microphone to save him (and his party) from himself.

    Still, all the above couldn’t prepare us for the prime minister’s reaction. When given the opportunity to put a distance between the minister of education’s sexist comment and himself by The Malta Independent , the prime minister laughed and said that the comment is acceptable because we are European now.

    Oh, so that’s what being European is all about. And there we were thinking that being European is about democracy, human rights, the free market and free movement. If being European is about enlarging your breasts, switching your gender and reconstructing your hymen, why exactly did he wage a ten year war against Malta joining the European Union? Did he want to deny his daughters access to these ‘European’ medical procedures? Or is it maybe Evarist Bartolo’s interest in European brothels which bothered him?

    Well, Mr Prime Minster and Mr Minister of Education; a hymenoplasty is no laughing matter. These are two comments taken from beneath a YouTube video about the procedure. Please read them and reconsider your comments.

    maya howell
    6 months ago

    would love to do that. I was virgin before and i was raped.
    I want my dignity back. :(
    Going counselling is good and everything but still i need that back.

    Mrs Dylan
    4 months ago

    The same thing happened to me and I feel the same way.
    It’s not a “piece of skin”.
    I want a white wedding…

    Now can someone please take Evarist Bartolo aside and tell him that virginity can only be lost once? Despite his fantasies, virginity can never be regained. Hymen reconstruction is just that. It has nothing to do with virginity. In fact, the breaking of the hymen often has nothing to do with virginity either. It can easily break due to strenuous exercise. Can that kind person also please tell him that his obsession with hymens and virginity makes him sound really old?

    This is the video where I took my comments from. It contains adult material.

    • Mila says:

      Very well said, Matthew S.

      What seems really sad to me is that no rights group such as The National Council for Women or any other gender equality group has given a reaction to the comment. I would have expected any self respecting group, aware of the responsibilities especially of those in public office and at the head of a department as important as education, to point out the folly of ridiculing topics highlighting inequality and gender bias.

      What is even more sad is the fact that journalists, some of whom are women, did not ask for a reaction from these groups who say they are for women’s rights and equality.

      Perhaps everyone was impressed that the Prime Minister, a father of two daughters, laughed!

  27. Colin says:

    Evarist Bartolo at your cervix.

  28. Get your priorities right says:

    Well it seems he is more preoccupied by the women’s hymen than by what is going on in state’s school.

    A maths teacher being removed from a post and not replaced for over two weeks, leaving scheme A children of form 3 and 4 with no maths lessons.

    A French teacher who is more often than not absent .. and when she is, she allows herself the discretion of deciding not to teach because there are not enough students … Grrrr … I am going crazy!

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