Looks like Delia is surrounding himself with like-minded individuals

Published: October 14, 2017 at 12:52am

The disgraceful thing is that this man has been Nationalist Party whip in parliament for a good while now, giving him a legitimacy of sorts which he certainly does not deserve. And now he is going to use that legitimacy to take his low-IQ ambition to the next stage: deputy leader for parliamentary affairs.

Then some people are surprised when somebody caught cheating at university level so many times goes on to take a state salary for a job he doesn’t do – a job he shouldn’t even have in the first place because he got it through political connections when the Nationalists were in government.

The Nationalist Party has spent the years since the high point of taking Malta into the European Union in 2004 weakening the links in its chain, so doggedly that you almost have to wonder whether it was deliberate.

One lies and the other cheats – what a dream team

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  1. Galeforce says:

    Rank Xerox should have been kicked out of the Nationalist Party when news of his cheating broke. It is this sort of nonchalance that has helped create today’s mess.

  2. canon says:

    What goes around comes around.

  3. Gee Mike says:

    It really is worthwhile to cheat – if you do not get caught all is well, and if you do get caught all is well too.


    With this system in place you must be a fool not to cheat.

    Ergo all honest graduates are fools.

  4. Dr. Knight says:

    I’m starting to believe that this had to happen for a reason, and it’s happening exactly as it should – as surreal as it appears. I may be wrong on this one, but something’s got to give.

    • A. Cremona says:

      Well yes, we do have to reach rock bottom before matters start to ameliorate. As things stand, we’re still en route to the bottom.

  5. Joe Fenech says:

    They have merged.

  6. Joe Fenech says:

    Decency? The only decent people in the PN were its recent leaders.

  7. Agostino Mangion says:

    Before the last general elections I used to have a lot of arguments with those were going to vote Labour because they said that all politicians are the same.

    Today I apologise to them because they were right. They are all power-and-money grabbers.

  8. Cyrill Sammut (Sliema) says:

    All things remaining equal, Labour winning the next two elections is a foregone conclusion.

    By then the PN will be a very different party than what it has been the past handful and of years and a very different party than what it is now.

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