Here’s somebody else who’s been to the brass neck factory

Published: December 2, 2014 at 8:01am

what a nerve

Manuel Mallia, calling on others to be honest…and people are criticising him to get him down, and not because the criticism is justified.

I suppose Mr Far Right Jackboots imagines that anywhere in the democratic world, a minister of state’s driver can get involved in a street shoot-out, the scene of the crime turns into a ‘family gathering’, evidence goes AWOL, and the minister gets no flak.

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  1. pazzo says:

    Kemm jghodd il-qawl Malti hux: `il-mahmuga tghid m`hawnx isbah mill-indafa`.

  2. canon says:

    Certain things are not told. They are understood.

  3. edgar says:

    He should speak to Evarist Bartolo to seek advice on how to become a virgin once again.

    I meet many Labour people who are embarrassed and tell me without any hesitation that he has to go.

    • La Redoute says:

      Indeed. And why did they vote in him and his boss in the first place?

      • observer says:

        Because they were hoodwinked – particularly, as I said elsewhere, the 10th district voters who believed what he told them in election campaign leaflets he distributed.

        I remember the contents distinctly, as I was ‘privileged’ enough to receive one in my letter-box.

        The paper used, incidentally, was to thick for hygienic use.
        It was good enough, however, to wrap potato skins in before throwing them into the rubbish bin.

      • La Redoute says:

        Manuel Mallia is a sleazebag who’s over 60. He is not an unknown quantity. One of his most notorious clients is well known in the 10th district, being from that area himself.

        Please don’t tell me that people are foolish enough to ignore what they already know about a sleazebag and to vote for him on the basis of a self-promotional leaflet telling them he was in the Legion of Mary. The cash hoards he keeps at home are the least of it.

    • Angus Black says:

      It wouldn’t be a simple and inexpensive operation, though.

  4. Gahan says:

    “I never told anyone to hide the truth.”

    Lawyers use words precisely for what they mean.

    So this could mean that:

    1)He hid the truth.

    2)Instead of telling anyone he wrote to someone.

    3) He told someone to tell half truths.

    With this statement we are not even sure wether he is admitting that the truth was hidden.

    • Ian says:

      4) He was aware that others were hiding the truth and accepted the situation.

    • Banana Republic .... again says:

      4) Hiding the trust was suggested by someone else, and all that was needed was a nod of approval

    • Tabatha White says:


      Silvio Scerri is not “anyone.”

    • The Mole says:

      It is much simpler than that.

      In lawyer talk “I never told anyone to hide the truth” means “I never told anyone to hide the truth”.

      He never used the words “hide the truth” because nobody uses such a phrase. He would have said “issue a press release saying that they were warning shots” for example.

      How very, very clever.

      • observer says:

        Criminal-lawyer double speak?

        Trying to call a circle ‘a square’ and trying to describe black as ‘white’?

        I wouldn’t wonder that this was the way some of the jurors in cases defended by him were ‘persuaded’.

    • aidan says:

      He doesn’t hide the truth – he only hides cash under his mattress.

  5. Can't take no more says:

    Why did the PM put this particular man in charge of the police, military and state broadcasting?

    And why is state broadcasting included in the same portfolio as the army and the police? This is unheard of.

    The PM is putting us, and himself, at a risk of a coup d’etat.

    Mallia already fancies himself as Pablo Escobar and General Franco all rolled up into one short, fat criminal lawyer.

    The PM had the perfect opportunity to redress this error, if error it was, and fire Mallia, but he did not. This makes us wonder what the plan for this country really is.

  6. anthony says:

    Within the PL you don’t have to tell anyone to hide the truth.

    It comes naturally to all of them.

  7. QahbuMalti says:

    “I never told anyone to hide the truth.”

    The fall guy is being set up. Someone thought it was a good idea to hide the truth and Manwel looked the other way and played along.

  8. Mila says:

    Manuel Mallia is the minister responsible for Identity Malta.

    Why would the public not be informed that cases of identity theft of Maltese citizens had occured? Is it because entities were told not to be nagative?

