A small-minded government billboard message to make you cringe

Published: December 31, 2016 at 2:45pm

Issa nuruhom, Chalie! Għax aħna chumpions tar-raħal, ġbin! Ħadd ma jista għalina, ras! Malta di bast!

  • tinnat

    Kemm ahna bully.

  • watchful eye

    Ahna ahna jew mahniex. Dawn x’pulcinellati huma. Grow up Joseph, grow up Labour. The whole world is looking and pondering.

  • RF

    I am sure Europe will be impressed….when Lord Egrant is unmasked.

  • r pace bonello

    What happened to the goverment?

  • Newman

    These billboards are totally inappropriate. I sincerely hope that someone has the good sense to remove them immediately.The Presidency brings with it political responsibility that must be shouldered with sobriety. It is not an occasion to ‘take centre stage’ and make a fool of yourself bil-fanfarunati.

  • Ionela Muscat

    This is all so childish and so embarrassing. Whoever is creating these billboards certainly is not familiar with the English language.

  • Gejtu Bongailas

    L-aqwa fl-Ewropa, ghall-korruzzjoni.

  • Mr. Tibbs

    A blatant message of a separatist mentality, being made during one of the worst possible periods in the European Union’s history, when one of unity and harmony should have been made instead. The mindset behind the presidency for the union is wrong on so many levels.

  • Mark C GATT

    Geez, this is too embarrassing for words. How about|:

    “Thank Christ for the Nationalists. We wouldn’t be hosting you were it not for them.”

  • kev

    Ask not what Europe can do for your country, but what your country can do for Europe.

    As true European patriots, don’t miss the Strasbourg Key Debate on January 18. It’s the only occasion when a Maltese prime minister will present the Programme of the Maltese Council Presidency – ever: http://www.europarl.europa.eu/sides/getDoc.do?type=AGENDA&reference=20170118&secondRef=SIT&language=EN#D-21

    Some call it the Midas Touch. Others say it’s plain luck. I’d say it’s all concocted by the very same Greek gods which St Paul called the ‘forces of darkness’.

  • Sowxal

    They are falling over themselves to appear more European than Jean Monnet. Just a few years after falling themselves to appear as anti-EU as they come.

    Lejber. Consistently inconsistent.

  • heather scott

    Oh dear, very Trumplike. This Island is not big enough for such posters.

  • kev

    Tal-misthija aktar milli tal-vavi, Nin, ghad li ghadhom kollha bil-harqa.

  • J Sammut
    • Maltese in Denmark

      The first one cracked me up. How childish. What kind of qualifications does the communication team have? Expertise in Twitter posts?

  • Sally Anne

    Yes there’s a “big” cultural programme and they are spending millions on marketing it in this primary level language on billboards. Mercy Mercy