Why are we paying to keep Mrs Muscat’s father in private healthcare when they spend €15,000 on a six-day holiday?

Published: March 20, 2017 at 11:13pm

No, really, it’s just so bloody insulting and offensive. And this is a point that has been completely overlooked. The taxpayer has to foot the bill to keep Mrs Muscat’s father in a private care home, and until late 2015 paid €40,000 a year to keep both her parents at Villa Messina, where they abusively occupied two government-sponsored places to the detriment of people who genuinely can’t afford to pay.

While taxpayers pay for her father to stay at a private care home, probably while their own parents are at St Vincent de Paul Hospital or paying their own way, Mrs Muscat thinks nothing of blowing around €15,000 on a six-day holiday in Dubai – just one of several holidays she takes every year with her children and occasionally with her husband.

This is disgraceful. If she can afford those holidays, she shouldn’t expect the rest of us to pay her father’s bills at a private care home. And we should demand an explanation.

What a ruddy nerve