The prime minister’s pick for President of the Law Commission

Published: December 1, 2014 at 3:45pm

This is where you really see that Malta is not a normal country. I look at this video and I see somebody who needs to see a psychiatrist.

Others look and all they see is an angry man li forsi ghandu ragun. They miss all the behavioural markers that tell them the problems go way beyond that.

Without treatment, those problems are permanent – regardless of whether his views are, according to the Zeitgeist, for one party or the other.


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  1. Katrin says:

    Unfortunately, no psychiatric treatment is possible, let alone successful, if the patient thinks he’s normal.

  2. Manuel says:

    No wonder the minister of justice recently announced that the law on party funding will be called the Debono Law.

    Somehow, he had to appease this psycho. Otherwise, how can he get him off his back?

  3. Tom Double Thumb says:

    This video also highlights how highly qualified Ramona Attard is as chief of communications to the Police Minister. Even a parrot can keep repeating “Bzajt minn Franco Debono?”

    She really did deserve to be told: “ghandek bzonn ftit edukazzjoni”.

  4. Il-verita says:

    At 3:20 mins is he drinking alcohol? There is Grouse and J&B on offer at the bar. There is also a terrified kid behind the bar.

  5. Felix says:

    This is not forgotten, but good to see it again.

  6. Alexander Ball says:

    Absolutely disgusting.

    They should have let Frankie do his one man show.

  7. A Montebello says:

    Debono is like a jilted fishwife.

    But that reporter has no basic manners and no etiquette – what the Labour fold would see as “admirable” and “kemm tippersisti, kemm taf”, just comes across as rude and lacking education

  8. Joseph says:

    Are you sure that the PN is crazy enough to consider this man back into the party? That is what I would call political suicide!

  9. La Redoute says:

    Anglu Farrugia: “we are good players for democracy”. That must be why he used to arrest people illegally in his previous incarnation as a police inspector.

    • Tom Double Thumb says:

      Actually he was telling the truth for once, except that his poor knowledge of English let him down again in his choice of preposition.

      Anglu, you wanted to say, “We are good players WITH (not FOR) democracy, didn’t you? You kick and throw and twist democracy about like mad. All dictators like to call themselves “Democratic Republics.” Join them if you want, but give us some peace..

  10. Mila says:

    The Labour Party is also good at setups then. They clearly knew that Franco Debono was a loose cannon and wanted to do some damage.

    Nice touch of Anglu Farrugia to say that what happened clearly showed that the LP embraces democracy and that is why they acted in that manner. But of course Anglu Farrugia is no stranger to what the LP is capable of when they thought he was not fit for purpose.

    Ramona Attard gives us an illustration of how arrogance gets you an iced bun, let’s hope she enjoys it.

  11. observer says:

    Daphne, are you sure it is ‘pick’ you wanted to say or another (rhyming but correctly descriptive) noun?

  12. RF says:

    Prick would be more appropriate in title given the context.

  13. Augustus says:

    Franco Debono is one of those people who Simon Busuttil described as having ‘crossed the red line’.

  14. gn says:

    Tigix tghidli li mhux mignun ta jghajjar u jpacpac wahdu

  15. John T says:

    The one that flew over the cuckoo’s nest….

    • Drinks With Vince Micallef says:

      If that individual goes anywhere near a cuckoo, he’ll have it in a six-inch cage before you can say “Kirsten Ancillieri”.

  16. kev says:

    It was a watershed moment extensively reported across the Archimaltipelago – the day lunacy emerged from its closet. A hell of a show:

  17. Honest says:

    Dan veru mignun u postu huwa l-manikomju u mhux barra qalb in-nies.

  18. Honest says:

    Dan veru mignun u postu huwa l-manikomju u mhux barra qalb in-nies.

    Ramona Attard veru hamalla u maledukata. Ghad jigi dak il-mument li jkollhom jistahbew zgur.

  19. GiovDeMartino says:

    Lil dan il-PN talbu jhallas itr-tessera?

  20. Dott Abjad says:

    Qieghed nistenna bil-herqa stqarrijja minn Dr. Busuttil fejn jghid illi l-Labour jistghu jzommuh lil Franco ‘little child’, ‘irrilevanti’ Debono, flimkien ma dak il-‘crocodile tears’, ‘sad man’ JPO, ghax fl-iskipp mal-ambizzjuzi u l-mejtin bil-guh l-ohra posthom. Jaqq.