    ”Identity Malta says it has changed procedure after ‘address theft’ ” after the matter is brought up in Parliament by a member of the opposition and true to form, in the usual ‘not us’ version and no detail we are told that things have been changed.

    • curious says:

      “The company’s webpage says: “What is unique about Malta is the complete lack of restrictions which makes this programme the fastest to obtain European citizenship.”

      “However, in the interview, Farrugia rebutted criticism and insisted that applicants will undergo a severe screening process which includes a four-stage due diligence process. Farrugia noted: “We’re confident that the due diligence process is very rigorous.”

      In which one of the four-stage process did the theft occur? Min jaf x’wahda taz-zuffjett jghaddu bina Henley & Partners.

    • veritas says:

      Giving false information or making a false declaration to a public entity is a crime, and should invalidate the application, especially one dealing with such a sensitive nature as citizenship. Another coverup?

    • observer says:

      And, of course, the ‘tu quoque’ bit – alias the 2012 ‘incident’.

  9. Beingpressed says:

    More like Mallia and his ministry put Muscat there.

  10. Under Minister Mallia, things just happen. I wonder if he is really in charge of such a powerful ’empire’. Poor man.

  11. Mila says:

    Parliament rules 101.

    Criminal lawyer tools are very handy in Parliament.

    Let us ask for Mallia’s definition of ‘honesty’ shall we? We might be surprised.

  12. bernie says:

    Fid-dibattitu dwar il-ministeru tieghu nhar it-Tnejn fil-Parlament, Manwel Mallia beda jakkuza lil Jason Azzopardi li ma kienx jaf x’inhu jghid dwar is-serq ta’ indirizzi ghal skop ta’ hrug ta’ permess ghal residenza permanenti.

    Ohrog il-ghageb wara li ntemm id-dibattitu harget stqarrija mill-Agenzija Identita’ Malta biex tikkonferma li kienu ttiehdu passi biex ma jibqax ikun hemm serq ta’ indirizzi li fil-fatt kien sar.

    Ghal darb’ohra l-Ministru Mallia, rega’ gie mgiddeb.

    • bernie says:

      Sadanittant il-website ta’ TVM (PBS hu taht ir-responsabbilta’ ta’ Mawel Mallia wkoll) qed tghid li l-istqarrija ta’ Identity Malta tichad l-allegazzjonijiet ta’ Jason Azzopardi.

      Imma jekk hadu passi biex ma jibqax ikun hemm serq ta’ indirizzi ghaliex kien hemm kazi ta’ serq ta’indirizzi, ma jfissirx li l-allegazzjonijiet m’huma allegazzjonijiet xejn imma fatti?

  13. We're lovin' it says:

    Petrol and diesel in freefall. The countries where petrol 95 is cheaper:

    Bosnia and Herzegovina

    There are 33 European countries where diesel is cheaper than it is in Malta. Diesel is so expensive in Malta that it is easier to list the countries where it is more expensive instead:

    Great Britain

    Imnalla ghamlilna il-press conference l-Onorevoli Prim Ministru biex jghidilna fuq il-hedging. The Maltese are truly simple-minded.

  14. Manuel says:

    And the lie becomes fatter by the minute, like the man himself.

  15. Pier Pless says:

    The implication of what he said is that someone in government DID ‘hide the truth’ – an admission of a cover-up.

    So it was not a genuine mistake, as was Joseph Muscat’s first reaction when they were caught out in a lie.

    It is shameful that government resorts to lies and fabricated stories to hide the misdeeds of PL activists.

  16. manum says:

    All that screaming of ” shame on you” should have been directed to his face.

  17. pablo says:

    I have a vision of Manwel coming out of a Harley Street Clinic having done the hymen operation after partying with those corrupt Nationalists for the better part of his adult life, then going on Super One and extolling the virtues of Mintoff and crying for the return of those Golden Years.

  18. Tal-Malja says:

    ‘I never told anyone to hide the truth.’

    X’affarijiet dawn.

  19. Xejn Sew says:

    I’d love to know what Varist Bartolo thinks about his fellow Minister Manwel’s attempt to re-virginise.

  20. Alex says:

    Here is an example of a truly sophisticated accountability culture (re: Emily Thornberry MP). Now, imagine the Sheehan-shenanigans took place in the UK.

