No, it’s neither water nor a pack of Red Bull

Published: December 15, 2014 at 2:54pm

A couple of days ago I put up a post (link below) about the ‘now you see them, now you don’t’ packages photographed in the boot of Manuel Mallia’s GM14 car in the tunnel that night.

One photograph shows two objects in the open boot: a package wrapped in blue plastic and a white box. Another photograph shows that the blue plastic package and the white cardboard box have disappeared, while another object has replaced them in the boot.

Some of you have dismissed the blue plastic package as water or Red Bull. But I have enlarged the photograph and it clearly is neither. It’s something wrapped in blue plastic.

Also, the accompanying package can now clearly be seen to be a white cardboard box. At first, it looked like the sole remaining object in the car boot might be this white box, but now it is apparent that it is not. It is a different object.

Unfortunately, there is no timeline on these photographs. We don’t know whether the blue plastic package and the white cardboard box were, in the tunnel, placed in the boot of GM14 or retrieved from it. And we don’t know at what point that other object was placed in the boot or taken out of it, either.

1509_image crop 1





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  1. tinnat says:

    When you zoom in on the single object in the car boot, it becomes clear that it is not white and that its contours are different to the white cardboard box next to the blue package.

    • M.Mifsud says:

      The white thing next to the blue package seems to have a rounded edge. So rather than a white cardboard box it seems to be some sort of white rigid plastic box or tray/holder with some papers or paper package just behind it.

    • just me says:

      Yes, when enlarged it seems to be a red box with a white and blue top.

  2. Tal-Malja says:

    Minn taht is-saqqu ghal gol boot.

  3. Reporter says:

    Why was the car boot open in the first place?

  4. Gahan says:

    Why was the car boot open?

  5. majmuma says:

    Now I know where those inquiry reports were.

  6. Makjavel says:

    Who wants more proof that the minister’s car was being used to transport illicit goods?

    The gang of police friends of Sheenan appeared out of nowhere and cleaned the place – cartridges, bottles, gun, cars.

    The minister’s car was taken away to be sterilised clean.

  7. zz. says:

    To me it looks like a blue bag (a paper shopping bag) lying on its side.

  8. Mila says:

    Thinking back to this fiasco while watching the Sydney hostage situation unfold on TV.

    Does one even dare to think ‘what if’?

    The history of the hostage taker is chilling and no country is immune.

  9. dudu says:

    I think that this incident was all about a drug deal gone wrong.

  10. Spock says:

    It might be a ‘Thermos’bag with Toni Abela’s “blokka silg “; perhaps they took it away quickly so it wouldn’t melt jahasra .

  11. stephen borg says:

    For what it’s worth and going by the speed at which it vanished after the event, I’d say that the blue package certainly belongs to the Minister. It looks uncannily like one of these plastic satchels received freely at some conference or other.

    You know how he is miskin…. too much on the breadline to buy himself a proper briefcase for his papers.

  12. Rover says:

    Wait a minute. Can anyone confirm whether there was a car-boot sale in Gzira that night? All in aid of some charity of course.

  13. Francis Saliba M.D. says:

    Unappreciated “advantages” of disturbing the crime scene rather than preserving it intact until the arrival of the duty magistrate.

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