  21. Anacletus says:

    There goes another one. Check this one out (Joe Sammut I mean) – if my memory serves me right, he was once caught with a couple of unlicensed guns in his van and had been taken to Court.

  22. gaetano pace says:

    Dik ir-reporter kandidat eccellenti biex tippoza bhala mudella fl-ewwel lezzjoni li ghad forsi xi darba ninghataw dwar ir-rizenji minn Varist.

    I have never seen in my life an idiot persist in folly, out of subject, out of context, lacking manners, lacking tactics, crude rude and typically Mintoffian bully.

  23. Tabar says:

    This bloody idiot is a waste of space. Forsi se nghid erezija,imma nahseb li Alla ukoll iddispjacih li halqu.

  24. il-Ginger says:

    Demmi ilma ggibu dik l-mara skifusa dejjem isaqsi lis-stess mistoqsija wara li taha twegiba.

  25. A Debono says:

    He has all the qualities for the uncontested Gieh ir-Repubblika for l-Ikbar Hamallu ta’ Malta

  26. Watcher of lies says:

    This PL government’s credibility rating has now taken a real beating.

    Many who are not tied to the MLP-PL party for any solid reason, and therefore not having blind faith in Joseph Muscat and his party as currently composed, will realise that what Muscat has been telling us for the past years are lies and that he is a liar.

    Once a person realises this there’s no going back, like there’s no going back when a child grows up and realises that the tooth fairy and Santa don’t exist. No sane person goes back to believing in the tooth fairy and Santa.

  27. Joe Fenech says:

    ‘Behavioural markers’ – now, that’s a good one! As if most people in Malta would even take that into consideration or are able to make anything out of them.

    • curious says:

      “They knew his credentials, they knew his integrity.”

      Who was it who told us recently not to be judge and jury?

  28. Carl Savage says:

    Frankie ghadu jghix mal-mummy? Jugzakom kollha ja qatta kawartts.

    What a pathetic, delusional, self-involved ego maniac. Malta’s showcase for arrested development and mummyitis. Instead of keeping the child within alive, he has simply remained a child.

  29. vanni says:

    Does Dr. Deborah Schembri really believe her own crap, or is she just toeing the party line?

    Whilst the first is scary as it lays bare her stupidity, the second is even more, as this shows how shallow and self serving she is.

    • Adam's Rib says:

      She is shallow and self -serving. The introduction of divorce legislation in Malta and joining Joey’s bandwagon has proven to be very profitable and lucrative for the lady.

  30. kalamita says:

    Twenty months in and it’s already time for this band of liars and swindlers to go.

    Take the one TV /radio presenter who has become a millionaire while speaking of ‘us workers’. How would his sponsors feel if they were told that the luxurious car he bought saw most action with teenage boys inside?

    How does the electorate feel about a Labour minister who hushed up his online encounters with a 13 year old girl? These are the people who condemn 20 year old ‘paedophiles’ for having sex with a 17 year old.

  31. Natalie Mallett says:

    Dr. Busuttil’s speech to the media was very clear and summoned the Labour Party perfectly but his advice was ignored by many. We are now reaping what we sowed thanks to the switchers with myopia.

  32. H.P. Baxxter says:

    \m/ , my metal brothers. I give you ‘Wrath of Cockalorum’.

    So put this on full screen, crank up the volume until your spleen bursts, loosen your mane, gather your office mates round, and give them some face-melting metal.

    I’d be honoured if you could get the management at Remedy to play this. Or send me your own music.

    \m/ forever.

  33. Mim says:

    The PM’s choices are as sound as his new way of doing politics.

    With reference to the housing authority the National Audit Office, as quoted in TOM, states:

    ”… it is nonetheless concerned about the fact that, by utilising such a procurement system, a considerable number of interventions are being awarded to selected contractors without the introduction of a competitive element, thereby forfeiting potential savings.”

    ”The National Audit Office said that applications of 10 contractors were accepted by the authority after the expiration of the set deadline for submissions, while a further two were accepted even-though they did not fully meet the requirements set in the application.”

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