While the Malta Council for Science and Technology’s executive chairman parties with the Council’s PRO

Published: December 2, 2014 at 11:35am

The Council’s web portal, which is the main information and reference point, has been down.

A shot of Botox might solve the problem. Real problems are created by irresponsible appointments to public positions.


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    • zz. says:

      Can anybody explain the reasoning behind Deborah’s comments? Police are EXPECTED to fire warning shots in case of emergency and according to protocol. Why would anybody ask for resignations?

      Schembri’s comments, if reported correctly, don’t make any sense.

    • J.J. says:

      As soon as one crosses over to Lejber, standards plummet.

    • Josette says:

      She’s missing the wood for the trees isn’t she? In the Sheehan case no warning shots were fired. Warning shots wouldn’t have hit Smith’s car.

    • A.Attard says:

      Hawn tad-doughnuts..Ara xi gmiel ta doghnuts. ara x’gabilkom tac-cikkulata u tal gam.

  1. observer says:

    Spiccatulu l-batterija, jew qata’ nifsu wara l-vaganza?

  2. Anacletus says:

    Are you sure this guy’s got a revolver, not a pistol?

    Where on Earth did he get a revolver from?

    Are revolvers sold in Malta … ?

  3. Mila says:

    There it goes, the spin machine… who/what to blame, that is the question?

    The whirring of the spin machine has become a daily noise pollution nuisance.

    No wonder Mallia asked the opposition for honesty, he knows that he would be hard to find any on his side of the benches.

  4. Jozef says:

    You owe me a couple of coffees and my time going round the house putting back the carpets, paintings and that rocking horse.

    Trust Saviour to salivate at those ‘sales’. Gives a measure of how he treats his collaborators.

  5. shocked says:

    Very serious accusations are being made on this website. Ministers close to drug dealers, ministers tampering with evidence, ministers colluding with criminals, ministers having relationships with minors, TV stars engaging in sex with teenagers, heads of state organizations and of embassies being drunks.

    The list is endless and yet I am not aware of any action being taken against these identifiable individuals. More poignantly no criminal libel against you for telling lies. So what is appearing here is the truth!

  6. Tabatha White says:

    Perhaps the cleansing exercise has now officially started.

  7. H.P. Baxxter says:

    Rejoice! It’s back online. Oh joy!

  8. more PL in-fighting? says:


    It seems that there’s more to it than a fight between two women. The issue seems to be about what or whom they were fighting.

    • Tabatha White says:

      Looks like The Other Malta is experiencing civil war.

      It had to come to this. We were never the problem.

  9. Grezz says:

    He reads your blog. It’s online again. http://mcst.gov.mt/

  10. Main Tower says:

    The website is still Under Construction!!


  11. Francis Saliba M.D. says:

    There is nothing wrong with genuine “warning shots” when indicated.

    What is very wrong is to deceive, to lie, to cheat and to call deliberate aimed shots “for effect” during an attempt to murder and to pretend that they were “warning shots” aimed skywards.

    It is much more heinous for any responsible person to adopt that lie and to spread it in an official government statement.

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