  21. bernie says:

    Maybe we will have Konrad Mizzi table all the contracts relevant to the new power station with all deadlines for the project, so as to shift the attention and take the hot potato out of Manwel Mallia’s hands.

    • Mila says:

      It is about time that the Opposition shows that it can handle more than one hot potato at a time, with this government giving priority to one questionable issue at a time is a luxury Malta cannot afford.

      Can Minister Mallia say if Smith’s car was covered by a paid road tax and insurance cover, and if not why was Smith not charged?

      Is Mallia waiting for the inquiry to tell him what to do perhaps or will Mallia tell us that he did not tell any police officer not to do his job?

  22. Tabatha White says:

    His eyes speak volumes.

  23. Newman says:

    The assertion ‘I never told anyone to hide the truth’ is an implied admission that someone did hide the truth. If the person who hid the truth is someone in Manuel Mallia’s ministry, Manuel Mallia must resign because he is politically responsible for a very serious wrong-doing – an attempted cover-up of a criminal offence carried out by his driver.

  24. Anacletus says:

    If he keeps the gun at both his home and his clinic, then it means he also carries the gun. Without a licence.

  25. watchful eye says:

    So somebody HID the truth. Thanks for confirming that minister Emanuel Mallia, if ever confirmation was needed. But coming out of the horse’s mouth speaks volumes.

    And who is the biggest liar of them all.

  26. Tabatha White says:

    He is avoiding a focus on what happened, which is directly under his control and responsibility, irrespective of what he said, didn’t say or failed to say.

    He is still very responsible for the total mess.

    More so.

    More so in fact because, so ridiculously, the visible main actors are both his clients.

    Somebody wants to confiscate the key to the tuck shop and he’s sitting on it.

    No amount of finger pointing and empty jibes at the Opposition is going to change what has now become a very strong gut feeling.

    That gut feeling is not going to go away.

    You have deceived your voters.

    Others, were never deceived.

  27. Christopher says:

    The fulcrum of the matter that has not been hammered home yet is that Paul Sheenen WAS A PERSON OF TRUST CHOSEN PERSONALLY by Manuel Mallia. This piece of information is crucial to the matter,and yet nobody mentions it.


  28. curious says:

    Another episode in the Mallia chronicles.What’s this?

    “The VIP was heard asking those at the end of the other line why a radio check was being done. The radio check is conducted on a daily basis. The next thing, a police officer was heard asking the VIP to identify himself but the VIP refused to do so. Soon after the police officer was heard telling the person claiming to be a VIP that he should mind his own business. At this point in time, Police Commissioner Ray Zammit was heard over the radio channel and asking the VIP to make contact with him personally at the depot.

    Some 15 minutes later or less, a surprise visit was made by the minister at the traffic section.”

  29. canon says:

    If Manuel Mallia was honest he should have made an internal inquiry within the police corp to identify those persons that didn’t follow the normal police procedures when the shooting incident happened.

  30. Mila says:

    ”Mallia appeals for honesty…”

    Would the minister perhaps care to demonstrate by giving us examples from his own modus operandi?

  31. pablo says:

    I was wondering if the injuries to the face of the estranged wife of Silvio Scerri could also be classified as a “hit and run” or “warning shots”. Why not?

  32. Madoff says:

    Il-lum skada d-deadline ta Kon-rat. Oh but he has an extension.

    • Tabatha White says:

      And a back-track.

      Never accept a back-track.

      The quick short-cut to the lower level downward spiral.


      In Dante’s inferno there are 7.

  33. Maddalena says:

    The government has been in the news for all the wrong reasons. Just to show how wrong you are read the following notice from the Zurrieq parish Facebook page:

    Għada (nhar) it-Tnejn il-quddiesa ta’ filgħaxija se tkun organiżżata mill-Partit Laburista bħala ringrazzjament fl-anniversarju mit-twaqqif tal-Partit. Minħabba ċerti ċirkustanzi din il-quddiesa se ssir fis-6.45 p.m flok fis-6.00 p.m.

    I leave you to draw your own conclusions.

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