Brothelgate page-view numbers almost break this website’s previous record set by Manuel Mallia driver/babysitter shoot-out

Published: February 1, 2017 at 2:35am

This website has been going strong for nine years, but its record for the number of page-views in a single day was set two years ago, on 9th December 2014, by Home Affairs Minister Manuel Mallia and his chauffeur-cum-babysitter car chase and shoot-out.

The number of page-views on this website that day hit 547,382, surging for the first time ever in seven years past the half-million mark.

But the number of page-views yesterday – Tuesday, 31st January 2017, the day when the Brothelgate scandal featuring Economy Minister Chris Cardona and his ministerial consultant Joe Gerada unfolded – almost broke that record, hitting 547,146 by the day’s end.

So the Economy Minister and his brothel adventures and the Home Affairs Minister and his trigger-happy chauffeur/babysitter are almost a tie in the large lexicon of Labour government scandals, beating Konrad Mizzi and Panamagate by a long shot, Panamagate being more of a slow burner.

Reading that back, it’s hit me what a total shambles – to the point of being almost like a satirical show – this cabinet of government is.

The Economy Minister and his adventures in a small-town German brothel: 547,146 views.

Home Affairs Minister Manuel Mallia and his Red Bull-fuelled, trigger-happy chauffeur/babysitter: 547,382 views