The magistrate should slip Musumeci a couple of Valium

Published: January 10, 2017 at 9:00pm

Gone is the façade of Sinjura Caruana Galizia this and Sinjura Caruana Galizia that, of faux rationality and reasonable tones, of Mr Cool and Relaxed.

Now, Robert Musumeci is hysterical – capital letters, exclamation marks, surname and all, rabble-rousing his bogan friends on Facebook.

This is the cause of his screeching rage. He wants me to publish his reply, but he hasn’t sent me one.

Oh, hang on a minute. He must mean the reply he sent to the President of the Chamber of Architects: 500 words of turgid, meaningless and barely comprehensible pseudo-legalese (because now he has a law degree like Charlon Gouder and Luciano Busuttil)…in Maltese.

Sorry, Musumeci, but no. If you want me to publish your reply, reply directly to me, make it short, snappy and to the point, and write it in English, because you’re replying to something written in English. If you have trouble with that language, get your girlfriend to write it for you. Then either post it on this comments board or email it to me for upload (details at the bottom of the page).

Until you actually send me a reply, you have no right to claim that I didn’t upload it. Tell your bogan friends that. Or don’t bother. I don’t much care what you bogans think.

  • Malti ta Veru

    It always astounds me how these opportunists are also such prima donnas whenever their sense of security or machoism is threatened. Then again, it is a matter of their level of professionalism and capabilities, I suppose.

  • As if he would gain some credibility and integrity with whatever reply he wants to write. Kollha pezza wahda, insomma, mhemmx x’taghzel fil-veru sens tal-kelma.

  • Please, maskra not maskla. It comes from the Italian maschera.

  • I think part of his problem is that he is sick to death of ‘fornicating’ a woman 10 years his senior and as ugly as sin, and now doesn’t know what to do about it given how he’s painted himself into a really tight corner. And to make matters worse, it looks like he won’t even have the scant consolation of ‘fornicating’ a judge to make up for the fact that he’s stuck with her while his beautiful former wife has remarried, is having a baby, and he’s lumped with that mess.

    • Melissa

      Sounds like the former wife got rid of a sorry mess – a blessing in disguise, truly.

  • I’ll bet he’s far more upset than she is. She wanted to become a judge like her daddy – but he wanted to be able to say that he’s sleeping with a judge. He obviously values that kind of status far more highly than he does, say, good looks or personal attributes.

  • The answer to that, if I am sufficiently familiar with his girlfriend’s predilections, is probably disgusting. So don’t ask the question.

  • elektra

    Robert Musumeci, you are a treacherous arrogant prick.

  • RF

    He must still be living in the sticks to use court language on Facebook. Who is he trying to impress?

  • RosB

    This is what I consider “Snappy” & a “to-the-point” reply. Fqajtni bid-dahk FP@fpdisqus:disqus.

  • RosB

    I would remove the word “Honourable” if I were you.

  • Osservatore

    Only a couple? You are way too kind.

  • Or that treatment the other weirdo Mark Xuereb is promoting. Magnetic beams and what not.

  • Wacko

    Valium? I recommend Cyanide to this lot.

  • Because he wants it to be read by my readers and not just by his bogan Facebook friends.

  • Ramon Garcia

    Yes, but he needs to be reminded.